Coronavirus Phase Two: The Police State Cometh

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Coronavirus Phase Two: The Police State Cometh

Millions of Americans undoubtedly assumed their freedoms would be restored to a significant degree when the Coronavirus lockdowns ended and they were finally allowed to leave their homes. No such luck. Phase Two of government protocol on the pandemic is revealing a host of amplified encroachments on personal liberties – all in the name of public health, of course.

You Must Wear the Mask

Across the world, the required wearing of facemasks in public is increasingly being viewed by authorities and approved “experts” as a key step toward reopening communities. “They have to be mandatory because otherwise people will get too complacent and think everything is back to normal,” said University of New South Wales professor Bill Bowtell, who designed Australia’s response to the AIDS crisis in the 1980s. According to Daily Mail Australia, very few citizens Down Under are currently donning the masks in public.

Bowtell’s stern attitude is already being embraced in several American cities and towns, and the tone of the enforcement wrappings should be startling to the people of this nation. Miami reopened its parks, though not those with beach access, on April 29. The catch? Residents must wear masks at all times while enjoying the outdoor spaces. Mayor Carlos Gimenez revealed that Dade County was hiring “more than 400 people who were put out of work by the coronavirus outbreak to help enforce social distancing measures at parks.”

On April 27, the town of Cambridge, MA issued an emergency order “requiring that face coverings be worn in all public places, businesses and common areas of residential buildings.” Violators face a $300 fine, and officials have indicated the sanctions will be applied. Espousing creepy Big Brother language, the official announcement of the executive order lauded the shining example to be set by residents obedient to the mandate: “Residents are reminded to serve as positive community role models by wearing their masks during this order.”

This human cultivation vibe echoes the sentiments of European health experts quoted in an April 13 Time magazine article on social distancing stratagems. “The literature shows that people will change their behavior if there are three conditions in place: they know what to do, why to do it and they see other people like themselves also doing it,” Monica Schoch-Spana, a medical anthropologist and senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, told Time. The mag related that a key facet to this citizen conditioning effort is “that authority figures, from political leaders to pastors, are all repeating the same message, to the point that people are ‘swimming in a sea’ of it.”

Naturally, scofflaws are not to be tolerated, no matter the particular individual circumstances. It’s all in the name of the greater good. A video of a police officer mounted on a horse telling an elderly couple on a California beach that they were not allowed to sit in chairs as part of the social distancing regimen has gone viral online in recent days. “They’re old people,” irate beachgoers shouted at the officer as he lectured the rogue seniors on how they were not allowed to settle in one place as they enjoyed the surf and sun. The Daily Wire reports that the man and woman were 93 years old.

Double Standards on High

Amid the backdrop of these impositions upon local citizens, many of these same government officials are pursuing policies detrimental to the very public health concerns they claim they must so vigilantly protect “in an overabundance of caution.” Cambridge, MA is a sanctuary city for illegal aliens and California is a sanctuary state. In 2018, Southern Texas Border Patrol agent Chris Cabrera warned of the grave disease threat posed to Americans by massive illegal immigration. “What’s coming over into the U.S. could harm everyone,” Cabrera stated. “We are starting to see scabies, chicken pox, methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus infections, and different viruses.”

Towns like Cambridge welcome illegals who have not been tested for any of these things into their neighborhoods with open arms while hectoring existing residents about the need to wear a mask at all times if they want to leave their homes. Meanwhile, ardent urbanites defend the population density found in large progressive-dominated cities like Los Angeles and New York as a boon to our nation despite the fact that scientists have repeatedly concluded that large, crowded urban areas pose a significant health threat.

“The rapid urbanization around the world leads to great challenges in city planning. The rapid influx of migrants can lead to overcrowding and local governments might not be able to provide safe housing, drinking water, and adequate sewage facilities, all of which are potential health hazards and must be taken into account for safe city planning,” Dr. Carl-Johan Neiderud of Uppsala University in Sweden wrote in a 2015 study titled “How urbanization affects the epidemiology of emerging infectious diseases.”

America is just approaching the second phase of the Coronavirus upheaval, and we are already seeing drastic curbs on everyday interactions that would have been unthinkable a mere few years ago. It makes one wonder: If people can be fined for not wearing a mask, what’s going to happen to those who refuse to take the vaccine if and when it ever comes out?


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