The real Peace Prize President

Peace between Israel and the United Arab Emirates. Peace between Israel and Bahrain. Peace between Serbia and Kosovo. And that was all in the last month. Nancy Pelosi may think these latest diplomatic breakthroughs deserve mockery, but then again, like Obama, she thought empowering Iran at Israel’s expense was the path to Middle East peace. Maybe the ruthless real estate developer from Queens has sharper instincts for creating deals between former enemies than the refined experts among the Foggy Bottom crowd are willing to acknowledge. Just a thought. I mean, if you prefer dumping a couple billion dollars in unmarked bills on Iran’s doorstep in the dead of night and setting that theocratic dictatorship on a glide path toward becoming a nuclear superpower in control of the Middle East, then definitely go with the community organizing commander in chief. “Death to America,” after all, sounds exactly the same when chanted by either the Ayatollah’s executioners in Iran or Antifa’s arsonists in Oakland and Minneapolis. But if you’re looking to achieve real peace between bitter foes, then at some point, you throw out the laughably ineffective diplomatic playbook and bring in a real “ringer.” And that’s just what America did in 2016. Wake up, Washington! This is what winning looks like! It must all be pretty confusing for an establishment class that prefers talking about solutions but never actually achieving any and bending so far backwards for our geopolitical enemies that our normal M.O. is to pay them for the pleasure of kicking ourselves in the ass. “Peace through strength” is more than a slogan; it’s good policy. It’s just that the Obama administration foolishly believed fake American strength would somehow secure real and enduring peace. Remember how Iran ran roughshod over Obama, routinely threatening our naval vessels while the American president begged for a nuclear deal that would justify his Nobel Prize? I know the press corps found it enchanting that both John Kerry and Iran’s Foreign Minister Javad Zarif could sip tea like gentlemen while Iran was busy taking American sailors hostage, smuggling heroine into the United States, and threatening Israel’s genocide, but sometimes you throw etiquette out the window, smash the china on the ground, toss the table upside down, and set new terms for negotiation. Obama was determined to lead from behind, and bad actors around the world were happy to exploit his weakness. Out of naiveté, ideological sympathy, and spinelessness, he managed to hand Russia power in Syria and a foothold in the Middle East for the first time since the end of the Cold War, open up a Shiite Crescent for the Iranians to exert control from the Persian Gulf to the Mediterranean Sea, and reconcile with Cuba’s murderous communists in our own backyard. If bowing down to Putin, Khamenei, and Castro seemed downright brilliant, then Obama was your guy. The problem is Obama was also Russia’s guy, Iran’s guy, and Cuba’s guy, too. How strange and refreshing it is to know that President Trump is just America’s guy! How satisfying it is to have an American president who doesn’t feel the need to beg Iran, Hamas, and Hezbollah to stop killing our friends. When terrorists kill our friends these days, they end up dead. Americans have watched “experts” at the U.N. and the U.S. State Department justify Islamic terrorism against Israel as a negotiating tactic for border disputes that have been raging since 1948. President Trump looked at a hundred years of failure in securing the peace between Israel and her neighbors and decided the insiders were playing a game that couldn’t be won. So he changed the game. Some problems must be made bigger before they can be fixed. He stopped pretending that the conflict was between Jews and Muslims in the West Bank and started focusing on the real Arab power brokers holding up a deal for peace. And he stopped trying to create one deal that would appeal to every country with an opinion and instead concentrated on bilateral deals that pinpointed the particular interests of each party in the region. There’s no point in insisting on one splashy deal with all the bells and whistles in the world if the negotiation takes decades to complete. Sometimes, a hundred little deals can get you past the finish line to peace. This is what it’s like to have an American president actually interested in the art of the deal. It turns out that breakthroughs once thought impossible are actually quite possible. But not if your negotiation team consists of a bunch of Peace Corps veterans with masters in international diplomacy and your chief weapon is to unpack James Taylor when the going gets tough. No, if you’re sitting across the table from sharks, you better have razor-sharp teeth, too. It’s amazing that it took so long for a real businessman to come along, shake his head at the State Department, and say, “That’s not how you get to ‘yes.’” Three peace deals in a matter of weeks are just the beginning. One trade deal at a time, one defense deal at a time, one peace deal at a time, the Trump Era will one day be remembered as the period during which America’s foreign policy re-structured the world. And peace is the prize. No wonder China says it strongly prefers a Biden presidency because President Trump is too unpredictable at the negotiating table. In the past, China simply paid off America’s liberal political elites before robbing her blind. Now they’ve got an American adversary who not only can’t be bought off but who actually enjoys the fight. During the Obama-Biden years, China faced a poodle; with President Trump, they must fend off a tiger. And just as these most recent peace deal triumphs prove, tigers get results. 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