Congressman Amash presidential exploratory committee stirs the pot

Congressman Amash presidential exploratory committee stirs the pot

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Last night Congressman Justin Amash (I-MI) entered the presidential politics scene, making a stir on social media. Needless to say, responses ranged from excited and supportive to insulting and accusing Amash of being the Ralph Nader of 2020 who would help get Donald Trump re-elected. The real issue is whether Amash is actually a viable alternative, but the folks responding to his announcement all have reasons to say these things. Back to the question of is Amash viable?

He could be, but he will have to answer questions about a lot of his decisions, primarily this one: Why did he vote to impeach President Donald Trump based on questionable, fabricated, and unconstitutional evidence?

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Of course, President Trump himself weighed in via Twitter:

Even famous never-Trumpers weighed in early: The bottom line?

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Viability—that is the key. Can Amash establish himself as the truthful, honorable, American with integrity who voters can count on or is he just another guy with name recognition like Jesse Ventura, who also indicates he may run as a third-party alternative?

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