CBC Intentionally Excludes Crucial Facts About the Epoch Times and Our Coverage of Beijing’s Coverup of the Coronavirus

CBC Intentionally Excludes Crucial Facts About the Epoch Times and Our Coverage of Beijing’s Coverup of the Coronavirus

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The Epoch Times recently published a special edition on how Beijing’s coverup led to the global pandemic with the front page headline “How the Chinese Communist Party Endangered the World.” It is an eight-page collection of Epoch Times reports distributed to select areas in Canada, as we believe it has important information for Canadians to have.

On April 29, CBC did a report devoted to this special edition. It is knowingly, deliberately misleading and intentionally excludes crucial information we provided to CBC prior to the publication of their report. The sole purpose seems to be to discredit our media and our reporting on the coronavirus.

A copy of our email to the CBC reporter prior to publication is included at the end of this article.

I am heartened to see that most of the comments on the CBC article are critical of it. At the end of this article we include some of the comments.

The CBC headline seems to speak for all Canadians in saying ‘’’Racist and inflammatory’: Canadians upset by Epoch Times claim China behind virus, made it as a bioweapon”

How does CBC know how the majority of Canadians feel about our coverage?

The article quotes an individual who feels our coverage of the CCP’s responsibility for the coronavirus pandemic is “racist and inflammatory.” Is that one individual’s opinion the source of a headline speaking for all Canadians?

The CBC headline focuses on a small part of our eight-pages-long special edition, a commentary article that discusses the history of top CCP officials talking about developing bioweapons. But this opinion article did not state that the Wuhan lab was developing bioweapons, contrary to the claim in the headline.

CBC purposefully omitted that we are founded by Chinese immigrants, which was stated in an email to the reporter. We are the media telling people that this pandemic is not the fault of the Chinese people, but is the fault of the Communist Party. The Chinese people have been victimized by the CCP’s handing of this pandemic. By discussing the CCP’s role, we are truly standing up for the Chinese people.

Making the truth about the CCP’s role clear will also help to eliminate racial tension.

CCP propaganda is the origin of the identification of the CCP and China, and the CCP works continuously to emphasize this, not only in its own state-controlled media, but in media around the world. This identification enlists the Chinese people’s patriotism, and Westerners’ concerns about racism, to defend the CCP. And so people’s noble motives are used to enmesh them in the CCP’s ill behaviour. If people read our paper, they will understand these issues better.

There is no balance in the CBC report. The CBC report purposefully chose a few voices that have one-sided opinions and use that to discredit us. It does not include any individuals who might disagree with these critical views.

In fact, we have received a great deal of feedback via phone or email regarding this special edition. Many Canadians are highly appreciative of our work. Sometimes people call our hotline and are very critical. But when we talk to them, we often find that they did not take time to read our content, but just glanced at the cover and jumped to a conclusion. When we explain our content and ask them to read, they often change their attitude and opinion.

The CBC report uses the persecution of Falun Gong to unfairly frame us as an agenda-driven media and then misrepresents that persecution.

It is grossly irresponsible reporting to say “Its followers say the Chinese government persecutes them and oppresses their religious rights,” as though the evidence for the persecution of Falun Gong depends only on what its practitioners say. From the most basic research, CBC should know that both the American Congress and European Parliament have passed resolutions, asking the  CCP to stop this persecution and raised concerns on/condemned the forced organ harvesting that has targeted Falun Gong practitioners.

Regarding the persecution, one CBC source says there could be  “certain exaggerations,” playing down a severe persecution. CBC might instead have read and reported on the report “Bloody Harvest” on the atrocity of live organ harvesting in China, written by the  Canadian human rights lawyer David Matas and former MP and parliamentary secretary of Asia Pacific, David Kilgour. The CBC report doesn’t even mention the issue of organ harvesting, though.

CBC tries to discredit our reporting on China. In fact, China is the most difficult subject for media to cover due to the CCP regime’s lack of transparency. However, we have more connections inside China than others and have reported vital information ahead of many other media.

We started to report on the Wuhan virus on Dec. 31 and reported the cover up of the real numbers in early February. If more people read us, our country would  not be unprepared. In our opinion, there is not enough truthful reporting about China and the nature of its communist regime.

The article has  simple factual errors. For instance, the first  sentence describes us as “a free newspaper typically found in street boxes.” The Epoch Times in Canada stopped distribution through street boxes last July and is only available via paid subscriptions and home delivery.

This article asserts that the Shen Yun Performing Arts company is part of Epoch Media Group. It is not.

We understand different readers might have different opinions, and have the right to choose different media to read. But different voices give people more choices, and make for a healthier society. This CBC report is meant to shut down our voice. Instead of debating on specifics and pointing out concrete reporting errors, it quotes a few critical voices in order to discredit us.

We have received numerous awards for our reporting, including from the Society of Professional Journalists and the New York Press Association.

We also received a national award for our SARS coverage in Canada, after being among the first media to break the SARS story in 2003, three weeks before the Chinese government admitted there was an epidemic.

Cindy Gu is the publisher of the Canadian editions of The Epoch Times.


The Special Edition can be downloaded here.

Email Sent to CBC Reporter Prior to Publication

The email includes a message to the CBC reporter, information worth noting and information about the Special Edition

Hi Katie,

Thank you for the inquiry.

1) The Epoch Times was founded by Chinese immigrants in North America who fled communist persecution in their home country. All of our editors and reporters in China were arrested, with some enduring long prison sentences and brutal torture. We have connections in China with people who provide exclusive information that we report on. For instance, here and here are two recent articles about the virus outbreak based on internal government documents leaked to The Epoch Times. The Epoch Times has broken many important stories related to China over the last two decades.

2) We started to report on the worrisome situation of the virus on Dec. 31, 2019. In early February we reported that the real number of deaths and infections inside China was at least 10 to 20 times the Chinese government’s official numbers, way ahead of other media. If more people had read our reports, the world would have been better prepared. Timely information can save lives.

3) The Epoch Times has recently been “sampling” copies of a special edition on Beijing’s coverup that led to a global pandemic in select areas because we consider that information to be important to Canadians. We regard this sampling as an act of good citizenship.

Sampling refers to distributing copies of a newspaper to specific neighbourhoods. This is a standard way of raising brand awareness and recruiting new subscribers.

4) Some people may have erroneously conflated criticism of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) with criticism of the Chinese people. The Chinese Communist Party does not represent the Chinese people or China. Understanding the difference is vital and will eliminate racial tension, as people come to understand that the criticism of the handling of the virus is of the CCP, not the Chinese people.

The current confrontation is between the CCP and the people of the world, both in and outside of China. Both the Chinese people and Canadians are victims of the CCP’s coverup.

We are not alone in pointing out the distinction between the CCP and China. Consider these recent headlines: Washington Post: “Don’t blame ‘China’ for the coronavirus — blame the Chinese Communist Party”; Globe and Mail: “The coronavirus exposes the lie at the heart of Communist China”; National Post: “Beijing’s communist regime is the biggest ‘China virus’ threatening our survival.”

5) Regarding the Wuhan lab, it is a small part of our reporting on the coronavirus. China silenced early whistleblowers, destroyed samples, and falsified data. We simply asked questions like many others. In the past, CCP top military officials openly talked about the development of bioweapons. Whether the virus is engineered or not, has neither been proven nor disproven at this point.

In our documentary we only raise questions, it never ruled out a natural origin and it does not assert that the virus was engineered. The documentary is fastidious in not giving any definitive conclusions regarding the origin. It presents the facts that were known and the opinions of experts.

6) While most newspapers have been experiencing a decline in circulation, The Epoch Times has been growing in recent years, against the trend.


Worth noting:

The Epoch Times was among the first to report on the SARS outbreak in 2003, three weeks before the Chinese regime publicly admitted there was an outbreak. Our early coverage of the SARS outbreak earned our Chinese edition a national award from the National Ethnic Press and Media Council of Canada.

According to a recent study by the University of Southampton, if “non-pharmaceutical interventions—such as early detection, isolation of cases, travel restrictions and cordon sanitaire … could have been conducted one week, two weeks, or three weeks earlier, cases could have been reduced by 66 percent, 86 percent and 95 percent, respectively—significantly limiting the geographical spread of the disease.”

Dr. Shawn Whatley, past president of the Ontario Medical Association, said “I first learned about the damage by the new, aggressive Wuhan virus from The Epoch Times. Kudos to ET for doing what we pay the departments of health billions of dollars to do.”


About the Special Edition:

Our Special Edition features some of our coverage of the virus that has engulfed the globe, causing a serious threat to people’s health and way of life. There have been multiple reports and studies, and even remarks by governments, noting that had the Chinese communist regime been forthright about the outbreak and the risks sooner, many lives could have been saved and the damage to economies would have been minimal.

The Special Edition delves into topics such as how the Chinese Communist Party’s coverup led to a pandemic, how the regime persecuted medical professionals in China who tried to get information out about the outbreak, how it is still hiding the true scale of the pandemic and the number of deaths in China, and how it has launched a global disinformation campaign to lay the blame for the pandemic elsewhere.


Cindy Gu

Publisher, The Epoch Times Canada


Selection of Readers’ Comments on CBC’s Article

  • Brad Mercier
  • 17 minutes ago

I’m heartened to see most comments are critical of this CBC article and the way it defends the legitimate criticism CCP. Disinformation and controlling the narrative is common with our national broadcaster and this is another example.

  • John Burnaby
  • 22 minutes ago

Many media organizations, including the CBC, just don’t get it. The CCP is an evil organization. They are seeking what’s best for themselves at the expense of everything and everyone else. Canada needs to look at them not as friends, but as adversaries – along the lines of Russia, North Korea, etc…

  • Mark Williamson
  • 23 minutes ago

This article is quickly being buried and rightfully so. Please do not use the term ” Canadians ” when you are only talking about a handful of people that share your view

  • Sandra Rivera
  • 1 hour ago

CBC needs to be investigated for writing such a blatantly pro Communist Party of China propaganda piece. Misinformation and misleading statements

Mary Lucas

  • 4 minutes ago

I find Epoch to be one of the more objective, reliable sources of news. They don’t like the Chinese Communist Party, and they make that clear. By contrast, I find a lot of disinformation from Canadian main stream sources. I am also appalled that the CBC seems to think that postal workers should have to agree with the content if their deliveries. This article seems to be intended as a smear piece against Epoch Times.

  • Sandra Rivera
  • 14 minutes ago

I typed in CBC and got this article. I thought at first this was the China Broadcasting Corporation website.

  • Fred Thiolla
  • 24 minutes ago

Headline from the Epoch Times is: “How the Chinese Communist Party endangered the world”

Now tell me how ANYONE could interpret that as stirring hate or being r*cist? Absolutely ridiculous attempt to defend the CCP. The article should be criticized for pushing untrue claims not for questioning Beijing

  • Elias Eliot
  • 1 hour ago

The tittle claiming “Canadians upset” is extremely misleading. Perhaps “some Canadian” would be more appropriate. But the integrity of journalist has been in decline for too long now and sadly things just keep getting worst.

  • Mike Smith
  • 48 minutes ago

Thank you Epoch Times for at least opening up the discussion and our right to question

  • Charels Latner
  • 28 minutes ago

The truth will not be suppressed , Thank-you Epoch…..

And yes, thank-you CBC for enlightening Canadians about this great publication.

Odd, but still,


  • Greg Dear
  • 1 hour ago

Basically, this article is trying to convince us that criticism of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is the same as criticism of the Chinese people and even the same as racism against Chinese people. Suppose we believe it. The questions are

Is Criticism of the Iranian government is racism against Iranian people?

Is Criticism of the North Korean government is racism against Korean people? etc., etc.

  • Mike Smith
  • 18 minutes ago

Democracy is built on the right to question and the freedom to have different opinions even if you don’t agree with them. We should never fear or worse try and squash anybody’s opinions. If they are completely false we have to have faith the truth will prevail and it will but it only happens when we are willing to explore all the possibilities.

Instant claims of rac… is cowardly defence.

  • Brian Robertson
  • 34 minutes ago

The charge of racism has been so overused and abused as to render the term meaningless.

And the charge of being inflammatory?

Don’t make me laugh.

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