Fred and theComputerNerd01 Bring Their YouTube Personalities to TikTok

Over the last week, two old-school YouTubers have revisited their retired internet personas. If you are a true 2000’s kid, when you hear a high-pitched voice, your mind immediately thinks of the lovable Fred. However, since the 2010s, Fred has steered away from the public eye – until now. Because of his hilarious content and distinct voice, fans instantly fell in love with Fred leading him to land a show on Nickelodeon, a film franchise, albums and all the merchandise you can imagine. This character, however, retired back in 2014 by Cruikshank so he could move on to other things, including a personal channel which has amassed over 3 million subscribers.     However, Fred is keeping up with the times and shifting over to TikTok. A couples days ago Fred posted two videos onto his new TikTok account titled “heyitsfred” – hinting at coming out of retirement.  In the first video, Fred shows pictures of himself during the highlights of his career, but then jumps to how he looks now which is much older – and a little like Justin Bieber. @heyitsfred i really did dat #greenscreenvideo #fred #fredfigglehorn #fredthemovie ♬ original sound – Trey Dreamz 🌩 In the second video, Fred is seen doing a popular TikTok dance while wearing the iconic Fred shirt. @heyitsfred hopefully Judy sees this #Fred #fredfigglehorn #fredthemovie ♬ original sound – Ivy Miller People were shocked when Fred randomly appeared on their ‘For You Page,’ and this led over 222,000 people to click the follow button and keep updated with what Fred is up to next. Fred is not the only 2010 YouTuber returning to his old content as Josh Chomik – better known as theComputerNerd01 – is making a comeback. TheComputerNerd01’s career peaked 10 years ago as people were obsessed with his parodies. One of his most popular videos was his parody of ‘Baby’ by Justin Bieber that reached over 30 million views.  After retiring from YouTube, Chomik decided to pursue other career options in the editing field, but now has a lot more free time due to the current pandemic. Because of this, Chomik has decided to resurrect his old YouTube persona as theComputernerd01. On Twitter, he hinted at the release of a new parody and last weekend he followed through by posting his first parody in four years.  Many of his TikTok followers requested him to create a parody to the viral song ‘WAP’ by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion, and Chomik granted their wish. In the video, he makes the sexual and explicit song more PG by changing the lyrics to revolve around a “big bass cookie.” @joshchomik Reply to @kausalyay You guys asked for it… #Fyp #Foryoupage #foryou ♬ original sound – Josh Now, many people are feeling nostalgic about Fred’s and theComputerNerd01’s return and have had a lot to say on TikTok and Twitter – including newer social media influencers. . thecomputernerd01 wants to collab with mE HAHAHAGSHA LIFE IS FULL CIRCLE — aviva (@oxythotinn) September 13, 2020 so @LucasCruikshank popped up on my tiktok fyp under the username “heyitsfred” and i felt like i was in 2008-2009 — Thrxns (@Thrxns_) September 16, 2020 Thecomputernerd01 saving 2020 — Darby🎶 (@darbyadele) September 12, 2020 Are you excited for Fred’s and TheComputerNerd01’s return?  Video Produced by Kelsey Morris

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Oops! Chrissy Teigen Slips Up and Reveals Baby’s Gender

Over an Instagram story on September 17th, the model and foodie, Chrissy Teigen, accidentally revealed her baby’s gender while talking about her pregnancy. Teigen was updating her fans about the size and health of her baby, and slipped in the pronoun ‘he’ when referring to the baby. The 34 year-old quickly covered her mouth realizing what she had said and just followed with “oops.” After the story, she called herself stupid, and wrapped up the conversation. It did not seem to be that big of a deal to her as she continued to post the story, and later posted it on her wall to share the news with the rest of her fans. The baby boy will be the third child for Chrissy Teigen and her husband John Legend, so perhaps they were not planning a large gender reveal anyway.  Watch the adorable and small slip up here: How ‘Chrissy’ Of Her Twitter users were quick to congratulate the model and her husband, and make fun of her gender reveal. Teigen is known for being hilarious, outspoken, unfiltered, and all together ‘TMI.’ Her quirky personality always has fans laughing, and guessing what her next slip up will be; like the time she accidentally flashed everyone at an awards ceremony back in 2016 when her high slit dress was slit a little too high. Or in 2019, when she publicly posted her email address without realizing it and got non stop FaceTime calls from strangers. Many twitter users laughed at the idea of her sharing the sensitive information in such a cause was just “so Chrissy Teigen” of her, and the least surprising thing she could do.  This is the most @chrissyteigen pregnancy reveal ever. I’m so excited for another mini @johnlegend !!! — #KayleyCoogs *️⃣ (@coogs25) September 17, 2020 not that i expected a gender reveal or anything, but i imagine a sandwich-related reveal would've been up your alley (not really sure how one would successfully do a sandwich gender-reveal, but i'm sure it could be done). — mands (@mmtankersley) September 17, 2020 No Wild Fires In This Reveal Some tweets even poked at the fact that while her reveal was not ideal, at least it did not start a wildfire or cause harm to anybody as we all are familiar with by now. This, of course, is alluding to the California Wildfires that were caused by a gender reveal in Southern California earlier this September. The wildfires burned down over 7,000 acres in San Bernardino county. Twitter users wanted to make Teigen an example of what an unproblematic reveal could look like. Maybe she mentioned the pronoun, but she displace anyone or cause any damage. Twitter user, @skh4102, said, “it didn’t destroy millions of acres of forest and thousands of homes and businesses and also kill people.” Chrissy Teigen’s baby’s gender (assigned en utero) reveal was better than yours ✨and✨ it didn’t destroy millions of acres of forest and thousands of homes and businesses and also kill people. — sarah k harris (@skh4102) September 18, 2020 Hey look a gender reveal that didn’t displace thousands of people and animals and destroy a bunch of wildlife😍 congrats @chrissyteigen 💙 — claire de lune (@ClaireMPLS) September 17, 2020 Oh wow – you did a gender reveal without burning down a state! Congrats (on the baby, and not burning down the state!) — Sean Conley (@seanwconley) September 17, 2020 Teigen even laughed about the joke herself while replying to a fan’s tweet saying, “no fires and no one shot in the d-ck.” She was referring to the viral video where a man got slammed in the crotch while shooting off a powder ‘bomb’ to reveal his child’s gender in early September. 😩 no fires and no one shot in the dick — chrissy teigen (@chrissyteigen) September 17, 2020 Chrissy is not shy about being totally open and honest about her body and her life, which is why she has such a cult following with over 13 million followers on Twitter and 31 million on Instagram. Chrissy Teigen and John Legend share two beautiful children, Luna, 4, and Miles, 2. Teigen has shared her journey with pregnancy, as they have struggled getting pregnant naturally and turned to IVF for previous pregnancies. Back in June, she took a pregnancy test before going in for surgery, and the test came back negative. A few weeks following her procedure, John and Chrissy round out that she indeed had been pregnant prior to the surgery, but luckily the baby and her are doing well. This lighthearted accident over Instagram on Teigen’s behalf, is honestly what we needed in 2020. No drama, no theatrics- just a funny mistake to lighten your week.

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Family of Carole Baskin’s Ex-Husband Airs Search Commercial During DWTS

Carole Baskin, known for her role in the hit Netflix series “Tiger King,” officially debuted as a contestant on the new season of Dancing With the Stars this Monday. The 29th Season of Dancing With the Stars has experienced some changes this time around. This, of course, includes replacing their longtime host Tom Bergeron, but also featuring a very interesting set of guests. The one reveal that threw viewers for a loop was the “Tiger King” star herself.  Carole Baskin. Killed her husband, whacked him. Can’t convince me that it didn’t happen. Fed him to tigers. They snackin’. What’s happening. Carole Baskin. #dwts — clcnyc77 (@clcnyc77) September 15, 2020 Baskin is the CEO of a tiger preserve called Big Cat Rescue. She is also infamous for her role in the hit Netflix series that drew the attention of millions at the beginning of quarantine. As arch-nemesis of Joe Exotic, Baskin easily became one of the most criticized and talked about people on the internet for months after the show’s initial release.  omfg they did NOT purchase a tv spot during #dwts for Carole Baskin’s husband 😂😫 Savage — b r i t t a n y (@weensandthings) September 15, 2020 During the premiere of Dancing With the Stars, Baskin made her debut and first dance to the track “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor. With partner Pasha Pashkov, she performed the fox-trot and naturally, the internet went crazy. Baskin’s DWTS debut almost instantly became one of the most popular topics of conversation on Twitter.  bro Carole Baskin on DWTS has me weakk😂 — fruit of loomss (@loomis98) September 16, 2020 WHY IS CAROLE BASKIN ON DANCING WITH THE STARS #dwts #carolebaskin — kurapikaswife (@vuliynaa) September 15, 2020 Some social media users wondered if any of the judges would put Baskin on blast for her suspicious past. Others argued that the show should disqualify the “Tiger King” star due to the authorities conducting an active investigation around her husband’s disappearance. And as a result, many poked fun at Baskin for her scores and warned the judges to watch their backs.  the judges running to their cars to get home after they hear someone in the parking garage whisper “hey all you cool cats and kittens” after they gave carole baskin the worst score of the night #DWTS — kathleen (@kathleen_hanley) September 15, 2020 There are lots of questions and curiosities about why Baskin was chosen to be a part of this season. One theory is that her appearance would boost ratings and draw in a younger audience. However, regardless of the reasoning, many are surprised at the show for featuring an “alleged murderer” despite all of the backlash they have received online. In fact, the family of Don Lewis decided to take the opportunity to raise awareness about his disappearance during the show’s premiere. A commercial ran during Dancing With the Stars that promised a 100k reward to anyone with helpful information regarding Don Lewis’s disappearance and death.  Carole Baskin's missing husband's family is running a commercial during her DWTS debut! This shit is crazy! Tiger King has the gift that keeps on giving. — MichaelBePetty (@MichaelBePetty) September 14, 2020 This commercial gained a lot of attention online. It was shared on and through a variety of social media platforms, including Twitter and Instagram. Many TikTok users decided to film and share the video to their pages as well. This development further proves the theory that DWTS is gaining popularity in a whole new demographic: younger generations. The majority of TikTok users and those who browse that particular application are teenagers or younger. This is not the typical Dancing With the Stars audience.  A commercial that played during #DWTS from the family of Don Lewis, whose alleged murderer Carole Baskin is a featured “celebrity” on the show. This is an ongoing and open murder investigation. This woman is suspect #1 and should not be idolized. — shelby ♡ (@shelbymiller92) September 15, 2020 Videos of the commercial almost instantly went viral on TikTok, along with some entertaining reactions. Publications such as CBS and Variety even decided to highlight and draw attention to the ad in recent articles.  After watching “Tiger King,” the vast majority of viewers came to the conclusion that Baskin had killed her ex-husband, Don Lewis. Lewis went missing a day before he was supposed to take a trip to Costa Rica, but his body was never found. The widely-believed theory is that she fed him to her tigers. Joe Exotic has claimed that this theory is true and completely accurate.  He even made sure to remind viewers of the theory multiple times and provided information throughout “Tiger King” to attempt to back it up. Baskin and Exotic both own tiger preserves, but argued over animal rights issues and specifically how Joe was treating the animals he owned.  They should let Joe Exotic out of prison on furlough so he can compete against Carole Baskin on DWTS and whoever loses first goes to prison. — m (@MercedesKills) September 16, 2020 This has been a controversial season of DWTS already. Their decision to replace Tom Bergeron with Tyra Banks sparked online debate immediately after it was announced. Also, Derek Hough stepping in as a judge instead of as a dancer has caused mixed reactions as well. It seems as though Dancing With the Stars is attempting to rebrand and change things up nearly 30 years after the show’s official premiere.   Friendly reminder that Tom Bergeron being fired from #DWTS is ageist, Tyra Banks is a terrible host, and Carole Baskin killed her husband. — nashBBfan (@nashBBfan) September 15, 2020 Carole Baskin may or may not be a murderer, but she still remains a contestant on Dancing With the Stars. And if one thing is certain, this is going to be a very interesting season.  What do you think of Carole Baskin’s dancing? We may not know much about the evidence or investigation into Don Lewis’ death, but we can definitely judge her talent every Monday on ABC. 

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The Internet Takes Sides After Finding Out Offset Cheated on Cardi B

From secret weddings to cheating allegations, we have all been aboard Cardi B’s and Offset’s emotional rollercoaster as they climbed hills and encountered steep drops. However, as they neared their third wedding anniversary, the rappers have decided to unbuckle their seatbelts and end their wild ride. After overwhelming evidence of Offset repeatedly cheating throughout their relationship, Cardi B finally had enough.  On Tuesday, Cardi B’s lawyer submitted documents in Atlanta to divorce Offset and request full custody of their two-year old daughter Kulture. However, on Wednesday morning Cardi B made some adjustments as she disagreed with the terms her lawyer asked for. She wants an “amicable” divorce and a healthy co-parenting relationship with her daughter’s father. Relationship Timeline In attempts to keep their personal lives on the down low, Offset and Cardi B secretly got married in September 2017, but Offset publicly proposed in October – a month after they were already married. After months of keeping people in the dark on their marital status, the husband and wife revealed the truth in June 2018. However, the secrets did not end there. For a while, Cardi B held her pregnancy a secret as she wanted people to focus on her music rather than her personal life. When it became impossible to hide her pregnancy, Cardi B shocked fans as she boasted her pregnant body during her performance on SNL in April 2018. Cardi B officially reveals her pregnancy on #SNL — Rap-Up (@RapUp) April 8, 2018 Although their relationship had many milestones, there were rocks in the road as videos resurfaced of Offset cheating on Cardi B in December 2017 and January 2018. Despite pressure from fans to leave him, Cardi B stuck by his side.  But a year later, Cardi B announced on Instagram that the couple had broken up and she’s looking into getting a divorce.  Aww the way Cardi B is talking🥺 — AbikeArab Money💸 (@papaya_ex) September 16, 2020 Shortly after their breakup went public, Offset confessed that he missed his wife and ambushed Cardi B onstage during the Rolling Loud music festival with signs asking her to take him back. After a month of Offset’s multiple grand gestures, the couple got back together at the end of January 2019. For over a year, it seemed that their marriage was going strong as the couple expressed their love for each other on social media – especially this summer.  But it seems Offset has not learned his lesson as many women have come forward exposing their affairs with the Migos member, leading Cardi B to finally divorce him. Divorce Details According to TMZ, the original court documents stated that the couple have been separated for some time and Cardi B has no intention of getting back together with Offset. Cardi B’s lawyer requested for an “equitable share of marital assets,” which leads us to assume that – unlike many other celebrity marriages – there was no prenup when the rappers got married. Also, the lawyer asked for Cardi B to get full custody of her daughter and for Offset to pay child support and legal expenses. However, Cardi B was surprised by the stance her lawyer was taking, which led her to make some changes on Wednesday morning.  In the new documents, she wants Offset to have joint custody of their daughter and to not be forced to give any financial support. She wants this divorce to be smooth and friendly. The exes are set to appear in court on November 4 to determine the official terms of their divorce. Twitter Responses Although this is a serious and saddening situation for the two parties involved, people are taking to Twitter to create memes and jokes about their divorce. Cardi B is known for her sexual and explicit songs, and many are analyzing the lyrics to her song ‘WAP’ to explain why Offset was unfaithful. However, many are slut-shaming Cardi B in the process. Cardi B should’ve really learned to cook & clean for Offset instead of just relying on that WAP… didn’t get her too far after all. — DeAnna Lorraine 🇺🇸 (@DeAnna4Congress) September 15, 2020 I guess it ain't a WAP, her husband still get real WAP LOLWHAT does that ring mean now. Since you dont cook or clean. — MomaShugg (@MommaShugg1) September 16, 2020 Lol. So my question is: Does Cardi have that WAP if he cheating???? — La'Marcus (@Markkhuz) September 16, 2020 Cardi B doesn’t cook, she doesn’t clean and she can’t keep a man like my ex. @iamcardib. Shame — Omar Navarro (@RealOmarNavarro) September 15, 2020 Cardi b : “I don’t cook, I don’t clean” Offset: — NJ🏂 (@gIazersdead) September 15, 2020 Even though Cardi B has some haters, Offset has even more. Because of their past, most are commenting on Offset’s serial cheating habits. Offset trynna figure out why Cardi is divorcing him after cheating on her — ✌️ (@AmirMuhammadAli) September 15, 2020 Cardi B: i want a divorce Offset after cheating on her a billion times: — Active (@heypeopleexx) September 15, 2020 Cardi b : we’re getting a divorce i don’t deserve this Offset unblocking every insta model cardi made him block : — ⚔️Jeremy | Replay 〄 (@gardenpanty) September 15, 2020 Amid the news of Cardi B’s divorce, she has been receiving lots of love and support from her fans – including Lizzo. Lizzo sent Cardi flowers. We love a genuine friendship. ❤️ — Fan Account | #BLM (@BardiUpdatess) September 16, 2020 Cardi B. is powerful!! In every way! Mind and heart. And she needs a partner that embraces that, is in awe of that, cherishes that, is in reverence of that, and delights in that. — Bolu Babalola (@BeeBabs) September 15, 2020 I'm not surprised cardi B is divorceing offset. She's sitting with presidential candidates & looking to make change. He's been cheating on her since day one. She just outgrew him. — 🇯🇲 Quinn 🙏🏿🏁🐍 (@Quinn510_) September 16, 2020 It’s so sad to watch so many people talking down on Cardi B as if she is the one in the wrong. Like I always say, celebrity women get cheated on bc these men are jealous of them in their stardom & are trying to publicly humiliate them to make themselves feel confident. — ABM (@imani_yvonne2) September 16, 2020 How do you feel about Cardi B’s and Offset’s divorce? Will the divorce be as friendly as Cardi B hopes?

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TikTok Star Destroys McDonalds Employee’s Vape for Campaign

J-Rish, better known as Project Better on TikTok, is changing the world one drive-thru at a time. And yes, you read that correctly.  The TikTok sensation is raising awareness about the dangers of vape pens and nicotine. J-Rish, who is also a Soundcloud rapper, is passionate enough about the subject to take the law into his own hands. In fact, it was his trip to a McDonald’s drive-thru that attracted countless of viewers on TikTok.  TikTok​ Star Steals Vape Pen from McDonald's Worker in Drive-Thru #SmartNews 🤨And look who hasn’t received a visit from the police😒 — Devereaux (@DeviStCharles) September 13, 2020 In the video, the TikTok sensation asks a McDonald’s employee if he vapes. When the man answers that he does, J-Rish asks if he can see it. The employee, who is completely unsuspicious, hands it over. And as soon as he does, J-Rish swipes it from his hands and disappears into the night before throwing it out of the window.  The caption on TikTok reads: “One less vaper off the streets #nomorenicotine #MorningCheer #ThatsHot #YouHaveTo #DinnerWithMe#secretanimesociety #fyp #frickvape.” @project.better One less vaper off the streets #nomorenicotine #MorningCheer #ThatsHot #YouHaveTo #DinnerWithMe #secretanimesociety #fyp #frickvape ♬ Tip Toe – Sheff G & Sleepy Hallow The reactions from this video vary from users thinking it’s hilarious to others saying it’s cruel. Some have commented that he’s destroying other people’s property. On the other hand, many social media users think it’s a fun way to get an important message out.  One comment under the TikTok said: “Do more bro. You’re saving lives.”  There was an update that the TikToker returned to the same McDonald’s and gave the employee $20 for taking his vape.  The act of vaping has always been a controversial topic, especially on social media. People continue to get into fights about it with politicians and other users for a variety of reasons. If the biggest battle you can win is against vaping, I might suggest a different career path :/ people are being killed by the police, Lori. Like…congrats, but the vape pens aren't what's harming the city. Overfunding the police and underfunding social services is. — Mark ✨ (@MarkussJ) September 14, 2020 This has caused many to make assumptions right off of the bat. Some people on the platform are speculating that the whole thing has to be staged. This is due to some of his other videos reportedly being staged as well. However, J-Rish’s campaign and mission to end vaping is definitely not fake. On his Instagram, he opened up about successfully quitting nicotine a few months back. He also explained how his dependence on it impacted him personally both mentally and physically. Now, J-Rish aims to help others break their addiction to vaping as well.  The now viral video has over 3 million views on TikTok alone. The campaign has continued on J-Rish’s other social media platforms as well.  In an Instagram video, J-Rish throws what appears to be a Juul on the ground and smashes it with a hammer. This is after he reveals that his previous attachment to vaping sent him to the hospital twice due to “breathing problems.”  His campaign to raise awareness about the dangers of nicotine addiction is also known as #NoMoreNicotine on social media. The marketing and concept of vaping drew in J-Rish at only 15 years old. He explains in the video that he thought it was “harmless” because of how it was advertised and talked about. The #NoMoreNicotine challenge asks teens and others who vape to destroy their vape in a creative way. J-Rish has made other TikToks of him throwing away people’s vapes and they do not seem to be happy about it.  On his website, the rapper is promoting his “No More Nicotine” challenge. If people decide to destroy their vape and post the video to TikTok, J-Rish is promising the chance to win $5,000 for the top 10 videos. This challenge has opened the eyes of many, but others remain defensive. Comments and complaints about this mission continue to circulate the internet, especially on Reddit. However, it doesn’t seem like other people are going to stop J-Rish and his campaign.  J-Rish calls himself the “Vape Police.” His efforts to save lives from being negatively impacted by nicotine continue on and off camera.  Project Better has nearly 30,000 followers on TikTok currently. What do you think about J-Rish’s efforts to stop vaping? Is it taking things too far or all valid? 

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Kim Kardashian-West Under Fire After Skims’ Maternity Launch

On September 16th, Kim Kardashian West’s shape wear company, Skims, will have released their new maternity line but the release comes with controversy. The new line will offer “sculpting” bodysuits, bras, shorts and briefs specially designed for pregnant, and nursing women. According to Kim’s Instagram, the line, “offers the best in comfort and support for your changing body during and after pregnancy.” The Controversy As soon as the brand announced the shape wear, disappointed celebrities and twitter users flooded Kim Kardashian with angry and concerned tweets concerning the body image of pregnant and postpartum women. Social media users were concerned about why pregnant women need shape wear, claiming that women should be proud of their pregnancy and not ashamed of their changing bodies. This comes after years of the Kardashian-Jenner family promoting a specific body type which was encouraged with waist trainers and spandex shape wear; not to mention the pressure they placed on themselves to lose baby weight following the birth of each of their children. Fans are worried that this is, once again, the Kardashian’s imposing unhealthy body image. And it is especially sensitive because it is now affecting pregnant women.  Celebrities and fans alike took to twitter to give Kim and Skims a piece of their mind.  The celebrity that started the conversation about Kim’s new line was Jameela Jamil. The Good Place actress shared her concern over Twitter, the same day the announcement for the line dropped. She said, “It would be so cool if pregnant people could just be allowed to be pregnant and get bigger and not be self conscious, and enjoy the miracle taking place inside their body and not have to worry about feeling embarrassed/shamed that their body is changing for an amazing reason.” It would be so cool if pregnant people could just be allowed to be pregnant and get bigger and not be self conscious, and enjoy the miracle taking place inside their body and not have to worry about feeling embarrassed/shamed that their body is changing for an amazing reason. — Jameela Jamil 🌈 (@jameelajamil) September 13, 2020 This started a slew of responses aiming at both Jamil and the maternity shape wear. Some were parents who had previously faced body image issues surrounding their pregnancies.  My dad came over after I hadn’t seen him for weeks due to lockdown and said ‘oh you’ve got fatter!’ And I knew he meant more pregnant but it left me feeling so insecure for the rest of the week. Nobody should be commenting on anyone else’s size ever. Ever. Pregnant or not — Alex (@malexwalex) September 13, 2020 For me, it was the time afterwards where I felt more pressure.'When will you be losing the weight?''Are you pregnant again? Oh, you just haven't lost your weight yet.' I'm proud of what my body did and I'm in no rush to look like I did before my son was born ❤ — Laura Vance (@laurajaynefox1) September 13, 2020 Standing by Maternity Shape Wear But the majority of comments were focused around Jamil’s lack of expertise in the pregnancy realm. Many parents in the comments were quick to point out the functionality of maternity shape wear, which has existed years before the Skims launch. In Kardashian-West’s defense, the shape wear is to better support a pregnant person’s growing tummy and the physical pressure on a person’s body.  having been pregnant 4 times it was really hard to find decent support for my belly, easing off my pelvis. I had to wear a belly band. Kim k’s maternity skims aren’t ‘shapewear’ they’re support. And I only hope more places start to sell something similar. — G (@elvonhar) September 13, 2020 Everyone criticizing #skims and @KimKardashian clearly have never met a pregnant person. You know they make pregnancy belts to hold up bellies, right? This shape wear is just that but cute. #chillout — Nicole (@smallinstature) September 14, 2020 @KimKardashian bravo on Maternity Skims! I wish I had this support when I was carrying my children. — Fay (@Fayizzle) September 14, 2020 This tweet even went as far as to claim that those in opposition to the launch are not taking pregnant disabled people into consideration. It’s also extremely ableist to assume that because you can do something with ease that everyone else will be able to. I imagine this doesn’t just help the average pregnant person but anyone carrying who might have disabilities of some kind.Very narrow minded indeed. — ~ ~ ~ ~ (@toltorg) September 14, 2020 Kim K’s Response Kim Kardashian-West was quick to respond to all the tweets, and responses flooding in about the controversy. She took to Twitter to release a statement. The KUWTK star said, “To anyone who has an issue with maternity solutionwear, and if you haven’t been pregnant before you may not know the struggle of what it’s like carrying all of this weight the way I did along with millions of strong women, @skims maternity line is not to slim but to support.” Based on the majority of positive feedback we have received so far from pregnant women around the world, I am incredibly proud to provide a solution that will provide comfort and support during the times that we all need it most, during pregnancy and after. — Kim Kardashian West (@KimKardashian) September 13, 2020 She followed her initial comeback with retweets and screenshots of mothers showing their support for her brand and new line.  Not only did her fans back her up, but her famous friends did as well. Most notably, Chrissy Teigen ran to Kim K’s defense. On her instagram, the model and cookbook author, showed off her Skims while pregnant with her third child. She told her followers that she was not trying to look any slimmer, but just wanted to feel more comfortable. Many people assumed that this was Teigen’s way of digging at Jamil’s previous tweet. Jamil was quick to let everyone know that the model’s post was not about her.  Just Spoke to Chrissy. She wasn’t talking about me in her video at all. The garbage way that tabloids try to set women upon each other to create a fantasy bitch fight for entertainment is so disgusting and archaic. We all know each other… you can’t just make shit up about us.🖕🏽 — Jameela Jamil 🌈 (@jameelajamil) September 14, 2020 Drama seems to follow Kim Kardashian wherever she goes. This is not the first time her brand has faced controversy. In 2019, Kim originally planned to name her company ‘Kimono,’ which was followed by severe backlash, as the name was clearly appropriation of Japanese culture.  While the launch of Skims maternity line was met with anger, it was immensely welcomed by pregnant women among Twitter.

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Chris Evans Nude Pic Sparks Internet Debate On Sexism

Marvel actor Chris Evans gave his fans an unexpected look into his personal life during an Instagram live session on Saturday night when he unintentionally shared a nude picture of himself. Fans of Evans were quick to defend him and they demanded we respect the actor and his privacy. These reactions have sparked a conversation about sexism on the internet, specifically questioning why female celebrities face much different treatment upon accidental releases of their nudes. In a since deleted post, the scandalous picture of Evans left the internet in a pandemonium. People all over the world were in shock and awe as the picture was quickly circulated on Twitter. (If you find yourself curious and want to do some digging, make sure you’re not using a work computer when searching). But, rather than make fun of Evans or hyper sexualize the image, fans are calling for censorship and to respect the privacy of Evans. Thousands of people are trying to acknowledge that Chris Evans has brought a lot of good into the world. Even outside his hit films, he is known for charity work and sincere generosity. Therefore, fans argue we shouldn’t judge him on this one mistake. In an attempt to change the narrative, the internet exploded with fans praising the actor for his other assets. Wanna know why Chris Evans is trending? Cuz he's the sweetest, kindest person and is a brilliant actor. — cosmicstark (@cosmicstark1) September 13, 2020 i don’t know i’m just really in love with chris evans’ smile — nicole (@moonIightevans) September 13, 2020 Guys remember. He is a genuinely kind and sweet guy with anxiety we should respect his privacy, he deserves it🥺🥺 — ᴍᴀʀɪᴀᴍ ᴋʜᴀɴ♡ (@immariamkha_n) September 13, 2020 Clearly, privacy and sensitivity are important values to users of the internet, but it seems a bit ironic. (The internet, of all places, is saying we should work together to keep things more private.) While others agree we should treat Chris Evans with kindness, they can’t help but wonder why women don’t get the same treatment when they have nude photos released on the web. Chris Evans accidentally leaked a nude photo. For the most part, social media has rallied around him. Nobody called him a slut. Nobody insisted he was an attention whore. Nobody thinks his career is ruined. We need to give women this same love & respect. 💯💯💯#ChrisEvans — Anne Boleyn (Sussex Supporter) (@TudorChick1501) September 13, 2020 I loved the way how people are supporting #ChrisEvans with so much positivity and love to keep his mental health in sound state. I really wish and hope that if a girl's nudes are leaked unintentionally, we people will help her in the same way instead of just slut shaming her!🤞❤️ — Priya (@priyarameshhh) September 13, 2020 It’s clear that regardless of his beloved acting and generosity, Chris Evans is getting much different treatment on the web because he is a man.This accidentally leaked explicit image is creating meaningful conversations on the patriarchy, sexism and the treatment of women in Hollywood. Actress Kat Dennings took to Twitter to comment the following: The public respect for Chris Evans’ privacy/feelings is wonderful. Wouldn’t it be nice if it extended to women when this kind of thing happens? — Kat Dennings (@OfficialKat) September 13, 2020 Unfortunately, throughout the history of the internet, women have been far less lucky and privileged to their privacy when incidents like this occur.  For example, back in 2014, Jennifer Lawrence was a victim of the ‘Celebgate’ hacking ring and had her explicit photos published online anonymously.  News sites and social media users were quick to blame Lawrence, saying female celebrities should always be prepared for a hacking and need to avoid taking sexual photos if they don’t want them out for public consumption someday. @EmWatson @megturney Simply ask yourself, why in the hell you're putting your nude pics on a device that is 24/7 connected to internet — Fabio Bertozzi (@fabiobrtz) September 2, 2014 Lawrence spoke with Vanity Fair about the incident and said that, “just because I’m a public figure…does not mean I asked for this. It does not mean that it comes with the territory. It’s my body, and it should be my choice, and the fact that it is not my choice is absolutely disgusting.”  Talk show host, Wendy Williams, responded to Lawrence’s statement by saying, “Um, it’s not your choice, it’s in the Cloud and I’ve looked several times. So I guess I’m disgusting for looking?”  She proceeded to tell her audience that essentially Lawrence is to blame for the photos leaking because she took them in the first place. [embedded content] As you can see, it’s not just fans who have a vastly different perspective, but also the media outlets. They report on these incidents differently based on if it is a man or a woman. We have yet to find an article or publication that is condemning Evans or saying he shouldn’t have taken a photo like he did in the first place. It is fair to note too that more often than not, women are hacked and the photos are stolen from them, whereas in the case of Chris Evans, he essentially hacked himself. It’s safe to say privacy was the last thing Lawrence got from the public or the media. We have to wonder what needs to happen in order for women to get the same respect and treatment as their male counterparts. It’s great that six years later, Chris Evans is treated with more respect, but we hope this respect will also be given to the next female actress with leaked photos.  Evans has not made a public statement on the photos as of Monday morning. While he should not be condemned for his accidental nude leak, the same should go for his female peers, without question. In the end, this accident has resulted in meaningful discussion which will hopefully bring serious reform when it comes to the privacy and respect of others on the internet. What do y’all think? Would every celebrity be met with this much respect and love? Is the respect only given to the one and only Captain America? Is he really getting special treatment because he is a man? Or, will we ever respect the privacy of female celebrities on the internet? We want to know your thoughts! 

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JK Rowling Isn’t Dead But Twitter Wishes She Was After Even More Transphobia

Though the “#RipJKRowling” hashtag might suggest otherwise, JK Rowling isn’t actually dead. Her career, though, is basically over. This hashtag started trending on Twitter after details about Rowling’s next book were released. In a totally unsurprising twist, it sounds super transphobic.  tw transphobia //every day is a good day to stop giving jk rowling even one precious cent of your money, but ESPECIALLY in light of her moving her violent transphobia out of the subtext of her books and into the text — casey mcquiston ⚡️ preorder ONE LAST STOP (@casey_mcquiston) September 14, 2020 British publication The Telegraph released a review of her new novel “Troubled Blood” on September 13. Spoiler alert: they said the book was bad. The news about the plot of “Troubled Blood” didn’t go viral until “Pink News” covered the story on September 14th. The book is about a cis male murderer with a nasty way of catching victims. He lures them into safety by dressing up as a woman. If anyone else wrote this, fans might be interested. This plot coming from Rowling, who has openly hated transgender people and invalidates trans women every chance she gets, is a huge blow.  If she didn't have a history of anti-trans bigotry, this could be an interesting premise for a series of well-done adult novels. Hopefully a serious author would consider the real serious implications of such a tale. But since she does, it likely won't be any of those things. — Catherine ~The Witch of Batuu~ (@CatherineKiwi1) September 14, 2020 Rowling has effectively turned a significant part of both her fanbase and the book community against her. Not only are Twitter users and ex-fans slamming her, but so are famous bestselling authors. Aiden Thomas, a trans author, tweeted that he was “absolutely DISGUSTED by JKR and Hachette.” Earlier this week, Thomas hit the “New York Times Bestseller List” for his novel about trans men. Also angry was Casey McQuiston, writing, “every day is a good day to stop giving  JK Rowling even one precious cent of your money.”  i am absolutely DISGUSTED by JKR and Hachette. i am filled with rage and hate. she is pushing narratives that get trans folks discriminated against, brutalized and murdered. this is an aggressive act of violence against the trans community. — Aiden Thomas 🌈👻 CEMETERY BOYS is out now! (@aidenschmaiden) September 14, 2020 In response to today’s comments, Twitter users started “#RipJKRowling.” This hashtag became a snarky way for Twitter users to show that Rowling was essentially “dead” to them. Many also used it to celebrate the death of her reputation and her book sales. The tag got so popular so quickly, that Twitter had to clarify that, no, she isn’t actually dead.  for me it's how twitter had to specify that she's actually alive AHAHAHAHAHA #RIPJKRowling — 🕷️Lily, Fluffy Spider Wife🕸️ BLM (@SapphoMode) September 14, 2020 tw // food rare footage of me attending jk rowling's funeral. it was a fun celebration! heven gained another angle though 🤍🕊 — eleanor says gn (@msprobellematic) September 14, 2020 Rowling has been hit with hate after making transphobic comments in the past. This has been going for years now. Trans people, especially trans women, were shocked and hurt by Rowling’s blatant trans-exclusionary radical feminism. Though it was what she practiced, Rowling took great offense to that term. In 2020 alone, Rowling seems to constantly tweet, retweet, or like a transphobic post. Earlier this year, Rowling wrote an open letter to the Internet to address the comments being made about her transphobia. Instead of an apology, Rowling actually made things worse for herself but defending her offensive comments. In June, Rowling posted an extremely long letter on her website explaining why she was so against transgender people. In her article, she claimed to have struggles with her own gender identity issues, but grew out of them. She states that this is a common response. “I want to be very clear here: I know transition will be a solution for some gender dysphoric people, although I’m also aware through extensive research that studies have consistently shown that between 60-90% of gender dysphoric teens will grow out of their dysphoria.” As expected, many people did not like this letter. she’s not dead or anything, but even tom riddle is more alive than her career and reputation 😼#RIPJKRowling — fer is looking for hp moots (@70sDRACO_) September 14, 2020 Later, in early July, Rowling compared healthcare for transgender people, which is regarded as a real medical practice that makes individuals feel better about themselves as well as keeps them healthy, to gay conversion therapy, a practice that is widely disrespected and hated for the trauma it has caused. She had all of this bad publicity, and still chose to add fuel to the fire.  JK Rowling is singlehandedly creating anti-trans sentiment that is very real and very, very dangerous to us. She is not just sharing her opinion— she is starting a brand new wave of transphobia. — Vee S. (@findmereading) September 14, 2020 Rowling does have some supporters, though. In response to “#RipJKRowling,” her supporters started a “IStandWithJKRowling” hashtag. Some strongly agree with Rowling’s point of view, praising her for being willing to speak out in a way that few would dare to. They call the people who are against Rowling “fragile.”  Just a bunch of narcissistic fetishists and cosplayers mocking a woman who dared to speak the truth. Your self centred fragility is nobody else's problem.#RIPJKRowling — Hayden Hewitt (@HaydenHewitt) September 14, 2020 The fact the disgusting hashtag #RIPJKRowling is trending on this mess of a platform, tells you everything you need to know about the mindset of these TRAs. Read the comments. Don’t ever ask me to justify my position on this again. It’s sick. Just sick. #IStandWithJKRowling — James Dreyfus 🟥 (@DreyfusJames) September 14, 2020 Others are claiming that the amount of hate Rowling gets is due to misogyny. They cite examples of projects by men that did not receive this much hate.  Unsurprisingly the #RIPJKRowling trend is misogyny in full view. If you haven't woken up to the fact women can't even define themselves as different biologically from men (yep, in 2020) without being harassed, maybe it's time you ask why.#IStandWithJKRowling #waronwomen — natalie (@clovhamm) September 14, 2020 You must have never heard of Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho — YaBoiMugen (@BoiMugen) September 14, 2020 Rowling’s words are controversial, potentially leading to more hate and violence. Yet, there are still plenty who agree with her. It’s just crazy to think that JK Rowling can invent a world of wizards, witches, and all sorts of fantastical creatures, but has a such a huge problem with transgender people. The biggest irony of all? Rowling published “Troubled Blood” under a pseudonym, Robert Galbraith. Yup, a male name for a female author who denies the existence of transgender people. This could be a good thing for Rowling, though. Based on the swarms of angry fans, it sounds like this could be her first novel to barely sell.

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The Internet Blows Up in Response to The Oscars New Diversity Rules

The Oscars have just announced major changes in regards to their diversity requirements and the internet has a lot to say.  What Was Announced? When it comes to Oscar nominations and eligibility, the award show has been targeted in the past for not focusing on diversity, inclusion and representation. But things are on their way towards some sort of change. Change starts now. We've announced new representation and inclusion standards for Best Picture eligibility, beginning with the 96th #Oscars. Read more here: — The Academy (@TheAcademy) September 9, 2020 Beginning in 2024, inclusion will be a requirement to be considered for Best Picture. This decision comes five years after the #OscarsSoWhite hashtag trended on Twitter and caused major controversy. The Academy announced on Tuesday that the Best Picture nominations will have to meet a certain criteria in order to be considered. Don’t believe any hot-take that calls this affirmative action. These rules are such a LOW BAR if a film hasn’t met them it is doing nothing to represent this country and absolutely should not be Oscar-eligible. #OscarsSoWhite will be for the foreseeable future. — AJ Christian (@drajchristian) September 9, 2020 What Social Media Users Had To Say… While many questioned this decision, their curiosity was met with an answer. The organization explained in a statement that the goal of this verdict is to “encourage equitable representation on and off screen in order to better reflect the diversity of the movie-going audience.”  Social media users and public figures have already begun to share their opinion and it’s safe to say that not everyone is happy about this concept. And not for the reasons that many are expecting. #Oscars hoping that playing the race and gender cards will make people want to watch rich Hollywood types give each other awards for movies no one's actually watched. When Marvel wins an Oscar, call me. Otherwise, you still suck.#WednesdayWisdom#truth — Minerva Neryse (@minervaneryse) September 9, 2020 Celebrities Speak Out Kirstie Alley slammed the decision by tweeting: “This is a disgrace to artists everywhere…can you imagine telling Picasso what had to be in his f*cking paintings. You people have lost your minds.” She continued to explain that diversity and inclusion should be taught to children and therefore simply become second nature. The fact that this type of representation is now being “forced” or necessary has been seen as unnatural by countless people, including Alley.  Diversity and inclusion should be taught, taught so well and so naturally and genuinely that it becomes second nature to our children. — Kirstie Alley (@kirstiealley) September 9, 2020 Others, on the other hand, are claiming that Alley has missed the point and purpose of these new requirements.  She clearly doesn’t get it… the academy isn’t really forcing anyone to DO Anything. She’s saying this like people are OWED an Oscar nomination. You can still make your own art, you just don’t meet criteria for a certain award so stfu. — Julian Bass (@thejulianbass) September 9, 2020 The Arguments All in all, it seems as though the internet is split. Some made comments such as “positive discrimination is still discrimination” will others celebrated the idea that the Oscars are finally moving in the right direction.  People criticising the Oscars new inclusion/diversity rules because it destroys "the freedom of an artist". Please. Stop it. — Jo Ferreira #BlackLivesMatter (@joheartsart) September 9, 2020 Many are making the point that it feels strange to control art and indirectly make creators meet a certain criteria. In fact, it’s already been announced that films must meet at least two of four benchmarks. If they do not, that particular film is simply ineligible for Best Picture.  This is stupid and filled with hypocrisy. So, hiring diverse actors is not for their talent and acting but just to get nominated and maybe win an Oscar. Instead of actually doing sth about racism, they did this. — #D10S🎗️ (@_ItsKarim) September 9, 2020 Requirements Explained CNN explains that the criteria includes “featuring actors from underrepresented groups in significant roles or accounting for at least 30% of the cast; similar criteria in terms of those working on the film behind the scenes; a significant commitment to paid apprenticeships, internships and career development; and significant representation among the teams devoted to marketing, publicity and distribution.”  Many social media users are now referring to Best Picture as the “Diversity & Inclusion Award” and similar variations of the sort. Others are calling this particular decision a form of censorship and as a result, have vowed to not tune in to the show in the future.  The Oscars have announced diversity standards for their Best Picture award. It’s no longer about the talent in the Best Picture, but the Most Woke picture. — Darren Grimes (@darrengrimes_) September 9, 2020 People of color have come forward and openly expressed their concern with this decision.  This is ridiculous. There should not be ANY standards. As a latino, I do not like this pityness. — Adam Dynamite 🇺🇸 (@BrewCity1987) September 9, 2020 Ok.I'm a middle eastern bi woman and I'm saying this is ridiculous.we want representation not because they HAVE TO , but 'cuz diversity is normal and realistic . Instead of this they just should not steal awards from good movies to other white ones. — mythical (@queenNnre) September 9, 2020 Within hours of this big announcement, the inclusivity requirements for Best Picture has become a political conflict. Fights have broken out across the internet and many are beginning to choose sides. And despite the mixed reactions, it does not seem as though the Academy is going to change their minds about this. With many deciding that they would no longer be tuning in to the Oscars awhile ago, this decision is no longer important or relevant news to them anyway. And for those boycotting the show, their reasons that this news is just another ridiculous aspect of it continue to be shared. For example, another major point that has been commented on is the fact that the awards are “rigged” anyway.  This whole Oscar thing is extra stupid because they were rigged anyway. They could have just pretended to select a "diverse" film without all the ridiculous rules on submittals 🙄 — Joan d'Arc (@Born4ThisMoment) September 9, 2020 The Oscars Drama Continues… Is this criteria going to evoke change for the right reasons? The answer to that question is not only incredibly difficult to answer, but also quite controversial.  It’s important to note that this change will not come all at once. These rules will be put in place gradually over the next four years. However, by 2024, the criteria will be required. There are predictable comments regarding this announcement while others are making some convincing arguments. This seems as though it will be an ongoing conversation on social media.  Massively stupid. The Oscars will become meaningless. It won't take long before nobody even wants one. Audiences will decline, as an Oscar will be taken by many as a warning of movies NOT to bother to watch. . — Godnose (@Godnose) September 9, 2020 More Change is Needed Many industries and franchises, such as Bachelor Nation, have made a point to become more diverse this year following the despicable acts of racial injustice we have all seen. However, many think it’s just a little too late. All of these changes have been labeled by social media users as “forced” and “disingenuous” despite what any executives say or how they try to defend their decisions.   Over the years, the Oscars have lost a significant amount of their audience for a variety of reasons. And despite their apparent progress, it seems as though The Academy has some more work to do. In regards to their most recent diversity requirements, it’s unclear if this change will ultimately bring some of those viewers back or simply continue to push them away. Only time will tell.  Will you be watching the Oscars following this announcement? Featured image by Jakob Owens and Joshua Hoehne on Unsplash. 

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Viral TikTok Videos Show us Inside Look at Fast Food Restaurants

Fast food workers are making TikToks showing us what goes into our food at these restaurants. We love a good inside look moment!  Now, I know what you’re thinking. Yes, I did see that TikTok with the Starbucks secret menu Twix Frapp. 10/10 would recommend to a friend! But that’s not the kind of behind the scenes we’re talking about… @baristaboycreig Twix Frappuccino🍫 Order a caramel frap w/ 2 pumps of hazelnut, java chips & whipcream inside. #starbucks #secretmenu #fyp #foryoupage #foryou #viral ♬ original sound – starbucksrecipeswitcreig We’re talking about the viral videos of how things are made or if they are cleaning things the way they should be. After all, we know what we are getting into when we go to these fast food places. We’re not expecting five-star cuisine here HOWEVER I would at least like to think they are cleaning things the way they should be.  McDonald’s This TikTok creator talks about her experience working at McDonald’s. She starts off with the disclaimer that McDonald’s indeed a franchise so every location is different. Giving that disclaimer can certainly make you feel a little bit better but still big yikes on some of the things she shares about her locations. @jodessy #McDonalds #secretsotmcdonalds #fastfoodsecrets #mcdonaldsconfessions ♬ original sound – eatmoreryebread McDonald’s ice cream machine has been a meme for a long time now. For as long as I can remember the internet has reminded me not to bother going to McDonald’s to order ice cream because their machine will be broken. Yes, yours too.  feeling like the mcdonalds ice cream machine bc im always broken — 𝐃𝐀𝐍𝐀🧞‍♂️ (@whosdanaaa) September 3, 2020 But Dessy Joseph seems to say otherwise. She reveals the mystery of the ice cream machine along with other things you didn’t know about McDonald’s. She said the ice cream machines are RARELY broken. The workers just didn’t want to change the shake mix bags because they’re too heavy.  And there you have it, guys! In another video, she explains why you should order your food to go and it’s well…we’ll just show you first.  @jodessy SECRETS I KNOW FROM MCDONALDS PART 4 !! #JODESSY #MCDONALDSSECRETS #SECRETSFROMWORKINGATMCDONALDS #MCDONALDS ♬ original sound – jodessy She said that the to stay trays have been through some nasty things like someone blowing their boogers on the tray. Which wouldn’t be as unsettling if you thought maybe they had a good way to clean those trays but…there’s not. She continued by explaining that the workers have a bucket with a rag in the front to clean the trays. To add insult to injury that bucket stays there ALL DAY. Super fun. Love that for them.  This McDonald’s employee shows how the Spicy McChicken’s are made.  @90skev how spicys mcchickens are made, y’all notice how they all the same shape?😳 #fyp #viral #xyzbca #trending #foryou #fastfood ♬ original sound – 90skev But the biggest shock to people in the comments was that McDonald’s had Spicy McChicken in the first place. One user commented, “Wait!!! Y’all serve spicy mcchikens????? What??? Why aren’t they over here?!?!?”  Another commented, “people are still gonna eat it, including me😂”  and I couldn’t agree more.  This TikTok creator shared two facts about fast food chains that are certainly cringeworthy, to say the least. Now it’s no secret that most fast food restaurants don’t make their meat in the restaurant. They are often frozen. But, did you know that the grill marks on the burgers are fake? They are put on there by factory workers. Yeah, you read that right. The factory workers put the marks on there so that the customers, that’s us, believe that the meat is grilled fresh in the kitchen. @yeetstem Secrets Fast Food Restaurants DON’T want you to know🤫 #fastfood #secret #fyp #viral #foryou ♬ original sound – yeetstem He goes on to explain that ice machines are incredibly hard to clean. They should also be cleaned often. This means if the workers don’t feel like cleaning the machines that day (or at all), you will be getting dirty ice with your drink. Are you cringing yet? So are we. Taco Bell The latest TikTok to shock the internet is about how Taco Bell makes their bean burritos.  @071823abcm Can’t nobody say “ewww’ cuz yall know yall be eating tacobell bean burritos #voiceeffects #fyp #tasty ♬ original sound – belia_e_hernandez Turns out the beans in the Taco Bell bean burrito are actually dehydrated beans that come out of a bag. The video shows the employee pouring the dehydrated beans out and adding hot water to them. She stirred the watered beans until the bubbles disappeared. After some time passed, the beans were ready.  Order up!  Viewers have had some mixed reactions to this video. The video didn’t show anything unsanitary but knowing their beans are dehydrated and come from a big just didn’t sit right for some people.  Jmit757 commented, “we’ve been eating hamster food this whole time.”  Another comment said, “I have never been and never will go to Taco Bell🤢” Lots of people were not happy about this. The creator clapped back at the hate by saying it’s the same thing people do at home. But most people were not surprised and quick to defend the process. Vanessa let people know they wouldn’t be happy about Subway’s ingredients then either.  Another Taco Bell worker commented it’s not the only thing made with hot water and people still love it. This viewer agreeing with the creator staying there’s nothing wrong with dehydrated beans.   Youtube Star, Garret Watts says he’s not mad about at all.  How do we feel about this? We’re still going, right? After all…it still tastes good to me!

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Trump Will Not Budge on TikTok Sale Deadline

President Trump has announced that he will not be extending the deadline for the sale of TikTok to an American company.  The United States government has stated that they will officially not be extending the deadline of September 20th. This decision has caused both panic and anger for TikTok users and influencers on social media. It also creates urgency for companies to make negotiations faster in order to stop the app from being banned in the U.S.  If they ban @TikTok_us, I’ll stop paying taxes. — Step Ma (@shumythemoney) September 11, 2020 As a result of this announcement, social media users are already discovering and sharing a hack to keep the app even if it were to be “banned.” As long as users have the app deleted and updated to its latest version prior to it being banned, Youtubers are trying to expose tricks and a hack for keeping the platform.  [embedded content] Before Trump boarded Air Force One at Joint Base Andrews, he said: “We’ll see what happens. It’ll either be closed up or they’ll sell it.”  BREAKING REPORT: Trump say's There'll be NO EXTENSION of the TikTok deadline… "We'll either close up TikTok in this country for security reasons or it'll be sold… — Chuck Callesto (@ChuckCallesto) September 11, 2020 Due to the sale’s complexity, this deadline is a bit rushed for companies to purchase it. Some analysts previously predicted that the deadline would most likely be extended in order for a successful transaction to occur. However, Trump’s administration has made it clear that the consequences of keeping it any longer outweigh the app’s benefits.  In an executive order shared in August, Trump stated that ByteDance, the company that currently owns TikTok, may cause damage that would impact “the national security of the United States.”  The President originally announced that he was going to ban the app back in July of this year. Since then, it has been amongst his main priorities for the country before the November election. This has caused some anger and backlash due to the importance of keeping the current global pandemic under control seemingly taking a back-burner.  Isn’t tiktok supposed to be banned on the 15th?? Idk if it’ll actually happen bc trump lies a LOT but still what — ✰ ella ✰ (@hollyolly23) September 11, 2020 WATCH: 'I am not extending deadlines,' says President Trump on a sale of TikTok's U.S. assets — Reuters Business (@ReutersBiz) September 11, 2020 TikTok has sued the Trump administration for what it said was a “heavily politicized” executive order. In a post announcing the case, TikTok said: “We far prefer constructive dialogue over litigation. But with the Executive Order threatening to bring a ban on our US operations — eliminating the creation of 10,000 American jobs and irreparably harming the millions of Americans who turn to this app for entertainment, connection, and legitimate livelihoods that are vital especially during the pandemic — we simply have no choice.” Microsoft is a potential buyer for the platform. However, it is unclear whether or not the two companies will be able to reach a deal by this closely approaching deadline.  hurry up and buy tiktok — Kristi ✰ (@kristimathura) September 11, 2020 TikTok continues to grow in popularity and the idea of it going away is difficult for a lot of influencers and users. Many have taken to other apps such as Twitter to complain and express their hope for it to remain in The United States.  TikTok is so good, and I’ll be sad if Trump really does ban it / if they have to sell to someone who will screw it up 🙁 — Zain (@calizoned) September 9, 2020 During the first few months of this year, the app was downloaded 315 million times. It currently has over 2 billion downloads around the world. Many have already referenced it as a “cultural phenomenon.”  @tiktok_us please don't go, we need you😭😭😭 #savetiktok — Decarol (@itsbabydiva) September 11, 2020 The app being a “threat” to national security has caused major debate online. However, cybersecurity experts said its risk is “highly theoretical.” Also, they confirmed, according to CNN, that there is “no evidence to suggest that the app’s user data has been compromised by Chinese intelligence.” @tiktok_us For the record, if Trump’s stupid ban takes place you’re staying on my phone, and there’s nothing that orange man can do about it #savetiktok — Chris Green (@ChrisGreenJ) September 11, 2020 According to CNBC, Microsoft and Walmart have officially teamed up for a potential deal. However, a third company, Oracle, has also made bids on the application.  We now have 4 days for Microsoft to buy TikTok again. Thanks Trump! You really do know how to put the D**k in dictator! #saveusmicrosoft #savetiktok — WholesomeWeeaboo (@SarahFye9001) September 11, 2020 @Microsoft BUY TIKTOK PLEASE IM BEGGING — ًr (@locatiqn) September 11, 2020 In a recent emailed statement by a TikTok spokesperson, it stated that the app and company is “committed to continuing to bring joy to families and meaningful careers to those who create on our platform for many years to come.” Hey @tiktok_us should we be worried? If Tiktok gets banned, will all of our content disappear?!? Thank you! 😳😳😳@TikTokSupport #savetiktok #TikTok — Rob Flaska (Robs 🐜) (@RobFlaska) September 11, 2020 It seems as though yet another social media platform has been political.  The deadline, however, may be able to be pushed back by the courts. This decision will only be able to be made after they consider ByteDance’s arguments that the executive orders regarding TikTok are illegal.  Will you miss TikTok if it gets banned?  The popular social media platform seems to have an unpredictable future when it comes to its future status in The United States. A deadline extension may be the only way for it to continue its existence.

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Youtube’s Most Popular Content Creators Cash In On Relief Funds

Famous Youtube creators were able to get small business loans after the pandemic left many of these large creator-based companies unable to pay their employees. But after further research, we were left wondering if the loans were being used properly by these YouTubers.  The YouTubers who applied and received these Payment Protection Program (PPP) loans, included major names such as Mr. Beast and Jeffree Star. This caused some controversy as people are questioning if they should have even received the money to begin with. Background Mr. Beast is a popular YouTube creator, flaunting over 42 million subscribers. His videos consist of click-bait challenges with contestants winning large cash prizes upwards of $1 million and other prizes including houses and lamborghinis. Outside of his lavish YouTube competitions, he donates hundreds of thousands of dollars to charities and people in need, which is often documented on his YouTube channel.  Donating to charities is always commendable, especially if you have the platform and means to do so, but there are many videos on his channel consisting of his friends competing in challenges and winning prizes up to $800,000. The Controversy Peoples heads began to turn, when the news came out that Mr. Beast’s YouTube company got between $350,000 and $1 million in pandemic relief funds. Knowing his history, people were cautious about how he was actually going to use the money.  A tweet by @barmaidalexis stated, “Love that Mr. Beast is taking funds for what’s basically a lottery channel, but none of the small restaurants I knew could get a loan.” And they have a valid reason to feel distressed by extremely popular YouTubers like Mr. Beast receiving these large small business loans.  Mr. Beast is not the only one who caught people’s attention around this issue. The infamous-as-ever Jeffree Star was yet another content creator who also took advantage of the PPP loans.  Jeffree Star has over 17 million subscribers on YouTube. He also owns the multi-million dollar company Jeffree Star Cosmetics that is sold online and in stores. He, just as Mr. Beast, received between $350,000 and $1 million dollars in relief funds.  People are concerned that big companies, like Star Cosmetics, are able to receive large sums of money in relief loans, while smaller businesses that actually need the money, are not receiving anything from the Payment Protection Program.   One tweet by @jean_mate1 says, “Jeffree Star received federal relief loans that were meant for small businesses! Excuse me? Why are people who already make a good amount of money getting these relief loans? It’s not for them.” With Jeffree Star’s net worth around $200 million and his constant flaunting of designer bags and custom painted sports cars, it is no surprise people are upset and rattled by his cashing in of the relief fund.   Frustration Many other people took to Twitter to voice their frustration on the issue How tf are you flexing while taking federal relief loans out of the hands of small businesses?!? — Dan 🧸 (@yaaauur) September 10, 2020 Just a reminder that Jefree Star’s company applied/was approved for a ppp small business loan while jeffree himself bought a new super car, a ranch and multiple designer items etc. why do u need $1 million from the government?? Tax payers aren’t meant to fund ur business u are — luna (@lunaramart) September 11, 2020 It is important to remember that both of these companies are almost run completely online. This includes their online shops and  YouTube channels that receive major traffic, regardless of the pandemic. This is all happening while small businesses have lost storefronts and physical foot traffic and still can be denied what these YouTube creators have cashed in on. Both, Mr. Beast and Jeffree Star have been posting content throughout the pandemic, which is driving in profit. Star in particular has felt no shame in showing off excessively expensive purchases made while in quarantine, while requesting relief funds for his employees and companies.  This is not to say that these Youtubers do not deserve the relief fund, but it does make one wonder the legitimacy of their request and approval for the large loans and why other small businesses have been denied such mercy in the face of the pandemic. 

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The Hype House Spark Internet Uproar After Collaborating with 6ix9ine

It looks like the drama continues to revolve around The Hype House, just when we thought things were settling down. The TikTok personality collection have continued to ruffle the feathers of social media users with their controversial decisions yet again. Despite the scrutiny they have been under over the past few months, they are facing even more major backlash for deciding to collaborate with controversial rapper, Daniel Hernandez, better known as his stage name: Tekashi Six Nine.  It’s the fact that the hype house made videos with 6ix9ine (the r*pist) and are continuing to make videos and not apologize and pretend it didn’t happen ….who gave them a platform — carrot (@caroline_tiff) September 11, 2020 Twitter and TikTok have not stopped talking about this collaboration since it was originally revealed. Creator and manager of The Hype House, Thomas Petrou, raised eyebrows this week when he decided to surprise influencers of The Hype House with a special visit from Tekashi Six Nine. This led to speculation that the popular influencers took part in this scheme to help him promote his recently released album TattleTales. IM LAUGHING 6ix 9ine and his album were flopping first week so the label decided to go to the hype house to promote his music but the whole hype house deleted their tik toks with him cause they were getting sm hate 😭😭 — odessa (@cruelxkarma) September 11, 2020 This is yet another controversial decision for members of The Hype House as well as manager Thomas Petrou. Due to Tekashi Six Nine’s problematic past, many music fans, celebrities and other influencers have steered clear of both him and his releases. Back in 2015, Tekashi made headlines when he plead guilty to a sex crime involving a minor and recently, he was also arrested on charges related to firearms and racketeering.  y’all now i KNOW the hype house boys aren’t that desperate for clout that they’re all gonna collab w 6ix9ine :/ dap dap dap — the empress (@rebeccaclancey) September 9, 2020 The “TROLLZ” rapper previously admitted to also beating up his girlfriend and has caused debate for using the n-word in his songs.  @6ix9ine STOP SAYING THE N-WORD. — immaculate. ᴺᴹ (@trayseasick) September 5, 2020 The controversy and contention revolving around Tekashi Six Nine has been going on for years now. And many believe that this is not the last time we will hear bad news about the hip-hop star. not thomas petrou letting 6ix9ine be in the hype house when it's full of minors — cristina,, (@talkfastmuke) September 8, 2020 While at The Hype House, he took part in creating some TikToks with a few of the Hype House members. These members include Tayler Holder, Olivia Ponton and Ondrez Lopez.  Tayler and Olivia decided to post the TikToks created to their personal pages and even featured songs of Tekashi Six Nine’s while Ondrez was featured on Six Nine’s account. Since the videos were posted, Tayler Holder, Olivia Ponton and Ondrez Lopez have all deleted them from their accounts. However, none of the influencers have taken responsibility or apologized for their actions yet.  NOT OLIVIA PONTON MAKING A TIKTOK WITH 6IX9INE OH MY GOD I AM DONE — S (@eemmaachambie) September 9, 2020 It is BEYOND me that Olivia Ponton ( @iamoliviaponton ) , a TikTok creator who is already very disliked, would make a video with a pedophile and non-Black person who uses the n-word, 6ix9ine.Additional proof: — Zaria Oates~ (@OatesZaria) September 9, 2020 In an interview with HollywoodFix, Tayler Holder said that the rapper was “dope” and “really genuine.” He continued to explain that he was a really nice guy and that he posted content from the visit. Holder also said that he didn’t think that collaborating with Six Nine was a “bad look” for the house.  [embedded content] Many fans and other TikTok stars have openly disagreed with this decision on social media. Other influencers went as far as calling out The Hype House. ofc the hype house supports 6ix9ine — caleb finn 💧 (@ccalebfinn) September 9, 2020 Some pointed out the fact that there are young girls at The Hype House and this was not a great idea based on Six Nine’s criminal history.  not the hype house inviting over 6ix9ine… aren't there underage girls there? /s — barbie (@jaewise) September 9, 2020 Unfortunately, this is not the first time that celebrities have looked past the rapper’s controversial past and decided to work with him. Other influencers, such as Logan Paul and NELK, have created content with him as well.  Never forget that nobody in rap would interview 6ix9ine so he did a YouTuber press tour — adam22 (@adam22) September 8, 2020 [embedded content] The Hype House and many influencers in general have a very young audience and following on social media. The criticism of them working with an ex-convict and also not wearing masks during their content with Tekashi Six Nine has caused an uproar online.  out of alllll the people in the world, the hype house chooses to collab with 6IX9INE??? BRUH. — the truth luv (@thetruthluv1) September 10, 2020 Thomas Petrou’s Youtube video and vlog featuring the rapper remains online. Top comments on the video call Hernandez a “predator,” “pedophile” and “abusive.”  [embedded content] Currently, Tekashi Six Nine is halfway through a four-year probation period and was recently released from house arrest for his firearm and racketeering charges from 2019.  Social media users continue to bash The Hype House for this decision specifically on Twitter and TikTok. However, any formal apologies are still nonexistent.   everyone in the hype house hanging out with 6ix9ine is is disgusting and gross. y’all have children who look up to you and you’re hanging out with a man who molested children he’s a pedophile and y’all posting this on your platform for clout… — chrishona ♡ (@vinniesstorms) September 9, 2020 hype house really says blm and then they go and hang out with 6ix9ine — 𝗲𝗹𝗶𝘀𝗮ʷᵈʷ² (@DEARDEFENCE) September 11, 2020 Other current members of The Hype House include Avani Gregg, Tayler Holder, Chase Hudson, Alex Warren, James Wright and Jack Wright. Currently, Charli D’Amelio is not directly associated with the house at this time.  What do you think about Tekashi Six Nine and his recent influencer PR campaign?  Some TikTok users are deciding to unfollow the stars that were a part of this. Others are ending their support of The Hype House entirely.

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