TikTok Star Destroys McDonalds Employee’s Vape for Campaign

J-Rish, better known as Project Better on TikTok, is changing the world one drive-thru at a time. And yes, you read that correctly.  The TikTok sensation is raising awareness about the dangers of vape pens and nicotine. J-Rish, who is also a Soundcloud rapper, is passionate enough about the subject to take the law into his own hands. In fact, it was his trip to a McDonald’s drive-thru that attracted countless of viewers on TikTok.  TikTok​ Star Steals Vape Pen from McDonald's Worker in Drive-Thru #SmartNews 🤨And look who hasn’t received a visit from the police😒 https://t.co/xWHWu72Nh8 — Devereaux (@DeviStCharles) September 13, 2020 In the video, the TikTok sensation asks a McDonald’s employee if he vapes. When the man answers that he does, J-Rish asks if he can see it. The employee, who is completely unsuspicious, hands it over. And as soon as he does, J-Rish swipes it from his hands and disappears into the night before throwing it out of the window.  The caption on TikTok reads: “One less vaper off the streets #nomorenicotine #MorningCheer #ThatsHot #YouHaveTo #DinnerWithMe#secretanimesociety #fyp #frickvape.” @project.better One less vaper off the streets #nomorenicotine #MorningCheer #ThatsHot #YouHaveTo #DinnerWithMe #secretanimesociety #fyp #frickvape ♬ Tip Toe – Sheff G & Sleepy Hallow The reactions from this video vary from users thinking it’s hilarious to others saying it’s cruel. Some have commented that he’s destroying other people’s property. On the other hand, many social media users think it’s a fun way to get an important message out.  One comment under the TikTok said: “Do more bro. You’re saving lives.”  There was an update that the TikToker returned to the same McDonald’s and gave the employee $20 for taking his vape.  The act of vaping has always been a controversial topic, especially on social media. People continue to get into fights about it with politicians and other users for a variety of reasons. If the biggest battle you can win is against vaping, I might suggest a different career path :/ people are being killed by the police, Lori. Like…congrats, but the vape pens aren't what's harming the city. Overfunding the police and underfunding social services is. — Mark ✨ (@MarkussJ) September 14, 2020 This has caused many to make assumptions right off of the bat. Some people on the platform are speculating that the whole thing has to be staged. This is due to some of his other videos reportedly being staged as well. However, J-Rish’s campaign and mission to end vaping is definitely not fake. On his Instagram, he opened up about successfully quitting nicotine a few months back. He also explained how his dependence on it impacted him personally both mentally and physically. Now, J-Rish aims to help others break their addiction to vaping as well.  The now viral video has over 3 million views on TikTok alone. The campaign has continued on J-Rish’s other social media platforms as well.  In an Instagram video, J-Rish throws what appears to be a Juul on the ground and smashes it with a hammer. This is after he reveals that his previous attachment to vaping sent him to the hospital twice due to “breathing problems.”  His campaign to raise awareness about the dangers of nicotine addiction is also known as #NoMoreNicotine on social media. The marketing and concept of vaping drew in J-Rish at only 15 years old. He explains in the video that he thought it was “harmless” because of how it was advertised and talked about. The #NoMoreNicotine challenge asks teens and others who vape to destroy their vape in a creative way. J-Rish has made other TikToks of him throwing away people’s vapes and they do not seem to be happy about it.  On his website, the rapper is promoting his “No More Nicotine” challenge. If people decide to destroy their vape and post the video to TikTok, J-Rish is promising the chance to win $5,000 for the top 10 videos. This challenge has opened the eyes of many, but others remain defensive. Comments and complaints about this mission continue to circulate the internet, especially on Reddit. However, it doesn’t seem like other people are going to stop J-Rish and his campaign.  J-Rish calls himself the “Vape Police.” His efforts to save lives from being negatively impacted by nicotine continue on and off camera.  Project Better has nearly 30,000 followers on TikTok currently. What do you think about J-Rish’s efforts to stop vaping? Is it taking things too far or all valid? 

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