Elon Musk: Politicians Who “Stole Our Liberty” Should Be “Tarred & Feathered”

Elon Musk: Politicians Who “Stole Our Liberty” Should Be “Tarred & Feathered”

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Elon Musk, the infamous CEO of Tesla, has been finding himself on the side of liberty lately.  Musk, who is getting pushback now from politicians in California said that those in government who stole our liberty should be “tarred and feathered and thrown out of town!”

Lately, Musk has been a vocal skeptic of the response from state governments, including the rulers in California, where he has battled power-hungry state elitists to keep his Tesla manufacturing plant in Fremont open. Earlier this week, he said he was going to keep his factory open and dared law officials to arrest him, according to a report by The Washington ExaminerOn Wednesday, Musk said he was considering moving to Texas after Los Angeles County officials announced they would extend stay-at-home orders through the end of July.

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Musk even said that “politicians and unelected bureaucrats” who have abused their power during the coronavirus pandemic deserve to be punished for their decisions to shut down state economies across the country. “Well said!” Musk tweeted. “Please run for office. The politicians & unelected bureaucrats who stole our liberty should be tarred, feathered & thrown out of town!”

We all know by now that the elitists are struggling to hold onto their power over us, and it all ends when we say it does, and when we all decide to disobey their commands. Those “in power” will never give it up.  It’s on us to take it back.  If you act like you deserve to be commanded and enslaved, that’s what will happen to you.  It’s long past time to get off your knees and start acting like the free and sovereign being you were born as.

Elon Musk may be trying to come down on the right side of history, however, keep in mind, he’s said we need to merge our brains with artificial intelligence if we want humanity to continue.

Elon Musk Announcement: Let’s Merge Human Brains To “Achieve A Symbiosis With AI”

AI, so far, has been used for the brainwashing and enslavement of mankind with very little benefit to us as a species. Skepticism of merging our brains with AI is rightfully a big issue.

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