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Please respect our republishing guidelines - Click Here Welcome to Liberty Nation’s Daily Snapshot. All the top news of the day, the latest polls, and more. Democrats, including Massachusetts senator and failed presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren, are pretending to be furious at the president for not creating all-out panic over the Coronavirus. Warren feels “deep down fury,” apparently, though she must have forgotten that Democrats across the country were in March encouraging people not to worry about the virus. Republican Rep. Tom Graves of Georgia has announced that he will retire from Congress in October before his current term ends. Graves had already announced that he was not seeking re-election. The Department of Homeland Security is resisting Democrats’ calls for Chad Wolf to testify about a whistleblower allegation regarding Russian election Wolf is currently the acting head of the DHS and the nominee to lead the agency. Having a nominee testify on a matter unrelated to his or her confirmation is unprecedented. A majority of Americans (56%) under 35 years of age say they have felt “physical or emotional symptoms associated with stress and anxiety” due to Coronavirus-induced isolation, according to NORC’s latest COVID Response Tracking Study. Sixty-two percent of Americans believe the FDA will be pressured, for political reasons, to approve a COVID-19 vaccination before the November 3 presidential election. A poll from The Washington Post and the University of Maryland found that 46% of Americans are not comfortable with the idea of personally visiting a polling station in November. Something political to ponder as you enjoy your morning coffee. It is fashionable, these days, to wax poetic about the upcoming presidential election – now just 50 days away. This is the most consequential election in modern history; it is a choice between two radically different ideologies, and so on. It may be both of those things, but there is a far simpler decision ahead. Donald Trump is not the ideal conservative, and Joe Biden is neither the ideal liberal, the ideal progressive, or the ideal socialist. In reality, neither man is driven by a rigid political philosophy. So, is this a battle between two ideologies? Trump may be a nationalist – and that should not be considered a dirty word – but he is certainly no statist, and that has not endeared him to some Republicans. Biden, on the other hand, is very much a statist, as are the people who will be pulling his strings, should he make it to the White House. And therein lies the choice: statism or anti-statism. A thought for the day from history’s most interesting thinkers. “The difference between Nazism and Communism is just the size of the leader’s moustache.”― Adriano Bulla

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