Doctors: The COVID-19 ‘lockdowns’ are doing far more harm than good

Doctors: The COVID-19 ‘lockdowns’ are doing far more harm than good

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Add some more voices to the growing number of doctors who recognize the left’s lock-down fever is doing far more harm than good. The video is of Dr. Lisa Cassileth detailing the dangers of lock-downs and its severe impact on patient care. It’s an interview of Will Witt of PragerU in which she makes the points that we’ve heard everywhere else from medical professionals.

The national lockdown was the biggest mistake in our history

Over at Conservative Review, Daniel Horowitz looked at the data as well coming to the conclusion that the Lockdown is killing more patients than the coronavirus:

If pursuing a national lockdown was the biggest mistake in our history, shutting down “elective” medical procedures was the biggest mistake of the lockdown. Call it destroying health care to “save” health care.

Even a broken clock is right twice a day, and on March 15, the American Hospital Association ominously warned the surgeon general what would happen if medical care were shut down under the guise of preparing for an overload of COVID-19 patients (which failed to materialize in almost every city).

Tragically, six weeks later with no end in sight in some states, we can only imagine the enormous number of cancer surgeries, heart surgeries, transplants, life-saving diagnostic tests and biopsies, and complex orthopedic surgeries that have been pushed off – and the corresponding life years that will be lost as a result.

Doctors on the front lines: Free up the economy

We, of course, have the video Doctors Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi that was banned by YouTube – so much for  free speech or the scientific method. Unfortunately for the technology tyrants, there are other sources, so as they say, you can’t stop the signal:


Two doctors in Kern County are sharing a differing opinion. They say sheltering in place is doing more harm than good. Doctors Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi of Accelerated Urgent Care refuse to wear masks outside. They say the longer people stay inside, the more their immune system drops. They’re calling for Kern County to reopen immediately.

Then we have the New York Post article of Dr. Daniel G. Murphy, chairman of the Department of Emergency Medicine at St. Barnabas Hospital in The Bronx calling for the opening up of the economy.

In addition, others are emphatically stating: This Pandemic Is Over. Let’s Stop the Economic Suicide, and Get Back to Work.

Why is the socialist left prolonging our national pain?

All of this begs the ‘essential’ question: Why does the nation’s socialist left insist on keeping things locked down? After all, these are folks who claim to care about the people, while they ignore the evidence at hand that they are harming everyone. Of course, these are the same people who work tirelessly to destroy liberty while they falsely claim to be liberal.

The left clearly does not care about the people or the cause of liberty. They only care about enhancing their power. The crisis of the Chi-Com virus gives them an opportunity to exploit other people’s pain for their political gain, that is all they care about, never mind the facts of what they are doing to everyone else.

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