This article was contributed by Lior Gantz of The Wealth Research Group. Gold is currently trading for JUST UNDER $2,000/ounce and Wall Street firms have issued PRICE TARGETS of $2,500 and $3,000. But I want to also present the INVERSE CASE since it’s important to understand that (1) commodities don’t go up in a straight line and that (2) NO ONE knows what the future holds. We’re not predicting gold crashing, but we are DEFINITELY raising the point that gold is enjoying its best year since 2010 and that silver has SURGED BY 150% since March! Therefore, my goal today is to ENSURE that you’re aware of the roadblocks ahead since gold might test the $1,900/ounce mark and silver may CRASH BY $2 or $3 in AN INSTANT before they both eventually RAISE HELL and hit new highs! The best way to hedge this is to have cash LINED UP in case commodity prices fall so that one could buy more ounces, while he takes profits on miners now, BOOKING GAINS. Courtesy: As you can see, REAL YIELDS might have bottomed and, IF THAT’S THE CASE, gold and silver might have peaked for the time being (2-4 months). There are TWO SURPRISES that can tilt the odds back in precious metals’ favor, THOUGH: (A) the upcoming elections and (B) INFLATION overshooting. You can position for both of these AT THE SAME TIME, thus creating proper diversification in your portfolio. The way to do that is to HAVE EXPOSURE to the comeback stocks, the dominators in the industries that Covid-19 has disrupted most. The reason for this is that if these sectors go back to normal, gold’s USE-CASE as a chaos hedge is diminished, but SILVER’S ROLE as an industrial metal is heightened! We are about to release our CORONAVIRUS VICTIM COMEBACK Watchlist and if it’s as good as our previous three watchlists, HUGE RETURNS are in store. There’s a boatload of LIQUID CASH on the sidelines, so just understand that with 300 out of the 500 companies on the index DOWN IN 2020, it is the index that is overvalued, but not the components of it. Basically, 10 companies have pulled it up, while 300 are holding it back. Another reason we anticipate SURPRISE INFLATION is the boom in residential real estate. If REAL RATES have bottomed, many mortgage applicants will begin TO RUSH into the market, anticipating higher interest payments in the YEARS AHEAD. That’s money-multiplier velocity, which is REALLY GOOD for commodities as well. As you can see above, while millennials have pounded prices up for TSLA shares and other “story” companies, the professionally-managed funds are NOT BULLISH yet, so we like real estate right now. Courtesy: Lastly, I want to address the topic of CORRECTIONS and PULLBACKS. Yesterday, I put Virtual Reality goggles on and simulated an F-16 flight, which included throttling ALL THE WAY forward and then BRAKING HARD a couple of seconds afterward, in order to INCREASE RESULTS. That’s what I believe is happening right now; every pullback shows you where SUPPORT IS. Getting shaken out is easy; staying LONG is hard. We’re in a bull market for equities, real estate, precious metals, and Bitcoin; CASH IS TRASH! President Trump is Breaking Down the Neck of the Federal Reserve! He wants zero rates and QE4! You must prepare for the financial reset We are running out of time Download the Ultimate Reset Guide Now!


Gold & Silver Warrants: What are They? Why Own Them? How are They Bought & Sold? (+14K Views)

Automatically receive the internet’s most informative articles bi-weekly via our free bi-weekly Market Intelligence Report newsletter (sample here). Register in the top right hand corner of this page. With all the interest in physical gold, silver and other commodities these days, and the large/mid-cap companies who mine the metals and the juniors who are exploring for them, it begs the question: “Why is no one writing about the merits of investing in the long-term warrants associated with a few of those companies?” Merits? Absolutely! Here is a primer on virtually all that you need to know about warrants and how to invest in them for major profits. @A Financial Site For Sore Eyes & Inquisitive Minds By Lorimer Wilson, editor of (Your Key to Making Money!). It is unfortunate that almost all Americans and most Canadians (investors, brokers, financial advisors/planners and financial writers alike) are either unaware of, or not very familiar with, warrants but this article will change all that.@Investment Insights Investors’ ignorance (that is such a harsh word but you know what I mean) about warrants is probably due to the fact that: they are listed almost exclusively on the Canadian stock exchanges; the SEC has put some limitations on trading in them for Americans; they seem complicated because of their differing time durations; they require some specific knowledge as to how to go about buying and selling them and they are limited in number. That being said, it is “oh so easy” if you know what you are doing and, again, this article will explain everything in detail. What are Warrants? A warrant is a security giving the holder the right, but not the obligation to acquire the underlying security at a predetermined (i.e. exercise) price and for a specified period of time (i.e. term or duration). For the difference between warrants, options and LEAPS read this article.) @Follow the munKNEE How to Trade Warrants Buying and selling warrants can be very confusing if you are not aware of the unique information required to do so and understand just how to go about it. Below you will find all the information you need to know on the subject: 1. Buying Warrants a) TSX/TSXV SymbolsWarrants trade exactly like the underlying common stock and, as such, they are assigned a symbol. Since most warrants are associated with Canadian companies it is easy for Canadian investors to execute orders using their Canadian symbol but less so for Americans. b) CUSIP NumbersFor American investors the best and most accurate way to trade in warrants is to use the security’s CUSIP number which stands for the Committee on Uniform Security Information Procedures. The American Bankers Association established this format of unique codes for all North American stocks, bonds, puts, calls, warrants, etc. as assigned by Standard and Poor’s. The CUSIP number consists of a combination of 9 characters, both letters and numbers, which act as a sort of DNA for the security uniquely identifying the company or issuer and the type of security. The first 6 characters identify the issuer and are assigned in alphabetical order; the 7th and 8th characters, which can be alphabetical or numerical, identify the type of issue; the last digit is used as a check digit. c) Pink Sheet SymbolsStocks and warrants that trade on the Pink Sheets fall into one of two categories: companies that don’t meet the listing requirements of the New York, American or Nasdaq stock exchanges or companies — usually foreign — that are unwilling to jump through the regulatory, legal, and accounting filings that accompany listing on the major exchanges. That is the case with most of the commodity-related companies with warrants. They are Canadian based and see no reason to create a duplicitous legal and accounting department just to be traded on the NYSE. They have already met all those legal, regulatory, and accounting requirements in their own country and feel that the burden is on YOU to read their home country filings and consist of a 5-alpha symbol ending in ‘F’ for Foreign for warrants that fall into this category. 2. Selling Warrants Some investors erroneously believe that you have to hold warrants until the expiration date but that is the worst thing you can do because when warrants expire they will do so without any monetary value i.e. they are worthless. Instead, investors must treat warrants as they would stocks and either sell then when the warrants have met their price objective or well before they expire. 3. Exercising Warrants a) LeverageThe leverage of a warrant – the extent of the advantage or disadvantage of buying the warrant at its current price relative to the current price of the associated stock given the exercise price of the warrant – is a doable calculation but is better left up to those in the business to provide. b) When the Exercise Price is AchievedIt is important to note that if your warrants are “in the money”, i.e. the common stock is trading above the exercise price of the warrants, and the warrants are approaching the expiration date, you must take some action because, unlike call options where the value of the expired option is placed automatically into your brokerage account, that is not the case with warrants. When warrants expire they expire worth absolutely nothing! From an American perspective you have only one viable option and that is to sell your position before the expiration date (and to do so 6 to 12 months before the expiry date is highly recommended because the value of a warrant often drops drastically during its final months of life) because, according to U.S. law, Americans cannot exercise a Canadian warrant unless its associated shares have been registered with the SEC because, should they exercise a warrant, they would be receiving a newly issued share which would be illegal. From a Canadian perspective you have the option of either exercising the warrants (i.e. converting them into actual stock in the associated company according to the terms of the warrant) once they are “in the money” or selling them outright at any time before they expire. c) When an Early Buy-Back Offer is MadeShould a company make an offer for your warrants via an early buy-back offer you have the choice of either accepting the offer or selling your warrants outright unless the company had a specific early call feature (which you should have been aware of at the time of purchase) in which case you would be legally obliged to sell. d) When There Is a Stock Exchange ArrangementIn a stock exchange arrangement, the warrants will continue on as warrants of the acquiring company with the same expiration date and with the exercise terms adjusted to reflect the terms of the stock exchange in the merger. The owner of said warrants will want to assess the prospects of the new owner to assess the upside potential of their ‘new’ warrants and if the assessment is not positive to sell out before others come to the same conclusion. 4. Interacting With Brokerage Firms a) Canadian Brokers As there are symbols for all Canadian warrants Canadians will find the placing of orders very easy to execute and, as such, convenient to use online brokerage firms if so inclined. Be that as it may, please make note in the last paragraph in this section how ‘exactly’ to go about placing your order with a broker. b) Non-Canadian Brokers The situation is not as straight forward for those individuals using non-Canadian brokerage houses because many online brokers are not set up with the symbols for the warrants you might wish to trade. As such, it will be necessary to deal with a broker directly and have him/her enter the order for you. Because a broker needs the correct symbol for placing the order the most important thing you can do is give the broker the actual CUSIP number for the warrant you wish to purchase and, where possible its Pink Sheet symbol, to avoid any confusion on the part of your broker. 5. Communicating with Non-Canadian Brokers Your broker may need to be educated on how to exercise an order. As such, never ‘ask’ your broker if they will execute your order for warrants but, instead, ‘tell’ them exactly what you want them to do. If you just ‘ask’ many brokers will say they don’t trade in Canadian warrants so they can’t execute your order. However, if you ‘tell’ them exactly what you want them to do on your behalf most will be more than happy to comply – and below are exactly what instructions you should give them. 6. Placing an Order to Buy or Sell Warrants, like many small cap stocks, often have very thin markets (i.e. demand) and, as such, usually have a big spread between the bid (the price at which you are willing to make a purchase) and ask (the price at which you are willing to sell) price. As such, it is imperative that you place only “limit orders” when buying or selling warrants associated with Canadian commodity-related stocks. When American investors go online and see that a warrant of interest is trading with a U.S. symbol placing an order should be problem free. However, if it has a Pink Sheet symbol the price for the most recent bid or ask price should not be used as a basis for establishing a new bid or ask price because that price will just be the last trade in the U.S. and therefore may be days, weeks or even months old compared to the bid and ask prices on the more active Canadian exchanges. In such situations you should visit here for the up-to-the-minute bid and ask prices, as quoted in Canadian dollars. You can also go here where you can access comparative charting capabilities for both the warrant and the associated stock, recent news on the company, its latest financials, 30 day price history and access to the most recent research on the company. You will also need to go to a currency conversion site to get the current U.S. dollar to Canadian dollar exchange rate because you will be buying the warrants priced in Canadian dollars. There are two kinds of orders that can be placed when attempting to buy or sell a security: Market Orders: A market order does not have a set price and is therefore executed immediately at the current ‘market’ price. Markets, especially OTC markets, can be highly volatile, and the price of execution may differ dramatically from the price at time of order entry. Those who use market orders are more concerned about the speed of the execution as opposed to the price. Limit Orders: A limit order has a set price and may only be executed at the set price; however, a limit order may never get executed because the market may move away from the set price. Those who use limit orders risk not having an order executed. a) To place an order to buy, for example, 5,000 warrants of ABC Mining Company with a CUSIP number of 123456789 and you want to limit the price you pay to $1.43 Canadian then give your broker these specific instructions: “I want to buy 5,000 ABC Mining Company warrants, CUSIP number – 123456789 – at a ‘limit price’ of $1.43 in Canadian dollars”. Add the words “which will be good until cancelled” if you are entering a stink bid or if you are trying to buy a very thinly traded warrant. Ask your broker to confirm the order by reading the order back to you and it’s done. It is as simple as that! b) To place an order to sell 3,500 warrants of ABC Mining Company with a CUSIP number of 123456789, for example, and you don’t want to part with your warrants for less than, say, $1.69 Canadian then instruct your broker as follows: “I want to sell 3,500 ABC Mining Company warrants, CUSIP number – 123456789 – at an ‘ask price’ of ‘no less than’ $1.69 in Canadian dollars” and again add the words “which will be good until cancelled” or “until the close of business today” if you want the opportunity to reassess your ask price at the end of the day. Ask your broker to confirm the order by reading back your instructions to you and it is done. Again, it is as simple as that! Why Bother Investing in Warrants On average, warrants are usually priced about 60% less on average than their associated stocks and, therefore, you are in an ideal position to leverage your dollars very effectively. There’s your answer as why you should consider investing in warrants as opposed to their associated stock. Investing in warrants gives you the opportunity to earn more dollars (in percentage terms) with considerably fewer dollars at risk. Conclusion It warrants (pun intended!) becoming more knowledgeable as to the which, when, where, why and how aspects of buying/selling warrants – and now you are! has joined to provide you with individual company research articles and specific stock recommendations in addition to munKNEE’s more general informative articles on the economy, the markets, and gold, silver and cannabis investing. Check out eResearch. If you like what you see then…

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Gold & Silver Poised To Move UP As Much As 240% Over Next 12+ Months – Here’s Why (+13K Views)

Automatically receive the internet’s most informative articles bi-weekly via our free bi-weekly Market Intelligence Report newsletter (sample here). Register in the top right hand corner of this page. Historically, when the Gold vs. Silver ratio reaches an extreme level, and precious metals begin to rally, a reversion within the ratio takes place, which represents a revaluation process for silver prices compared to gold prices.  This typically means that the prices of Silver will accelerate to the upside as the price of gold moves higher – resulting in a decrease in the ratio level and we expect that, for every drop of 5.0 points in the gold/silver ratio, the price of Silver should increase by 6.5% to 7.5% to the price of Gold. …I believe a reversion process has already begun…[and that it] is about to explode as a dramatic revaluation event unfolds over the next 12+ months.  This process will become more evident to…as the price of Gold continues to rally towards the +$1,750/ozt. level and as the price of Silver explodes higher in larger and larger advances. … Our previous analysis suggested Gold will attempt a move to levels above $1,650 to $1,700 on the next breakout move higher [and] this…move will expose the price reversion event…[and] the expected Silver price advantage for all traders going forward.@Gold&Silver Gold/Silver Ratio – Silver Price vs Ratio Level We put together this reference table to assist all traders in understanding just how important this move could be to them.  This reference table shows the current Gold/Silver price levels (in GREY) as the ratio levels change from 88 to lower levels. If the price of Gold were to stay at the same $1,426/ozt. level while Silver rallied to prompt an 82 or 77 ratio level, then the price of silver would move from the current price of $16.19/ozt. to $17.39 or $18.52 in order to reflect this decreased ratio level.  That represents a 7.5% to 14.3% price increase. If the price of Gold advances to $1,650 or $1,750/ozt. while the ratio level drops to the 82 or 77 ratio level (because Silver advances fast[er] than Gold), then the price of Silver would move from the current price of $16.19/ozt. to $20.12 to $22.73.  That move represents a 24.2% to 40.3% price increase in Silver when Gold increased only 15.7% to 22.7%. If the price of Silver advances even faster than our “what if” scenario, above, and Gold continues to advance as we expect, then the increased price reversion process taking place in Silver as a process of this revaluation event could result in a 70% to 110% fast[er] price advance in Silver than the price advance that takes place in Gold. We believe the next upside price leg in Silver will target $19.50 to $22.75/ozt.  This target range supports the highlighted area on our Ratio table (below).  In other words, we believe the ratio level will attempt to quickly move toward the 70 to 77 level as Gold prices rally over the next few months.  This would push silver up into the $22.50 to $25/ozt. price level very quickly. If Gold were to rally above $1,950/ozt. on an extended upside price advance before August or September, then we believe the reversion process would become extremely hyperactive in nature and the price of Silver could push well above $29~34 per [troy] ounce – may be even higher… If Gold were to move up above $1,750/ozt. ( (which is our expected target for the next leg higher) and the Gold/Silver ratio was to drop below the 55 level then the expected target price for Silver would be somewhere between $30 and $40/ozt. – more than 100% higher than the current price of Silver – and it could go well above $50/ozt. over the long run. If you think $50/ozt. is unimaginable or unrealistic, we’ve just shown you why it is possible these levels could be reached before the end of 2019 or in 2020. If you have not grasped the reality of what is likely to unfold over the next 6 to 12+ months in the global markets and that precious metals are the setup of the decade, then pay attention to the fact that gold and silver are poised for moves ranging from 40% to 240% over the next 12+ months depending on the scale and scope of this move… Related Articles from the munKNEE Vault: 1. The Case For $25 Silver – Possibly $68 Silver – Or Even $90 Silver – In the Next Few Years Every time the gold:silver ratio has reached a level of around 82, it has led to extraordinary rallies in the silver market. 2. Silver Will Soon Move Suddenly & Shockingly Higher – Here’s Why (+6K Views) I am convinced that silver will soon explode in price in a manner of unprecedented proportions, both in terms of previous silver rallies and relative to all other commodities. By unprecedented, I mean that the price of silver will move suddenly and shockingly higher in a manner never witnessed previously, including the great price run ups in 1980 and 2011. The highest prior price level of $50 will quickly be exceeded. 3. Silver Prices: How High Will They Go? $100? $300? $500? (+37K Views) Silver prices have risen exponentially for the past 90 years as the dollar has been consistently devalued. Expect continued silver price rises. 4. Silver Breakout To $22.50-$24.00 Coming In Next 2-4 Months – Then Quickly To +$85/ozt! One of the most incredible trade setups you’ll ever see in Silver is just weeks or months from initiating the next upside price leg and we are alerting you now to be prepared. 5. Silver:Monetary Base Ratio Shows Silver To Be the Bargain of the Century! Buying silver now is like buying silver back in 2003 when it was under $5 per troy ounce. It’s the bargain of the century! 6. Silver is Now Even More Precious Than Gold! Do You Own Any? (Almost 6K Views) Silver is now rarer than gold and will be for all of eternity. From this point forth we work from current silver production alone and, from this point forth, demand will outstrip production without exception. Can you imagine what that means for the future price of this, indeed, precious metal? Forget about the popular expression: ‘Got gold?’ The much more important – and potentially more profitable – question to ask these days is, ‘Got silver? 7. UPDATE – Gold:Silver Ratio Suggests Much Higher Future Price for Silver (+21K Views) Silver is currently greatly undervalued relative to its average long-term historical relationship with gold and, as such, it is realistic to expect that silver will eventually escalate dramatically in price. How much? This article applies the historical gold:silver ratios to come up with a range of prices based on specific price levels for gold being reached. 8. Breakout in Silver Looks Convincing With Lots Of Upside Potential This market looks gorgeous, and has lots of upside potential in 2019. 9. Silver Has An Explosive Feeling Almost every one of the precious metals has some sort of explosive feeling and that is especially so with the price of silver. Let me explain why that is the case. 10. Silver: A BIG Move Near? Silver has been in a descending triangle over the past 8 years but looks to be nearing completion. This suggests a large move in Silver is near. 11. Silver Could Hit $150 A Troy Ounce – Here’s Why (+3K Views) A collapse of the U.S. dollar is inevitable. The U.S. Dollar Index has been bouncing off of four-year lows for the past several weeks but this cannot last much longer with a global trade war and U.S. equity correction looming….The U.S. dollar and fiat currencies are in trouble, hinting that gold and silver prices could again go screaming higher…[as] the two still generally trade inverse to each other and, while gold is perhaps the safest way to hedge against a falling dollar, the most profitable option is silver. 12.  Silver Prices Are Way Too Low Any Way You Look At It The graphs below show that silver prices are too low based on five decades of history and via comparisons to national debt, the S&P 500 Index and gold. Expect silver prices to rise far higher in coming years as the over-leveraged financial system resets and rebalances. 13. This Opportunity Is Being Handed to You On A Silver Platter! Talk about having an opportunity handed to you on a silver platter! Whether it’s buying shares of SLV or purchasing physical bullion, there really isn’t much of a downside at this point. If you haven’t staked your claim, now’s a good time to do it. 14. 10 Compelling Reasons To Add Physical Silver To Your Portfolio (Almost 3K Views) It’s natural and even prudent for an investor to wonder if a particular asset is a good investment or not and that’s especially true for silver, since it’s such a small market and doesn’t carry the same gravitas as gold. At this point in history, however, there are 10 compelling reasons to add physical silver to your portfolio. 15. What You Need to Know Before Investing in Silver (Almost 3K Views) I believe there is more opportunity in the silver market over the next two years relative to gold and, as such I’m now advocating accumulating a large overweight position in silver relative to gold because, over the long-term, there is such a great demand vs. supply situation developing….Before investing in silver, however, there are a number very important things that you must understand about the silver market. Let me explain. Words: 899 16. Analysis: Silver Prices Too Low – Could Rise Above $30 in 2019 – Here’s Why It is time to assess risk versus reward and buy silver with currency units recycled from other assets. 17. Silver Will Be the Single Best Investment This Decade – Here’s Why (+4K Views) The fiat currency experiment will end badly in a currency crisis. The wealthiest people will be those who bought silver today and were smart enough to research and pick the best silver mining stocks. 18. Silver Is A “Must Own” – Here’s Why (+3K Views) Silver has often rebounded nearly 100% within 12-15 months after bad and long bear markets. History says Silver is ripe for a similar move over the next 12 to 18 months. 19. $500 Silver Seems Absurd But Consider The Possibility (+2K Views!) Crafting such a bold title could become hazardous to my reputation since I am a conservative person. However, before you dust off the straight-jacket and have me committed, please take a few moments and consider the possibility. 20. The Case For $5,000 Silver – Yes, $5,000 Silver (+5K Views) If the price of silver were based directly on the real physical silver market, silver’s price should be at $5,000 an ounce. I’m not saying the price of silver will reach $5,000 an ounce; I’m just saying that the actual PHYSICAL silver spot price is not only extremely undervalued, but that it is an illusion compared to the real value of an ounce of physical silver, since it is totally disconnected from reality. [Let me explain further.] 21. Anticipating $200-$400 Silver Is Ridiculous – But What If…? (+2K Views) $200 or $400 silver is outrageous when we think in terms of today’s dollars, euros, and yen but what if… 22. Silver: $100/ozt. Reasonable By 2020 – 2022 Or Sooner (+2K Views) The global financial system is increasingly unstable and fragile, even more so than in 2008. The important question these days is: How will governments, central banks and financial systems respond to the ongoing crisis? Future prices for silver are dependent upon the answer to that question. I suggest three possible scenarios. 23. Don’t Ignore Silver; Its Time has Come! (+3K Views) Gold and silver generally move in sync with each other and tend to move in the same direction. The relationship is such that there’s even an indicator that measures it – the gold/silver ratio. Many investors use the ratio to spot extremes in the pricing of either precious metal, and to spot trends, whether up or down. The ratio currently sits at approx. 80:1 and suggests that silver has some catching up to do. 24. A Minimum Target of $675 for Silver Is NOT Wishful Thinking! Here’s Why (+2K Views) The 70s pattern for silver is very similar to the pattern that currently exists. Therefore, I do not think it is wishful thinking that silver will reach the target of $675 as a minimum. Now, you have an opportunity to go back in time to 1978, without a “time-machine,” and make a similar but bigger gain. 25. Now’s the Time To Trade In Your Gold For Silver – Here’s Why (+2K Views) If you’re a speculator in precious metals, now may be a good time to consider trading in some gold for silver. Here’s why. 26. Silver Will See Much Greater % Price Appreciation Than Gold – Here’s Why (+3K Views) The price of silver is going to go much, much higher – much higher – over the next decade relative to gold. Below are 5 solid reasons why I believe that is the case. 27. Once Silver Finds Bottom It Should Rebound By 350% – Here’s Why (Almost 4K Views) Spectacular bull markets in silver are not a fantasy and are not anomalies. In the last 35 years, silver has had a perfect record of strong bull markets after a bear market. A 350% gain is what can be expected once silver finds a bottom. Here’s why. 28. Start Stacking Silver and You’ll Be Rich In 5 Years! Here’s Why (+2K Views) The supply of silver went down in 2015 due to lower scrap supply and I believe silver production from mines will not rise significantly in 2016 so supply will be subdued going forward. Demand however will keep going up. [IMO if you start] stacking silver you’ll be rich in exactly 5 years. 29. Fractal Analysis Suggests Silver Price Explosion Like In 2004 Quite Possible Again The current silver bottoming process, albeit longer, is very similar to that of 2001 to 2003. Back then that base set up a bull rally that continued until 2011. The USD is making its last attempts to go higher before experiencing a major decline and when that decline starts (which is likely to be soon), the silver price will take off in a big way. 30. Silver Price Is A Coiled Spring – Continue Accumulating More Silver Investments Silver appears to be in the very late stages of its Head-and-Shoulders bottom and, with the price still not far off the Right Shoulder lows, we are at a very good point to continue accumulating silver investments. 31. Silver Trend Is Inevitable In Its Outcome – Here’s Why Supply and demand trends are clearly poised to continue tightening the silver market and when the next crisis hits the silver price will be significantly impacted by this trend. It may not happen this year, but the 20,000-foot view of this market says a crunch is on the way. It’s supply/demand 101. Editor’s Note:  The above excerpts from the original article by Chris Vermeulen have been edited ([ ]) and abridged (…) for the sake of clarity and brevity.  The author’s views and conclusions are unaltered and no personal comments have been included to maintain the integrity of the original article.  Furthermore, the views, conclusions and any recommendations offered in this article are not to be construed as an endorsement of such by the editor. Also note that this complete paragraph must be included in any re-posting to avoid copyright infringement. Want more such articles? “Follow the munKNEE” on Facebook, on Twitter or via our FREE bi-weekly Market Intelligence Report newsletter (see sample here, sign up in top right hand corner of page). Get engaged: Have your say regarding the above article in the Comment section at the bottom of the page. Articles Wanted: Original articles & links to other informative articles that deserve a wider read. Send info to loriewil[at]yahoo[dot]com.  

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This article was contributed by James Davis with Future Money Trends.  In 2008, when the markets plunged by 47%, central banks and the government HAD A CHOICE: allow debts and companies to run the normal course of bankruptcy or INFLATE AWAY by intervening in the process. The decision to bail out the financial system’s most powerful corporations, which were the banks, PAVED THE WAY for the unprecedented COVID-19 response and the way interest rates operate globally in 2020. The Federal Reserve is an institution that COLLECTS DATA from innumerable sources and makes analytical decisions based on its lawful mandate and risk tolerance. Failure to act in the Great Depression of 1929 has played a major role in the thought processes of FED chairmen over the decades. A lack of adequate response in 1929 is what historians blame the central bank for. When there’s a monetary system that pegs gold ounces to the supply of government currency, public trust is measured by their ability to convert notes to precious metals. When there’s a STRICTLY CREDIT system in place, as we have right now, gold is marginalized in the eyes of the public. Only 0.5% of global wealth is held in gold; most don’t care to learn about it and some EVEN SCORN it as a thing of the past, yet it is trading near all-time highs and has been a TOP-TIER performer in the 21st century. In our opinion, gold is becoming LESS VOLATILE and more of a MUST-OWN asset since the ETFs have made it a thing of comfort to have exposure to. In my networking group, which I highly respect, we had the following question raised in light of the comparisons made by the CHART BELOW between 2020 and 1929: Courtesy: The question: Is the GREATEST CRASH on record coming? We’ve gathered answers from billionaires and money managers who are MARKET VETERANS, along with large hedge fund managers. The result? NO MARKET CRASH is predicted! I want to go over the reasons behind this since many feel like THE EARTH IS SHAKING beneath them and they’ve been living under that premise for years! The Internet is FILLED WITH forecasts of doom, -80% wealth destructions and the worst economic conditions in modern history, all based on the chart below of the UNSUSTAINABLE NATIONAL DEBT. Courtesy: Many people can’t sleep at night, worrying about the DEBT LOAD of the federal government, so I’d like to DECONSTRUCT this threat and bring it down to the level of the individual. The United States’ GDP isn’t growing as fast as its debts are, so the ratio between productivity and debt issuance is GETTING SMALLER, which is to say that it is unsustainable. Is there a connection between this and the markets? NOT REALLY… As you can see, total debt is ALWAYS GROWING (since 1971, that is), and even the feared DEBT/GDP ratio is growing along with it, yet because of zero interest rates, it’s actually VERY EASY to pay the interest on the debt, which is what the government does. On top of that, many of the LARGEST EXPENSES are social entitlements, so it can be argued that cutting back on those will MATERIALLY EASE the debt burden, though I can’t say that there’s political will to entice the baby boomers just yet. The bottom line is that (1) companies are innovating LEFT AND RIGHT, which is what is moving the world forward, and (2) interest rates are so low that owning equities is ONE’S ONLY CHOICE! Instead of thinking of a market crash, think about the RECORD-HIGH wealth gap! This is really what the world has to fear because it drives social unrest and PERPETUATES POVERTY. The fact that there is NO CRASH is what makes poverty linger; the people at the bottom of the food chain don’t get to capitalize on the wealthy’s mistakes. President Trump is Breaking Down the Neck of the Federal Reserve! He wants zero rates and QE4! You must prepare for the financial reset We are running out of time Download the Ultimate Reset Guide Now!

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This article was contributed by Lior Gantz of the Wealth Research Group.  I know many want to hear that silver is ON ITS WAY to hitting $50/ounce at the SNAP OF A FINGER, but it might take a while for that to occur. In March, $30tn worth of stocks and bonds WAS SOLD, creating enormous demand for dollars. This squeeze caused the paper price of silver to drop to $12/ounce, EVEN WHILE the physical metal was selling for double that amount. The spread was big as it ever was. The return of liquidity to markets, ORCHESTRATED by the Federal Reserve, reassured businesses and individuals the world over that this isn’t a credit contraction. Instead, they can safely resume MARKET ACTIVITY and they did, with bullish fury. Millennials and, in general, retail investors, who have either been staying at home, laid-off or put on paid/non-paid leave, have been looking for ways to replace their NORMAL WAGES. They have turned to the stock market, a phenomenon that has pushed valuations for certain stocks to LA-LA-LAND. This recent correction in the NASDAQ has brought down some of the greed factor, but it’s still here and won’t be COMPLETELY DIMINISHING for the foreseeable future. Courtesy: Market forecasters thought that once the professionals STARTED SELLING, these retail traders would be shaken out and run back to their caves, but as you can see, hedge funds have begun buying, NOT SELLING. What’s really interesting is that the wealthy and the institutional money have been either SELLING or MARGINALLY BUYING throughout this period, certain of themselves that cash is better than owning stocks. While central banks have been SHOWERING LIQUIDITY, the wealthy have been sitting in the stands LIKE SPECTATORS, viewing the match from the sidelines. This has been A HUGE MISTAKE! Contrary to their tactic, we’ve not been fighting with the FED and, INSTEAD, have been buying LEFT AND RIGHT, which has resulted in MASSIVE GAINS. Courtesy: U.S. Global Investors Is it time to RECONSIDER BULLISHNESS? The true answer is that it’s an ETERNAL QUESTION that an investor ought to ask himself on a daily basis. We believe that the STRONG BOUNCE is largely over, in both silver and tech stocks. The justification for higher prices will come after the UNKNOWNS become known: Who will win the elections? American historian Allan Lichtman, who has correctly predicted all election results since 1981, save for Al Gore’s loss (cheated by voter fraud and voter count suppression in Florida, though), has predicted A BIDEN VICTORY- we shall see… If that happens, corporate taxes and probably CAPITAL GAINS taxes are going higher, thus companies will be worth less. Consider that possibility for a second, because it’s one reason that Ray Dalio is diversifying OUT OF U.S. EQUITIES and into other regions. Courtesy: Could anyone have predicted how much FANGMAN (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Nvidia) would be COLLECTIVELY WORTH, driving the indices into all-time highs, even while the other 490 companies are relatively flat? NO! This is the value of owning AN INDEX FUND! Now, though, with the index at all-time highs and with this HUGE BOUNCE back, the best investors are looking at the DICHOTOMY, which is to say that they’re investing in the distressed industries, which are cheap, not solely in the ones that enjoyed a STRONG TAILWIND from stay-at-home orders. With regards to silver, you can see that investors are taking profits, AT THE MOMENT (the red lines are monthly NET OUTFLOWS): Courtesy: This is GOOD if you understand that it means that there’s NO BUBBLE in silver, but it’s BAD if you leveraged and are overweight on silver at present. Silver is up more than 100% since March. Trade with AGGRESSIVE PATIENCE; in other words, let opportunities come to you! President Trump is Breaking Down the Neck of the Federal Reserve! He wants zero rates and QE4! You must prepare for the financial reset We are running out of time Download the Ultimate Reset Guide Now!


Silver Bulls: Visualizing the Price of Silver

Lorimer Wilson September 4, 2020 993 Views Today’s infographic comes to us from New Pacific Metals and it takes a look at the bull markets in silver prices and the future of silver. (Click on image to enlarge) Editor’s Note:  The original article by Nicholas LePan has been edited ([ ]) and abridged (…) above for the sake of clarity and brevity to ensure a fast and easy read.  The author’s views and conclusions are unaltered and no personal comments have been included to maintain the integrity of the original article.  Furthermore, the views, conclusions and any recommendations offered in this article are not to be construed as an endorsement of such by the editor. Also note that this complete paragraph must be included in any re-posting to avoid copyright infringement. A Few Last Words:  Click the “Like” button at the top of the page if you found this article a worthwhile read as this will help us build a bigger audience. Comment below if you want to share your opinion or perspective with other readers and possibly exchange views with them. Register to receive our free Market Intelligence Report newsletter (sample here) in the top right hand corner of this page. Join us on Facebook to be automatically advised of the latest articles posted and to comment on any of them. has joined to provide you with individual company research articles and specific stock recommendations in addition to munKNEE’s more general informative articles on the economy, the markets, and gold, silver and cannabis investing. Check out eResearch. If you like what you see then…

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