The Biden Emails & Big Tech Censorship

October 20, 2020 | Judicial Watch “It’s called putting your thumbs on the scales to help Joe Biden,” Fitton stated in last week’s Weekly Update. You may not have heard of the Hunter Biden laptop scandal if you only watched the mainstream media, or for that matter, got your news exclusively from the social media giants. The New York Post recently published an article which covered alleged evidence of misconduct found on Hunter Biden’s laptop. The laptop was reportedly “abandoned” at a tech shop in Delaware, and was turned into the FBI by the shop owner, who “found evidence of criminal activity,” according to Fitton. The New York Post article which shares details of this unfolding story has been “throttled back” by Facebook and Twitter, making “it difficult if not impossible to share.” “This is a nightmare for the freedom of speech,” Fitton explained. According to Fitton, the laptop’s records were subpoenaed by the federal government in December of last year. However, as Fitton explains, Facebook and Twitter have censored the New York Post article with the excuse that the “ content was hacked.” As he explains, “they got this material, journalistically they thought it was good enough to run and they [Facebook and Twitter] censored it in unprecedented fashion… they were blocking users from linking to the New York Post story.” According to Fitton, the records allegedly show “a Chinese communist company gave Biden all sorts of money, potentially 10 million dollars, so that he could provide introductions. These records confirm the worst possible activity by the Biden clan in terms of converting the Vice President’s office into a piggy bank.” Facebook and Twitter rely on what Fitton believes to be an incorrect reading of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. “It’s a section of federal law which essentially has been interpreted by too many courts to grant absolute immunity to Twitter and Facebook to censor,” Fitton states. “Go look it up, you’ll find that it provides no such immunity… they just can’t censor political content to help Joe Biden and hurt Trump.” “If a company said they change their policy to target someone politically, the Securities Exchange Commission might come in, the Federal Trade Commission might come in, the DOJ might come in. Those agencies, even states Attorney General should investigate Facebook and Twitter for censoring information to help one of the candidates, in this case Joe Biden.” Whatever happens, “you can be sure that censorship will not stop Judicial Watch. We’ve already sent out FOIA requests for these documents and particular emails and text documents.” If you want to fight to make those documents public for all American to see, support Judicial Watch today, your government watchdog in Washington, DC.

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The Steele Dossier & the Obama State Department

October 13, 2020 | Judicial Watch “Our [US] ambassador to Ukraine thought that Steele’s reports were “flakey,” Nuland thought they were “extreme”, Fitton stated in last week’s Weekly Update. “Corrupt” is a word Tom Fitton uses often to describe Christopher Steele and his relationship to the Obama State Department. With newly obtained documents detailing how senior Obama State Department officials “knew he had flakey reports and yet they worked with him to take out Trump,” this couldn’t be more true, at least according to Fitton. “Our [US] ambassador to Ukraine thought that Steele’s reports were “flakey,” Nuland thought they were “extreme”, Fitton explained on Friday.  “Steele had a big in with the the State Department. He was providing them with all kinds of “intelligence” reports through his company, Orbis.” As detailed in a recent Judicial Watch press release, Steele and State Department official Jonathan Winer “worked closely together to create aspects of the [Steele] dossier that were used to target Trump.” Judicial Watch uncovered this close cooperation after almost two years of investigations, an effort which now demonstrates that “Christopher Steele had a willing partner with the Obama State Department, despite top officials having little confidence in his work.” “The Obama Administration had multiple warnings that Steele was unreliable though they used his garbage dossier to target Trump and of course the court was never told that these reports were considered flakey.” “Once again, this is coming out not because of voluntary disclosures by the agencies, it’s because of litigation,” Fitton concluded. “I don’t know where we’d be without Judicial Watch.”  Support this important litigation by donating to Judicial Watch today, your government watchdog in Washington, DC. 

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Huge Voter Risks in Pennsylvania & Nationwide

October 07, 2020 | Judicial Watch “Pennsylvania has one set of numbers and the counties have a second  set of numbers,” Fitton noted in last week’s Weekly Update. Election integrity “is the civil right issue of our time,” Fitton believes. With millions of extra names on voter rolls across the country, Judicial Watch is fighting state and local governments nationwide to ensure clean and fair elections. Recent efforts to pressure both Pennsylvania and North Carolina to clean up their dirty voter rolls have forced the state of Pennsylvania to admit that state counties had given the Federal Government incorrect voter registration data. “They also confirmed that among 18 counties that have 25% of the registrations, they’ve removed a total of 15 names under the NVRA Process.” State-wide, a total of 17 were removed from a list of roughly 1.1 million. A recent Pennsylvania court decision, ruling that ballots could be counted up to 3 days after the election doesn’t help, according to Fitton. “The Left’s solution is to count ballots for days, weeks after election day. It encourages people to game the process.” Fitton has described the system of unsolicited mail-in-ballots as “pernicious.” “It’s not fact based, it’s ideological… you are more likely to have your vote intercepted, challenged, thrown out or lost if you vote by mail.” What’s more, in Fitton’s words – “the Left has said that on election day it may look like Trump wins, but if they continue to count the ballots after the fact and the outcome changes, you’re not allowed to question how that happened.” Now involving big tech, the Left is now also censoring Judicial Watch videos about voter rolls. “Judicial watch is a nationally recognized  expert on election issues, and these leftists at big tech companies are going to be suppressing information about the risks to clean election for ideological reasons?” Fitton, undeterred by these attacks – continues to do the heavy lifting at Judicial Watch to support clean and fair elections nationwide. Support Judicial Watch today to ensure our elections are clean, transparent and accurate. It’s the civil rights issue of our times.

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Hillary Clinton & The Russiagate Smears

October 06, 2020 | Judicial Watch Ratcliffe confirmed our theory of the case. Our theory of the case is that the Russiagate smears were a knowing lie by the Hillary Clinton and Obama gang to distract the public and freeze the justice system from going after Hillary Clinton for any crimes associated with her email abuse,” Tom Fitton stated in last week’s Weekly Update.  “Hillary lied, Americans died,” Fitton asserted nearly 10 years ago in the wake of the Benghazi attacks. Today, as Fitton explained, “the knowing lie” refers to new, bombshell revelations from the Officer of the Director of National Intelligence which suggest that Hillary Clinton and the Obama Administration lied about the nature of Russian interference in the 2016 elections to cover up for Hillary’s emails. “Russia[gate] has been about Hillary Clinton,” Fitton stated. “They [the FBI] knew in fact, that the guy pushing it [the Steele Dossier] was a Russian spy. Sure enough it [the new ODNI’s revelations] show that they had intelligence, that the Russians thought and had information that [to lie] was the plan. The Russians knew that Hillary was making it up.” “It wasn’t like the fake Russia dossier, it was actionable intelligence. It was so actionable that it was referred to James Comey at the FBI in September of 2016,” Fitton continued. It was an attempt to distract Americans, an the media, from the ongoing probe into her email, according to Fitton. The Judicial Watch President believes that Durham “knew about this from the get go too. All we can do is get the information out. Hopefully that results in increased pressure for real justice and accountably in the criminal legal process,” Fitton affirmed.“Judicial Watch is not going to wait for Durham. “We’re appealing the Hillary Clinton testimony issue, and pushing for documents on what the corrupt FBI was up to, Fitton stated. Support Judicial Watch today to keep “getting disclosures on what Congress can’t get, and what the Media won’t get.”

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Flynn Update: New FBI Texts Expose The FBI’s Political Targeting

September 29, 2020 | Judicial Watch “They [the FBI] were knowingly using someone suspected to be an active Russian spy to try and get the incoming president of the US criminally indicted and removed from office. This is extraordinary,”  Fitton stated in last week’s Weekly Update.  Ongoing investigations into the FBI’s Flynn ‘investigation’, have revealed, in Fitton’s words, that the FBI “wanted a scalp and that they were willing to go after Flynn improperly to get it.” As General Flynn fights to get his case dismissed before the DC District Court Judge, new FBI text messages have provided further evidence of the “underlying corruption involved in targeting him improperly.” “These new documents just given to Sidney Powell [Flynn’s lawyer] show that FBI agents all knew that Flynn was innocent and that the case was going nowhere.” In fact, as Fitton explained, “they were so worried about the case that not only were FBI agents taking on liability insurance, but also CIA agents were taking on liability insurance.” As you might recall, FBI Agents investigating Flynn found no evidence of wrongdoing on the part of the General, but were forced to “keep it open at the direction of FBI leadership.” “This happened just days before the Oval Office meeting on January 5th 2017,” Fitton explains. “These text messages show Obama knew, the FBI knew, and that of course there was never anything there,” the Judicial Watch President concludes.  What’s more, it appears that the Steele Dosser, used as ‘evidence’ in the illegal FISA warrants to target Flynn, Carter Page and President Trump, potentially relied on an active Russian intelligence asset as a main intelligence source, Attorney General Barr recently confirmed. The dossier, funded by the FBI, the Clinton campaign and the DNC simultaneously, “used an active Russian spy to try and get the incoming president of the United States criminally indicted and removed from office.”  Fitton added:  “Was Biden briefed on this? I want to know why this was covered up? Where’s Durham?” Support Judicial Watch today if you’re concerned about what Biden knew, and just how much the FBI might still be hiding on Operation Crossfire Hurricane.

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DOJ “Collusion”: How Hillary Clinton Is Avoiding Her Testimony

September 29, 2020 | Judicial Watch “It’s pretty clear that they [the DOJ and State Department] are colluding with Clinton’s lawyers,” Tom Fitton stated in last week’s Weekly Update.  Judicial Watch is undeterred by Hillary Clinton’s appeal to avoid testimony on her unresolved email scandal.“I can announce to you today that we will appeal that decision over her testimony,” Fitton stated in reference to Hillary Clinton’s appeal to avoid testifying about her use of a private server during her tenure as secretary of state.  Appealing her appeal, Judicial Watch is seeking to ensure Hillary testifies in accordance with her court-ordered deposition originally scheduled for May of this year by Judge Lamberth, the United States District Judge for the District of Columbia. While the DOJ is unlikely to overturn her appeal, in Fitton’s view, the Department did previously side with Judicial Watch “agreeing with that she shouldn’t be able to benefit from this extraordinary mandamus relief,” a position Fitton described as “outrageous.”  As Fitton explained: “People think that President Trump’s appointees are on on our side, but they’ve been captured by the deep state it’s pretty clear, otherwise we wouldn’t have the cover up we’re facing and disclosing to you,” The “taxpayers dollars burned and wasted” to defend Clinton are not just about protecting her from scrutiny, Fitton argued. “It’s also about protecting the agencies from accountability.” As the Judicial Watch President concluded, “we’ll see what Judge Lamberth does and whether he shuts it all down. The case shows you how hard it is for Judicial Watch to work for justice.  As you might recall, Clinton’s defense team sought to prevent “the depositions of Clintons’ former chief of staff, Cheryl Mills as well as current and former State Department technology officials,” Fitton explained. “As we argue, the ruling did not bar the deposition of Mills or any other witness.” Support Judicial Watch today if you’re concerned with the Trump DOJ’s apparent “collusion” with Hiilary Clinton’s lawyers.

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The Election Integrity Crisis

September 23, 2020 | Judicial Watch “You have these leftists urging people to vote by mail, knowing that their votes are going to be lost. I think that’s awful,” Fitton stated in last week’s Weekly Update. Addressing voters across the country, Fitton dedicated part of last week’s Weekly Update to the risks of mail-in-voting. With millions of Americans gearing up to cast their votes by mail this year, Fitton warned voters that “potentially millions of ballots could be thrown out on election day.” As Fitton explains, an estimated 550,000 ballots were thrown out in this year’s primary elections alone, over 200,000 more than those thrown out in the 2016 general election. “Imagine a similar number of ballots in November.” Fitton also encouraged viewers to challenge state rulings which “undermine the security of our elections,” such as the weakening of voter-ID requirements, or in in the case of Pennsylvania “a state supreme court ruling that changed the ballot deadline from election day to 3 days after election day.” As Fitton explained, the ruling requires with no verification of the ballot mail-in-date by post-mark, meaning “there’s really no way to effectively challenge those ballots.” “We’re facing a big crisis, on election integrity we [Judicial Watch] have been basically alone,” Fitton stated. Fighting to scrub an estimated 2.5 million extra names from voter rolls across the country, and push states to strengthen voter-ID requirements, Judicial Watch is leading the way to stop the Left from “eliminating voter ID… and swamping the mail with ballots from lists they know are dirty.”  Furthermore, “I’m concerned about violence on election day,” Fitton explains. “ANTIFA and the violent left, even the New York Times talk about violence, damage and revolution if President Trump is seen as having won.” As it stands, uncertainty will breed chaos this November, in Fitton’s words. The Transition Integrity Project’s wargaming appears to have led Democrats to suggest the Joint Chiefs of Staff “need to forcibly remove the president if there’s an election dispute.” Zuckerberg, the founder and owner of Facebook seems to have suggested that “it’s perfectly reasonable if we don’t know who won for week and weeks.” As Fitton rebuts, “it isn’t reasonable. They’re sending ballots to people who aren’t there. They don’t have security measures in place to make sure that those who vote are eligible to vote.” “I want a system in place that’s fair and I want there to be reasonable checks to make sure that voter fraud is not countenanced or encouraged,” Fitton concluded. If you too want a more secure election, where nobody’s vote is lost, support Judicial Watch today. As your watchdog in Washington, DC we will never stop doing the “heavy lifting” to ensure clean, secure elections. 

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Judicial Watch Takes On Cancel Culture

September 22, 2020 | Judicial Watch “In my view, it’s discriminatory. Not only should this be shut down in the government but also in corporations and schools -both normal and higher education should be held accountable under law for pushing these discriminatory programs,” Fitton stated in last week’s Weekly Update. As you may have already discovered through Judicial Watch’s lawsuits, the Pentagon has promoted critical race theory as a “training program” for its employees for some time. Critical Race theory, which purports to use race and gender identity to define human power relationships, is, in Fitton’s words – an “anti-American, racial separatist, cultural marxist theory,”  one which should not be “pushed on federal employees,” let alone students.   Newly obtained records by Judicial Watch show that the Pentagon’s training program included “a chapter about power and privilege such as sexual orientation and religious privilege.” As the chapter reads, “sexual orientation privilege is associated with the marginalization of non-heterosexual lifestyles and the view that heterosexuality is a normal sexual orientation.”  “This is just classic marxism,” Fitton argued. He continued in stating that “under critical race theory, if you think that traditional standards of success should be applied universally across races and gender identities, you are part of the problem. If you think people rely on their intelligence and hard work to be successful – then you’re racist.”  These training programs are not inherent only to the federal government. Corporations and schools, both K-12 as well as higher-education have engaged promoting this form of identity politics. Ironically, as Fitton further contends, “the Left says they care about minorities, but they treat them like children have contempt for them as autonomous moral agents blessed by God.” The president is working to “shut this down,” but, as Fitton states, has been met with resistance from the Left. As Fitton argued, one thing is having diversity training – which reminds people that they can’t make presumptions based on race. Another is to promote “communist-marxist philosophy that targets people specifically, in this case whites.” As Fitton concluded: “If you have an entire HR program geared at attacking a particular race because they’re seen as dominant, how does that comport with our law covering anti-discrimination and equal opportunity? It doesn’t.” If you’re concerned about cancel culture in our Nation’s highest institutions, and want to help rid our society of its segregationist intentions, support Judicial Watch today. We’re your watchdog in DC, doing the heavy lifting to defend the Constitution and the rights of all Americans. 

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Robert Mueller’s Conflict of Interest

September 15, 2020 | Judicial Watch “This is an extraordinary document in the sense that it ought to generate a criminal investigation into Mueller’s testimony,” Fitton stated in last week’s Weekly Update. Ongoing Judicial Watch investigations have uncovered documents that appear to contradict – in Fitton’s words – FBI Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s previous statements about his potential bid for the position of FBI Director. Appearing to conflict with this statement made before the House Judiciary Committee on July 24, 2019, Fitton states that “emails from Rod Rosenstein show that Mueller pulled himself out of the running for FBI Director on the very day he was pulled for special counsel. The email suggests that Mueller communicated directly with Rosenstein and withdrew his name from the job.” As Fitton explains, these findings came as part of a Judicial Watch lawsuit investigating the “seven days in May [2017],” the period in which president Trump “fired” then-FBI Director James Comey. Judicial Watch has narrowed in on the activities of Comey’s successor, “his buddy, McCabe who was acting director of the FBI… and Rod Rosenstein [who both] were thinking of ways to overthrow president Trump.” In an apparent attempt to keep their conversations secret, McCabe told Mueller that the boss “doesn’t know we’re talking” – revealing McCabe’s close interaction with Mueller during the hiring process, a detail he seemingly wanted to keep hidden from “the boss” – which Fitton believes is in reference to president Trump. “The point was that he was secretly talking to Mueller while he was also considering him for the FBI Director position.” The congressional hearing focused on Mueller’s conversations with the president, with whom he allegedly did not discuss his running for FBI Director. Rather, Mueller states that he discussed “what sort of person should be in the FBI job” – a strange, and potentially untrue recounting of the events according to Fitton. “It shows that the Mueller operation was conceived in sin in the sense that there was an inherent conflict of interest Mueller had. He was investigating how allegedly Comey’s firing was an obstruction of justice. How could he investigate that issue if he interviewed for the very job. He would be a witness.” “He was looking to get the job and he did have a conflict of interest,” Fitton noted. If you’re concerned about Mueller’s conflicts of interest, and government corruption at large, support Judicial Watch today. It’s the best way to ensure your concerns are heard in court, and in the public square.

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Invoking The Insurrection Act

September 09, 2020 | Judicial Watch “Don’t be fooled by the media’s claim of ‘mostly peaceful’ protests. This is an insurrection, and it needs to end,” Fitton stated in last week’s Weekly Update. The unabating insurrections across America’s cities are doing little to reassure Americans of a secure election day this year, according to Fitton. As the Judicial Watch President explains, “I’m concerned that the violence will seep into election day.… the president has to step in if the governors refuse to end the violence.”  The insurrectionist-led attacks on innocent Americans in our cities, starting with Washington, D.C. – have shown that the “violence is deadly, the violence is real.” The mob-like attacks, such as those on guests of the president’s White House RNC Convention Speech have highlighted how District residents “can’t trust the left wing politicians running the DC Police,” which in Fitton’s words, did little to contain or stop the violent extremists surrounding the White House complex two weeks ago. Just weeks before the RNC Convention, when the threat of  insurrectionists forced the president into his bunker, Fitton argues that absent the “the president intervening to call in authorities, who knows, they could have lost the city!” All of this serves to highlight what Fitton describes as a growing danger to our Republic. “It is not safe if politicians are not going to confront and disrupt the leftist insurrectionists trying to overthrown our Republic.” The president, as Fitton explains, “could be all that stands between the rule of law and the end of the Constitutional Republic.” Moreover, he states “the president should be encouraged to invoke the Insurrection Act in Portland and Seattle – and federalize the DC police.”  “This is deadly serious, and we have to think about how it is we protect the Republic under law… don’t be fooled by the media’s claim of ‘mostly peaceful’ protests. This is an insurrection, and it needs to end.” If you’re concerned about your security on election day, contact your local officials and/or representatives today, and encourage them to end the violence now!

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