Yelp’s New Policy Warning Consumers of a Business’ Racist Behaviors Upsets Twitter Users

Typically, when we want to visit a new restaurant, store, or any other unfamiliar business, we turn to Yelp as we read reviews on previous customers’ experiences. Notably, businesses with good reviews attract many new customers while those with bad reviews repel consumers from a business’s services. Because customer satisfaction is essential to the success of any business, Yelp holds great economic power. However, many Yelp users tend to illegimatize the site by utilizing it as a platform to lash out their emotions into an exaggerated review that may negatively affect an innocent business. Though fabricated reviews pose a problem to the website, Yelp is adding a new policy that may further this problem by adding an alert on a business’s page if they are associated with racist behaviors.  Today, we’re announcing a new consumer alert to stand against racism. In the last few months, we’ve seen that there is a clear need to warn consumers about businesses associated with egregious, racially-charged actions to help people make more informed spending decisions. — Yelp (@Yelp) October 8, 2020 2020 has brought lots of attention to the Black Lives Matter movement, inspiring Yelp to take action in eliminating systemic racism. As part of their mission to end racism, Yelp partnered with ‘My Black Receipt’ to launch a black-owned business attribute encouraging consumers to spend $5 million at black-owned businesses from Juneteenth to Independence Day. Yelp also joined the ’15 Percent Pledge’ that urges major retailers to commit 15% of their shelves to black-owned businesses. After these initiatives increased the amount of Yelp reviews on black-owned businesses by 617%, Yelp decided to take their fight against racism one step further with their new policy warning consumers of a business’ racist activities. Why Are People Upset? Yelp may be making progress in the social justice realm, but many are apprehensive of the possible effects on the economy. Because negative reviews steer customers away from a particular business, people are worried that consumers will be more reluctant to spend money at a business that is accused of racism – even if the review is fake. This consideration has led people to question how Yelp will isolate real and fictitious accounts of racism. Yelp needs to explain how exactly they plan to investigate incidents of racism.We know of the fake reviews on Yelp, do you honestly feel that all Yelp reviews are legit? This is a power move by Yelp, they now have more power than ever with this policy! #WakeUp — DJfirewood (@JfirewoodD) October 9, 2020 Many are also concerned that people may falsely accuse a business of racism out of dissatisfaction with an aspect unrelated to racism – attempting to ruin a business. Racist behavior in business go either way @Yelp you are gonna burry business to the ground because an entitle prick needed a refund — soignepapi (@soignepapi) October 9, 2020 However, Yelp has stated that the new ‘Business Accused of Racist Behavior’ warning is an extension of their ‘Public Attention Alert’, which “warns consumers that a business may be receiving an influx of reviews as a result of increased attention.” In other words, a business will receive an alert on their page when it is publicly exposed for racist behavior – a link to a published news article will be provided in the alert. Read our full blog here: — Yelp (@Yelp) October 9, 2020 Although Yelp has moral intentions, many are bothered by the possible repercussions this new policy will have on struggling businesses as we are currently in a recession due to the pandemic. I won’t be using @Yelp anymore. I encourage you to join me. This is going to be grossly abused and will result in lots of good business owners and employees falling on even harder times after having to endure COVID lockdowns. #CancelYelp — Cal Jameson (@JamesonCal) October 9, 2020 Others are frustrated with Yelp as they fear people will use this new policy to push their own political agendas at the expense of many businesses. So basically they’re now allowing BLM to do virtual looting. In the future, they’ll use the Yelp list to go and attack these businesses.@Yelp is aiding and abetting ANTIFA/BLM domestic terrorism. — Lauren Witzke (@LaurenWitzkeDE) October 9, 2020 With @Yelp announcing it is going to put notices on businesses accused of “racist behavior,” one #antifa group responsible for organizing the violent protests in Portland is now compiling a list. — Andy Ngô (@MrAndyNgo) October 9, 2020 One Twitter user points out that the policy itself is racist as it neglects to consider other minority groups such as Asians, Latinos, Native Americans, etc. I see you added a feature where you can find black owned businesses. What about asian owned? What about Mexican owned? Native American owned? Focusing on one race and leaving out all others is pretty much racist. @yelp app deleted. — OKLady🇺🇸 (@ok_debra) October 9, 2020 Yelp may be urging businesses to stand against racism, but many are calling them out as hypocrites because Yelp has been involved with many instances of racist and sexist behaviors in the past. Why not fix your own first. — Slumber (@Slumber_666) October 9, 2020 Yelp!!!! — Y.R. Sparks 🌕 (@yellowredsparks) October 9, 2020 A @Yelp employee once called me the n-word. This is absolutely true and certainly not just another made up hate crime. No one would EVER do that 😉 #Yelpisracist — Texan703 (@RyanCribbs2) October 9, 2020 Because many view this new policy as unfair, Twitter users are encouraging business owners to team up and sue Yelp. It's funny, sorry, really, but you're not thinking. I think that there will be such an overflow of remarks that #yelp doing the investigating will think it's true, and you'll eventually get sued by a group of restaurant owners. It will be an interesting class-action lawsuit. — Antonio I. Borroto X (@AntonioIBorroto) October 9, 2020 Just like the rest of big tech, remove section 230, and they will be sued into bankruptcy if they don’t stop their tyrannical actions. @Yelp has been hurting small businesses for years. They hide good reviews and highlight bad reviews. They need to be sued. — Derek Utley (@realDerekUtley) October 9, 2020 Every small business owner needs to organize a class action lawsuit against @Yelp for defamation, slander, and reckless endangerment of their property and finances — Etherium-Apex✝️ (@EtheriumApex) October 9, 2020 People Who Support Yelp’s New Policy Although people are furious with the new policy, there are many who support Yelp’s decision to implement this new feature as they believe it will help businesses be more cautious of racism. Here's what they never tell black people: almost at all restaurants, I get served before people of color, many waitresses have told me they wouldn't seat black people next to me, and my food always tastes better than what the colored folks get. This happens everywhere. — TaylorGardens (@TaylorGardens1) October 9, 2020 It’s funny how the only people that are complaining are the melanin-challenged individuals who haven’t experienced racial profiling a day in their life. Forgive me if I take your opinion with a grain of salt. — 𝚅𝙾𝚃𝙴 𝙵𝙾𝚁 𝚈𝙾𝚄𝚁 𝙻𝙸𝙵𝙴 🗳 (@endoftheweekxo) October 9, 2020 For businesses that are worried Yelp may penalize them for racist behavior, Yelp partnered with ‘Open to All,’ which serves as a toolkit for small and medium businesses to learn how to foster an environment that welcomes diversity. Included with ‘Open to All’ is a 60 minute unlearning bias video for training employees, outreach language for customers and employees, and social media assets. Currently, there are about half a million businesses enrolled in this program. 🔊 Calling all #OpenToAll businesses! We're proud to partner with @opentoallofus to release this toolkit designed to support your commitment to being a safe, inclusive, and welcoming place to everyone! Access the toolkit today. — Yelp (@Yelp) October 9, 2020 Though Yelp has the right intentions, will this new policy hurt the economy? Also, how effective will this policy be in combating racism? Do you think there will be fraudulent claims of racism out of spite?

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Virgin Islands AG DEMANDS “ENTIRETY” Of Epstein’s Flight Logs

Wealthy politicians and others are panicking as the Virgin Islands Attorney General demands access to 21 years worth of deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s flight logs. Attorney General Denise George has subpoenaed the recorded in their “entirety” of everyone who has been on Epstein’s Lolita Express. Wealthy people in all positions (political and corporate) are freaking out after George’s subpoena. Passenger logs for Epstein’s four helicopters and three planes have been subpoenaed by George, who recently sued the disgraced financier’s estate for 22 counts including human trafficking, child abuse, neglect, prostitution, aggravated rape, and forced labor, according to a Sunday report by the UK Mirror. In addition to the passenger lists, George has requisitioned “complaints or reports of potentially suspicious conduct” and any “personal notes” the pilots made while flying Epstein’s alleged harem of underage girls around the world. She also wants the names and contact information of anyone who worked for the pilots – or who “integrated with or observed” Epstein and his passengers. Epstein pilot David Rodgers previously provided a passenger log in 2009 tying dozens of politicians, actors, and other celebrities to the infamous sex offender – including former US President Bill Clinton, actor Kevin Spacey, and model Naomi Campbell. However, lawyers for Epstein’s alleged victims have argued that list did not include flights by Epstein’s chief pilot, Larry Visoski, who allegedly worked for him for over 25 years. “The records that have been subpoenaed will make the ones Rodgers provided look like a Post-It note,” a source told the Mirror over the weekend, claiming that George’s subpoena had triggered a “panic among many of the rich and famous.” –RT Epstein’s private plane, which was dubbed the Lolita Express, has several rich and famous passengers, including the UK’s Prince Andrew, celebrity lawyer Alan Dershowitz, actor Chris Tucker, Harvard economist Larry Summers, Hyatt hotel mogul Tom Pritzker, and model agency manager Jean-Luc Brunel along with Campbell, Spacey, and Clinton (who the logs show flew with Epstein over two dozen times). Alan “The-State-Can-Plunge-A-Needle-In-Your-Arm” Dershowitz Is In Epstein’s “Little Black Book” However, the passengers who enjoyed his other aircraft have not been made public yet. Epstein supposedly committed suicide last year in a Manhattan jail facility. Epstein’s madam, Ghislaine Maxwell, remains imprisoned in a Brooklyn detention center awaiting trial on charges related to child trafficking Trump’s Words For Epstein Sex Trafficking Accomplice: “I Just Wish Her Well” President Trump is Breaking Down the Neck of the Federal Reserve! He wants zero rates and QE4! You must prepare for the financial reset We are running out of time Download the Ultimate Reset Guide Now! Author: Mac SlavoViews:Date: September 23rd, 2020Website: Copyright Information: Copyright SHTFplan and Mac Slavo. This content may be freely reproduced in full or in part in digital form with full attribution to the author and a link to Please contact us for permission to reproduce this content in other media formats. SHTFPLAN is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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“#AllBuildingsMatter” Sparks A Twitter War on 9/11

September 11th is usually a solemn day in America, but this year Twitter is shaking things up. Early this morning, the hashtag “#AllBuildingsMatter” started trending, a mocking of the All Lives Matter movement that was created in response to the Black Lives Matter movement. Things quickly heated up on Twitter as users were quick to defend and attack this new hashtag.  Why is #AllBuildingsMatter controversial? When we say it we're including 9/11 and the Twin Towers. Everyone matters. — Justin AKA Wade Krueger (@WadeKrueger1) September 11, 2020 Usually, Americans come together to mourn the lives lost during the 2001 attack on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, an event that has come to be considered a great American tragedy. Images of the World Trade Center on fire, videos of the ultimate collapse, and the words “never forget” circulated social media for the past 18 years. Stories of lives lost and of the heroic first responders are always told, memorializing all those impacted. This was one of the few days a year that Americans seemed to come together, to put differences aside and stand a community. Not this year, though.  “#AllBuildingsMatter” has been one of the top five trends on Twitter all day. Twitter has a statement at the top of the tag that reads, “As people commemorate the anniversary of of the September 11 attacks, some are linking the tragedy to the numerous deaths of Black men and women at the hands of police, suggesting that the outrage or heartbreak felt in regard to the 9/11 terrorist attacks should, in some way, carry over to tragedies of police brutality. To drive the point home, saying ‘all lives matter’ when another Black person is killed by police feels akin to saying ‘all building matter’ in response to the destruction of the World Trade Center.”  People from all sides of the political spectrum are weighing in on the issue. A few House Candidates spoke up against the trend. Douglas Tuman, a Republican candidate from New York, wrote, “I wake up on the 19th anniversary of 9/11 and Twitter’s number two trending hashtag is #AllBuildingsMatter. I have never been more disgusted in my life.”  I wake up on the 19th anniversary of 9/11 and Twitter’s number two trending hashtag is #AllBuildingsMatter. I have never been more disgusted in my life. — Douglas Tuman (@ElectTuman) September 11, 2020 Errol Webber, a Republican from California, wrote, “The number two trend in the country is #AllBuildingsMatter. Twitter is allowing this to trend with only 4,400 tweets but suppressed the #CancelNetflix hashtag. We are dealing with evil.”  The number two trend in the country is #AllBuildingsMatter. Twitter is allowing this to trend with only 4,400 tweets but suppressed the #CancelNetflix hashtag. We are dealing with evil. — Errol Webber For Congress (CA-37) (@ErrolWebber) September 11, 2020 Other users tweeted in favor of the hashtag. Talbert Swan, a bishop from Canada, said, “To the entire miracle whip posse being all solemn and somber today and tweeting #NeverForget… remember that the next time you feel like telling Black people to “FORGET ABOUT” or “GET OVER” slavery, lynching, brutalization, dehumanization, and oppression. #AllBuildingsMatter”  To the entire miracle whip posse being all solemn and somber today and tweeting #NeverForget… remember that the next time you feel like telling Black people to “FORGET ABOUT” or “GET OVER” slavery, lynching, brutalization, dehumanization, and oppression. #AllBuildingsMatter — Bishop Talbert Swan (@TalbertSwan) September 11, 2020 Some questioned how this hashtag was more offensive than the All Lives Matter trend. Both the terrorist attack and police brutality are tragedies, so some felt that it was a valid response.  Someone please explain to me how #AllBuildingsMatter is more offensive than:– All Lives Matter– "Suckers and Losers"– 190,000 lives lost because "I like to play it down." Focus the selective outrage on your OWN silence and hypocrisy. — BrooklynDad_Defiant! (@mmpadellan) September 11, 2020 The people are fuming about #AllBuildingsMatter 19 years after 9/11?….. Now imagine how we feel with our brothers and sisters blood fresh and bodies cold on the streets and yall screaming #Alllivesmatter ???? So, yeah. — jiggaman (@jiggyjayy2) September 11, 2020 A few supporters of “All Buildings Matter” threw frequent reactions to Black Lives Matter back in the face of those distressed about today’s trend. They took a more comedic approach, really making light of the situation.  Maybe if the Twin Towers just followed the Planes orders, it wouldn’t be a problem ?#AllBuildingsMatter — Flight’s Burner (@FlightReacts__) September 11, 2020 Not every supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement was in favor of the “All Buildings Matter” joke. Some felt that the September 11 attacks were too important to regard in this manner.  Although I don’t agree with the #AllBuildingsMatter hashtag because 9/11 was terrible but also a moment where America came together, I’ll leave this here. — ™️Marcus (@TheMisterMarcus) September 11, 2020 TV personality Swaggy C tweeted a few times about this trend. He said that he supported the Black Lives Matter, but also recognizes September 11 for the tragedy that it was. His biggest issue was the differences in reactions to “#AllLivesMatter” and “#AllBuildingsMatter.”  I’m a believer in BLM AND Never Forgot 9/11…. I just hate the hypocrisy in people who say All Lives Matter yet wanna remember 9/11… it makes no sense. BLM & 9/11 ?? RIP to your cousin and I hope you have a good day today remembering him!! — SWAGGY C (@SwaggyCTV) September 11, 2020 For reference, this is a standard “#AllLivesMatter” tweet. Pretty similar points to what people are saying in the “AllBuildingsMatter” tag.  Facts are not racist. This is from the super liberal Sadly blacks are far more likely to commit violent crime, which means more interactions with police and more potential to be killed by them. #WhiteLivesMatter #BlackLivesMatter #AllLivesMatter. — Carmine Sabia (@CarmineSabia) June 3, 2020 As always in America, everything politicized has some strong supporters, protestors, and people who are floating around the middle. The Twitter war rages on, massing over 142,000 tweets so far. Each side is completely convinced they’re right, but are either of them? I guess not every question can have a clear answer, as today’s Twitter debate has shown.

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