Flynn exonerated and his grandson says all we need to hear

Former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn has been completely exonerated of all charges by the Department of Justice. Four months of revelations that culminated in a flurry of bombshells the last two weeks made it seem likely that charges would be dropped. They had to be. Now, they have been.

DOJ Drops Michael Flynn Prosecution

The news comes a week after new evidence released to Flynn’s lawyers showed FBI agents apparently attempting to trap Flynn into lying to them, hoping he would be prosecuted or fired. The evidence also suggested they knew he had not committed a separate crime.

Earlier Thursday, prosecutor Brandon Van Grack withdrew from the case.

Flynn had been director of the Defense Intelligence Agency under President Barack Obama but was fired. He then joined Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, shaping its foreign policy and introducing Trump at rallies.

After Trump won, Flynn shaped the national security policies of the incoming administration and was picked to serve as National Security Adviser. In that capacity, he held conversations with foreign officials, including then-Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

Flynn’s conversations with Kislyak were picked up by wiretaps of the ambassador, and his name was “unmasked” by Obama administration officials in transcripts of the conversations, which were leaked to the Washington Post. At the same time, the Obama Department of Justice investigated Flynn under the Logan Act of 1799, which prevents private citizens from conducting diplomacy but is rarely enforced.

The General has been quiet but did celebrate the news by posting a video of his grandson, Travis, reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. He put emphasis on the final words: “Justice for all.”

General Flynn has been a class-act throughout this process. His new attorney, Sidney Powell, has been spectacular as well. This outcome is the only one that could restore any faith in the justice system.

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