Twitter Boycotts Tory Lanez New Album Over Meg Thee Stallion Drama

The drama between Meg Thee Stallion and Tory Lanez continues after Lanez dropped his newest album ‘DAYSTAR’ on September 24th.  You may remember that in July, the rap superstar, Meg Thee Stallion was shot in the foot after a confrontation with Canadian rapper, Tory Lanez. Meg Thee Stallion quickly accused Lanez of being her shooter when she took to her Instagram live to publicly call him and his publicists out. Lanez and his team have denied all allegations brought against him on that fateful night when Meg was shot in her feet. Lanez was later arrested and charged with “possession of a concealed weapon but has not been charged in connection with the alleged shooting,” according to CNN, but is still under investigation and is set to be seen in court on October 13th.  The Saga Continues While nothing has come of the incident thus far, new drama between the two has sparked when Tory Lanez released a new album titled ‘DAYSTAR’ this past Thursday on September 24th. Throughout the album, Lanez refers to the accusations brought against him in his lyrics. In the song ‘Queen and Slim,’ the rapper says “I wasn’t the wrong one that night, you was just too drunk to even see it.” And in his song ‘Money Over Fallout,’ Lanez directly refers to Meg Thee Stallion when he rapped, “How the f**k you get shot in your foot, don’t hit no bones or tendons?” Twitter Reacts Twitter did not skip a beat and was quick to jump to Meg Thee Stallions defense. Many people believe her side of the story and are tired of listening to Tory Lanez deny the allegations instead of owning up to them. Her fans are standing by her and refusing to listen and support Lanez and his new album. So, instead of issuing a heartfelt, public apology to @theestallion, Tory Lanez "breaks his silence" by using the horrific incident to promote his trash ass new album and to intimate that Megan is a liar⁉️ He is canceled and needs to catch the ultimate fade. 🚮 — Elgin Charles (@ElginCharles) September 25, 2020 I feel very stupid for thinking this, but given two months to think of a response, I expected Tory Lanez to come up with something better — Todd in the Shadows (@ShadowTodd) September 25, 2020 So Tory Lanez denied shooting Meg and called her a liar, made a whole diss track about black women in the music industry on top of attacking multiple across all songs, AND defended Chris Brown and his own reputation as an abuser. Men have rights because? — 𝓵𝓮𝓮𝓴 𝓷𝓮𝓵𝓵𝔂 (@leeknelly) September 25, 2020 In honor of Tory lanez album, I’m streaming Kehlani meg and kash and jojo all day 😌 goofy ass — 🦋Justice For Breonna Taylor🦋 (@alex_wham) September 25, 2020 #WeBelieveInYouMegan Many are even encouraging everyone to stream Meg instead, claiming the album release day as ‘Happy Meghan Day’ to take the attention away from Lanez’s album. Her fans are posting appreciation pictures and calling out her amazing year of success despite the shooting. The hashtag #WeBelieveInYouMegan began trending on Twitter. good morning, i hope everyone streams Meg Thee Stallion today. — k. ♡ (@kcastanosx) September 25, 2020 .@theestallion you have such a kind soul! Sending you all love and positive thoughts! ❤#WeBelieveInYouMegan — Beyoncé Update (@beyoncespotifys) September 25, 2020 Hotties US! Let's go up this tag to show support and affection for Megan #WeBelieveInYouMegan To show who we really believe in and who we really should support and join our strengths 💕 — Megan Stallion BR (@meganstallionbr) September 25, 2020 #1 On Apple Music Despite the allegations brought against Tory Lanez, some of his fans don’t seem to care and are steaming the album regardless. ‘DAYSTAR’ is already #1 on Apple Music, which it reached in under a 24 hour period. Tory Lanez Earn His First #1 Album On Apple Music … Hasn’t Been 24 Hours Yet 🤧🤧🙌🏾🙌🏾 — Hood Starz ⭐️ (@HoodStarzMusic) September 25, 2020 Y’all really gonna be mad when Tory Lanez album goes number 1 watch! Innocent until proven guilty! — MR.YN⚜️ (@MJM_2019) September 25, 2020 Tory Lanez aint in jail cuz 1) Meg aint press charges or 2) he innocent. At the end of the day this ⬇️ what its all about. — Erick (@calmdownezyezy) September 25, 2020 Abusers Slipping Through The Cracks People are obviously upset by the album reaching number 1. If everyone is apparently boycotting the album in support of Meg Thee Stallion and other Black women that he bashed in his music, then who is still streaming him? It brings up the sore feeling about Cancel Culture that seems to tear consumers apart. People are exhausted of canceling abusive artists only for them to squeeze through the cracks when people choose to overlook their bad behavior. Cancel culture really doesn’t exist because y’all about to give Tory Lanez a #1 album just to hear if he mentions shooting Meg — The Main Character (@LoveOnYourself) September 25, 2020 Not a surprise Tory Lanez #1, cats allowed Tekashi 69 to step back into the scene. Simpletons. — Stan Ross (@HunterWish) September 25, 2020 The album dropped the day of the Breonna Taylor hearing. In this anxious hearing, two of the cops that were involved in her murder were not indicted and one was only charged with ‘Wanton Endangerment.’ Not a single officer was charged with her murder, and that is not setting well with anyone hoping for Justice in Breonna Taylor’s name. People have taken to the streets to continue to protest police brutality in the name is protecting Black lives, especially Black women. ‘DAYSTAR’ felt like salt on the wound when once again, a Black woman’s story and pain is not believed nor validated. While Megan’s fans stand firmly behind her, it is not enough to keep Lanez’s album from gaining traction and reaching #1. We will wait until October 13 to see if Tory Lanez will be charged, and if further chargers will be brought forward between now and then.

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The Internet Takes Sides After Finding Out Offset Cheated on Cardi B

From secret weddings to cheating allegations, we have all been aboard Cardi B’s and Offset’s emotional rollercoaster as they climbed hills and encountered steep drops. However, as they neared their third wedding anniversary, the rappers have decided to unbuckle their seatbelts and end their wild ride. After overwhelming evidence of Offset repeatedly cheating throughout their relationship, Cardi B finally had enough.  On Tuesday, Cardi B’s lawyer submitted documents in Atlanta to divorce Offset and request full custody of their two-year old daughter Kulture. However, on Wednesday morning Cardi B made some adjustments as she disagreed with the terms her lawyer asked for. She wants an “amicable” divorce and a healthy co-parenting relationship with her daughter’s father. Relationship Timeline In attempts to keep their personal lives on the down low, Offset and Cardi B secretly got married in September 2017, but Offset publicly proposed in October – a month after they were already married. After months of keeping people in the dark on their marital status, the husband and wife revealed the truth in June 2018. However, the secrets did not end there. For a while, Cardi B held her pregnancy a secret as she wanted people to focus on her music rather than her personal life. When it became impossible to hide her pregnancy, Cardi B shocked fans as she boasted her pregnant body during her performance on SNL in April 2018. Cardi B officially reveals her pregnancy on #SNL — Rap-Up (@RapUp) April 8, 2018 Although their relationship had many milestones, there were rocks in the road as videos resurfaced of Offset cheating on Cardi B in December 2017 and January 2018. Despite pressure from fans to leave him, Cardi B stuck by his side.  But a year later, Cardi B announced on Instagram that the couple had broken up and she’s looking into getting a divorce.  Aww the way Cardi B is talking🥺 — AbikeArab Money💸 (@papaya_ex) September 16, 2020 Shortly after their breakup went public, Offset confessed that he missed his wife and ambushed Cardi B onstage during the Rolling Loud music festival with signs asking her to take him back. After a month of Offset’s multiple grand gestures, the couple got back together at the end of January 2019. For over a year, it seemed that their marriage was going strong as the couple expressed their love for each other on social media – especially this summer.  But it seems Offset has not learned his lesson as many women have come forward exposing their affairs with the Migos member, leading Cardi B to finally divorce him. Divorce Details According to TMZ, the original court documents stated that the couple have been separated for some time and Cardi B has no intention of getting back together with Offset. Cardi B’s lawyer requested for an “equitable share of marital assets,” which leads us to assume that – unlike many other celebrity marriages – there was no prenup when the rappers got married. Also, the lawyer asked for Cardi B to get full custody of her daughter and for Offset to pay child support and legal expenses. However, Cardi B was surprised by the stance her lawyer was taking, which led her to make some changes on Wednesday morning.  In the new documents, she wants Offset to have joint custody of their daughter and to not be forced to give any financial support. She wants this divorce to be smooth and friendly. The exes are set to appear in court on November 4 to determine the official terms of their divorce. Twitter Responses Although this is a serious and saddening situation for the two parties involved, people are taking to Twitter to create memes and jokes about their divorce. Cardi B is known for her sexual and explicit songs, and many are analyzing the lyrics to her song ‘WAP’ to explain why Offset was unfaithful. However, many are slut-shaming Cardi B in the process. Cardi B should’ve really learned to cook & clean for Offset instead of just relying on that WAP… didn’t get her too far after all. — DeAnna Lorraine 🇺🇸 (@DeAnna4Congress) September 15, 2020 I guess it ain't a WAP, her husband still get real WAP LOLWHAT does that ring mean now. Since you dont cook or clean. — MomaShugg (@MommaShugg1) September 16, 2020 Lol. So my question is: Does Cardi have that WAP if he cheating???? — La'Marcus (@Markkhuz) September 16, 2020 Cardi B doesn’t cook, she doesn’t clean and she can’t keep a man like my ex. @iamcardib. Shame — Omar Navarro (@RealOmarNavarro) September 15, 2020 Cardi b : “I don’t cook, I don’t clean” Offset: — NJ🏂 (@gIazersdead) September 15, 2020 Even though Cardi B has some haters, Offset has even more. Because of their past, most are commenting on Offset’s serial cheating habits. Offset trynna figure out why Cardi is divorcing him after cheating on her — ✌️ (@AmirMuhammadAli) September 15, 2020 Cardi B: i want a divorce Offset after cheating on her a billion times: — Active (@heypeopleexx) September 15, 2020 Cardi b : we’re getting a divorce i don’t deserve this Offset unblocking every insta model cardi made him block : — ⚔️Jeremy | Replay 〄 (@gardenpanty) September 15, 2020 Amid the news of Cardi B’s divorce, she has been receiving lots of love and support from her fans – including Lizzo. Lizzo sent Cardi flowers. We love a genuine friendship. ❤️ — Fan Account | #BLM (@BardiUpdatess) September 16, 2020 Cardi B. is powerful!! In every way! Mind and heart. And she needs a partner that embraces that, is in awe of that, cherishes that, is in reverence of that, and delights in that. — Bolu Babalola (@BeeBabs) September 15, 2020 I'm not surprised cardi B is divorceing offset. She's sitting with presidential candidates & looking to make change. He's been cheating on her since day one. She just outgrew him. — 🇯🇲 Quinn 🙏🏿🏁🐍 (@Quinn510_) September 16, 2020 It’s so sad to watch so many people talking down on Cardi B as if she is the one in the wrong. Like I always say, celebrity women get cheated on bc these men are jealous of them in their stardom & are trying to publicly humiliate them to make themselves feel confident. — ABM (@imani_yvonne2) September 16, 2020 How do you feel about Cardi B’s and Offset’s divorce? Will the divorce be as friendly as Cardi B hopes?

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