‘Defund The Police’ Wrests Support From Politicians Coast-To-Coast – And Steamrolls Holdouts

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Originally published on Weasel Zippers on 2020 06 08 by Nickarama https://www.weaselzippers.us/450120-defund-the-police-wrests-support-from-politicians-coast-to-coast-and-steamrolls-holdouts/

Via Fox News:

In the wake of George Floyd’s death, calls to “defund the police” have in a matter of days escalated from a fringe campaign to a celebrity-backed cause to part of the municipal mainstream — and now appear primed to spur official action, to varying degrees, in cities across the country.

The stunning momentum behind the movement has fueled Republican criticism that “radical” ideas are being readily embraced by Democrats.

On the ground, however, there is a visible conflict between Democrats on board with “defund” and those who want to seek reforms without actually dismantling police departments. This split, and the sudden power that activists wield over local officials on the issue, was perhaps best illustrated over the weekend when Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey faced a crowd of protesters asking him whether he would support abolishing the city’s police department.

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