Dixie Chicks and Lady Antebellum: Woke progressive pecking and clucking

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Originally published on Communities Digital News on 2020 06 27 by Paul H. Yarbrough https://www.commdiginews.com/uncategorized/dixie-chicks-and-lady-antebellum-woke-progressive-pecking-and-clucking-130494/#utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss

WASHINGTON: The former “Dixie Chicks” have changed their name. They are now simply “The Chicks.” Also, the group “Lady Antebellum” made a change (a few weeks back). They are now simply “Lady A.” The potential jokes for these two are beyond easy. And they are more than justified considering the reasons they gave for the change.

In this age of “woke” and “certain lives matter as opposed to others,” and “mass mask china virus hysteria” there is little else to do apart from ridicule these pretentious buffoons. These guardians of propriety. Briefly, insanity is the new definition of sanity.

So, we got to laugh—or cry! Let’s start with laughing.

The easy one for Lady Antebellum, of course, would be to change the name to Lady A******. Aw, come on. That was too easy. Except the name belongs to a black artist. (‘It’s pure privilege’: Black singer Lady A is furious at country band Lady Antebellum for using her stage name… after group re-brand over slavery connotations)

Known as “The Hardest Workin Woman in Blues, Soul, Funk & Gospel”, Lady A offers some serious Chicago-style (i.e., Southern) blues, Black gospel and jazz in a delightful way.

Despite speaking to the original Lady A, Lady A (re-deux) will not be concerned with her black life, or work. (Lady Antebellum decides to keep new name, despite speaking with blues singer Lady A)

And Lady Antebellum is a Southern Band.  Their songs are Southern songs.  Their musical instruments have a history deep in Southern music culture.

The former Dixie Chicks is just as easy to guffaw, though not as meaningful.

That being that these middle-aged hens ain’t chicks any longer. They just peck around the backyard squabbling and laying eggs when they ain’t laying eggs and squabbling. But those of us who grew up on Hank Williams and survived through Kenny Rogers, laugh at these makeup-mommas. Start your varicose treatment girls. You ain’t getting checked out anymore— even by old goats like me. So, as Laura Ingraham might tell you: Just shut up and sing.

And as far as the individual names of the trio, Natalie Maines, Emily Strayer, and Martie Maguire there are some appropriate pseudonyms appropriate if they want to change them. But, then, the Big Bad Wolf might come knocking. Oh, well, skip it.

It is fun to consider that their latest album is named Gaslighter, as they are the victims of 2020 liberal gaslighting, where a  person or persons, in order to gain more power, makes a victim question their reality. The reality is the Dixie Chicks are a Southern band. That has succumbed to the gaslighting of political correctness and woke cancel culture.

The new name for the former Dixie Chicks is simply “Chicks.”

So how did that name change help? Apparently, these old gals think by disavowing Dixie as a “slave issue” they have become modern-day Moses. I suppose that should be Moses-etts.  (Dixie Chicks Change Name to The Chicks amid Nationwide Protests for Racial Justice | PEOPLE.com)

They claimed that the name Dixie was associated with slavery prior to 1861-1865  and The War for Southern Independence. So, in the name of the almighty “Woke”, they have stated they need to repent. But slavery prior to some dates in the middle of the nineteenth century covers a lot of slave ground.

Now it should follow that Egypt must change its name. Also, the continent of Africa. And since watermelons came from Africa via slaves, they need a change too; let’s see…green round oblong things? For the record, I know of no one who doesn’t love those green round oblong things. I wish Columbus had thought of it. Did the Italians have them?  Guess not.

Oh well. With bright middle-aged minds like the three little…that is The Chicks, are working on the problem, well…no problem. Names changes should be forthcoming.

Their world tower of babble dialectology knowledge makes it a cakewalk.

We can have any number of the many thousands of monikers, appellations and titles changed quicker than you can say boo! And that just ain’t whistling Dixie. Sorry. I guess I’ll have to take my demerits. Bigoted old me.

But the silly, slobbering nonsensical drivel award has got to go to Lady “A.”

“After much personal reflection, band discussion, prayer and many honest conversations with some of our closest Black friends and colleagues, we have decided to drop the word ‘antebellum’ from our name and move forward as Lady A, the nickname our fans gave us almost from the start,”

Well, maybe it’s not silly, slobbering, etc. Maybe they did personally reflect and pray with their black friends. And then they knew what to do. Entertainers, who lie? Not possible.

But they were lucky. St. Paul had to get knocked on his duff before he had his “come to Jesus” name-change moment.

But I guess these entertainers are just closer to the Lord than the wicked old South and its Bible Belt boobs. After all, whatever good ever came out of old Dixie besides The Declaration of Independence and the British Surrender at Yorktown and The Star-Spangled Banner and the…

Now there I go whistling Dixie again.


Paul Yarbrough writes novels, short stories, poetry, and essays. His first novel. Mississippi Cotton is a Kindle bestseller.

His author site can be found on Amazon. He writes political commentary for CommDigiNews.

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