Political Figure Tomi Lahren Receives Backlash for Her Tweets About the Breonna Taylor Case

Since the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, thousands took to the streets to protest for change and justice for the loss of black lives at the hands of cops. For months, all over social media people were demanding that the cops who killed Breonna Taylor be charged for her death, but they were not. Because people were furious with the grand jury decision, people are back to the streets demanding justice for Taylor. Although this was a tragic situation, Taylor’s case has become very politicized as each party has their own opinions. But did this political figure go too far? Shortly after the verdict of Taylor’s case was announced, conservative Tomi Lahren tweeted a controversial statement following the court decision on Wednesday afternoon.  It is NOT an officer’s duty to gamble with his/her life so you can happily and comfortably resist arrest. — Tomi Lahren (@TomiLahren) September 23, 2020 Also, when the vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris tweeted out to mourn Taylor’s death, Lahren responded redirecting the attention to officers who have died in the line of duty. Do you know the name of even one officer gunned down and murdered in the line of duty? Didn’t think so. https://t.co/6gXjc4NaJQ — Tomi Lahren (@TomiLahren) September 24, 2020 Lahren’s comments may be controversial, but this is not her first time openly expressing her controversial views – despite backlash. Back in 2016, she tweeted “Meet the new KKK, they call themselves “Black Lives Matter” but make no mistake their goals are far from equality” – angering many people. Also, she has tweeted out her views on immigration and opposition to kneeling during the National Anthem, which caused many to express their animosity towards her.   Mainstream media outlets began writing about her comments such as People Magazine, Huffington Post and the New York Times. Chris Evans even responded to one of her tweets back in 2019 calling her out by saying “Wow. The complete lack of sympathy, respect, and general awareness is astonishing. Also, I would carry my kid through fire if it meant escaping hell.” Because Lahren has been known for her controversial political views, her critics were quick to condemn her and her tweets about the Breonna Taylor case. Y’all, if I ever bump into Tomi Lahren anywhere I’m taking one for the team. Just make sure to bail me out. 😂 — 🌹 (@roseswastakennn) September 24, 2020 Tomi Lahren's not a white supremacist; it's just a coincidence that in every high profile case where someone ends up being killed, she decides that the Black person was the one who was wrong. Just a very big coincidence. — JRehling (@JRehling) September 24, 2020 Seeing Tomi Lahren trending again and then discovering she's on her right-wing white privilege bullshit. pic.twitter.com/WevVD0gK0C — Sorcerer SupMeme (@AholeInRecovery) September 24, 2020 What do you think about Tomi’s reaction to Black Lives Matter and the wrongful death of Breonna Taylor? Video produced by Kelsey Morris

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Cardi B Gets Sued By MAGA Supporters

Cardi B and her sister, Hennessy Carolina, are now facing charges for a fight that broke out over Labor Day weekend.  The weather was perfect for a day on the beach in Suffolk County, New York. As a result, the “Bodak Yellow” rapper decided to soak up the sun with her sister and her sister’s girlfriend Michelle Diaz at a beach near Smith Point. Their trip to the beach originally seemed harmless until things went south and a lawsuit was filed weeks afterward.  Cardi B, Hennessy Carolina, and model Michelle Diaz are facing a lawsuit from beachgoers on Long Island. https://t.co/s6vzT0Ly5E pic.twitter.com/S5RzB7ZHN3 — Eyewitness News (@ABC7NY) September 23, 2020 According to the lawsuit filed in Suffolk County, three people claimed that they were at the beach when Cardi B and her group decided to block their vehicle. One of the plaintiffs was wearing a MAGA hat and decided to approach Diaz which prompted Carolina to begin filming the interaction.  The group claims that Cardi B’s sister “sprayed her copious spittle upon said plaintiffs as she raged.” This was alarming due to the dangers of the coronavirus, according to an official statement.  Always gotta say ALLEGED. Like the alleged racists filing a bogus lawsuit against cardi B claim alleged defamation when IT WAS ON CAMERA and there were witnesses, allegedly — pyow pyow (@honeyNOTvinegar) September 23, 2020 According to that statement, Carolina “knew or should have known that her spraying of spittle upon Plaintiffs at a time when COVID-19 virus infection was a nation-wide threat to all persons in the U.S., was assaulting, threatening and intimidating to said Plaintiffs.” Carolina then decided to post and share videos of the interaction on Instagram to her nearly 10 million followers. Those who filed the lawsuit are claiming that she edited the video to make herself seem innocent and therefore manipulated evidence for this case.  You wanna know why joe gotta talk to me Candice cause I have the #1 song & yet my sister can’t go to the beach in the Hampton’s wit out trump supporters harassing cause they were by themselves & Santa Claus was harassing my sis GF all because they are a Afro/Hispanic gay couple https://t.co/OLQX2mrzbp pic.twitter.com/ISfJStODme — iamcardib (@iamcardib) September 6, 2020 In fact, one stated that Carolina’s intended goal was “to remove portions thereof, and thereby hold plaintiffs in a false light, so as to tend to expose and in fact expose each plaintiff to public contempt, ridicule and disgrace and harm,” and that she also accused the plaintiffs of “racism.” Following the situation, Cardi B decided to tweet about the incident. Her stream of tweets included Carolina and Diaz discussing what happened from their perspective in an audio file. Cardi B shared her sister’s video with her followers on the platform as well.  Nooooo that big pink man was harassing my sister girlfriend to move her car for no reason and then my sister came there had a back and forth and they stood quit when she Wip that phone out .They was harassing 2 Women ! Ya going to catch the right fuckin one ! https://t.co/xcH1PvGVAB pic.twitter.com/rLym9O2yIU — iamcardib (@iamcardib) September 6, 2020 Cardi B, Hennessy Carolina and Michelle Diaz are now facing charges of defamation of character and violating civil rights to privacy. In addition, Carolina is also separately facing the charge of assault and battery.  John Ray, the plaintiffs’ attorney, made a statement to ABC New York about the situation.  “These peaceful Suffolk County residents were quietly enjoying a Sunday at the Smith Point beach with their families, when rap celebrity Hennessy Carolina suddenly approached them, raging, spitting, insulting, assaulting, defaming and threatening them, all the while videotaping them because one of them wore a MAGA hat,” Ray said.  He continued the statement by further explaining that “Hennessy, Cardi B and celebrity model Michelle Diaz deviously edited the videotape and published the edited version all over social media, across the world for all to see, and maliciously falsely labeled these residents and their families as ‘N…s’ and as racists. … Real threats of harm were made. They live in fear now. Their reputations have been ruined.” So Cardi b and her sister is getting sued for doing something anyone educated enough wouldve done….@iamcardib#CardiB #wap pic.twitter.com/lo1NKkO9wT — Ary☁ (@aryxari) September 23, 2020 Although none of the plaintiffs have the coronavirus or suffered physical injuries, Ray said that his clients are going to seek “substantial damages.”  The man in the video was referenced as “Karen,” “Pink Man” and “Santa Claus” by Cardi B, Carolina and Diaz.  When Karens get real mad… they sue! https://t.co/eM2WmQfCKh #CardiB — Perez (@ThePerezHilton) September 22, 2020 Cardi B has explained to her followers that Carolina and Diaz were being mocked and harassed because they were an Afro-Hispanic gay couple. However, the plaintiffs insist that the video was edited and manipulated to make them look bad and alter the true story.  At first I thought it was fake, but there’s really a lawsuit against Cardi B and her sister for telling off some Trump people at the beach down the road from me. For the record, good for Cardi and her sister 😂 — nicole (@okaycoley) September 22, 2020 Carolina said that they were harassed because the group “saw us parking here and we were speaking Spanish and we’re mixed.” This situation has caused mixed reactions and feelings online. However, many are labeling this another “Karen” situation and taking the side of Cardi B and her sister.  The video of this incident has gone viral on social media. Both Cardi B and Hennessy Carolina have shared the footage with their millions of followers online. The video has now been deleted and removed from their profiles after the lawsuit was filed.  Lololol the Long Island MAGA people suing Cardi B for painting them as bigots. No honey, y'all painted yourselves that way. That red hat tells it all. — BRC 🌵 (@branlynn) September 23, 2020 In the since-deleted Instagram video, Cardi B stated: “Meanwhile not only you got racist [MAGA] supporters that are [lynching] ,racist cop shootings and killing black men all cause their leader make them feel like they could do so .My sister couldn’t even park her car today with out this man harassing her girlfriend soon as the camera [came] out they started being sweet.” This case is currently being looked into further. 

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Yet Another Fight In Waffle House Goes Viral

Though the first rule of Waffle House is “don’t talk about Waffle House,” that rule must be broken after a new video from the restaurant went viral. A group of Waffle House customers battled their way through the restaurant to attain a cellphone they forgot at the restaurant after a failed attempt to dine and dash. On September 19th, a Twitter user shared this now-viral clip, not included here due to nudity. The original tweet now has over 35,000 retweets and almost 100,000 likes. The Waffle House staff refused to return a phone left behind unless the customers paid the bill that they skipped out on. At the peak of the argument, one of the male customers lost his patience, and decided to walk behind the counter. Confronted by the two employees, he started punching the female employee resulting in total mayhem.  One of the female customers dashed ahead to snatch the restaurant’s phone away from another distressed employee that seemed to call the cops. During the intense moment the female customer’s spaghetti strap tank top loosened up, exposing her breasts. The video ends when the male customer is held in the rear choke position. I didn’t record this video but it was on our local fb chat page pic.twitter.com/MyfB7LRQGU — La (@02LeslieAnne) September 20, 2020 As if this was not enough of a spectacle, the troublesome trio made a dramatic exit. The white female customer made sure to carry her friend’s fallen wig off the floor before leaving the restaurant. Left behind were the bystanders and employees in a state of shock after the incident.  What perhaps is most intriguing about this story, is the fact that this year alone witnessed a handful viral videos of fights taking place specifically in Waffle House. It’s like a modern day arena! This video, from a fight around September 16th, shows a man losing a fight, even getting hit with some sort of cart by his opponent.  if i pull up to the waffle house at 3am & i dont see this … im not eating there 🙅🏾‍♂️ pic.twitter.com/VphxuGsPBL — Holy Kang 🤴🏾 (@ReekLeroy) September 16, 2020 Round 2 features another duo fighting while a concerned bystander calls for the duo to “break it up.” A customer with a little less tact quietly asks for their bill, saying, “excuse me please give me my check please!”  The Original Waffle House Commercial pic.twitter.com/3v7WJKM3Vh — SLUSYANNIE (@southhawtie) September 20, 2020 This is where things get even crazier. In one viral video, the cooks start fighting each other. Instead of watching or complaining, the customers decided to ignore the fight and started cooking their own food. If you’re hungry, the only thing that matters is getting some food. Waffle House. The cooks fight and the customers cook for themselves pic.twitter.com/dQUNgqeC7M — IwatchMMA2 (@Alejand60426124) September 20, 2020 It is important to remember the roots of these viral videos. Many years ago, a Vine about Waffle House went viral. Two employees started fighting each other. Instead of concern, the Viner loudly yells, “can I get a waffle? Can I PLEASE get a waffle?” This video was so prominent in culture for so long, that many of the comments on the most recent viral Waffle House fighting video reference the Vine. For some reason, Waffle House seems to bring the worst in humanity. Perhaps this phenomenon results from the already bad reputation of the franchise. But jokes aside, a lot of people were very upset about these events that took place in the restaurant. Many were especially considered about the safety of the employees that work late hours for a minimum wage.  One Twitter user joked that Waffle House is just part of the classic East Coast experience, using a crazed gif to help get the point across. “Me explaining to my west coast friends, how Waffle House is such an essential experience in your life cuz you can enter a dirty establishment yet get great food and wonderful entertainment by watching the server fight the manager all while the cook is outside enjoying a cigarette.”  Me explaining to my west coast friends, how Waffle House is such a essential experience in your life cuz you can enter a dirty establishment yet get great food & wonderful entertainment by watching the server fight the manager all while the cook is outside enjoying a cigarette pic.twitter.com/k1TsZDSCby — PAPA VISUALS (@ByRichVisuals) September 20, 2020 This Tweet explains the most crucial criteria applying to Waffle House: ‘When you apply to Waffle House the only thing they ask is “Can you fight?”  When Waffle House was trending after a viral fight video, Twitter labeled it as trending under “combat sports.” One user found it funny, tweeting, “Ah yes, Waffle House, one of my favorite combat sports.” Ah yes, Waffle House, one of my favorite combat sports pic.twitter.com/yraePMvSDv — Nathan (@nathan_carp) September 20, 2020 This one reads “Waffle House needs this woman as a manager. Cause McDonald’s don’t play,” with a cry emoji. With the Tweet is a video, not shown here due to nudity, of a female McDonald’s manager easily taking down a female customer.   Violence is not the answer to this situation, and these employees deserve more respect for working such long hours—especially since they’re likely working for or near minimum wage. Their safety should be above anything else. That being said, as long as these fights continue, Twitter will continue helping these videos go viral.   

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TikTok Is Updating Their Home Screens and You Should Too

Gen Zer’s are always on top of the latest and hottest trends, so it may come as no surprise that they were the first to jump when Apple’s IOS 14 came out. On September 16th, after Apple’s annual event when they fill the public in on their latest take on modern technology, IOS 14 dropped. Finally *sigh of relief,* we were offered a new home screen feature, Widgets. Widgets are large icons iPhone users can design to personalize their home screen and to make certain apps more accessible to its user. The Widgets can be clocks, calendars, photos, and even moon phases. Need a visual, look no further. Here’s a screen grab directly for Apple: TikTok Trendsetters While that may sound exciting in its own, just wait- there’s more. Just as TikTok always does, it found a way to make your life cooler. TikToker’s have flooded the app with ‘how-to’ videos on making your new home screen ~aesthetically pleasing~, and they have certainly delivered. They are taking to the app with advice and tutorials to make your quarantine a little classier. With a couple replays on these TikToks, and possibly the help of your younger sibling, you too, could have the home screen dreams are made of. Cohesive colors, dreamy patterns, and satisfying layouts? Yes, please!  How To Do It: You may be asking yourself, how to do such a thing. Here’s the run down. All you need to give your home screen some TLC, is a couple apps and a few extra hours on your hands. That’s right. This process is a little time consuming, and you may scream in a pillow a couple times, but it’s quarantine; you were probably going to stare at your phone for a couple hours anyway tonight. First, you need to download an app called ‘Widgetsmith.’ Once downloaded, you can choose several sizes for your Widgets. Then you decide whether you want a time feature, date/calender, moon phase, or you can customize your own. From this point, you can choose colors, fonts, and so on. Next, save the widget you’ve created, and press down on any app to ‘edit Home Screen.’ Go to the top left corner where there is an ‘+’ symbol and scroll down to ‘Widgetsmith.’ From there you will press on the one you made in the app and place it on your home screen. Did you get all that? I know it may be a little hard to understand at first. Try watching this TikTok from @katamogz, if you’re a visual learner, like myself. Bonus Tip: If you are feeling extra enthusiastic about your phone’s screen, try customizing your app icons. Go to shortcuts, hit the ‘+’ button, then go to ‘Scripting.’ Hit ‘Open App’ then ‘choose.’ Slide down to the desired app icon you want to change and click on it. Go back and tap on the “…” button below next and where you see the yellow icon pop up, tap on it and you can choose the ‘glyph’ and color to add to your home screen. Again, very time consuming, but oh so cute. Inspiration Some people are opting with a more subdued Autumn look with gentle warm tones and artsy quotes, while others are going full blown Tumblr on us with edgy neon and black backgrounds. It can be hard to decide on which aesthetic you should go for. Do you go all out for Halloween? Or should you pick a theme that goes with your personality? Tough decisions to be made, so why not continue to look at TikTok for further inspiration. They are the ones setting the trends, right? For a casual, Fall look check out @kaylamarie126’s new digs: @kaylamarie126 i’ve spent HOURS working on my home screen i love it so much 🥺 #ios14 #ios14homescreen #ios14update ♬ Call me – 90sFlav Those  of you taking the Halloween Season very seriously: @katiefeeneyy haven’t seen anyone do a fall home screen yet🍁🎃 do you have ios14? #pumpkinseason #ios14 #homescreen #editing #aesthetic #fall #widget #edit ♬ Boom Boom Boom Boom by Vengaboys – 先輩ミチ For a cool look featuring monochromatic pages: @yrndarriusss *UPDATED * here go my final one 🕺🏽 #fyp #virall #4u #xyzbca #foryou #ios14 #iphonehomescreen #homescreen #Denim4all ♬ ICE (feat. MORGENSHTERN) – Morgenshtern And finally, here’s one for all you Pantone fans out there: @nicolegagli making things aesthetically pleasing is all i’m good for #ios14 #ios #homescreen #PumpkinSeason #RoseGoldFaceBrush #xyzbca #foryou #harrystyles ♬ Every Week Is Fashion Week For Me – Auditions: Open No matter which theme you decide to go with, and no matter how much time you spend perfecting your look, it is sure to be unique to your phone. Thanks to Apple and these new Widgets, we can look forward to something in 2020, even if it’s just a new home screen.

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Karen Attacks Peaceful Indigenous American Protesters At Border Wall Construction

Whether it’s in Costco, a local soccer game or in this case the United States and Mexico border, one thing is for sure: Karens are everywhere. This weekend, a hysterical woman attacked a group of peaceful, Indigenous American protesters as they challenged the continuing construction of Trump’s border wall on their people’s land. Crazy Karen  Over the weekend, a group from Defend Kumeyaay Land gathered outside the border between the US and Mexico in Southern California. They stood in the path of construction crews and peacefully protested the development of Trump’s border wall. It was there that they were greeted by a hostile woman who repeatedly assaulted them, physically and verbally. She attempted to rip masks off, slap people in the face and knock over tents where the protesters were sleeping. Happening on multiple occasions throughout the weekend, all of the interactions were captured on video by the group. In response to the hitting and screaming of the righteous Karen, the group of Peaceful Protesters took the high road and remained non-violent and de-escalated the situation with their words, songs and prayers. Peaceful Response On Instagram, the group followed up their post of the videos and explained, “Tonight we experienced a violent woman who tried to tear our tents down. We de escalated and stayed non violent. We used songs and prayers again just like how we non violently stop desecration to the land.” The protesters exhibited great restraint in the face of such an angry and malicious person. It could not have been easy (I mean, you saw the videos!) Their resiliency and bravery impressed thousands of different people online. Many took to their social media platforms to praise the protesters for their handling of the intense altercation. @cultofdusty1racist Karen attacking native American protestors. Props for their restraint – I don't think I would have been as kind:https://t.co/GW61gN843X — Unintelligible Light Web (@ULW_dork) September 19, 2020 'Border Wall Karen' Attacks Indigenous​ Americans, Who Remain Peaceful.Someone had to set the example.A'ho https://t.co/5DZpGA8y3J — Glen Bateman (@FitzcairnHugh61) September 20, 2020 It’s clear that the group showed undeniable strength and restraint dealing with this woman. And while it would be nice to think this immediately worked on the Karen and she apologized and went on her way, we all know that Karens don’t go down so easily. Just when we thought it couldn’t get much worse, the woman was shown in the video (second page of the Instagram post) outwardly mocking the rituals and prayers of the Kumeyaay people. The Karen danced around, attempting to mimic them, which was incredibly offensive and disrespectful to say the least.  Can you say you’re really surprised by her actions? We’re not! She clearly shows she is ignorant within the first few seconds of the video (did you also catch she never wore a mask throughout any of the videos?) But, the point isn’t about the Karen, although that is what made this video viral. No, the discussion should really be around about why the protests were happening in the first place. So, while we will never know why that Karen was there, instead of making wild speculations (my guess is that she’s a confused time traveler), let’s focus our attention now on the peaceful protesters, since we know more about them and their mission.  Kumeyaay People The peaceful protesters, members of the Kumeyaay people, were there because the Trump administration is continuing the construction of the infamous border wall. However, as the group explains on their Instagram page, the land does not belong to the United States government. It’s their people’s land. The Kumeyaay people are a tribe of Indigenous Americans, living at the northern border of Baja California in Mexico and the southern border of California, precisely where parts of Donald Trump’s wall is being built. They wrote on their “defense against the wall” Instagram, “Tonight we ask people to seriously consider to helping us. We seriously are asking for prayers. We are here for the land and indigenous sovereignty. For the further generations, we need better laws for immigrants so xenophobia won’t be an issue.” A user on Twitter chimed in and agreed with the group, noting the following: Karen strikes and mocks Kumeyaay for protesting border wall, which is being constructed in direct violation of several federal laws and statutes. https://t.co/TYc2qmwmpe — The Talking Tumbleweed (@calamitycowboy) September 21, 2020 It’s clear that this violent Karen isn’t the only one who is ignorant in this video. Our government continues to destroy land that does not belong to them. Hopefully this video will be used as a tool to educate people all over the United States and bring awareness to the works of Indigenous peoples and the terrible history of their land being taken from them.  Overall though, the group of peaceful protesters proved to be a great example for all of us when handling a rogue Karen. What do you think? Should the group have handled the situation differently? Should that Karen be arrested? And how should our government reform to better respect land that is not ours? Video Producer: Henry Kueppers

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Kandee Johnson APOLOGIZES For Her Part In The Sahi-Beauty Blender Serum Scandal

Over the weekend, beauty YouTuber Kandee Johnson, posted an IGTV video on her account captioned, “SETTING THE RECORD STRAIGHT,” addressing some accusations against her.  She explains and apologizes for her part in the ongoing feud between small beauty business “Sahi Cosmetics” and the bigger beauty company, “Beauty Blender.”  Events Leading Up To Kandee’s Apology The story, as told by Kandee, began when she posted a video onto her YouTube channel on Friday September 19th. As a well established beauty YouTuber (Kandee has been making videos since 2008), her videos are usually welcomed with kind words and excitement. So when she began receiving hate comments on her most recent video, Kandee was alarmed. Comments were pouring in about Kandee being a thief, not supporting small businesses and that she needs to be cancelled.  As it turns out, Shelly Sahi, owner of Sahi Cosmetics, had mentioned Kandee Johnson earlier that day in a TikTok as an abetting aid in an on-going feud between her cosmetic company and bigger makeup brand, Beauty Blender.  @shellysahi Our launch: 3/2018 Theirs 4/2019 FabFiFun: 9/2018 they knew. Reply to @_.cmj._ #GetTheLook #storytime #cosmetics #makeup #foryou #story #beauty ♬ original sound – Sheleen Sahi Deep Dive The story starts further back! In August, an upset Shelly Sahi took to TikTok to vent frustration and call out Beauty Blender, a larger makeup company, for stealing her primer serum.  @shellysahi Posted this the day after my husbands birthday because I didn’t want him to know how sad I was. I’m feeling better today! #foryou #storytime #makeup ♬ original sound – Sheleen Sahi In two follow up TikToks, Sahi explains that both serums use nine of the same key ingredients. On top of that, the products look alike and use similar verbiage in their product description online. The Sahi Cosmetic primer serum was released in 2018, and although made by the small company, has received attention having been featured in a Fab Fit Fun Box.  Beauty Blender’s primer was released 2019, but it wasn’t until August of 2020 that Sahi realized the company might have stolen her serum. The TikTok accusing Beauty Blender of stealing from Sahi’s small business quickly went viral. Beauty Blender took to Instagram to respond with a slightly snarky photoset.  Founder of Beauty Blender, Rea Ann Silva, reposted the snarky photoset on her personal Instagram with the caption, “to my friends in the beauty community: It was a disheartening day watching cancel culture unfold bc of a misinformed viral video. I can say on behalf of my brand, we aren’t going anywhere, anytime soon. 💪🏽 Beautyblender was built on innovation & originality. But as leaders in this industry, we have to work together to put an end to cancel culture. Our work and creativity was meant to inspire and uplift, never tear down or diminish. #StopCancelCulture.” Kandee Johnson, unaware of the feud and fan of Silva and the Beauty Blender brand, commented on Silva’s post. In true Kandee fashion, never wanting anyone to be bullied, she encouraged her industry peer by commenting, “you are and always will be an originator and innovator!” Okay now pay attention because this is where things get sticky… Kandee, getting swarmed with hate on her first video back since Sahi’s original two TikTok’s on the serum scandal went viral, directly messaged Sahi on her personal Instagram. She asked Sahi to call off her followers from bullying her. Kandee also explained it was never her intention to hurt Sahi or her business and apologized for anything perceived as malintent.  I would be more excited if you didn't harass small business owners to deepen your own pockets! — Lisa (@NJBlouses) September 18, 2020 To give you more insight on Kandee’s character, in case you have never seen Kandee’s videos or heard of her, this is the kind of content she puts out all the time, ever since she’s had a platform. Don’t you give up! Don’t you listen to the negative thoughts in your head. You’re gonna get through this! You’ve got this! Tell yourself “I can do this! I can make it!” YOU’VE GOT BIG HAPPY MOMENTS, dreams & a comeback story -that might be right around the corner from today! — Kandee Johnson (@kandeejohnson) September 16, 2020 Nobody would peg her as someone who would take down a small business in any way. Cancel culture has become such a trend, that everyone seems to be waiting for a chance to “expose” those with “pristine” reputations. Not to get all “Kandee Johnson” on you, but the all-too-eagerness to destroy someone’s character publicly like this, only exposes the negativity in the “cancel-er’s” heart. Sahi posted a second update on the serum scandal this past weekend asking her followers not to send hate to Kandee as she wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt (right….because you didn’t already drag her name through the mud…). In the update, she explained how Sahi Cosmetics worked with Kandee’s agent to have her test some of their products. Sahi was enraged and hurt by Kandee’s comment on Silva’s Instagram post, interpreting it as a slap in the face to her business and that she was siding with Beauty Blender, as she was under the impression Kandee had tried her serum. She reminded viewers that influencers should fact check before commenting, but that they are not who hate should be directed towards.  @shellysahi Influencers have great power and responsibility! #GetTheLook #storytime #cosmetics #makeup #foryou #story #beauty #MyArt ♬ original sound – Sheleen Sahi This is when Kandee took to Instagram to issue an apology and explain her side of the story. We won’t hash out the entirety of the seventeen minute long video, but in it she explains how she had actually never gotten Sahi’s primer. Kandee provides all her digital receipts (DM’s, emails, screenshots of comments, etc.) proving her apology genuine. She also reached back out to Sahi to offer to apologize to her via phone.  Kandee’s Fans Defend In her twelve years of making beauty videos for YouTube and spreading positivity, Kandee has made a dedicated fanbase for herself. When allegations began circulating about her and her character, fans were quick to defend the the beloved makeup artist and offer her support.  FIRST OF ALL… how DARE y’all come for @kandeejohnson?! I’ve never actually met this woman but every time I watch her videos, they make me SO happy. I’ve watched her for YEARS & she just seems like the most amazing light of a human being. Keep shining, Kandee! The OG’s love you. — ᴀsʜʟᴇʏ ᴛᴇʟʟᴇᴢ (@ashtellez) September 20, 2020 Ily Kandee you didn’t deserve any of that I tried to stick up for you – the owner was being so hateful and mean when replying to my comment- completely unprofessional idk why anyone would target you like that your soul is too pure for this world — Jillian Cooper (@JillianJewelz) September 21, 2020 So sorry this is happening to you Kandee. You are such a sweet person and her refusing to talk to you to resolve it makes her look bad IMO. Sending you lots of love! — Renee (@minreneee) September 20, 2020 Just the thought of you doing anything malicious has me more confused than anything… much less something like this. Anyone who knows you at all knows that you’re the kindest and most genuine human to ever exist. So sorry you’re dealing with this mess ☹️❤️ pic.twitter.com/yBQqHr2wlF — Lily Marston (@lily_marston) September 20, 2020 Many fans agreed that this scandal and dragging Kandee into this was not a good look for Sahi or her business.  This is not a good look for this woman wanting to start up a business. Extremely unprofessional. Kudos to you for the utmost class & professionalism. — Debra Vincent🌊😻☕🕊😷 (@DebraVincent29) September 20, 2020 This is…not a great way to start a business 😞 — ɐɯɯʎ Sʇᴉlǝʇʇo Tammy Stiletto (@TammyStiletto) September 21, 2020 Final Update On The Kandee Situation  Sahi posted another update on the serum scandal yesterday addressing Kandee’s personal apology to her (through DMs). In this update she acknowledged that Kandee said she would make sure to fact check in the future, and the two are now on the same page. Overall a positive response.  @shellysahi Reply to @chinalovescake #greenscreen thank you for sharing this comment! Thank you @kandeejohnson #HeyAngel #makeup #cosmetics #fyp ♬ original sound – Sheleen Sahi So while we don’t think this is the end of the primer serum scandal between Sahi Cosmetics and Beauty Blender, it seems Kandee Johnson’s name has been cleared. While it’s a shame Kandee had to be brought into this, let this be a lesson to us all that we should focus on accountability rather than destroying someone’s character, have kindness, and to always get the full facts before making statements. Cancel culture aside, Sahi Cosmetics has been getting a lot of attention from this scandal. Knowing all the details so far, do you think the brand is just making a stink to get publicity? Or is this a part of a bigger fight for small businesses against a world of big businesses and powerful corporations?

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Fred and theComputerNerd01 Bring Their YouTube Personalities to TikTok

Over the last week, two old-school YouTubers have revisited their retired internet personas. If you are a true 2000’s kid, when you hear a high-pitched voice, your mind immediately thinks of the lovable Fred. However, since the 2010s, Fred has steered away from the public eye – until now. Because of his hilarious content and distinct voice, fans instantly fell in love with Fred leading him to land a show on Nickelodeon, a film franchise, albums and all the merchandise you can imagine. This character, however, retired back in 2014 by Cruikshank so he could move on to other things, including a personal channel which has amassed over 3 million subscribers.     However, Fred is keeping up with the times and shifting over to TikTok. A couples days ago Fred posted two videos onto his new TikTok account titled “heyitsfred” – hinting at coming out of retirement.  In the first video, Fred shows pictures of himself during the highlights of his career, but then jumps to how he looks now which is much older – and a little like Justin Bieber. @heyitsfred i really did dat #greenscreenvideo #fred #fredfigglehorn #fredthemovie ♬ original sound – Trey Dreamz 🌩 In the second video, Fred is seen doing a popular TikTok dance while wearing the iconic Fred shirt. @heyitsfred hopefully Judy sees this #Fred #fredfigglehorn #fredthemovie ♬ original sound – Ivy Miller People were shocked when Fred randomly appeared on their ‘For You Page,’ and this led over 222,000 people to click the follow button and keep updated with what Fred is up to next. Fred is not the only 2010 YouTuber returning to his old content as Josh Chomik – better known as theComputerNerd01 – is making a comeback. TheComputerNerd01’s career peaked 10 years ago as people were obsessed with his parodies. One of his most popular videos was his parody of ‘Baby’ by Justin Bieber that reached over 30 million views.  After retiring from YouTube, Chomik decided to pursue other career options in the editing field, but now has a lot more free time due to the current pandemic. Because of this, Chomik has decided to resurrect his old YouTube persona as theComputernerd01. On Twitter, he hinted at the release of a new parody and last weekend he followed through by posting his first parody in four years.  Many of his TikTok followers requested him to create a parody to the viral song ‘WAP’ by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion, and Chomik granted their wish. In the video, he makes the sexual and explicit song more PG by changing the lyrics to revolve around a “big bass cookie.” @joshchomik Reply to @kausalyay You guys asked for it… #Fyp #Foryoupage #foryou ♬ original sound – Josh Now, many people are feeling nostalgic about Fred’s and theComputerNerd01’s return and have had a lot to say on TikTok and Twitter – including newer social media influencers. . thecomputernerd01 wants to collab with mE HAHAHAGSHA LIFE IS FULL CIRCLE — aviva (@oxythotinn) September 13, 2020 so @LucasCruikshank popped up on my tiktok fyp under the username “heyitsfred” and i felt like i was in 2008-2009 — Thrxns (@Thrxns_) September 16, 2020 Thecomputernerd01 saving 2020 https://t.co/3st25V4VLA — Darby🎶 (@darbyadele) September 12, 2020 Are you excited for Fred’s and TheComputerNerd01’s return?  Video Produced by Kelsey Morris

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Alpha Familia TikTok Couple Viral…Because They’re Step Siblings

Diana Camila Avila and Jordie Vena are the couple behind the viral TikTok account Alpha Familia. This couple uses the fact that they are STEP SIBLINGS to entice viewers in a really messed up way, but that’s only the beginning.  @alphafamilia Love is love ❤️ #cutkings eatadick #alphabama #fyp #alpha #foryoupage #foryou #stepsister #stepbro #step ♬ Eat a Dick – Cut Kings It’s safe to say that if you have had the misfortune to stumble across one of their videos on your feed, you know there is much more to unpack than just the fact that they’re stepsiblings. But they weren’t always a monstrosity of a couple! Their shared TikTok account appears to have originally belonged to Avila. Old videos feature only her modeling outfits.  @alphafamilia Feelin Fall 🍁 #fyp #foryoupage #foryou #halloweekend ♬ Take Your Man – Mahogany LOX She looks like a normal girl wanting to be TikTok famous. Also side note- apparently she’s a dentist! Why couldn’t we see more teeth videos?! Alas, Frankenstein had to create her monster. Avila slowly begins integrating her boyfriend more regularly in videos.  @alphafamilia McDonalds is gross #greenscreen #fyp #foryou #foryoupage ♬ ratatata.. – Mukhtar Their videos are still kind of weird, but not too out of ordinary for TikTok, and nowhere near what they evolved to. Avila just looks hungry for TikTok fame, while Vena appears to be a passive, yet supportive, boyfriend.  @alphafamilia Who did it better?? #fyp #foryou #foryoupage ♬ original sound – I miss my grandma Look how normal they seem here! Just a girl and her boyfriend doing silly TikToks together. Ugh if only they could have stayed like this! But unfortunately they decided to make things officially weird, to say the least by adopting personas. At least we hope they are personas. Vena takes on a macho male personality, “Alpha.” Cue the cringing.  @alphafamilia You better watch out ⚠️ #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #tiktok #viral #positivevibes ♬ Swish Mike Stud – bree @alphafamilia Catch the link at the end to get free v-bucks #fyp #foryoupage #foryou #itsaremix #withmyfamily #xyzbca #tiktok #viral #alpha #fighting #boxing ♬ LEAD THE RACE (UNDEFEATED) – Comethazine Nobody knows WHY they did this. Perhaps it was because Vena felt like he was taking a backseat in prior videos. Maybe he really is a macho alpha type in real life and wanted to showcase it. Regardless of the reasoning, it is annoying, weird, uncomfortable. And worst of all, has a lot of sexist and misogynistic undertones, which we are not about in 2020.  In many of their videos, Vena and Avila have a clear shtick, which relies heavily on gender stereotypes. Vena’s persona plays into the aggressive male stereotype. He is often seen yelling, punching the air, angering easily and is controlling and possessive over Avila. Avila on the other hand, plays into the cute girl trope, using a very obnoxious baby voice- we will get into this momentarily. Avila’s persona doesn’t like her boyfriend looking at other girls, wants attention all the time, and acts dumb. All of this could potentially be humorous if they said it was a joke, but they don’t. Viewers are left to believe that this is their actual dynamics and it’s weird. For young impressionable viewers, this could potentially be very unhealthy to be normalizing.  This Took A Turn… Then they started introducing the fact that they are step siblings into the mix. @alphafamilia Always pranking my step brother #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #dojacat #prank #prankwars #promportrait #promlook ♬ Like That – Doja Cat Why? Why was that necessary?? Clearly the Alpha persona was not bringing in enough followers so they had to throw something more wacky into the mix. OKAY. They do claim that they are step siblings in real life, so we don’t want to cast judgement. But something about exploiting the fact that they are step siblings as click bait seems fishy.   "alpha familia" sometimes i have trouble wondering how white people managed to colonize 90% of the world https://t.co/YgYtMTxkiS — isabella (@stabbedthesun) September 18, 2020 Then There’s The Baby Talk Alpha Familia has also been unofficially dubbed “the baby talk” couple. Avila’s persona is supposed to be the cute little girl, so she obviously needs to have a cute voice to go with it. It’s unfortunate that this might be the worst voice in human existence.  @alphafamilia let’s have a moment of silence for those dying for attention @jordievena #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #alpha #alphabama #xyzbca #alabama #step #tiktok ♬ original sound – Alpha @alphafamilia When the Alpha gets angry watch out 🐺🐺 #alphabama #alpha #ItStartsOnTikTok #NailStyle #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #tiktok ♬ original sound – Alpha IS IT POSSIBLE TO MUTE A VIDEO HOW CAN I MUTE VIDEOS WITH ALPHAFAMILIA IN IT I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE — elle .o҉ʼ 📚📝 busy ! (@daijoburat) September 14, 2020 Put all of this together and you somehow have the winning recipe for a viral TikTok account. But an OBNOXIOUS one. It’s unclear how many of their followers are actually fans.  idk which of their faces i want to step on more… https://t.co/VYUMAyI3WU — Jujuu | BLM | 🏳️ (@j_elgml) September 16, 2020 the alphafamilia tiktok “couple” that are step siblings? make me wanna put a fork in 1 ear & pull it out the other. my fight or flight is activated everytime i hear the girls baby voice or anytime the dude does/says anything. someone pls lock them in a bunker & throw away the key — bitch kitty (@shaarkkbait) September 14, 2020 My brain cells after watching alpha familia on tic tok pic.twitter.com/tfOfhJJcBc — Nathan T (@NathanT93824981) September 16, 2020 They have been reviewed by several YouTubers for being the weirdest and cringiest couple of TikTok.  [embedded content] [embedded content] Basically it just seems like everyone wants them to stop. [embedded content] Everyone seems to have a suspicion that this can’t be real. This can not actually be how the couple acts. Maybe their appeal is that they are everyone’s favorite couple we love to hate. oh god i remembered that alphafamilia tiktok again and i wanna reset my memory. — 𝐣𝐢𝐡𝐚𝐧. (@pinkcameIIia) September 15, 2020 The worst part about all of this is that people are ACTUALLY watching them, regardless of why. The couple is clearing doing something right since they have over 400K followers on TikTok. But, do they do think people are actually enjoying their content? Or are they just parodying couples on TikTok to show people how obnoxious they are?? NOW we are onto something! Regardless, they seem to be acting as a consensual punching bag on the internet, reminding us to go outside and never scroll through TikTok again. Let us know if you think this couple is seriously like this! 

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Trump Administration Will Shut Down TikTok Downloads and Updates to App

Good thing Addison Rae got that movie deal because it looks like TikTok is finally dying. Early on Friday September 18th, the Trump administration announced that popular Chinese-owned apps WeChat and TikTok are being removed from the App Store. This ban goes into effect on Sunday, September 20th. Within hours after this announcement, “tiktokban” started trending on Twitter.  Tiktok being removed from the App Store. This generation can’t have nothing good💀🤦🏾‍♂️ #tiktokban pic.twitter.com/YYZM1Ko0RH — Trevo 🌟 (@FuegoTrevo) September 18, 2020 TikTok has been a subject of distaste for the administration for months now, citing concerns about data stealing. The administration is planning on making TikTok basically unusable in the United States by mid-November. Only strong proof that TikTok is not a threat to American society and government will save it now.  As expected, Twitter immediately took to joking about the whole situation. This isn’t the first time people have seen this happen. Vine only died a few years ago. Much like when Musical.ly or Vine died, many users joked about future struggles of popular TikTok users. One user impersonated a generic TikTok star, writing, “’Hey mom, it’s me, TikTok got banned so we can’t afford to live in the Hype House anymore. I’m sorry for saying that I didn’t need you and that I was on my grind, anyway, can I come back home? Love you.” #tiktokban” ''Hey mom, it's me, TikTok got banned so we can't afford to live in the Hype House anymore. I'm sorry for saying that I didn't need you and that I was on my grind, anyway, can I come back home? Love you.'' #tiktokban pic.twitter.com/Ysj1uggOUO — Jamius (@freelanceburner) September 18, 2020 Other users focused on a different approach, making fun of TikTokers that would have to get a real job once the app is removed. “TikTokers working from 8-5 making the travis scott meal #tiktokban” tiktokers working from 8-5 making the travis scott meal #tiktokban pic.twitter.com/frbSERXUee — Jamius (@freelanceburner) September 18, 2020 How McDonald’s will look one TikTok get ban #tiktokban pic.twitter.com/ZUKaaf59ZW — J 🕊 (@_J_ERA) September 18, 2020 Also trending with “#tiktokban” was “Flappy Bird.” Flappy Bird was an insanely popular game that only lived for about a year, from early 2013 to early 2014. It blew up rapidly, but elicited a strong reaction from players. Phones were broken and thrown at walls, eventually making the creator so guilty that he removed it from the app store. People are comparing Flappy Bird’s short life to TikTok’s. PCMag tweeted, “Someone’s going to try and sell an iPhone with Flappy Bird, Fortnite and TikTok on eBay for $10,000 next week.” Someone's going to try and sell an iPhone with Flappy Bird, Fortnite and TikTok on eBay for $10,000 next week. — PCMag (@PCMag) September 18, 2020 Twitter actually attempted to explain why Flappy Bird was seemingly trending for no reason. They wrote, “When Flappy Bird suddenly stopped appearing in app stores, fans of the game made a point not to delete the app or replace their phone for fear they would never get the game back. That same strategy is being applied to TikTok and WeChat after the US Commerce Department decided to ban the Chinese-owned apps in the interest of ‘national security.’” tik tok is the new flappy bird. — sincerely, ivy marie. (@sincerelyivy_) September 18, 2020 Some Twitter users did take a more serious approach. They complained that the Trump administration was focusing on the completely wrong issue giving the state of present American society. One user wrote, “So let me get this straight. We are in the middle of a pandemic that has killed 200k americans,the economy is trash,and there are mass protests against police brutality but Trump wants to focus on banning tik tok? #tiktokban” so let me get this straight. we are in the middle of a pandemic that has killed 200k americans,the economy is trash,and there are mass protests against police brutality but trump wants to focus on banning tik tok? #tiktokban pic.twitter.com/7423eG1Ol1 — abbi (@fallawaybandito) September 18, 2020 Entrepreneur Carol Roth said, “The #tiktokban is something that China would do. We are turning into China on many levels. Tell people the security concerns and let them make their own decisions. It’s not like US-based apps don’t spy on us all day long.” The #tiktokban is something that China would do. We are turning into China on many levels. Tell people the security concerns and let them make their own decisions. It’s not like US-based apps don’t spy on us all day long. — Carol Roth (@caroljsroth) September 18, 2020 The final reaction seemed to be an early funeral for TikTok. Instead of bringing in fan cams, users actually seemed to mourn the loss of an app that brought joy to so many.  “TikTok has literally helped a generation of depressed teens feel like they belong.Tiktok is more then dancing and funny videos. There are so many different things on tiktok from relatable memes,school help, and feeling more confident in yourself. That’s all I gotta say #tiktokban” TikTok has literally helped a generation of depressed teens feel like they belong.Tiktok is more then dancing and funny videos. There are so many different things on tiktok from relatable memes,school help, and feeling more confident in yourself. That’s all I gotta say #tiktokban pic.twitter.com/LYn9hvvTuP — sara berete (@SaraBerete) September 18, 2020 A different sad user tweeted, “#tiktokban Idk about y’all but this seems like a violation of our rights. Tiktok literally United A whole generation, it helped us understand that there are people just like us everywhere. Okay, Take away our safe place and we will take away yours.” The future of TikTok is very unclear. The Trump administration has been threatening to take away the app for a while now, but this is the first time there is a clear end date. Microsoft recently tried to acquire the app, but the deal fell through. Instead TikTok went to Oracle. It is unclear what Oracle is planning to do with TikTok, but updated security is a possibility, meaning that TikTok might be able to exist. Will TikTok be able to survive the wrath of the Trump administration? Or will it move to the graveyard of apps gone too soon? Only time will tell the fate of this app. 

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Viral Twerking Video Puts “Fun” In Funeral

“If my funeral is not going to be like this, then I don’t want to die,” read the translated version of a now viral tweet posted by Daniel Cardona on September 12th. The tweet, in Spanish, was in reaction to a video that quickly caught attention. The video featured an Ecuadorian woman twerking to reggaeton music on top of her deceased partner’s coffin. She even looked so sad while doing so, maybe even crying. The next day it went viral with over 10 million views after another twitter user retweeted it saying, “If yo girl don’t do this at yo funeral is she yo girl?” Si mi entierro no va a ser así, entonces no quiero morir. pic.twitter.com/asOPsmlAL2 — Cardona (@DavidCardona_5) September 13, 2020 The 23-second long video features an unusual funeral celebration that takes place in Manta, Ecuador. In the video, a crowd of people can be seen surrounding an outdoor casket. The coffin is placed on top of two motorcycles, and wrapped around with a plastic stretch wrap. On top of the coffin is a woman with black shirt, and blue jeans dancing to reggaeton music while barely hiding her tears. The cheering family, and friends also sadly hug each other at one point. Over the short course of the video, the woman twerks intimately on top of the coffin. She leans in twice to plant a kiss on her deceased partner on a coffin glass top. If yo girl don’t do this at yo funeral is she really yo girl? pic.twitter.com/TxbYLkm661 — DreadChapo.com (@OutSmokeChapo) September 14, 2020 The viral video has a total of 29,000 retweets, and almost 100,000 likes on Twitter alone. After the clip went viral the original poster also shared a link to the catchy song “Ella Quiere Hmm..Ha..Hmm’ by Leka El Poeta. This song is played during the viral clip. i gotta start working on my funeral playlist.definitely including young thug and a shawty to dance on my casket. https://t.co/LJcZ4Bl13Q — sim ❀ (@simvnp) September 14, 2020 People in the comment section of the video seemed to be in a split. Some people found the video quite shocking and disrespectful towards the dead, and heavily criticized the attendees of the funeral for celebrating and cheering the woman’s dance. Others felt the genuine distress of the woman, and applauded her for sending her loved one out in style. One funny Twitter user wrote, “i gotta start working on my funeral playlist. definitely including young thug and a shawty to dance on my casket.” Another said, “and she’s crying? This is how you honor the memory of someone.”  And she’s crying? This is how you honor the memory of someone https://t.co/4Mnkr5kWMk — anna hossnieh (@annahossnieh) September 14, 2020 This celebratory funeral isn’t as rare an occurrence as one might think. Many cultures around the world celebrate the dead with cheerful music, and dances. Earlier this year a video of dancing pallbearers from Ghana went viral. Creating one of the most popular memes of 2020. More surprising maybe is the fact that twerking on a coffin has been done several times in different parts of the world in the past few years. Here is one where Ashawo women twerk on the coffin of their dead colleague as part of their protocol observed before they bury them. These videos aren’t new either, with some going back to 2017 in South America.  – “@efyahcutelyn : Herh this is serious ooo😂😂🙆🏾‍♀️. Most of you this is how your friends gonna behave @ ur funeral 🤦🏿‍♀️. Hmm😒” pic.twitter.com/iVto6aF9wF — Postsubman (@Postsubman) March 31, 2020 Obviously, all these videos feel surrealistic to this part of the world. Twitter wasn’t the only social media platform to be stunned by a video of a woman twerking at a funeral. A Reddit thread from about a year ago was flooded with comments reacting to a similar video. One user commented, “I mean, I would love this to happen at my funeral” while another responded “when i die, i hope all 2 people who come to my funeral can have a little bit of fun TBH.”  A few of the Reddit commenters talked some similar traditions to the twerking. A user wrote, “No POS here. It’s a funeral tradition. Have you ever seen the funeral strippers they hire in some parts of China?” Another commenter added, “There are traditions around the world where they’ll hire strippers to show how important that dead guy was (places like Indonesia).” A third person said, “This isn’t uncommon in certain cultures. They’ll literally hire pole dancers to attend funerals.” Taiwan in particular has become known for having strippers at funerals. They bring a little cheer and joy to an otherwise sad day. According to a Metro article, “Their life is feted rather than mourned and a big, joyous funeral is intended to give the deceased a last hurrah before they shuffle off this mortal coil.” Obviously, we’re not here to judge anyone. Every person and every culture mourns the loss of a loved one, or perhaps celebrates the life they had, in very different ways. American funerals tend to be sad and solemn but clearly that is not the case for everyone. These twerking videos definitely prove that some people really know how to put the “fun” in funeral!

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Kanye West Urinates on Grammy Award During Record Label Feud

Kanye West makes headlines yet again for another unpredictable and questionable decision in 2020.  The rapper decided to urinate on one of his several Grammy awards. And it’s all documented. Trust me … I WONT STOP pic.twitter.com/RmVkqrSa4F — ye (@kanyewest) September 16, 2020 West tweeted a video of himself peeing on the award with the caption: “Trust me…I WON’T STOP.” And as usual, the internet has exploded with countless memes and comments on his latest controversial decision.  Over the years, West has secured 21 Grammy awards and that achievement seemingly meant a lot to him in the past. However, it seems as though things have apparently changed since then. His decision was sparked by his ongoing feud with Universal Music Group and Sony/ATV Music Publishing. West wants the ownership of his master recordings and vows to not release any new music until he is released from any and all contracts.  90% of the record contracts on the planet are still on a royalty A standard record deal is a trap to NEVER have you recoup, and there’s all these hidden costs like the “distribution fees” many labels put in their contracts to make even more money off our work without even trying. — ye (@kanyewest) September 16, 2020 The “Stronger’ rapper insists that he has made billions of dollars from his music and does not have to worry about being kept quiet or negatively impacted by any record label. He went on a tweet ramage and stated that the current music industry is similar to “modern day slavery.” This is before West posted ten separate contracts that he has with Universal. And as a result, he breached any and all nondisclosure agreements. “Instructed by Kanye West to review numerous contracts” will sound great on my CV pic.twitter.com/YV3Hu8QkzJ — K Nina (@Klaud9iine) September 16, 2020 In a tweet afterward, West stated: “When you sign a music deal you sign away your rights. Without the masters you can’t do anything with your own music.” Can’t wait for these Twitter lawyers to show up and start dissecting Kanye's contracts pic.twitter.com/6d2zvmfGvs — ʏᴏʜᴜsᴛʟᴇɢᴏᴛ ひ 🗽♂ (@Yogot4PF) September 16, 2020 Both celebrities and fans have made public comments about the shocking video on social media. Songwriter Diane Warren said, “This was given to U by your peers out of respect for your work and U r literally pissing on them. I’ve won one Grammy and I’m forever grateful and humble that my peers found me worthy of it.” Also…….Don’t ever piss on the people that championed you early in your career. — Charlie Puth (@charlieputh) September 16, 2020 Kanye west urinating on his Grammy is like a rich man telling a poor man that wealth is vanity. No artist will listen to him. — Nielo🦍 (@vibes__N) September 16, 2020 In the middle of this madness, the “Heartless” rapper also decided to leak the phone number of the Chief Content Officer at Forbes, who he called a “white supremacist.”  Kanye West has tweeted his confidential contract PAGE BY PAGE, attempted to leak music, asked Drake & Taylor Swift to retweet him, recorded himself pissing on a Grammy, and leaked a Forbes’ editor’s number… all in under an hour lol. — King Wow (@wowthatshiphop) September 16, 2020 Fans and social media users are almost completely used to Kanye West going on problematic Twitter rants every so often. However, this time is a bit different compared to what we have seen in the past. He has not only called out specific individuals, but he also went as far as urinating on a prestigious award many artists only dream of winning during their lifetime.  West peeing on one of his Grammy awards follows the viral public outburst at his first presidential rally. During a speech to those in attendance, he explained that he “almost killed his daughter” before she was born due to contemplating Kim Kardashian-West, his now wife, getting an abortion. This drew the attention of millions online. This is most likely because that information was never shared or spoken about publicly in the past.  Kanye West: “My Mom saved my life. My Dad wanted to abort me … There would have been no Kanye West … I almost killed my daughter." pic.twitter.com/wL0ynH0EXT — Alex Salvi (@alexsalvinews) July 19, 2020 After the general public became aware of the outburst, West decided to explain to his followers that his life is similar to the movie Get Out. He also claimed that Kim Kardashian-West and her family were attempting to lock him up.  Kim Kardashian responded to his remarks publicly with compassion and explained that Kanye is a “complicated” man who was having a bipolar episode. Most recently, the Kardashian and Jenner family have decided to make the next season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians their last.  Kim Kardashian West acknowledged that her husband Kanye West has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and said it's "incredibly complicated and painful" for many to understand. She went on to call him a "brilliant but complicated" person. https://t.co/s1Xf6Ocqf4 — CNN (@CNN) July 22, 2020 This latest Twitter rant involved not only the general public, but also public figures. In a recent series of tweets, West decided to call on Black Americans to claim the ownership of their work and take back their power. He added that “black masters matter” and urged NBA athletes to stand with him regarding this ownership battle. In a shocking plea, he also begged his so-called nemesis Taylor Swift as well as other musicians like Drake and Bono to support him.  Bono can I get a retweet Love you Paul can I get a retweet love you Drake Kendrick even Taylor We need you right noooooow ⛷ — ye (@kanyewest) September 16, 2020 Kanye West and Taylor Swift have experienced their fair share of feuds over the past decade. However, ownership of their music is something that they may see eye-to-eye on. In 2019, it came to light that Swift, unfortunately, was not allowed to buy back the rights to her masters from Big Machine Records. Those masters are now owned by Scooter Braun and his company.  taylor after seeing her name on kanye's tweets pic.twitter.com/cqJXPczFWY — MOODI (@kindofcrazy) September 16, 2020 The reactions to Kanye West peeing on one of his Grammy awards have undeniably been mixed. Some social media users are calling his action “disrespectful” and “disgusting,” while others think that he has a point. Many, of course, are taking advantage of this opportunity to make memes and jokes across platforms like Twitter and TikTok.  U think kanye made somebody else pull that pissy grammy out the toilet or he left it there — AFFIRMATIVE ACTION JACKSON (@archibaldmygovt) September 16, 2020 Kanye picking which Grammy to piss on pic.twitter.com/TPeBpGCdoj — Āłî 🕊💿 (@somerando961) September 16, 2020 Most recently, Kanye has made claims that his wife Kim Kardashian will be his lawyer when it comes to this matter.  What will Kanye West do next? This fight doesn’t seem as though it’s going to end anytime soon.  Featured image by Kanye West via Twitter and Charlamagne/Kanye West interview 

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TikTok Star Destroys McDonalds Employee’s Vape for Campaign

J-Rish, better known as Project Better on TikTok, is changing the world one drive-thru at a time. And yes, you read that correctly.  The TikTok sensation is raising awareness about the dangers of vape pens and nicotine. J-Rish, who is also a Soundcloud rapper, is passionate enough about the subject to take the law into his own hands. In fact, it was his trip to a McDonald’s drive-thru that attracted countless of viewers on TikTok.  TikTok​ Star Steals Vape Pen from McDonald's Worker in Drive-Thru #SmartNews 🤨And look who hasn’t received a visit from the police😒 https://t.co/xWHWu72Nh8 — Devereaux (@DeviStCharles) September 13, 2020 In the video, the TikTok sensation asks a McDonald’s employee if he vapes. When the man answers that he does, J-Rish asks if he can see it. The employee, who is completely unsuspicious, hands it over. And as soon as he does, J-Rish swipes it from his hands and disappears into the night before throwing it out of the window.  The caption on TikTok reads: “One less vaper off the streets #nomorenicotine #MorningCheer #ThatsHot #YouHaveTo #DinnerWithMe#secretanimesociety #fyp #frickvape.” @project.better One less vaper off the streets #nomorenicotine #MorningCheer #ThatsHot #YouHaveTo #DinnerWithMe #secretanimesociety #fyp #frickvape ♬ Tip Toe – Sheff G & Sleepy Hallow The reactions from this video vary from users thinking it’s hilarious to others saying it’s cruel. Some have commented that he’s destroying other people’s property. On the other hand, many social media users think it’s a fun way to get an important message out.  One comment under the TikTok said: “Do more bro. You’re saving lives.”  There was an update that the TikToker returned to the same McDonald’s and gave the employee $20 for taking his vape.  The act of vaping has always been a controversial topic, especially on social media. People continue to get into fights about it with politicians and other users for a variety of reasons. If the biggest battle you can win is against vaping, I might suggest a different career path :/ people are being killed by the police, Lori. Like…congrats, but the vape pens aren't what's harming the city. Overfunding the police and underfunding social services is. — Mark ✨ (@MarkussJ) September 14, 2020 This has caused many to make assumptions right off of the bat. Some people on the platform are speculating that the whole thing has to be staged. This is due to some of his other videos reportedly being staged as well. However, J-Rish’s campaign and mission to end vaping is definitely not fake. On his Instagram, he opened up about successfully quitting nicotine a few months back. He also explained how his dependence on it impacted him personally both mentally and physically. Now, J-Rish aims to help others break their addiction to vaping as well.  The now viral video has over 3 million views on TikTok alone. The campaign has continued on J-Rish’s other social media platforms as well.  In an Instagram video, J-Rish throws what appears to be a Juul on the ground and smashes it with a hammer. This is after he reveals that his previous attachment to vaping sent him to the hospital twice due to “breathing problems.”  His campaign to raise awareness about the dangers of nicotine addiction is also known as #NoMoreNicotine on social media. The marketing and concept of vaping drew in J-Rish at only 15 years old. He explains in the video that he thought it was “harmless” because of how it was advertised and talked about. The #NoMoreNicotine challenge asks teens and others who vape to destroy their vape in a creative way. J-Rish has made other TikToks of him throwing away people’s vapes and they do not seem to be happy about it.  On his website, the rapper is promoting his “No More Nicotine” challenge. If people decide to destroy their vape and post the video to TikTok, J-Rish is promising the chance to win $5,000 for the top 10 videos. This challenge has opened the eyes of many, but others remain defensive. Comments and complaints about this mission continue to circulate the internet, especially on Reddit. However, it doesn’t seem like other people are going to stop J-Rish and his campaign.  J-Rish calls himself the “Vape Police.” His efforts to save lives from being negatively impacted by nicotine continue on and off camera.  Project Better has nearly 30,000 followers on TikTok currently. What do you think about J-Rish’s efforts to stop vaping? Is it taking things too far or all valid? 

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Dixie D’Amelio SHOCKED By Conspiracy Theory About Her Father and Charli

Charli and Dixie D’Amelio quickly rose to fame on the social media platform TikTok. Within a year, the sisters became a household name and one of the most popular duos in the entertainment industry.  And while gaining viral attention on TikTok is not rare, speculation and conspiracies revolving around how the pair gained this sort of popularity continue to circulate. Many social media users have their own assumptions or explanations for how this all may have happened. However, one particular conspiracy theory caught the attention of Dixie D’Amelio and resulted in her responding.  In less than one year, a user pointed out that Charli D’Amelio has gained over 90 million fans on the app. This, as well as the user’s theory for how this happened, appeared on a TikTok account called “spicyopinions” which spreads theories and information similar to this one.  @spicyopinions on TikTok But what is the user’s conspiracy theory? They explain that the sister’s popularity is all thanks to their father: Marc D’Amelio. Marc is a Republican and ran for a seat in the Connecticut State Senate back in 2018. However, he lost. This is where the conspiracy theory comes in. The TikTok user claims that the sisters only gained popularity in order to help Marc gain the younger vote in a “future election.” They continued to mention that Charli gains about 5 million new followers every week and that it’s simply unheard of in TikTok culture.  The theory continues by stating: “Her Dad is sus. He’s rich AND a politician. Those things never go together well.”  Most TikTok stars gain their popularity from their unique personalities, creativity and dance skills. However, many users have been quick to defend that there is something very suspicious about their rise to fame. In this instance, it had to do with a political motive. Due to the sisters’ popularity, this particular theory believes that younger and less informed voters (such as big fans of the D’Amelios) would vote for Marc in the future without doing much research. And once Dixie D’Amelio caught wind of this conspiracy, she decided to respond.  Under the theory posted on TikTok by spicyopinions, Dixie decided to comment. Her response “lol what” sums up how ridiculous that theory is, especially for the family to hear and find on the internet.  Dixie Responds Of course, fans of Dixie and Charli quickly came to their defense in the comments. Others still believe that this theory could definitely be true.  Guys there's a conspiracy theory about charli's fame and it actually makes sense. Go check tiktokroom — Soha (@Sohaa156) September 12, 2020 love you charli dont let the haters bring you down you are amazing. the haters are jealous that you have fame and they dont 🙂 @charlidamelio pic.twitter.com/Bck82AbRgH — iicamiisadunkinii (@cami12392) September 13, 2020 Earlier this year, Dixie found herself in the bit of a sticky situation in regards to politics. Photos began circulating the internet from her VSCO account which showed multiple Trump-Pence signs up on a wall. This caused the TikTok star to quickly begin receiving death threats and public backlash on social media.  Dixie D’amelio is receiving backlash after an old VSCO post led fans to believe that she is a Trump supporter. Dixie denied these claims. pic.twitter.com/bA220YFYkh — IG: @expsingshadycelebs (@shadycelebsig) May 6, 2020 Dixie responded to the resurfaced photo by tweeting that the photo was taken in someone else’s house. She went on to explain her political views and defend her character in another tweet. i am an independent voter and I will always vote for the person and never the party. i find it sad that i have received death threats due to inaccurate speculation of my political belief. i have never supported trump. period. — dixie (@dixiedamelio) May 6, 2020 This seems to be just another conspiracy theory about the sisters and D’Amelio family. Other popular theories are that their father is a private investor in TikTok or that their family is paying for their followers. This is amongst other crazy commentary and conspiracy theories that have been shared on the internet over the past year.  Is James Charles and Charli armadillo or whatever not the same person ? — H (@bbuggss) August 13, 2020 Charli, dua lipa and james charles are all the same person — legalize assisted suicide (@cosmicalbabe) April 15, 2020 Marc D’Amelio does seem to have his own presence online. He has over 7 million followers on TikTok alone. However, Charli remains the most popular creator on the platform with over 80 million followers to date.  After this conspiracy theory video reached thousands of views and over 50,000 likes, it quickly became a topic of conversation for TikTok fans around the world. Many do believe that Charli’s fast rise to fame is indeed suspicious, but that this theory just doesn’t add up.  can we talk abt charli and her sudden rise to fame for a sec? this app has been around for about 5 years. not ONCE has somebody rose to fame so quickly and with SO MANY FOLLOWERS. @charlidamelio #charlidamelio #tiktok #hype #fame — 5️⃣👄5️⃣ (@_ladillin_) September 14, 2020 Currently, Charli D’Amelio’s fame continues to grow and captivate more fans by the day. Her newest collaboration, a drink with Dunkin,’ has also taken the internet by storm. Fans and influencers have both tried and reviewed the TikTok sensation’s order ever since it was added to the official Dunkin’ menu.  Yup… it really has her name on it. 🙌 ➡️ @charlidamelio. Order 'The Charli' on the Dunkin' App. ✨#CharliRunsOnDunkin pic.twitter.com/fwH3hrh2IA — Dunkin' (@dunkindonuts) September 8, 2020 I’m so grateful for the world we live in. I mean, I can go to Dunkin and get a “charli” and then go to McDonald’s and get a sicko mode burger. Someone wake me up please — Connor Pugs (@connorpugs) September 13, 2020 This charli drink from Dunkin is actually pretty good. 9/10 — SuperSarah🤙🏻🏳️‍🌈 (@its_supersarah) September 13, 2020 And despite the rumors and conspiracy theories, it doesn’t seem as though the D’Amelios are going away anytime soon. In fact, Charli is on the path to 90 million followers on TikTok.  What do you think about this conspiracy? Is it absolutely ridiculous or convincing enough to believe?  Featured image by @spicyopinions on TikTok and Charli D’Amelio via Instagram.

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The Hype House Spark Internet Uproar After Collaborating with 6ix9ine

It looks like the drama continues to revolve around The Hype House, just when we thought things were settling down. The TikTok personality collection have continued to ruffle the feathers of social media users with their controversial decisions yet again. Despite the scrutiny they have been under over the past few months, they are facing even more major backlash for deciding to collaborate with controversial rapper, Daniel Hernandez, better known as his stage name: Tekashi Six Nine.  It’s the fact that the hype house made videos with 6ix9ine (the r*pist) and are continuing to make videos and not apologize and pretend it didn’t happen ….who gave them a platform — carrot (@caroline_tiff) September 11, 2020 Twitter and TikTok have not stopped talking about this collaboration since it was originally revealed. Creator and manager of The Hype House, Thomas Petrou, raised eyebrows this week when he decided to surprise influencers of The Hype House with a special visit from Tekashi Six Nine. This led to speculation that the popular influencers took part in this scheme to help him promote his recently released album TattleTales. IM LAUGHING 6ix 9ine and his album were flopping first week so the label decided to go to the hype house to promote his music but the whole hype house deleted their tik toks with him cause they were getting sm hate 😭😭 — odessa (@cruelxkarma) September 11, 2020 This is yet another controversial decision for members of The Hype House as well as manager Thomas Petrou. Due to Tekashi Six Nine’s problematic past, many music fans, celebrities and other influencers have steered clear of both him and his releases. Back in 2015, Tekashi made headlines when he plead guilty to a sex crime involving a minor and recently, he was also arrested on charges related to firearms and racketeering.  y’all now i KNOW the hype house boys aren’t that desperate for clout that they’re all gonna collab w 6ix9ine :/ dap dap dap — the empress (@rebeccaclancey) September 9, 2020 The “TROLLZ” rapper previously admitted to also beating up his girlfriend and has caused debate for using the n-word in his songs.  @6ix9ine STOP SAYING THE N-WORD. — immaculate. ᴺᴹ (@trayseasick) September 5, 2020 The controversy and contention revolving around Tekashi Six Nine has been going on for years now. And many believe that this is not the last time we will hear bad news about the hip-hop star. not thomas petrou letting 6ix9ine be in the hype house when it's full of minors — cristina,, (@talkfastmuke) September 8, 2020 While at The Hype House, he took part in creating some TikToks with a few of the Hype House members. These members include Tayler Holder, Olivia Ponton and Ondrez Lopez.  Tayler and Olivia decided to post the TikToks created to their personal pages and even featured songs of Tekashi Six Nine’s while Ondrez was featured on Six Nine’s account. Since the videos were posted, Tayler Holder, Olivia Ponton and Ondrez Lopez have all deleted them from their accounts. However, none of the influencers have taken responsibility or apologized for their actions yet.  NOT OLIVIA PONTON MAKING A TIKTOK WITH 6IX9INE OH MY GOD I AM DONE — S (@eemmaachambie) September 9, 2020 It is BEYOND me that Olivia Ponton ( @iamoliviaponton ) , a TikTok creator who is already very disliked, would make a video with a pedophile and non-Black person who uses the n-word, 6ix9ine.Additional proof: pic.twitter.com/StdXv8rl3s — Zaria Oates~ (@OatesZaria) September 9, 2020 In an interview with HollywoodFix, Tayler Holder said that the rapper was “dope” and “really genuine.” He continued to explain that he was a really nice guy and that he posted content from the visit. Holder also said that he didn’t think that collaborating with Six Nine was a “bad look” for the house.  [embedded content] Many fans and other TikTok stars have openly disagreed with this decision on social media. Other influencers went as far as calling out The Hype House. ofc the hype house supports 6ix9ine — caleb finn 💧 (@ccalebfinn) September 9, 2020 Some pointed out the fact that there are young girls at The Hype House and this was not a great idea based on Six Nine’s criminal history.  not the hype house inviting over 6ix9ine… aren't there underage girls there? /s — barbie (@jaewise) September 9, 2020 Unfortunately, this is not the first time that celebrities have looked past the rapper’s controversial past and decided to work with him. Other influencers, such as Logan Paul and NELK, have created content with him as well.  Never forget that nobody in rap would interview 6ix9ine so he did a YouTuber press tour pic.twitter.com/rMQ0CfULvW — adam22 (@adam22) September 8, 2020 [embedded content] The Hype House and many influencers in general have a very young audience and following on social media. The criticism of them working with an ex-convict and also not wearing masks during their content with Tekashi Six Nine has caused an uproar online.  out of alllll the people in the world, the hype house chooses to collab with 6IX9INE??? BRUH. — the truth luv (@thetruthluv1) September 10, 2020 Thomas Petrou’s Youtube video and vlog featuring the rapper remains online. Top comments on the video call Hernandez a “predator,” “pedophile” and “abusive.”  [embedded content] Currently, Tekashi Six Nine is halfway through a four-year probation period and was recently released from house arrest for his firearm and racketeering charges from 2019.  Social media users continue to bash The Hype House for this decision specifically on Twitter and TikTok. However, any formal apologies are still nonexistent.   everyone in the hype house hanging out with 6ix9ine is is disgusting and gross. y’all have children who look up to you and you’re hanging out with a man who molested children he’s a pedophile and y’all posting this on your platform for clout… — chrishona ♡ (@vinniesstorms) September 9, 2020 hype house really says blm and then they go and hang out with 6ix9ine — 𝗲𝗹𝗶𝘀𝗮ʷᵈʷ² (@DEARDEFENCE) September 11, 2020 Other current members of The Hype House include Avani Gregg, Tayler Holder, Chase Hudson, Alex Warren, James Wright and Jack Wright. Currently, Charli D’Amelio is not directly associated with the house at this time.  What do you think about Tekashi Six Nine and his recent influencer PR campaign?  Some TikTok users are deciding to unfollow the stars that were a part of this. Others are ending their support of The Hype House entirely.

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