Like a blur, Biden flees another presser without taking questions. Will the media ever call him out?

Like a blur, Biden flees another presser without taking questions. Will the media ever call him out?

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It would be great to be a fly on the wall in newsrooms at mainstream media outlets across the nation following a Joe Biden “press conference.” They know what’s coming, or rather, what’s NOT coming. They hope that they’re wrong on the surface as their journalistic instincts kick in, but deep down they realize that it’s probably for the best that Joe Biden does NOT take questions from the press. No matter how many softballs they throw at him, he’ll find a way to mess up his answer.

The conversation probably goes something like this:

  • Reporter: “Joe didn’t take questions again. Scampered off like rodent when the porch light comes on.”
  • Producer: “Did you really expect him to this time? I thought his campaign told you there would be no question.”
  • Reporter: “They did, and I asked him what the point was of even having us there. Why not just get in front of a camera with a teleprompter?”
  • Producer: “They need the press there so they can claim he had a press conference even though we know he won’t take questions.”
  • Reporter: “Should we call him out on it? Should we tell the campaign that if we can’t ask questions then we won’t show up just to have him read stuff to us?”
  • Producer: “No. Remember, orange man bad. We have an election to win for the team.”

At yesterday’s “Environmental Justice” teleprompter-reading session, Biden once again hustled away from the microphone. It was a bit different this time because the press didn’t even yell questions at him. They were likely told not to do that so it’s not so conspicuous that he won’t answer them.

Regardless of one’s political affiliation, the American people need to start asking questions of mainstream media about their complicity in Biden’s question-shy nature. The role of American media is to seek the truth, and while they’ve done an abysmal job of it during the Trump era (and before, to be honest), they should have enough self-respect to not be campaign props. There is absolutely no reason for press to gather at a press conference that does not allow questions.

This is quickly becoming absolutely ludicrous. If Biden cannot even handle questions from the press that are not submitted ahead of time or crafted by his campaign, how in the world is he supposed to handle the responsibilities of being President of the United States? It’s understandable that partisan Democrat insiders would dismiss this concern in hopes that he’s kept tucked away in the Oval Office while Kamala Harris and the cabinet run the country, but the American people, including Democrats, want to know if he can handle the tough situations that will surely be placed before a Biden administration. We don’t want to know if his handlers can answer questions. We want to know if HE can do it.

Apparently, he cannot, and that should concern us all. But it’s possibly even more concerning that mainstream media is playing an active role in keeping Biden protected from… them. All it would take is one question from Jake Tapper or Rachel Maddow on their shows wondering why a presidential candidate seems to be incapable of handling situations that are not pre-planned. There won’t be a teleprompter telling Biden what to say to Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, or any other world leaders he meets. A teleprompter isn’t going to help him make decisions during the next crisis that requires attention in real-time.

Joe Biden is the first presidential candidate who refuses to answer off-the-cuff questions. Every question AND answer is controlled by the campaign. Real life of a president isn’t like that. They need to be able to think for themselves, which Joe Biden cannot.

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