Dennis Prager: If they can oppress over COVID-19, they can oppress over climate change

Dennis Prager: If they can oppress over COVID-19, they can oppress over climate change

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Yesterday, protesters went to beaches across California to fight the draconian closure of businesses and recreational areas. Most reporting it in mainstream media seemed perplexed because the protests were happening one day before beaches were set to be opened anyway. What was the big deal over a single extra day, they wondered.

The big deal, as patriots across America know, is that these measures are constitutional and governmental overreach. We aren’t protesting over an extra month, week, or even a single day. We’re protesting because we know what can happen if we sit back and let our rights get taken away, even temporarily. Dennis Prager knows the consequence as well. As he sees it, authoritarianism over the coronavirus is a precedent for authoritarianism over the “existential threat” of climate change.

By setting this precedent and normalizing authoritarianism for what the government deems to be the “right” reasons, we are giving politicians license to continue down that path. It must be stopped and those engaged in these policies must be voted out.

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