Twitter Reacts To Couple Getting Married At Dunkin Donuts Drive Thru

Humans are a diverse species, but one thing we all have in common – the desire for love. People all over the world are searching for their soulmate; however, sometimes the love of your life may be where you least expect. For these newly weds, they truly did not expect a job and a morning coffee to lead to a marriage. DUNKIN' WEDDING: This couple said Dunkin' Donuts played a huge role in their love story – so they got married in the drive-thru 🧡 — CBS News (@CBSNews) October 19, 2020 The Dunkin Love Story Every morning John Thompson, a retired Marine working as a car salesman, would drive his red truck at 7:15am through an Oklahoma Dunkin’ Donuts drive thru for his sausage, egg, and cheese croissant and a large coffee with cream and sugar. Because he ordered the same thing at the same time every day, he became a known regular for the Dunkin’ staff and especially to the manager, Sugar Good, but she only knew him as “the man in the red truck.” They went through the same routine every day for a year and their bits of small talks led to an infatuation for each other. Although he was fond of the manager who greeted him every morning, Thompson did not know her name. A couple times Thompson tried to glance at his receipt to find her name at the bottom, but her unique name “Sugar” stumped Thompson as he believed this was a reference to how he liked his coffee, not her actual name. One morning in September 2018, Good decided to add a life-changing addition to Thompson’s breakfast – her business card. Thompson was relieved as he finally learned the name of the smiling face he would see every morning and he immediately called her. However, before Thompson called her, Good drove a gloomy road home as she was envious of the people going home to their families while she returned to an empty home, but Thompson’s call terminated her loneliness forever. After their first date at a miniature golf course and a few months of getting to know the person on the other side of the drive-thru window, their relationship quickly soared as they already broke the ice with their regular morning encounters. In April 2018, Thompson dropped Good off at 3am for work, but little did Good know that her future husband would get down on one knee in the middle of the Dunkin Donuts parking lot at 3am. The Wedding Because Dunkin’ Donuts is where it all started, on October 13th, Sugar Good – dressed in her Dunkin’ uniform – leaned over the drive thru window to hold the hands of the man in the red truck while the pastor stood between them as he officiated their wedding ceremony. However, the ceremony was short as there was a long line of hungry customers waiting for their daily breakfast and coffee behind Thompson’s truck. After they became husband and wife, a group of 30 people filled with their friends and family waited outside of the store to congratulate the newlyweds. Although their wedding was far from traditional, to them, this truly was the perfect wedding. Internet Responses After the news of this unconventional marriage, people swarmed to Twitter to express their love for the “perfect couple.” My love of Dunkin' is surpassed only by my love of this Dunkin' love story: — Vanessa McCray (@vanmccray) October 23, 2020 the perfect love story doesn't exi – — Myles Ma (@MylesMaNJ) October 23, 2020 Many are also commenting on the irony of Sugar Good’s name to her job and story. He ordered a coffee with cream and got two Sugars. (I couldn’t resist.) ❤️ — spoiled. (mocosa mimada) (@spoiELLEd) October 19, 2020 HER NAME IS SUGAR GOOD EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS IS PERFECT — Jessica Grose (@JessGrose) October 23, 2020 This story also inspired Twitter users to turn their image of the dream wedding from glamour to glaze. Don’t slide into my DMs unless you’re willing to get married at Dunkin — Tonya Riley (@TonyaJoRiley) October 23, 2020 if my future husband doesn’t propose to me in the dunkin drive thru I don’t want it!!!! — maddie🌤 (@MADS__3) October 23, 2020 But another Twitter user, who is content with her traditional wedding, says she dodged a bullet as she believes that if this story came out before her own wedding, her husband would have wanted to get married at Dunkin’ Donuts. I am very glad this story came out after my wedding because I know for a fact my husband would want to get married at Dunkin if that as an option. — Shelby, Esq. (@shelbs0721) October 23, 2020 Also, some are claiming that they would have been frustrated if they were forced to wait longer for their food because of the wedding. I know right?! I would have rammed the back of their car. Well worth the insurance increase — Sean Trimble (@SeanTrimble17) October 19, 2020 But most are commenting that this sweet story was a good break to the usual stresses of the day. This Vows, about an Oklahoma City Dunkin Donunts manager marrying her longtime customer in the drive through, is very sweet and just an enjoyable break from the day — Kaitlyn Greenidge (@surlybassey) October 23, 2020 Because of the typical wedding standards that are ingrained into our minds, we are obligated to think the perfect wedding involves an expensive dress, a glamorous venue, and hundreds of people. But truly marriage is about two people coming together to declare their unconditional love for each other. Stripping down their wedding to its’ core, love, Sugar Good and John Thompson are able to smoothly transition to their sweet marriage. What does your dream wedding look like? Is Dunkin’ Donuts the perfect spot for your future wedding?

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People Are Finding Love on the Video Game ‘Among Us’

While we are prohibited from going to school, work, and other social venues, many are yearning for a platform to meet new people. The dating scene has been dead for months as it is difficult to find your soulmate while stuck at home. But some are discovering a new and unique way to virtually find love by turning the video game ‘Among Us’ into a dating game. What is Among Us? The video game ‘Among Us’ is where 4-10 players aboard a ship and must complete a variety of tasks. However, 1-3 players are assigned the role of the “Imposter” whose goal is to kill all the other players (crewmates) without getting caught. @amongus.leah #fyp #amongus #redvented #foryou ♬ original sound – Leah When a crewmate thinks they know who the “Imposter” is, they can call an “Emergency Meeting” where they discuss with the other players on who they think the Imposter is. Every time there is a meeting all players vote on who they think is the Imposter, and the player with the most votes gets ejected from the ship. If all the Imposters are ejected, the crewmates win, but if the Imposter(s) are able to kill the majority of the crewmates, then the Imposter(s) wins. Though the main goal of the game is to either kill or not be killed, many are playing the game with unconventional goals. Among Us Love Stories In ‘Among Us’ people play against real people, leading to the possibilities of making new friends and finding love. One TikTok user went viral after posting a video where she and another ‘Among Us’ player became allies on the game when they changed their screen names to Sharkboy and Lava Girl. After playing multiple games with Sharkboy, Lava Girl decided to ask for Sharkboy’s Instagram. Later, the two lovebirds Facetimed each other and had great conversations. @karlagarcia999 Pt. 2 of our love story 🥰 #amongus #lovestory #foryoupage ♬ Blake Banuelos YT – Blarick Eventually, Sharkboy and Lava Girl met in person and went on a date – they almost even kissed. @karlagarcia999 Reply to @joselynem47 We have officially met up y’all @sadboiimarrzz ♬ original sound – Karly Queen @karlagarcia999 For those that didn’t go on our live yes me and Sharkboy have met lol @sadboiimarrzz ♬ Because of You – Ne-Yo @karlagarcia999 For everyone who was asking to kiss in the live 😂 ♬ electric love – madalyn Sadly, this love story came to an end as both had busy schedules and little time for a romantic relationship. @karlagarcia999 Reply to @nashh.716 Sorry guys :/ ♬ original sound – Karly Queen Like Sharkboy and LavaGirl, other ‘Among Us’ players were successful in connecting with their crush outside of the game such as this user. An Among us love story #amongus #blurrtv #ItBeLikeThat #fyp #foryoupage #viral ♬ original sound – BLURR Even though most of the relationships seem to have an expiration date, this player had a lasting fairytale relationship with an ‘Among Us’ user as they got married and even had a baby – but their relationship was strictly virtual. among us love story pt.1 (pt.2 is up) #amongus #lovestory #orange #pink #fyp #foryou #amonguslovestory ♬ among us love story pt.1 – among us is sus among is love story pt.2 #amongus #lovestory #orange #pink #fyp #foryou #amonguslovestory #darkblue ♬ among us love story pt.2 – among us is sus among us love story pt.3 #amongus #darkblue #pink #amonguslovestory #lovestory #fyp #foryou #brown ♬ among us love story pt.1 – among us is sus Love Stories That Did Not Have a Happy Ending However, not all ‘Among Us’ love stories go as hoped. An ‘Among Us’ player (Homelander) developed a crush for another player (Jane), but when he asked her out on a date, she revealed that she is only 13. @balakey An Among Us Love Story 😂 #amongus #youtube #xyzbca #fyp #foryou #impostor ♬ Blake Banuelos YT – Blarick Although Jane was underage, the two kept playing together, and Jane even refused to kill Homelander when she was the Imposter, but he ejected her off the ship because she was still 13. @balakey An Among Us Love Story Part 2 😂 #amongus #youtube #xyzbca #fyp #foryou #impostor ♬ original sound – Blarick Jane tried to shoot her shot one last time with Homelander, but Homelander ejected her off the ship again. @balakey An Among Us Love Story Part 3 😂 #amongus #youtube #xyzbca #fyp #foryou #impostor ♬ Blake Banuelos YT – Blarick When Homelander’s and Jane’s story came to an end, Homelander did not give up on love as he found a new crush – Ashley. However, when he FaceTimed Ashley, he found out that he was catfished. @balakey An Among Us Catfish 😂 #amongus #youtube #xyzbca #fyp #foryou #impostor ♬ Blake Banuelos YT – Blarick Other ‘Among Us’ TikToks Some may be using ‘Among Us’ to find love, but others are creating new ways to use the game such as making the characters go along with popular trends. @sushibae My stupid birthday #amongus #gaming ♬ Potential Breakup Song – Aly & AJ @amongusdetail P I X A R. #amongus #amongusvideo #amongusfamily #amongusmeme #amongusclip #fyp #xyzbca #meme #viral #tiktokgaming #foru #foryoupage #funny ♬ original sound – Among Us Others are going viral for creating hilarious reenactments of typical ‘Among Us’ scenarios. @theeblackbadger You always have to watch your back when you’re looking at the security cameras ! 😭😭😭 #TikTokCooks #VibeWithUs #amongus #amongusgame ♬ original sound – Christian Haynes Some are looking to TikTok for new tricks on mastering the game. @_slapnuts #funny #howto #comedy #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #viral #amongus #imposter ♬ original sound – 👽REECEETESBETH👽 TikTok has caused ‘Among Us’ to skyrocket as many more people are playing the game and trying to recreate the videos that have seen on their ‘For You Page’ whether it be comedy or love inspired videos. Is your soulmate on ‘Among Us’?

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A new congressional report proves that the institutions of marriage and family are being systematically destroyed in America

The numbers that I am about to share with you are extremely sobering, and they should be a massive wake up call for all of us.  Yesterday, I wrote an article about how our society is breaking down everywhere we look, and nowhere is this more evident than in our marriages and in our families.  But without strong marriages and strong families, no society can thrive for long.  Recently, the Social Capital Project of the Joint Economic Committee Republicans released a report entitled “The Demise of the Happy Two-Parent Home”, but you probably never heard about it until now because it was almost entirely ignored by the mainstream media.  I have never seen a congressional report document the collapse of marriage and family in American society to such an extent, and to be honest it is quite surprising to see such a quality piece of work come out of Washington.   I have selected nine of the most alarming quotes from the report and put them in bold below.  Following each quote from the report, I am going to share some of my own commentary… #1 Overall, between 1962 and 2019, the percentage of women ages 15-44 who were married dropped from 71 percent to 42 percent (Figure 1).16 Furthermore, Figure 2 shows the percentage of women ages 30-34 who had never married increased from 7 percent in 1962 to 35 percent in 2019.17 Numbers for men are similar, but they were not included in the report.  We have never seen marriage rates collapse like this ever before, and most of the decline can be attributed to the fact that many young Americans simply do not see any reason to get married anymore. These days, many would prefer to be free to run around having sex with whoever they want.  When they become dissatisfied with their current sexual partner, they just move on and find someone else. #2 Today, around 45 percent of American children spend some time without a biological parent by late adolescence.3 That is up from around one-third of children born in the 1960s and one-fifth to one-quarter born in the 1950s.4  Study after study has shown that children do better with two parents, and so the fact that nearly half of our children have been raised by just one parent for at least a portion of their lives is extremely alarming. I have tremendous respect for single parents, but if our society is going to thrive we need a whole lot more two parent households. #3 Single parenthood is experienced by two-thirds of the children of mothers with less than a high school education and by eighty percent of black children. Over the past several decades, impoverished Americans have increasingly been drawn to the ideology of the Democratic Party. But the ideology of the Democratic Party does not value marriage and family, and in impoverished communities all across America the results have been absolutely disastrous. Unfortunately, the Republican Party is increasingly moving away from traditional values as well, and that is an extremely alarming trend. #4 Among women ages 19 to 44 who married between 1965 and 1974, just 11 percent had cohabited with their husbands prior to marriage, but that number jumped to 32 percent among those who married between 1975 and 1979 and continued to soar thereafter. For the past two decades, two-thirds of new marriages have been preceded by cohabitation.28 These days, the vast majority of young couples want to “live together” before they get married. But study after study has shown that couples that “live together” before marriage have much less long-term success than couples that don’t. In the old days, it was clearly understood that cohabitation prior to marriage was wrong, but these days hardly anyone wants to speak out against it. #5 The decline in marriage and the increase in cohabitation has led to substantial growth in unwed childbearing. The percent of births to unmarried mothers has jumped from five percent in 1960 to 40 percent today (Figure 6).29 It is hard to believe that things have gotten this bad. How in the world is our society going to be successful when 40 percent of our children are being born into unstable family situations? These days, many young men don’t feel any responsibility for the children that they father, and that is something that must change if we ever want to have any hope of turning our country in the right direction. #6 In a 2007 study researchers found that 50 percent of children born to cohabiting parents experienced a maternal partnership transition by their third birthday, compared to just 13 percent of children in married-parent families.32 Thus, children born into households where the parents are not married are much more likely to see their parents break up. This is yet more evidence that cohabitation is a bad idea. The order is supposed to go like this – get married, live together and then have children. But these days so many young couples are doing things in the exact opposite order, and the vast majority of the time that does not work out at all. #7 As of 2019, 57 percent of highly-educated women ages 15-44 were married, compared to only 36 percent of moderately-educated women and 18 percent of women with low education (Figure 8).39 These differences were much smaller in the mid-1960s, with less than ten percentage points separating the three groups in 1964. Numbers for men are similar, but once again the numbers for men were not included in this report. To be honest, I was a bit surprised by the huge differences among the various groups. Does not having money make both men and women less desirable to potential marriage partners? #8 Two-thirds of births (65 percent) among women with low education occur outside of marriage as of 2018 along with half (52 percent) of births to moderately-educated women (Figure 9). Among highly-educated women, however, just 11 percent occur outside marriage.40  If you are a woman and you have a child outside of marriage while you are very young, it is very likely that you will have to work to support that child. So any dreams of a higher education are often delayed, and in many cases those delays end up being permanent. #9 Women with a bachelor’s degree and married for the first time are very likely to be married for a long time; 78 percent will still be married 20 years later. However, among women entering their first marriage who have some college but no bachelor’s degree, it is as likely as not that their marriage will end within 20 years. Among women with no more than a high school diploma, just 40 percent will still be in their first marriage after 20 years. The U.S. has one of the highest divorce rates in the entire world, and things are especially bad in our impoverished communities. As a result, vast numbers of children in our impoverished communities live in broken homes, and those that come from broken homes tend to be much more likely to gravitate toward crime, drugs and violence. The bottom line is that if we want to fix America, we have got to fix our families.  In the report, the authors included a remarkable quote from Princeton University sociologist Sara McLanahan… If we were asked to design a system for making sure that children’s basic needs were met, we would probably come up with something quite similar to the two-parent ideal. Such a design, in theory, would not only ensure that children had access to the time and money of two adults, it also would provide a system of checks and balances that promoted quality parenting. The fact that both parents have a biological connection to the child would increase the likelihood that the parents would identify with the child and be willing to sacrifice for that child, and it would reduce the likelihood that either parent would abuse the child. For thousands of years, two parent families have worked, and the reason they have worked is because that is how things were originally designed. Sadly, these days most Americans find traditional values repugnant, and they think that they have figured out a better way of doing things. Of course the truth is that they have greatly deceived themselves, and if we stay on this current path there is absolutely no future for us as a nation. ***Michael’s new book entitled “Lost Prophecies Of The Future Of America” is now available in paperback and for the Kindle on Amazon.*** About the Author: My name is Michael Snyder and my brand new book entitled “Lost Prophecies Of The Future Of America” is now available on  In addition to my new book, I have written four others that are available on including The Beginning Of The End, Get Prepared Now, and Living A Life That Really Matters. (#CommissionsEarned)  By purchasing the books you help to support the work that my wife and I are doing, and by giving it to others you help to multiply the impact that we are having on people all over the globe.  I have published thousands of articles on The Economic Collapse Blog, End Of The American Dream and The Most Important News, and the articles that I publish on those sites are republished on dozens of other prominent websites all over the globe.  I always freely and happily allow others to republish my articles on their own websites, but I also ask that they include this “About the Author” section with each article.  The material contained in this article is for general information purposes only, and readers should consult licensed professionals before making any legal, business, financial or health decisions.  I encourage you to follow me on social media on Facebook and Twitter, and any way that you can share these articles with others is a great help.  During these very challenging times, people will need hope more than ever before, and it is our goal to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with as many people as we possibly can.  

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The Internet Takes Sides After Finding Out Offset Cheated on Cardi B

From secret weddings to cheating allegations, we have all been aboard Cardi B’s and Offset’s emotional rollercoaster as they climbed hills and encountered steep drops. However, as they neared their third wedding anniversary, the rappers have decided to unbuckle their seatbelts and end their wild ride. After overwhelming evidence of Offset repeatedly cheating throughout their relationship, Cardi B finally had enough.  On Tuesday, Cardi B’s lawyer submitted documents in Atlanta to divorce Offset and request full custody of their two-year old daughter Kulture. However, on Wednesday morning Cardi B made some adjustments as she disagreed with the terms her lawyer asked for. She wants an “amicable” divorce and a healthy co-parenting relationship with her daughter’s father. Relationship Timeline In attempts to keep their personal lives on the down low, Offset and Cardi B secretly got married in September 2017, but Offset publicly proposed in October – a month after they were already married. After months of keeping people in the dark on their marital status, the husband and wife revealed the truth in June 2018. However, the secrets did not end there. For a while, Cardi B held her pregnancy a secret as she wanted people to focus on her music rather than her personal life. When it became impossible to hide her pregnancy, Cardi B shocked fans as she boasted her pregnant body during her performance on SNL in April 2018. Cardi B officially reveals her pregnancy on #SNL — Rap-Up (@RapUp) April 8, 2018 Although their relationship had many milestones, there were rocks in the road as videos resurfaced of Offset cheating on Cardi B in December 2017 and January 2018. Despite pressure from fans to leave him, Cardi B stuck by his side.  But a year later, Cardi B announced on Instagram that the couple had broken up and she’s looking into getting a divorce.  Aww the way Cardi B is talking? — AbikeArab Money? (@papaya_ex) September 16, 2020 Shortly after their breakup went public, Offset confessed that he missed his wife and ambushed Cardi B onstage during the Rolling Loud music festival with signs asking her to take him back. After a month of Offset’s multiple grand gestures, the couple got back together at the end of January 2019. For over a year, it seemed that their marriage was going strong as the couple expressed their love for each other on social media – especially this summer.  But it seems Offset has not learned his lesson as many women have come forward exposing their affairs with the Migos member, leading Cardi B to finally divorce him. Divorce Details According to TMZ, the original court documents stated that the couple have been separated for some time and Cardi B has no intention of getting back together with Offset. Cardi B’s lawyer requested for an “equitable share of marital assets,” which leads us to assume that – unlike many other celebrity marriages – there was no prenup when the rappers got married. Also, the lawyer asked for Cardi B to get full custody of her daughter and for Offset to pay child support and legal expenses. However, Cardi B was surprised by the stance her lawyer was taking, which led her to make some changes on Wednesday morning.  In the new documents, she wants Offset to have joint custody of their daughter and to not be forced to give any financial support. She wants this divorce to be smooth and friendly. The exes are set to appear in court on November 4 to determine the official terms of their divorce. Twitter Responses Although this is a serious and saddening situation for the two parties involved, people are taking to Twitter to create memes and jokes about their divorce. Cardi B is known for her sexual and explicit songs, and many are analyzing the lyrics to her song ‘WAP’ to explain why Offset was unfaithful. However, many are slut-shaming Cardi B in the process. Cardi B should’ve really learned to cook & clean for Offset instead of just relying on that WAP… didn’t get her too far after all. — DeAnna Lorraine ?? (@DeAnna4Congress) September 15, 2020 I guess it ain't a WAP, her husband still get real WAP LOLWHAT does that ring mean now. Since you dont cook or clean. — MomaShugg (@MommaShugg1) September 16, 2020 Lol. So my question is: Does Cardi have that WAP if he cheating???? — La'Marcus (@Markkhuz) September 16, 2020 Cardi B doesn’t cook, she doesn’t clean and she can’t keep a man like my ex. @iamcardib. Shame — Omar Navarro (@RealOmarNavarro) September 15, 2020 Cardi b : “I don’t cook, I don’t clean” Offset: — NJ? (@gIazersdead) September 15, 2020 Even though Cardi B has some haters, Offset has even more. Because of their past, most are commenting on Offset’s serial cheating habits. Offset trynna figure out why Cardi is divorcing him after cheating on her — ✌️ (@AmirMuhammadAli) September 15, 2020 Cardi B: i want a divorce Offset after cheating on her a billion times: — Active (@heypeopleexx) September 15, 2020 Cardi b : we’re getting a divorce i don’t deserve this Offset unblocking every insta model cardi made him block : — ⚔️Jeremy | Replay 〄 (@gardenpanty) September 15, 2020 Amid the news of Cardi B’s divorce, she has been receiving lots of love and support from her fans – including Lizzo. Lizzo sent Cardi flowers. We love a genuine friendship. ❤️ — Fan Account | #BLM (@BardiUpdatess) September 16, 2020 Cardi B. is powerful!! In every way! Mind and heart. And she needs a partner that embraces that, is in awe of that, cherishes that, is in reverence of that, and delights in that. — Bolu Babalola (@BeeBabs) September 15, 2020 I'm not surprised cardi B is divorceing offset. She's sitting with presidential candidates & looking to make change. He's been cheating on her since day one. She just outgrew him. — ?? Quinn ???? (@Quinn510_) September 16, 2020 It’s so sad to watch so many people talking down on Cardi B as if she is the one in the wrong. Like I always say, celebrity women get cheated on bc these men are jealous of them in their stardom & are trying to publicly humiliate them to make themselves feel confident. — ABM (@imani_yvonne2) September 16, 2020 How do you feel about Cardi B’s and Offset’s divorce? Will the divorce be as friendly as Cardi B hopes?

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‘Squirmy and Grubs’ Speak Out Against Hate Comments On Interabled Marriage

Shane Burcaw and Hannah Aylward, the interabled couple of the YouTube channel Squirmy and Grubs have been the target of offensive comments on their recent wedding video. The couple has faced ignorance and discrimination about their relationship in the past, but this time it went too far.  View this post on Instagram If the past two years of having a YouTube channel have taught me anything, it’s that you’re never going to be able to educate everyone. No matter what you do, some people will just never come around. Worrying about these people’s opinions is a waste of time, and as time has gone on, it’s become so much easier to genuinely have no internal reaction to comments like these. A few years ago, reading words like these was painful. For a while, I held onto the idea that once Shane and I were married, all the people doubting our relationship would realize it was real. Now, of course, I’m not that naive. Although it’s taken time, I’m able to completely dismiss people like this. Shane and I continue to make content and share our story with the hopes of showing as many people as we can that disabled people are worthy partners. Comments like these only encourage us to continue! We’re so grateful for all of the people that our story has managed to reach in a positive way. A post shared by Hannah Burcaw (@hannahayl) on Sep 11, 2020 at 3:41pm PDT Channel ‘Squirmy and Grubs,’ better known as Shane Burcaw and Hannah Aylward have been dating and showcasing their interabled (a relationship where one person is disabled and the other is not) relationship on YouTube for a little over two years now. Shane has Spinal Muscular Atrophy, aka SMA, a rare disease that causes the muscles to deteriorate, while Hannah is able bodied. Their channel quickly reached half a million subscribers as they educated others on disabled living and showed the daily life of an interabled couple. Shane is an active voice in the disabled community. Originally starting a blog poking fun at his disability, he has since started a nonprofit organization that speaks to schools and provides equipment for those with muscular dystrophy. He has also written a memoir and been the center of a short documentary produced by Rainn Wilson.  The couple originally met because Hannah saw the Rain Wilson documentary and decided to email Shane. The two quickly developed a virtual relationship before even meeting in person! They have been dating for the past four years and finally got married this month. Hurtful Comments [embedded content] Shane and Hannah got married in a beautiful backyard ceremony on September 4th. They wrote on their social media channels that while it was not the wedding they expected, the day was perfect and filled with happiness. They both beam in photos and have said they are happy that they have married their best friend and love of their life.  While many fans were happy to see the couple finally getting hitched, SQUIRMY AND GRUBS GOT MARRIED THIS IS THE ONE REDEEMING THING ABOUT 2020 — Jax ?⚓? big boy man (@g4tisss) September 6, 2020 #SquirmyAndGrubs I'm so ? 4 Y'all!!! Now u just gonna have to share the baby bellies to come & we wanna see babies!!! — Elect A Clown ? Expect A Circus ? (@AimeeSutton0922) September 6, 2020 Others were less thrilled. A week after they posted their wedding content on social media, hurtful and ignorant comments began flooding their pages. Some of the negative comments were screenshot by Hannah herself. They read:  “Is he rich or something?” “This is some kind of joke.” “I’m saying this without any apologies. I’m pretty sure this woman married him because if money and not for love. Some of us women will do anything and everything for money, even if it means putting up a front, pretending, just to get what they want. Not no true love.”  Hannah took to Instagram to respond. She posted a happy newlywed photo of her and Shane with screenshots of some of the mean comments. In her caption she details that a few years ago, these comments would have hurt her, but today they do not.  She continues to say, “for a while, I held onto the idea that once Shane and I were married, all the people doubting our relationship would realize it was real. Now, of course, I’m not that naive. Although it’s taken time, I’m able to completely dismiss people like this. Shane and I continue to make content and share our story with the hopes of showing as many people as we can that disabled people are worthy partners.” Hannah’s caption emphasizes the fact that so many people still invalidate the lives of those with disabilities so much that they do not believe they are capable of having a “normal” relationship. The negative comments on their wedding posts about the inauthenticity of Hannah’s choice to marry Shane are completely ignorant to the fact that people with disabilities are people too and worthy of love. The comments show a very ugly side of people who think that because of Shane’s SMA, he is unworthy of being loved or having a “stereotypically pretty” able bodied person like Hannah as his wife.  The couple also did what they do best and took to YouTube to address the controversy surrounding their wedding.  [embedded content] They spoke in depth about the systemic inequality disabled people face when looking to get legally married. The couple talk about their decision to get legally married despite the financial implications they might face down the road because of the little options our government gives to those with disabilities.  and that’s on Squirmy and Grubs — Ԁѧяяѧһ (@MonaeePatrice) September 13, 2020 At the end of the video, Hannah does address that their decision to get legally married was also slightly influenced by the fact that they were worried about the hate they might receive if viewers found out they were not actually legally married. Even though they love each other, and were married in their own eyes, they didn’t want to give more reasons for people to devalue their marriage.  In their response video Shane says, “…and I know the reaction to that from all of you will be, ‘oh just ignore them, they’re dumb,’ but when you’re email is filled every day with dozens of messages from mean people telling us that Hannah is only after my money, or that she can never love someone as disabled as me, and you have to go through and delete them so that you can find your real emails- you’re going to understand why we don’t want to add fuel to the fire.”  Shane and Hannah have always educated people on what it is like to be an interabled couple, and their marriage was no different. It is disheartening to see that despite so much effort on their part to educate others, there are still some that are ignorant and ableist. Any couple knows that invalidation from the outside can cause strain on a relationship, but Hannah and Shane remain strong as ever. Their response video and Hannah’s Instagram post show their resilience towards the haters, proving to those that “disabled people are worthy partners.”  We are wishing congratulations to the newlywed couple and we can only hope their future together is bright. 

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