With Covid-19 breathing down our necks and times getting tough for a lot of people, I thought I’d better re-read a series of short articles I wrote around the last depression titled “How To Survive Tough Times.”

How to Survive Tough Times

In this series, I covered quite a few areas, including:

I need to get in there and update it with new specific techniques and technologies, but the philosophy behind it is still good.

Even if we might be expecting some helicopter money in the form of checks, I hear the IRS is dispensing it and it might not be here for a few months (which isn’t very surprising).

So I hope this helps someone out. Stay safe – Keep calm – Help others – Be happy 🙂

Next-Some Basic Economic Laws


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(but also remember to maintain that line between dwelling upon bad news and using it as intelligence Philippians 4:8-9 🙂

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