Former ‘Big Brother’ Stars Speak Out Against Bullying Ian Terry

In the past, ‘Big Brother’ has faced criticism for bullying and racist behavior by cast members; however, this season’s episodes include moments where houseguests discuss racial injustice and other social issues to portray the ‘Big Brother’ house as a welcoming and inclusive environment.  “No matter what stage in life you are at, make sure you have the courage to speak up and say the right things.” #BBKaysar and #BBDavonne share a powerful moment in tonight’s episode of #BB22. — Big Brother (@CBSBigBrother) August 30, 2020 However, production has failed to show the bullying that has taken place this year. ‘Big Brother’ is a reality show competition where 16 people live in a house together for a couple of months to compete for a half a million dollars through physical and mental competitions. Each week, one housemate is voted off the show by their peers, and the last person left in the house wins the cash prize. Currently, the show features an all-star cast of returning players from previous seasons. The houseguests are under 24 hour surveillance through live feeds that anyone with a CBS All Access subscription can view at any time, but fans were outraged by what they saw this past Wednesday. Background Ian Terry is considered a legend in the ‘Big Brother’ world, as he won the 14th season of the show – beating one of the best players of all time, former winner Dan Gheesling. Terry is known for his intelligence as he is a strategic and analytical player.  As Terry returned for his second season of ‘Big Brother,’ he decided to be more open with the houseguests and public about living on the spectrum. During a casual conversation with a few houseguests, Terry explained how previous viewers and houseguests expressed their annoyance with his rocking movements that helped soothe him. With many of the current houseguests in shock that he has autism, Terry clarified that living on the spectrum does not define him as he lives a normal life with a great job, family, and girlfriend.  One thing you can take from #BBIan is that YOU define who you are and will be in this world. #BB22 — Big Brother (@CBSBigBrother) August 13, 2020 On national television, his fellow houseguests seem to be accepting of him, but from what viewers saw on Wednesday, that does not seem to be the case. What Happened? On a video from the live feeds, Memphis Garrett, Dani Briones, Nicole Franzel, Christmas Abott, and Cody Calafiore are seen mocking and laughing about Terry’s condition. The video starts off by Briones calling Terry a “roach,” and Garrett then refers to Terry as “a totally different human being.” Although Franzel interjects and says that Terry is now “confident,” Garrett claims that his confidence is “creepy.” As a bad joke, Briones tells Memphis that she will tell Terry to sit at the end of Garrett’s bed to scare him, and Garrett says if he does that he will “kick him in his teeth” and will excuse it as an “accident” as he will say he thought Terry was a ghost from ‘The Shining.’   Dani is really referring to Ian as a roach.Has she walked past a mirror lately?? Looking like a Charles Manson follower 🙄 Memphis is a scumbag #bb22 — 🐲𝕷𝖞𝖓🐉 (@LyndaShonubi) September 10, 2020 The bullying does not end there. Garrett goes on to imitate how Terry walks and talks, and says that he acts “weird.” Garrett, Briones, and Calafiore go on to discuss how they often do not understand Terry when he talks as he constantly uses big words and discusses random facts. Memphis, Donato, Franzel and Cody still making fun of Ian. Donato encourage Memphis to interrogate him.#bb22 — 🦈 DumpTrump 🦈 (@squalo) September 10, 2020 On a different occasion, Garrett mocks Terry’s rocking movements to Briones, Franzel, and Abott as he says that Terry stresses him out as he has “nightmares” of Terry’s rocking. When Garrett leaves, Briones says she agrees with Garrett and that Franzel is laughing because she does too. Abott also chimes in. So These Cunts @nicole_franzel @danidONAT0 @christmasabbott That’s Right I Said It , Making Fun Of Ian’s Autism Spectrum Disorder Is Another New Low For @CBSBigBrother #BB22 #Austism #IanTerry #NicoleFranzel #DanieleDonato #ChristmasAbbott — TruthAndSarcasm (@TruthAndSarcasm) September 9, 2020 Later, Briones confides in Franzel furthering her agreement with Garrett as she says Terry’s constant rocking “stresses her out” and Franzel agrees. Dani & Nicole F were making fun of Ian's 'rocking' due to his autism which says freaks them out & can't look at him. Memphis described it like he is in a horror movie. Absolutely discusting behavior by these #MeanGirls Memphis & Christmas – shame on you all🤬😡 #BB22 — Real Talk Radio (@RealTalkRadio8) September 11, 2020 While these conversations are happening, Terry’s close friend and former ‘Big Brother’ winner, Nicole Franzel, is laughing and agreeing with what has been said, instead of protecting her good friend. It is not a secret that Terry and Franzel are friends outside of the house as they directly said it on national television and made a pact to take each other to the final two – though Franzel also has a final two deal with Cody Calafiore.  Fans’ Response These videos from the live feeds have outraged fans, and they are calling out the houseguests involved. Ian opened up to them about his autism. Ian told them how people last season made fun of him and how it hurt. Ian told them that kids like him watch him and look up to him. Ian explained how his stemming helps him. And they still make fun of him for it. TRASH #BB22 — CBS Reality Stan 🦖🌚 💕 (@Les971) September 9, 2020 memphis making fun of Ian and then Dani/Nicole laughing about it makes me feel a whole new level of anger. please someone put me in a room with them so i can beat tf out of them. that is NOT okay, NOT funny. Big brother producers, you better do something about this. — 『 Ashley Rose 』 (@luvelyashleyy) September 9, 2020 Me omw to the Big Brother house if these people don’t keep Ian out their mouth. — ✰ ian patrick terry stan ✰ (@DulceGHernandez) September 8, 2020 it’s so heartbreaking to see ian once again get made fun of in the big brother house. these people in the house are grown adults…grow up and stop acting like children. 🙄 #BB22 — JoJo (@Slasi18) September 9, 2020 Former Cast Members’ Response Not only are fans angry with this situation, but also former houseguests – including current cast members already evicted – are speaking up.  Janelle Pierzina and Kaysar Ridha are known as a power duo in multiple seasons of ‘Big Brother,’ but were both evicted early from this season as many saw them as a threat. At home, Pierzina and Ridha were outraged with the houseguests’ behavior towards Terry as they were close to him in the house. Riddha even helped Terry’s game by exposing people before he left. #BBKaysar gave the Houseguests a speech to remember on last night's #BB22! 😳 — Big Brother (@CBSBigBrother) September 4, 2020 Pierzina and Ridha took to Twitter to express their anger over the cast’s treatment of Terry. Absolutely disgusted! — Janelle Pierzina (@JanellePierzina) September 10, 2020 Instead of laughing they should be standing up for Ian. He has a disability 😐 — Janelle Pierzina (@JanellePierzina) September 10, 2020 Thank you for posting this. People on the spectrum are some of the best our society has to offer. I’m mortified by the actions of these Big Brother houseguests. Before leaving I reminded Ian to never let anyone laugh at him. Ever. Period. #BB22 — Kaysar Ridha (@KaysarRidha) September 10, 2020 Inside the BB house reflects society’s failures when it comes to our handling of diversity. We could use a lesson in empathy & awareness. Ppl who are neurodiverse & on the spectrum should be protected not trashed. I have zero tolerance on this issue #BB22 — Kaysar Ridha (@KaysarRidha) September 10, 2020 Also, Ridha and his fellow housemate Nicole Anthony went on Instagram Live to discuss the houseguests’ insensitivity toward Terry. Nicole A. and Kaysar speak on the people in the house making fun of Ian’s autism #BB22 — cece (@sedmond91) September 9, 2020 Not only are players from this season voicing their frustration, but also are former houseguests from previous seasons including Kat Dunn, Ovi Kabir, and former winner Andy Herren. Strengths of autism include: • Strong long-term memory skills• Math, computer, musical, artistic skills• Thinking in a visual way• Punctuality• Honesty• Detail oriented• Independent thinking• Loyalty• Non-judge mental listening#bb22 — Kat Dunn (@itskathryndunn) September 10, 2020 I’m sorry Matt, but if you’re referring to Ian you’re missing the point. YES we want to protect Ian but we know he’s a grown adult. For me, this is about the thousands of viewers who are also on the spectrum, who have looked up to Ian and thought “I can do that too!” — Kat Dunn (@itskathryndunn) September 10, 2020 Memphis is talking about kicking the teeth in of Ian. The same man who asked the DR if he could give up his HOH letter (if he wins this week) to let Cody (whose grandfather just passed away) get a letter from his family. Despicable.#BB22 — Ovi Kabir (@TheOviKabir) September 10, 2020 Memphis is a real piece of shit for the way he talks about Ian and Ian’s autism. Inexcusable. #BB22 — Andy Herren (@AndyHerren) September 10, 2020 Consequences The houseguests may be isolated from the outside world, but they are receiving some serious consequences. Because of her participation in this situation, Franzel has lost multiple sponsorships including from Olay, Winery Chateau Ste. Michelle, and BlanQuil. We no longer have a business relationship with this person and have no plans for future work together. We have zero-tolerance for bullying and we do not support the behavior displayed by this person. — OLAY (@OlaySkin) September 10, 2020 Our connection with Nicole was made prior to her joining the current show. We took immediate action to review once we learned of the situation & have thus decided to end our collaboration now and in the future. We do not tolerate or condone discrimination or bullying of any kind. — Chateau Ste. Michelle (@SteMichelle) September 11, 2020 Nicole doesn’t seem to be doing the kind of social media influencing she was expecting #bb22 — Tooms (@Tooms_BB) September 10, 2020 After losing these sponsorships and the mass amounts of tweets from fans, people seem to think that production had a conversation with Franzel because last night on the live feeds she is seen apologizing to Terry for being insensitive. #BB22 Nicole says she cares more about friendship with Ian than game, which is absolute horsesh!t, considering she split her side open laughing at jokes made about his autistic behavior. He tells her the only time he was like "what" was the BULLHORN and BB switches cams. — 🅱🅱 🅿🅸🆂🆂🅴🅳 (@BB_Pissed) September 11, 2020 Many ‘Big Brother’ viewers may be unaware of what has been going on as CBS failed to show the houseguests’ inappropriate behavior on Thursday night’s episode allowing many to still idolize these players. Only those who are active on social media or the live feeds have seen these cast members’ true colors. What are your thoughts on the situation? What do you think production should do to condemn bullying on the show?

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