George Soros is verboten on Fox News. Tucker Carlson doesn’t care.

Fox News doesn’t like people talking about George Soros on their network. They even stifled former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich from truthfully reporting on Soros during an episode of Outnumbered. Rumors have circulated that even the name “George Soros” is verboten on the network, never to be uttered by anyone who ever wants to be on the air again. Host Tucker Carlson apparently doesn’t care. During last night’s interview of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, the popular conservative host immediately mentioned Soros without flinching. Following a few clips from crime-ridden cities, Carlson spoke out against Soros. “Most living Americans have never seen scenes like that,” he said. “Now they’re common all over the country. What happened? Well they tell us it’s about police brutality, but police brutality has not increased. In fact, federal statistics show it’s down. “What’s changed in many places is the nature of the prosecutors, the people whose job it is to keep you safe are instead making it easier for criminals to terrorize your family. That’s not an accident. Left-wing mega-donors like George Soros realized it’s easier to install radical DA’s than it is to convince the public to let their own cities burn. “Soros has worked hard to elect district attorneys who will nullify laws against rioting and violence by failing to enforce them. In Portland, Oregon, where violence has become a way of life, a Soros-funded political action committee funneled $20,000 to Mike Schmidt’s campaign this year. Schmidt in turn has announced he won’t prosecute any of the rioters who’ve turned Portland into a war zone. He’s already dismissed charges against rioting suspects, hundreds of them. In fact, at one point Schmidt said the unrest in Portland was ‘beautiful.’ “But it’s not just Portland. Entities bankrolled by George Soros have spent more than $13 million in district attorney races in a total of 17 states. Over the past few years, this unfolded in Florida, California, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Virginia. In 2017, Soros spent roughly $1.7 million getting a single man elected, Larry Krasner in Philadelphia. He’s the district attorney, and as expected Krasner presided over a dramatic rise in crime. Soros is now trying to do the same in Los Angeles. There’s a DA race underway there now.” It is demonstrable that George Soros has funded radical leftist district attorneys despite many Fox News claims to the contrary. It’s good to know Tucker Carlson is willing to speak the truth instead of quashing it as verboten. COVID-19 may take down an independent news outlet Nobody said running a media site would be easy. We could use some help keeping this site afloat. Colleagues have called me the worst fundraiser ever. 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