It’s the 40th day of quarantine. Are we safe yet?

It’s the 40th day of quarantine. Are we safe yet?

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Some Americans haven’t had to deal with very much lockdown life. Others, such as those in Georgia, are partially emerging from the quarantine. Most of us are still stuck with stay-at-home orders and businesses shut down despite it now being the 40th day of quarantine. Has it accomplished its goal?

For the most part, it has. Lest we forget, the original goal was not to stop the coronavirus from infecting and killing people as that was considered impossible by mid-March. The models at the time predicted if we were to enact a national shutdown, we could expect a one to two million Americans dead. That model was quickly downgraded by a factor of ten to between 100,000 and 220,000. Today, the estimates have been cut even further.

The original goal was to “flatten the curve” and stretch the infections out over time so hospitals would not get overwhelmed. While there were conspicuous cases of some hospitals in hot spots getting a bit overloaded, nobody who needed an ICU bed or ventilator was denied. The curve has been effectively flattened, and while there has been a significant loss of life, it is coming in far below the old estimates.

It’s ironic that we’re on the 40th day since President Trump announced a set of two-week guidelines. The word quarantine comes from the Italian word “quarantina” which means “40 days.” Well, here we are. If it were to end today or if something strange happens today or tomorrow, many would look to the Bible as periods of time surround the number 40 were significant. From Jesus Christ to Moses to Elijah to the Hebrews roaming the wilderness for 40 years, the time period is often associated with change.

So, have things changed in the United States? Yes. The economy has tanked. Tens of millions of people are out of work and struggling to put food on the table. Draconian measures are being tossed at us left and right. And people are still dying, though thankfully not at the pace the “experts” were expected.

It appears we are at the tail end of the lockdown, but many are pushing for it to extend indefinitely. On this 40th day since the first national announcement, let’s remind our leaders (particularly Democrats) that it’s time to open America for business.

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