Glenn Beck: The Left is Using Mail-In Ballots, Voting To Stoke REVOLUTION

by Alicia Luke, Freedom OutPost: Liberals, open your eyes to what the Left is setting up! The Daily Beast recently reported on a group of leading progressive organizations who gathered to begin organizing a “post-Election Day political apocalypse scenario.” They say they’re preparing to protect our democracy, but they’re the ones spinning it into chaos. The Left WANTS revolution. They WANT violence in the streets, and they’re using mail-in ballots & voting to achieve it. Because when we don’t have an official winner on Election Night, our country WILL become more divided. This isn’t hyperbole. They’re saying it themselves: It’s time to prepare for a coming civil war. [embedded content] If you can go to Walmart, Target, and “peacefully” protest shoulder to shoulder then you can go in person to vote. Breitbart: A coalition of leftist groups is “secretly” discussing how to mobilize and prepare for what it envisions as a “political apocalypse” full of violence and chaos if Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden fails to win a landslide victory on November 3, the Daily Beast reported Monday. “Occupy shit, hold space, and shut things down, not just on Election Day but for weeks,” an unnamed source said in describing the coalition’s effort, dubbed the “Democracy Defense Nerve Center.” Trending: “Sexual Pleasure & Response In Infants” Lesson Now Being Taught At University Of North Texas The leftist group, convened by the relatively secret Fight Back Table (FBT), reportedly discussed their plans in secret during a Zoom virtual meeting. Referring to the meeting, the Daily Beast reported: Over the course of two hours, participants broached the question of what the progressive political ecosystem can functionally do in a series of election scenarios. They began charting out what it would take to stand up a multi-state communications arm to fight disinformation, a training program for nonviolent civil disobedience, and the underpinnings of what one official described as “mass public unrest.” An unnamed aide to the Biden campaign told the Daily Beast it is “aware of the concerns expressed by many of these [leftist] groups” that are “actively planning for all contingencies and scenarios.” More When President Trump is re-elected, he will then have nothing to lose. He can unleash the power of law enforcement. The cops have been caught in the middle of a political nightmare long enough.  Read More @

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