Coronavirus flouters host illegal rave day before Boris Johnson’s ‘Rule of Six’ takes over

Coronavirus flouters host illegal rave day before Boris Johnson’s ‘Rule of Six’ takes over

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The house party in Trinity Street, Brighton saw hundreds of young people packed into a small house. It came two days before the Prime Minister introduced the controversial “rule of six” guideline curbing groups of people to help slow the spread of coronavirus. The UK’s daily coronavirus cases have begun returning to levels last seen at the peak of the pandemic in May.



Neighbours complained about the house party, which was in breach of coronavirus guidelines at the time permitting two households to meet up.

Photos from the event show the partygoers packed into the garden, with only one spotted wearing a face mask.

One neighbour told local papers The Argus “that’s 200 more Covid cases”.

Another resident added to the Sun: “I was really, really shocked.

“There were youths all over the house, garden and street and none of them were social distancing or wearing masks.”

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Coronavirus news: boris johnson leaving downing street

Coronavirus news: Boris Johnson’s ‘Rule Of Six’ started on Monday (Image: Getty)

Coronavirus news: Brighton house party

Coronavirus news: Around ‘a hundred’ students crammed into a Brighton house party (Image: The Argus)

But despite the party being in clear breach of coronavirus restrictions, Sussex Police did not disperse the party after being called by the angered neighbours.

A spokeswoman for the police said: “The caller was concerned that it was breaching Covid-19 guidelines around gathering.

“The caller was told that due to high demand and a number of grade one calls we were responding to at this time in the city, we would be unable to attend.

“However, the report was sent to local prevention officers for their awareness.”

Coronavirus news: boris johnson leaving downing street

Coronavirus news: The new rules prevent more than six people meeting (Image: Getty)

Mr Johnson issued new coronavirus guidelines banning people from meeting in groups of more than six people.

The controversial new rule was introduced after cases in the UK began to surge again.

The Prime Minister defended the rule yesterday by saying he wanted to avoid another nationwide lockdown, and said: “We do think the disease is gaining ground.

“We have a very clear means to suppress it. That is social distancing – the rule of six – and I urge people to obey it.”

On Wednesday coronavirus cases in the UK rose by 3,991, which is the highest daily figure since May 8.

The majority of news cases are found in younger Britons, with Downing Street data showing the rate of infection in those aged 20-29 hit 46 per 100,000 compared with just 30 last week.

Brighton and Hove’s Public Health Director Alistair Hill echoed concerns about the new data in response to videos of young people gathering in nightclubs.

He said: “In common with many areas of the country Brighton and Hove has recently seen a concerning increase in cases of COVID-19 in young people.

“We all have a part to play in protecting ourselves, our loved ones and communities.

“However, I am asking all young people to make additional efforts to follow the guidance including keeping your distance from people not in your household.”

Coronavirus news: UK's coronavirus cases as of September 16

Coronavirus news: It comes as UK cases return to peak pandemic levels (Image: Express)

Coronavirus news: boris johnson leaving downing street

Coronavirus news: Boris has not ruled out a second national lockdown (Image: Getty)

The UK also saw 20 further deaths from the virus, with 901 patients in hospital for COVID-19.

Mr Johnson told MPs yesterday that while deaths remain low, the surge in cases will lead to a jump in mortality, and added: “The progression of the disease from younger groups, who are much less prone to worst effects, up into the older groups.

“We must expect those infections proportionately to lead to mortality.”

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