Lizzo Sang “Cuz I Love You” While Running On A Treadmill To Prove “All The Big Girls” Can Do It Too, And She Killed It

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Lizzo Sang “Cuz I Love You” On A Treadmill After Seeing Miley Cyrus Do It, And Yes, She Killed It

“I saw Miley Cyrus running and singing on a treadmill, so I ran and sang on a treadmill.”

Lizzo is an incredible singer with some powerful vocals — and she just gave us all a reminder of exactly how talented she is.

In her latest Instagram post, the Grammy-award winning singer dropped a video of her singing while LITERALLY RUNNING ON A TREADMILL (read: I could never), and it’s so good.

In the video, Miley sang Bikini Kill’s “Rebel Girl” while running a treadmill, and yes, as you can see, it’s impressive:

Miley then shared ANOTHER treadmill singing video where she effortlessly belted out her song “Plastic Hearts”:

Enter queen Lizzo who, of course, was up for this challenge!!!

For her video, Lizzo sang her hit, “Cuz I Love You,” while running on a treadmill. “I saw @mileycyrus running and singing on a treadmill so I ran and sang on a treadmill,” she wrote in the caption.

“I saw Miley running and singing her song for stamina, so I’m gonna run and sing my song for stamina,” she says in the video. “I’m doing this for all the big girls out there.”

Annnd she not only does it — she kills it.

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Like, TBH, I can’t even talk while running.

I also appreciate her hilarious commentary and laughter throughout the workout, because this is NOT EASY!!!

But, nevertheless, she’s all smiles!!!

I wasn’t the only one who was impressed by her singing. Fans had LOTS of praise in the comments:

Some recognized Lizzo’s talent, especially given the actual difficulty of this exercise: “Most people don’t realize it takes a lot of air in your lungs to run and talk, more [or] less sing. You go, girl. You are a [rockstar],” one fan wrote.

“Ma’am!!! Still sounding like a goddess while jogging and singing!”

And others just loved seeing Lizzo continuing to be her authentic self: “Thank you for always authentically being you. Real ones recognize.”

Loving all the love on Lizzo’s video — and again, loving her phenomenal vocals!!!

You can watch Lizzo’s full video ~on repeat~ here:

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