If Anyone Doubts Whether Masks Work, Just Look At These Photos

If Anyone Doubts Whether Masks Work, Just Look At These Photos

Originally published on BuzzFeed – Trending on 2020 06 29 by https://www.buzzfeed.com/andyneuenschwander/microbiologist-mask-bacteria-demonstration

A Microbiologist Demonstrated How Masks Can Slow Disease Spread And Everyone Should See These Cultures

He tested sneezing, talking, singing, and coughing with a mask, and without one.

For this demonstration, Dr. Davis held agar cultures near his face and sneezed, sang, talked, and coughed at them. For one set he wore a standard surgical mask, and for the other he wore no mask.

He then left the cultures to grow the bacteria deposited by his respiratory droplets. So wherever you see a bacteria colony, that’s an indication of where the droplets and bacteria from his mouth landed. It’s crystal clear that the mask made a HUGE difference in the number of droplets that landed on the plates.

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