Liberty Nation’s Election Countdown: 50 Days To Go

Please respect our republishing guidelines - Click Here Donald Trump and Joe Biden The November 3 election could be the most important one in recent history. Both sides are diametrically opposed and many argue that the fate of the nation is at play. Liberty Nation wants you to have the full facts. We update this page daily so please bookmark and keep checking back. Rasmussen Reports Daily Presidential Tracking Poll: Trump approval 48% ( no change ) ~ Latest Presidential Polling: Monmouth = Biden +7 Rasmussen Reports = Biden +2 Economist/YouGov = Biden +9 Hill/Harris = Biden +8 Reuters-Ipsos = Biden +12 CNBC/Change Research (D) = Biden +6 USC Dornslife = Biden +10 Harvard-Harris = Biden +6 IBD/TIPP = Biden +8 ~ Political Betting Odds to Win the Presidency: Joe Biden – 10/17 (-170) Donald Trump – 3/2 (+150) Betting odds explained: Betting odds are displayed here in the British format, known as fractional odds, and the American format, often called moneyline odds. With fractional odds, the first number represents the amount of money bet and the second number is the return. 3/5 means that a winning bet of $5 would yield $3 profit. Moneyline odds show a minus (-) or plus (+) symbol for favorites and underdogs, respectively. The favorite may have odds of -300, meaning that one would have to bet $300 in order to win $100. An underdog might have odds of +250, meaning that one would win $250 if one wagered $100. ~

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