Kuwait: 429 Saudi teachers allowed to enter back

Facebook Twitter WhatsApp Telegram Pinterest Linkedin Email Kuwait: 429 Saudi teachers allowed to enter back Kuwait’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has officially agreed to allow entry into the country for 429 teachers who hold Saudi nationality and whose names were listed by the Ministry of Education. The Higher Ministerial Committee for COVID-19 Emergencies held a meeting two weeks ago during which they discussed a letter sent by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which was attached with an educational report bearing the names of Saudi staff members working in public education sector and the extent to which schools needed them in light of the current exceptional circumstances. The committee approved the request of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to permit the Saudi teachers to enter the country, provided that health and preventive measures imposed by the Ministry of Health in this regard are implemented. Read| Expats seek new countries as transit point to reach Kuwait There is coordination among the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Interior and the Saudi Embassy in Kuwait at the highest level to grant Saudi teachers permits from their country and facilitate their exit and entry process from and to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, especially those living in the Khafji region. The sources indicated that the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs would address the Ministry of Interior to refer the names of the teachers to the border checkpoints as a preliminary step for facilitating the process of exit and entry to and from Kuwait, taking into account their compliance with health requirements. Acting Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education Faisal Maqsid addressed the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs for Consular Affairs via an official letter to affirm the ministry’s need for the services of about 429 male and female Saudi members of the educational body and demand that they be allowed to enter Kuwait as soon as possible after coordinating with the Saudi authorities. Facebook Twitter WhatsApp Telegram Pinterest Linkedin Email Previous articleKuwait: Egyptian sentenced to life in prison for joining terrorist group Daesh Next article678 Pakistanis on tourist visas denied entry into UAE Born in Kuwait, based in Mumbai. An Editor for Kwt Today, mainly covering topics on lifestyle and current affairs.

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