For Optimum Health, Find A Cure For Government & Mainstream Media

For Optimum Health, Find A Cure For Government & Mainstream Media

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Governments and their lying propaganda machine, the mainstream media, are complicit criminals.  The terror exacted on the people of the planet is only now beginning to be seen, and in the months to come, it could get much worse.  If we want optimum health of every human being, we need a cure for government and the mainstream media.

An article by Reason highlighted reasons why we need to come to whether and stop subjugating ourselves to power hunger tyrants who don’t care about our health, but expanding their power and lining their pockets.

If the COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated anything, it is that there is no situation so severe that government can’t make it worse. Government’s recent crimes are legion: standing in the way of testing; complicating efforts to acquire protective equipment; imposing authoritarian and uniform lockdown rules across very different populations; and enforcing those rules in dangerous and ill-considered ways. Reason

People everywhere are finally opening their eyes to the real problem: government.  Some humans have proven themselves easy to control; easy to manipulate.  You can see it at the grocery stores.  Instead of living freely after through research, most just put on a face mask and do what they are told by “social distancing.”

After Brainwashing People For Decades, MSM and Governments Are Losing Control of People

Take note of the things that are NOT being reported on. Take note of the things they are censoring and use critical thinking skills to research on your own.

Remember this: only the government could cause layoffs of doctors and nurses during a “pandemic” or health crisis.

Overlooked Prepping Skill: Critical Thinking

Straight From A Tyrant’s Mouth: “If 19 Million People Go About Their Lives, There’s Nothing We Can Do”

No one else can free your mind from the prison the elitists and governments have built using the mainstream media.

If you can assess the conduct of government officials through the pandemic and conclude that what we really need is more of that, then we’re probably going to cure the novel coronavirus long before we find a treatment for whatever it is that ails you.

The societies over which governments exert their power are made up of myriad individuals, businesses, churches, and organizations interacting with one another for purposes of their own. The people in a society may inhabit dense urban areas or sparsely settled countryside. They may have deep pockets or meager resources. They may have high tolerances for risk or shy away from danger. Often, they have little in common except goods, services, and ideas to exchange for mutual benefit. Forcing them to walk in lockstep makes little sense. Reason

There are cracks, and the power structure is crumbling.  But the sooner we can get there, the better our future will look for everyone on the planet.  Well, everyone except politicians, their enforcers, and the mainstream media.

Other than a few basic rules like “don’t murder” and “don’t steal,” there is very little you can impose from the top-down on a diverse society that can help and please one group without hurting and offending another. But that’s exactly what government does—inflicting one-size-fits-all-mandates that don’t fit many people at all and are usually poorly considered, at that. And during this pandemic, the government has exercised its taste for incompetence and draconian rules with a vengeance. Reason

Inevitably—if to the surprise of those who reflexively defer to government officials—people push back. There has already been enough push back that people, on their own, just by realizing they are free and don’t need permission from the government or the elitists, will topple the entire system. It’s only a matter of time.  The powers that shouldn’t be are getting scared that people have figured out they can disobey and break the chains they’ve been in.

Fighting COVID-19 is an important short-term goal but eradicating or at least mitigating the plague of government would be an even greater victory for health. Reason

Free your mind. The rest will follow.  We are all sovereign human beings and were born that way. No other human being has any right to control you or take anything from you.

This pandemic response has woken up a lot of people.  Finally, humans around the world are waking up to realize they don’t have to just blindly obey anyone for any reason. They are figuring out that they own themselves.

Larken Rose’sMost Dangerous Superstition is a great to place to start if you have finally realized you don’t owe your life to anyone, not even government officials or their enforcers.  The primary threat to freedom and justice is not greed, or hatred, or any of the other emotions or human flaws usually blamed for such things. Instead, it is one ubiquitous superstition that infects the minds of people of all races, religions, and nationalities, which deceives decent, well-intentioned people into supporting and advocating violence and oppression. Even without making human beings one bit more wise or virtuous, removing that one superstition would remove the vast majority of injustice and suffering from the world.

That superstition is the belief in “authority.” The belief that some humans have the right to command and you are obligated to obey.

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