Whether the goal is as simple as making informed decisions, or as ambitious as running for office, there are a few things every conservative should know. The basics of economics, for example, are vital for any Conservative defending a free market, while a solid knowledge of what exactly is meant by “self-evident truths” and “certain unalienable Rights” provides the key to, well, just about anything.

Conservatives cannot depend upon the current educational system to learn about the most vital tenets of Conservatism. Fortunately, however, there are dozens of Conservative classics written by some of history’s brightest and most influential people.

Some of our included books were written in recent years and specifically about U.S. politics. Others were written before America ever appeared on a map. However,  they greatly influenced the Founding Fathers as they organized what would become the greatest government in the history of mankind. Still others on this list are novels.  Despite their differences, these are the books every young conservative should own.

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