Court Blocks Virginia Plan to Count Late Ballots Without Postmarks

A Virginia court ordered the state to abolish a plan to accept mail-in ballots without postmarks that have arrived after the election day. The Virginia State Board of Elections advised local election boards in August that if ballots arrive up to three days after Election Day, they should still count them, even if they’re not postmarked as sent on or before election day. Thomas Reed, local electoral board member, challenged the guidance as unlawful, represented by the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF), a right-leaning election watchdog. “Mr. Reed had a straightforward request: follow the law,” PILF President and General Counsel Christian Adams said in an Oct. 28 release. “The judge enjoined the Virginia State Board of Elections from issuing instructions to count late ballots without postmarks.” Virginia law says that “any absentee ballot returned to the general registrar after the closing of the polls on election day but before noon on the third day after the election and postmarked on or before the date of the election shall be counted.” The state’s election authorities argued, however, that the ballots should still be counted even if they lack postmarks. In that case, the voter would be asked to attest that the vote was indeed sent on or before election day. PILF said that a postmark won’t be necessary if the ballot package at least has a post office bar code through which it can be verified when it was sent. The Frederick County Circuit Court agreed in an Oct. 28 ruling that ballots on which the post date can’t be verified either through postmark or a bar code can’t be accepted. Virginia used to toss any ballot that arrived after election day. In March, it passed a bill that allowed the three-day grace period after Election Day. “Mr. Reed did have a problem with the conflicting guidance and brand-new law governing the matter,” PILF spokesman Logan Churchwell told The Epoch Times in an email. “The Virginia Board did engage a period of public comment shortly before the lawsuit was filed. Public comments were overwhelmingly against the instructions, but the Commonwealth proceeded with the now-enjoined instructions anyway.” Deadlines for accepting mail-in ballots differ from state to state. Some require the ballot to arrive by Election Day. Others allow later arrival, as long as the package is postmarked on Election Day or the day prior. Election authorities are handling a record volume of mail in ballots this year because many people worry about the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus pandemic and some states have also expanded access to mail voting. In Virginia, 2.3 million ballots have already been cast, nearly 60 percent of all votes cast in the state in 2016, according to the U.S. Elections Project. Of those, almost 1.5 million, were cast early in person, while the rest were sent by mail. PILF has been sounding alarm about the extent of mail voting, arguing many states aren’t ready to handle the deluge. It seems, however, that the mail voting so far has been spread over a longer period of time this year, mitigating the impact. Republicans have warned that mail voting is prone to fraud. There is some evidence of illegal activity related to mail voting, but the extent of the phenomenon remains opaque. Available data indicates Democrats are much more likely to vote by mail, particularly this year.

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Eric Eggers: Five States Where Voter Fraud Might Change the Presidential Election

Here are five states where voter fraud may impact the election.

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Pennsylvania Elections Board Seeks Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s Recusal in Voting Case

Less than one day after Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed as an associate justice on the U.S. Supreme Court, an elections board in Pennsylvania filed a motion with the court on Tuesday asking that Barrett recuse herself from a voting case that could impact the 2020 general election.

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Nearly 70 Million Already Voted, Hinting Historic 2020 Turnout

The 2020 election is shaping up to be one for the history books with turnout likely to surpass anything America has seen for 50 or even 100 years—at least according to early voting data, which shows some states on the way to exceeding the total 2016 turnout even before election day. Over 68 million voters […]

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Former Postal Worker Charged for Allegedly Tossing Absentee Ballots in Dumpster

A former United States Postal Service (USPS) worker faces federal charges for allegedly throwing away mail that included over 100 absentee ballots in Jefferson County, Kentucky. “DeShawn Bojgere, 30, of, Louisville, Kentucky, has been charged with the delay or destruction of mail, a federal crime under 18 United States Code 1703,” the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Western District of

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The Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s Bad Voting Decision Is The Law’s Fault

The commonwealth’s supreme court ruled that ballots submitted by mail may not be rejected because of signature mismatches between the ballot and the voter registry.

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Supreme Court Rejects Late Ballots In Battleground Wisconsin

In a victory for Republicans Monday, the Supreme Court rejected a Democratic request to count mail-in ballots received after Election Day in Wisconsin. The Court rejected the request, from a group of Democratic voters in Wisconsin, five to three, with Justice Elena Kagan leading the liberal trio in dissent. The Wisconsin Elections Commission anticipates that between 1.8 and 2 million voters

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Facebook Adds Label Defending Mail-In Voting to Breitbart News' Post of Trump Rally Livestream

Facebook added a label to a post on Breitbart News’ page trying to persuade voters that mail-in voting has a “long history of trustworthiness,” citing a “bipartisan” think-tank from the D.C. swamp. The social network added the note underneath a post from Breitbart containing a livestream of President Trump’s rally in Lumberton, North Carolina. “Voting by mail has a long

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Joe Biden Says Democrats Created ‘The Most Extensive And Inclusive Voter Fraud Organization’ In American History

Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden recently bragged that Democrats have created the “most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.” “We’re Read More

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Mail-In Voting Issues Mount

Trump Will Respect Result of Election If He Loses: National Security Adviser A Look Back at the Biden Family’s China Business Ties Trump Grants Clemency to 5 Non-Violent Inmates Convicted of Drug, Financial Crimes ‘Big Guy’ in China Deal Email Was Joe Biden, Former Hunter Biden Partner Says Pelosi: ‘We’re Just About There’ on Pandemic Relief Deal Trump Releases ’60 Minutes’ Interview With Lesley Stahl Ahead of Time

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Court Allows North Carolina Mail-In Ballot Extension

According to the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals, North Carolina will have an extra 6 days to submit mail-in ballots on top of their previous 3-day extension. Ballots cast by mail must still be postmarked on or before Election Day, but as long as they are received by Nov. 12, they can be counted. Appeals courts have blocked mail-in ballot deadline extensions in Georgia, Michigan, and Wisconsin. From NTD News

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Catherine Engelbrecht: Patriots Must Volunteer Their 'Eyes and Ears' for 'Ballot Security'

Catherine Engelbrecht, founder of True the Vote, said patriots are needed as volunteers at voting polls to observe the election process and report irregularities, making her call on Wednesday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily with host Alex Marlow. “Volunteers are needed to work in ballot review processes and as poll watchers,” said Engelbrecht. “We need to get as many citizens as we

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California’s Ballot Mess Preview of Election Day

California has been enemy territory for the Republicans since 1988. So ballot shenanigans there only serve to increase the state’s meaningless popular vote and affect down ballot races. But the state’s inefficiency and probable corruption is a situation that will be repeated thousands of times on election day, as Democrats reach out their diseases tentacles to almost every major voting

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Mo Brooks: 'There's Going to Be More Voter Fraud This Election Than Any Election in the History of the United States'

The threat of election irregularities caused by potential voter fraud is a concern for Republicans in this upcoming election. That includes Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL), who expects more fraud in the November 3 election than any election in U.S. history. During an interview with Mobile, AL radio’s FM Talk 106.5, Brooks said there was private polling showing the GOP better

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In Win For Democrats, Supreme Court Allows Extended Mail-In Ballot Deadline In Pennsylvania

In a major election victory for Democrats, a short-handed and evenly divided Supreme Court refused to disturb a state court order allowing officials in Pennsylvania to count tardy mail-in ballots Monday night, turning down a Republican request to impose an Election Day deadline. Pennsylvania election supervisors anticipate that up to 3 million people will vote by mail in the hotly-contested battleground

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We Gamed Out The 2020 Election And Found Our Constitution Can Handle The Madness

There is no shortage of polls or pundits predicting the outcome of the 2020 presidential election. But “outcomes” include more than simply election results. Who is gaming out how America—and the world—will respond? We are. While national polls suggest an edge for former Vice President Joe Biden, the winner isn’t determined by national polls. It is determined by who wins

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Confidence in the 'Silent Majority' Booms in Battleground Florida

JACKSONVILLE, Florida — An electric crowd of enthusiastic Trump supporters flocked to Jacksonville, Florida’s Cecil Airport for President Trump’s rally on Thursday — just weeks ahead of the pivotal presidential election. With less than 40 days until the presidential election, President Trump visited the crucial battleground state of Florida, which he secured by just over one percent in 2016. Hundreds of

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Lax Online Security Appears to Allow Cancelling Other Voters’ Mail-in Ballots in Some States

Election security in some states is so lax that people can spy on other people’s mail-in ballot process and possibly even cancel their ballots with only basic personal information easily obtained online. The online voter portal for Washington State only requires the name and date of birth of a voter for a login. Dates of birth are a matter of public record for many people, either through social media, government and court documents, or Wikipedia pages, not to mention millions of hacked personal records available for sale on the darkweb. Upon login, a person can view the voter’s registration information and other details, including the registered address and ballot status. The portal also allows voters to request a new ballot, which the person can fill out online, print out, and mail to the election authorities to vote. The ballot package needs to be signed and the signature would be matched by the authorities to the one they have on record. However, the page warns that “if you continue, a ballot previously mailed to you will be cancelled,” suggesting that somebody can log in and cancel another person’s ballot by requesting a new one. Washington State voter portal page allowing a voter to request a new ballot online on a computer in Washington State on Oct. 18, 2020. (The Epoch Times) The Epoch Times contacted a Washington voter who then went through the process for his own ballot, which he recently received in the mail. He verified that the name and date of birth is all it takes to request a new ballot and thus invalidate the current one. The office of the Washington secretary of state didn’t respond to a request for comment. A similar issue appears to apply to Oregon, where the voter portal also only requires a name and date of birth for a login. The portal allows the voter to fill out the ballot online, print it, and submit it to election authorities, an Oregon voter contacted by The Epoch Times confirmed. The page says the option is only available to military, overseas, or disabled voters, but there doesn’t seem to be any verification that would prevent other voters from using it and thus potentially invalidate any other ballot they were previously issued. Screenshot of the Multnomah County, Ore., ballot filled out online in Oregon on Oct. 18, 2020. (The Epoch Times) The office of the Oregon secretary of state didn’t respond to a request for comment. The Oregon voter portal appeared to be shut down for maintenance on Oct. 18 for several hours. Underscoring the potency of the vulnerability, in November 2019, a laptop belonging to a medical contractor that had the personal information of more than 650,000 Oregon residents was stolen. The data included names, social security numbers, as well as “phone numbers, dates of birth and Medicaid ID numbers,” The Oregonian reported. Both Washington and Oregon hold all-mail elections, meaning ballots are automatically mailed to all registered voters before every election. The problem with the online voter portals was first spotted by users of anonymous discussion board “Politically Incorrect” on The board is known for robust open-source research as well as online pranks and offensive posts. Screenshots posted to the board around Oct. 18 indicated some users took advantage of the vulnerability to log in as Oregon Gov. Ted Wheeler, Oregon Secretary of State Bev Clarno, and others. It’s not clear whether the users went through the whole process of printing new ballots for the officials. The main posts on the board on the subject urged users not to commit voter fraud, but only showcase the vulnerability to publicly expose it. It’s not clear if other states suffer from the same vulnerability. The Offices of secretaries of state from several other states, including California, Ohio, Texas, Alaska, Florida, and Pennsylvania, didn’t respond to requests for comment. Mail Voting Concerns While Oregon and Washington have conducted all-mail elections for years, some states, such as Nevada and California, are sending ballots to all voters this year for the first time with only several months of preparation. This has sparked concerns over whether the infrastructure in such states is prepared to handle the deluge of mail-in ballots. On top of that, voter rolls are notoriously messy and often include the names of people who’ve moved to different addresses, out of the state, or have passed away. That means the ballots can end up with people not eligible to vote.

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Time to Change the Way We Vote

Commentary There’s been much said lately about the way we vote in this country, especially now that COVID-19 has overloaded the mail-in voting process and states cannot agree on a uniform way to gather and count those ballots. Complaints about misprinted or discarded ballots, charges of voter suppression and rigged elections—the 2020 presidential election could go down in history as the most controversial ever. It is clear that local and national election officials need to put their heads together and figure out how to fix and unify not only the mail-in system but the entire voting process—preferably before the next midterm election in 2022. There is lots to fix. An email from reader Joe DellaLonga raised an important point. “It is so evident to me and others that so many issues cannot be agreed upon between the two major political parties,” he wrote. “So, why then is there a requirement (which is not in the constitution) that you must register as a member of ANY party?” Joe is right. In just about every state, if a citizen wants to become fully involved in the election process, he or she must register ahead of time and declare allegiance to a political party. (Only the state of North Dakota does not require citizens to register to vote.) In Joe’s state of New Mexico, for example, it’s right there on the voter registration form: “Note: You must name a major political party to vote in primary elections.” Those, like me, who are registered as independent voters get no say in the run-up to an election. If there are multiple Democrats and/or Republicans running for, say, a seat in the U.S. Senate, a primary election is called to winnow down the field to one candidate from each party. But an independent isn’t allowed to vote in a primary. We are denied full participation. Just because someone declares themselves to be a free thinker, they are excluded from the process? Not fair! Especially since an increasing number of Americans have abandoned the two major political parties and now declare themselves independent voters. The latest Gallup poll puts the number of voters in the “I” category at an eye-opening 42 percent. Twenty-eight percent declare themselves to be Republicans; 27 percent align with Democrats. Traditionally, independent voters usually do favor one party over the other, but these are not normal times. The same Gallup poll asked known independent voters which party they lean more toward. Democrats were ahead 47 percent to 44 percent. But many political analysts recognize the phenomenon known as the “shy Trump supporter,” someone who, for whatever reason, has decided to keep their presidential choice to themselves. If they aren’t counted, then the polls aren’t accurate. There are more flaws in our voting system than just the alienation of independents. For instance, why are there different rules in different states as to how and where a person can register to vote? Can’t we agree on one system? Twenty-one states plus Washington, D.C. allow same-day voter registration, whether the participant is voting on Election Day or casting an early vote. As of April 2020, 19 states plus Washington, D.C. offer automatic registration when a citizen interacts with a state agency such as the Department of Motor Vehicles. Get a driver’s license and you can automatically register to vote. And over the last five years, there has been a push for states to set up voter registration online. New Jersey just approved the system last month, and Oklahoma is on track to follow. Getting citizens excited and involved in voting is great, but wouldn’t it be easier for everyone if there was a national norm? And one more thing, as long as we’re discussing revamping our out-of-sync voting systems. In many states, voter rolls are bulging with the names of residents who no longer live in the state or have died. Lawsuits are pending. States must pay closer attention to the health of their voter registration lists. To do otherwise invites even more public apathy. In 2016, almost 92 million eligible Americans did not bother to vote. Yet the midterm election in 2018 saw the highest turnout in four decades. Let’s hope the trend continues. This country needs a definitive, indisputable outcome to this presidential election. Whatever you do—vote. Diane Dimond is an author and investigative journalist. Her latest book is “Thinking Outside the Crime and Justice Box.” Views expressed in this article are the opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Epoch Times.

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Election 2020 Looms With Challenges From China, Coronavirus and Civil Unrest

Townhall Review – August 8, 2020 Hugh Hewitt talks with China expert Jonathan Ward about his book, “China’s Vision of Victory,” and how China has become a global menace. Hugh Hewitt and Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton talk about former President Obama’s “eulogy” at Congressman John Lewis’s funeral, where he lectured about the need to push leftward. Mike Gallagher examines the interview by Chris Wallace, Fox News, with Senator Tammy Duckworth and Congresswoman Karen Bass. Sebastian Gorka talks with Salena Zito, columnist for the New York Post, about her findings gleaned from reporting on the “Trump Coalition.” Hugh Hewitt talks with Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe, Chair of the Senate Armed Services Committee, about our military readiness. Dan Proft and Amy Jacobson talk with Hans Von Spakovsky, of the Heritage Foundation, about the problems with mail-in voting. Dennis Prager and Sean Hannity talk about Sean’s book, “Live Free or Die – America and the World on the Brink.” Larry Elder looks at mail-in voting, favored by Democrats and feared by conservatives. See for privacy information.

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The Problems with Mail-In Voting: Dan Proft & Amy Jacobson with Hans Von Spakovsky

Dan Proft and Amy Jacobson talk with Hans Von Spakovsky, of the Heritage Foundation, about the problems with mail-in voting. See for privacy information.

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Don’t Pay Attention To Media Spin Of Massive Early Voting In Texas

There’s a prevailing theme out of Texas that the state is turning blue, that the inevitability of the demographic and cultural shift will lead the Lone Star State back into the Democratic column, as it was for most of its history as a state. This narrative is advanced by the media, Democrats, and even some Republicans, since the idea of

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Will early mail-in voting save Cal Cunningham in North Carolina?

Cal Cunningham is in big trouble. The lieutenant colonel in the United States Army Reserve who has served on two active duty tours is the Democrats’ nominee for U.S. Senate against Republican Thom Tillis. It has been considered one of the seats the Democrats have the best chance of flipping from red to blue, but they’re now facing a major problem. Cunningham is in the midst of a major sex scandal that includes him sending lewd texts to multiple women other than his wife. In any other election year, the race would likely be considered over. Tillis is an incumbent, and while the state is shifting purple, such a scandal for his opponent this late in the race should secure the seat for the Republicans. But this is not a normal year. COVID-19 fears have propelled record numbers of early mail-in ballots. In North Carolina, over a million ballots—about one in six voters—have been mailed out. Of those, nearly 400,000 have already been received. The 2016 Senate race was won by a more popular Republican, Richard Burr, by 267,000 votes. Tillis is more vulnerable this year than Burr was in 2016. Mail-in ballots are believed to favor Democrats this year with most Republicans calling on voters to go to the booths in-person. Meanwhile, Democrats are pushing for ubiquitous mail-in ballots, though North Carolina has maintained their absentee ballot request rules. According to Patrick Howley at National File, one of the women who received nude texts from Cunningham had sex with him in his family home. BREAKING WE HAVE OBTAINED NEW Cunningham Mistress Sexts. She has Nude Photos of Cal and she had sex with him in Cal's family home — Patrick Howley (@HowleyReporter) October 6, 2020 Can Cunningham drop out and be replaced by another Democrat? No. “A candidate must withdraw more than 60 days prior to the election,” general counsel Katelyn Love said in a Tuesday email sent to the Charlotte Observer by the state elections board. “After that, withdrawal is not permitted and any votes for that candidate will count for that candidate.” Democrats may flip a Senate seat through their rabid push for everyone to vote-by-mail and to do so as early as possible. How many voters would have liked to have this information on Cal Cunningham before sending in their ballots? COVID-19 may take down an independent news outlet Nobody said running a media site would be easy. We could use some help keeping this site afloat. Colleagues have called me the worst fundraiser ever. My skills are squarely rooted on the journalistic side of running a news outlet. Paying the bills has never been my forte, but we’ve survived. We have ads on the site that help, but since the site’s inception this has been a labor of love that otherwise doesn’t bring in the level of revenue necessary to justify it. When I left a nice, corporate career in 2017, I did so knowing I wouldn’t make nearly as much money. But what we do at NOQ Report to deliver the truth and fight the progressive mainstream media narrative that has plagued this nation is too important for me to sacrifice it for the sake of wealth. We know we’ll never make a ton of money this way, and we’re okay with that. Things have become harder with the coronavirus lockdowns. Both ad money and donations that have kept us afloat for a while have dropped dramatically. We thought we could weather the storm, but the so-called “surge” or “2nd-wave” that mainstream media and Democrats are pushing has put our prospects in jeopardy. In short, we are now in desperate need of financial assistance. The best way NOQ Report readers can help is to donate. Our Giving Fuel page makes it easy to donate one-time or monthly. Alternatively, you can donate through PayPal as well. We need approximately $11,500 to stay afloat for the rest of 2020, but more would be wonderful and any amount that brings us closer to our goal is greatly appreciated. The second way to help is to become a partner. We’ve strongly considered seeking angel investors in the past but because we were paying the bills, it didn’t seem necessary. Now, we’re struggling to pay the bills. This shouldn’t be the case as our traffic the last year has been going up dramatically. June, 2018, we had 11,678 visitors. A year later in June, 2019, we were up to 116,194. In June, 2020, we had 614,192. We’re heading in the right direction and we believe we’re ready talk to patriotic investors who want to not only “get in on the action” but more importantly who want to help America hear the truth. Interested investors should contact me directly with the contact button above. Election year or not, coronavirus lockdowns or not, anarchic riots or not, the need for truthful journalism endures. But in these times, we need as many conservative media voices as possible. Please help keep NOQ Report going. Check out the NEW NOQ Report Podcast. American Conservative Movement Join fellow patriots as we form a grassroots movement to advance the cause of conservatism. The coronavirus crisis has prompted many, even some conservatives, to promote authoritarianism. It’s understandable to some extent now, but it must not be allowed to embed itself in American life. We currently have 8000+ patriots with us in a very short time. If you are interested, please join us to receive updates.

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Biden Expands Legal Team In Preparation For “Voting Fight”

Mac SlavoSeptember 15th, Democrat Joe Biden is gearing up for an election battle. He’s now expanding his legal team to prepare for the election chaos we have promised. Biden is bringing on two former United States solicitors general and other top attorneys to oversee what could devolve into a fierce battle over the results of November’s vote. The build-up comes as the mainstream media continues to report on the issues confront election officials nationwide as they prepare to conduct this year’s election amid a global plandemic ushering in the New World Order. President Donald Trump is also anticipating election chaos, suggesting mail-in voting could be fraudulent. The back and forth between Trump and Biden is alluding to major election chaos regardless of the results this November. They Are Promising This Election WILL Be UGLY: Clinton Urges Biden to NOT Concede “For months, the Biden for President campaign has been quietly building a massive election protection program–the largest in presidential campaign history,” a Biden campaign adviser said of the new legal expansion, according to a report by ABC News. He added that the program involves integrated legal, communications, and political strategies to ensure that jurisdictions are properly prepared to handle the challenges that come with holding safe in-person voting and also to combat misinformation about voting via mail. This election is already messy, to say the least, and it wouldn’t be wise to assume that it’ll smooth out.  It’s only going to get bumpier in the near future. As this election approaches, expect it to get more chaotic. It’s all bein setup and is nothing more than theatre.  Don’t fall for it! It’s All A Set-Up! Politician Calls For “Unrest In The Streets” Before Election Former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder (the guy who ran the Fast & Furious scandal) will also have a roll on the legal team, leading a communications operation aiming to “interact broadly with all stakeholders in voting rights,” per the Biden campaign. Biden says Trump is sowing distrust in the voting process. “I have confidence that Trump will try and not have that happen, but I’m confident the American public’s going to insist on it,” Biden told reporters outside a polling location in Wilmington when asked if he has confidence that all votes will be counted in November’s election. President Trump is Breaking Down the Neck of the Federal Reserve! He wants zero rates and QE4! You must prepare for the financial reset We are running out of time Download the Ultimate Reset Guide Now! Author: Mac SlavoViews:Date: September 15th, 2020Website: Copyright Information: Copyright SHTFplan and Mac Slavo. This content may be freely reproduced in full or in part in digital form with full attribution to the author and a link to Please contact us for permission to reproduce this content in other media formats. SHTFPLAN is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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