End Times, They Are A Brewin’

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end times

A Checklist For The End Times

  • Love of believers growing cold-check
  • Traditional morals becoming less accepted-check
  • Wars and national conflicts-check
  • Earthquakes and other natural disasters-check
  • People abandoning Christianity-check
  • Famines-partially check
  • Pestilence-double check
  • Anti-semitism-check
  • Christian persecution-partial check
  • Signs in the heavens-haven’t personally seen any
  • Temple of Jerusalem rebuilt-not yet

It does seem that this world is going to hell in a handbasket at a quickening pace.

Most world religions teach that world events will someday reach a climax and this world as we know it will be destroyed.

This mornings 3.7 scale earthquake in Los Angeles, while not unusual couldn’t have come at a better time to put the fear of God into people locked in their homes because of this virus.

Whether some of these events we are living through now are birth pangs of things to come, remains to be seen, but now is a good time to re-evaluate our relationship with our creator.

A Good Time To Reflect

This quarantine is a great time get quiet and turn inside.

If you are a believer, let it strengthen your faith that you are always cared for, guided and protected.  To quietly read, pray and reflect and to know that things hidden may soon be revealed.  To reach out to those less fortunate and lend a helping hand as you may in this situation.

If you deny or don’t believe in anything, you may be going through periods of ‘I don’t give a damn’ to deep sadness, fear and despair.

The world and all of our systems are currently being put under enormous stress and we are more able to see the inequality and cracks in the system.

Now would be a good time for you to explore the existence of something more magickal in this world; something behind the veil.  To turn inside to listen and seek guidance.  Be patient as you do this and don’t give up right away.

To get out into nature if possible and really examine in minute detail this wonderful world we live in.

Or to read some spiritual works directly from their source, like the Bible.

In any case, you can always take hope in all things in this world will pass away and this too will be gone in time.

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