The Media Rallies to Save Joe Biden from Burisma Email Scandal

Please respect our republishing guidelines - Click Here Emails that claim to show Hunter Biden introduced his father to a Burisma Holdings executive have been consigned to the digital memory hole. The electronic documents undercut Joe Biden’s statements that he had nothing to do with his son’s business dealings. From social media companies refusing to accept links to

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Hunter Biden Emails Send Dad’s Campaign Into Panic Mode

Please respect our republishing guidelines - Click Here Democratic President candidate Joe Biden avoids responding to a lot of crucial questions. However , He might not make it to election day, Nov 3, without having to respond to a restored examination of his son’s involvement along with Burisma

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Ballot Fraud, Felonies, and Theft – But Mail-In Voting is Safe?

Please respect our republishing guidelines - Click Here As election day draws ever closer, the anxiety about mail-in ballots is only increasing. President Donald Trump has consistently warned about the dangers of voting by mail and the increased likelihood of errors and discrepancies – whether intentional or accidental. There have been a few published incidents, but they have

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It’s an Odd Year for Heartlanders – and Only Getting Stranger

Please respect our republishing guidelines - Click Here Editor’s Note: While the media and other leftist elites ignore the millions of folks living in “flyover” states, they do so at their own peril; it was this silent majority that put President Trump in the White House. Each week, Liberty Nation gives voice to the hard-working heartlanders who are silent no more. The joy and crispness in the air of a middle America autumn were slightly offset by the ongoing surprises from Mother Nature and the most dramatic year on record in recent memory. Ah, 2020: With only three months or so to go, the October surprise arrived early. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg – a judicial icon – passed away, Black Lives Matter and Antifa have been put on notice in Seattle by a notorious pimp, and no one can seem to find the other half of the Biden ticket. And there’s still another week left of September! What’s not to love about American politics? RIP Judge Ginsburg Ruth Bader Ginsburg Flyover folks were saddened by the news of Justice Ginsburg’s passing from complications of pancreatic cancer – but certainly not surprised. The old gal defeated terminal illnesses one-by-one over the years and only missed one oral argument last November in her storied career, but the ravages of time and disease were bound to take their toll. And they finally did: For the woman who would not step down for President Barack Obama and kept the current president popping antacids, RBG enjoyed nearly rock star status eliciting “May God bless her soul,” and “She can finally rest after a lifetime of work,” from the good folks in the not so silent majority. Until this little nugget of weird was released and flooded the media: “My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new President is installed.” According to RBG’s granddaughter, this was her last request. No one in the heartland bought one word of it – even if the word “fervent” was used. Jenny Huff from Simpsonville, KY, explained: “I doubt this really was her dying wish! Typical Democratic desperate maneuver. I don’t believe this anyway shape or form. Was it recorded? If not, why wasn’t it? Ginsburg knew she was dying months ago why didn’t she mention this out right before?” One would think that the dying declaration would’ve been recorded for the history books at the very least. And RBG should know that dying wishes – fervent or not – are no reason to delay filling a Supreme Court seat. 2020 Was Just Not Weird Enough So Far Andre Taylor In lieu of funding more police to get the streets of Seattle under control, the esteemed leaders of the city are instead forking over $150,000 a year to a former pimp to act as their street czar formally. Andre Taylor – AKA Gorgeous Dre – accepted the position and is working as a partner through his own non-profit, Not This Time. Taylor is also somewhat of a reality star after having a role in the documentary American Pimp. The man is an enigma. As he recently told reporters, “Me, as a black man has the right to be paid for my genius or for whatever my organization can provide. Black people as a whole have not been in a place to be compensated for their genius or their work for a very, very long time.” Andre has not been paying attention. Anywho, genius aside, flyover folk aren’t too keen on exchanging police for pimps. As Brad Brooks from Carencro, LA asked: “Where’s the feminists? This guy admits to making a living enslaving woman in the sex trade, and Seattle hires him as a representative. The left is so crazy, you can’t even dream this stuff up!” Where are those #MeToo people? Where Are the Democrats? As news reports have shown, the Democratic Party’s nominee for president is safely ensconced in his basement fort, swinging at scripted softball questions lobbed by sympathetic organizations and media outlets. But where is number two on the ticket? Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) is nowhere to be found. Not in public. She isn’t answering live questions from reporters or stumping for candidate Biden. What gives? As one progressive in Indiana – who demands anonymity – said, “Where are Biden and Harris? Trump and Pence are everywhere.” Well, it’s 2020, and we had sharks hanging in utility lines shortly after a hurricane down south. What did you expect? ~ Read more from Sarah Cowgill.

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The Ugly Truth About the Campaign to End Mass Incarceration

Please respect our republishing guidelines - Click Here A New York City man has been arrested for derailing a Manhattan subway train by tossing metal debris onto the tracks. The alleged perpetrator had been charged for attacking a city bus with a metal street barricade and smashing in windows only a couple of weeks earlier – and was released without bail. In Miami, a young man viciously assaulted a woman riding a subway train. The unprovoked beat down was caught on camera and showed the assailant punching the victim repeatedly and slamming her head into a wall and the seat. This same man reportedly went on to attack two other people in similar incidents on the Miami metro that same day. He was let out on $1,500 bond. It’s easy to see where the push to empty the prisons is going to lead. In fact, it is already happening. The movement to “end mass incarceration” will have a hard time convincing regular Americans of the efficacy of its campaign after they’re assaulted on their morning commute – or if the train itself careens off the rails – all because some dangerous criminal was allowed to run free in the name of some ill-defined “social justice” mantra. Cut Them Loose Activists who spearheaded a radical criminal justice reform bill through the New York state legislature in 2019 are still irate that their shiny new law was tapered back in the wake of a crime wave. “The law, which passed in April 2019, limited the number of crimes for which judges could set bail, mostly to violent felonies,” Politico reported. “Almost everyone else — those who make up 90 percent of arrests in the state — could walk free while they waited for their trial date.” The law took effect in January. After the New York City Police Department released a report stating that crime had risen 22.5% in February 2020 compared with February 2019, mounting public pressure led to a bail reform law swiftly being passed in April to scale back the free passes. “If we had been able to give those changes time and space to take hold, I’m very confident that we would have seen how right we were,” Scott Hechinger, a New York bail reform advocate, mourned. “The problem was, we didn’t have patience.” Despite the new bail reform law, it’s apparent that open-the-prisons advocates still wield significant clout. Why else would Demetrius Harvard be let go with no bail after smashing windows on a city bus? A man whose wife was on the train derailed by Harvard’s menacingly anti-social act stated the very crux of the matter that will prove so hard for progressive activists to overcome in the long run. “This has me so frightened for my wife, on the trains,” Prymnauth Persaud told The New York Post. “I am worried when she is on the subways now. We are all taking the subway. We all still have to work.” Yes, but some of us have comfortable ivory towers instead of cubicles. John Pfaff, a law professor at Fordham, wants to make it clear that his championing of a looser criminal justice system most certainly refers to violent criminals as well. “Our draconian approach toward violent crime rests on viewing certain people, and certain groups of people, as not fully human,” the professor opined in an audacious April 10 piece for The Washington Post. “This has always been a pressing concern in criminal justice reform; during the [Coronavirus] pandemic, it is a matter of life and death.” “It’s clear that we are a deeply punitive country, but it’s time to delve into the morality of severely penalizing violence,” Pfaff asserted. “Race and poverty inevitably play huge roles,” he stated. Privileged Victim? Pfaff labeled those who oppose ending bail and other reform measures as speaking for well-off Americans when discussing the threat to citizen safety: “But the ‘us’ the critics really speak for are mostly those who live in relatively wealthy, safe areas. For them, bail reform, expanded parole or any other significant shift in how we handle criminal justice seems as if it could (slightly) increase the (already small) chance of their being victimized, with no real direct upside, since the people being needlessly stopped, detained, jailed, charged, tried, convicted and imprisoned — and suffering all the harms those interactions create — are not their family members, not their friends, not their co-workers and not even their neighbors. Why, the thinking goes, should ‘we’ expose ourselves to risks that have no upside for ‘us’?” Thus we have the spectacle of a cozily ensconced university professor declaring from his lofty perch that Americans concerned about letting criminals run wild are the pampered privileged who callously refuse to consider the plight of the lower classes. Perhaps Pfaff should view the shocking video of Joshua James King pummeling a much smaller Andrea Puerta on the Miami Metromover transit line. It is unlikely that Puerta was riding the city rails because her Rolls Royce had broken down. She seems very much to represent one of the “communities of color” that Pfaff claims are unfairly targeted by high-priced bail. According to Local 10 News in Miami, “King, 25, punched Puerta, 29, more than 20 times during the Sept. 4 attack. He kicked, pushed, and slammed her headfirst. She suffered a concussion.” “I remember that I closed my hands and I said, ‘STOP! STOP! He did not stop,” Puerta told the news outlet. “There was a moment when he said, ‘Sorry’ and I looked at him and he punched me and after that, I don’t know what happened.” “I don’t know how I am alive,” she concluded. King proceeded to allegedly attack two other men on the rail service before being apprehended. Charged with three counts of aggravated battery charges, he was incomprehensibly released on a $1,500 bond six days later. The major problem here is easy to spot. The loudest voices calling for an end to “mass incarceration” are the same ones who see everything in the blinding prism of race. No one denies that reasonable arguments can be made to avoid locking up specific non-violent individuals based on certain alleged lower-level crimes. But when it comes to identity politics as practiced by the left, sweeping action must always be applied. Simply looking at what a perpetrator has allegedly done and then making appropriate and responsible judgments about the threat he poses to the general public cannot be allowed when we are all infected by our “systemic racism” and “innate privilege.” It all makes for easy sloganeering until the train rolls off the track. ~ Read more from Joe Schaeffer.

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Political Posturing as Officers Shot in Breonna Taylor Protests

Please respect our republishing guidelines - Click Here As was expected when Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron announced that the police officers involved in the Breonna Taylor killing would not be charged with second-degree manslaughter, riots ensued. The mob violence that local authorities knew would be coming erupted in the form of at least two (and possibly three) shootings of police officers, rioting, and destruction. Less expected was the twist of presenting the grand jury decision as a matter of party affiliation rather than American justice. Presidential contender Joe Biden, in a prepared statement, said: “I know people are frustrated and they have a right to peacefully protest, but violence is never acceptable … And we can express pain, grief, anger, and disappointment at the way things are, but remain focused on rebuilding trust in our communities and delivering change that can be.” Officers shot, officers struck in the head with baseball bats, wanton destruction, and it appears Mr. Biden sees this as little more than “frustration.” The former VP and others failed to point out what a resolution might be; instead, the situation began to be framed as a party issue. Alicia Garza, a co-founder of Black Lives Matter, suggested that AG Cameron had delivered a Bull Connor speech, referencing the 60s-era anti-Civil Rights politician from Birmingham, Alabama. She said to MSNBC’s Joy Reid, “I think what I saw this morning was a Bull Connor speech in 2020 … unfortunately, it was being given by a black prosecutor.” Ignoring the fact that Theophilus Eugene “Bull” Connor was a Democrat, Reid asked viewers to disregard Cameron’s skin color and look to his party affiliation for the reason behind the verdict. She advised: “I think you have to always look at party. Party is the religion now in America — especially for Republicans. Don’t look at the fact that this guy is black. That does not mean anything … He is a Republican through and through. He spoke at the RNC. He told you who he was. Believe him.” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) also chimed in with her thoughts, tweeting, “Breonna Taylor should be alive today. She should be living and laughing and loving. Instead, her family is left continuing the search for justice. Today’s charging decision holds no one accountable for her death.” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) followed a similar theme: “This is wrong. Breonna Taylor’s life mattered. She deserves justice. Her family deserves justice. Unjust laws produce unjust outcomes. This must end. The Senate must pass the Justice in Policing Act.” Schumer’s echoing of the rioter’s words again frame this as a Republican versus Democrat issue. Protests continue to rage across the country from the west coast to the east, some violent, some not. And while many may be angry at the decision not to prosecute the officers for Breonna Taylor’s death, the framing of this as a political issue is likely to do more harm than good. If politicians think the practices and codes of conduct permitted for police officers are wrong, then they are in a position to change the laws. Many of those decrying the current regulations have been in office for decades and have failed to make the changes they now say are urgent. If the system is flawed, then the gatekeepers of the system should be accepting responsibility. Making political hay out of a tragic death is neither courageous nor helpful. ~ Read more from Mark Angelides. Get Your Top Election Coverage Right Here on Liberty Nation [embedded content]

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Breonna Taylor – Riots or Resolution?

Please respect our republishing guidelines - Click Here Louisville, KY, is poised for trouble. The three officers involved in the shooting of Breonna Taylor will have their fates decided this week by a grand jury convened by state Attorney General Daniel Cameron, who will announce whether the police have been indicted or will go free. Protesters are ready to march, business owners are praying that their livelihoods will survive, and the city’s authorities are gearing up for a worst-case scenario. Antifa is no doubt prepared to deliver just that. AG Cameron will – at some point this week – announce the grand jury’s decision on criminally indicting the officers. City and law enforcement officials are taking no chances. The Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD) has put in place a “state of emergency” as officers have begun barricading roads and federal buildings are being boarded up. LMPD interim Chief Robert Schroeder spoke with press outlets Sept. 22 to explicitly state that they did not yet know the verdict and that all measures were precautionary. He said: “We just ask that people bear with us as we go through these unprecedented times … We felt these steps were necessary to help protect the public.” Schroeder also pointed out that although there have been no specific threats recorded at this time, he was “aware of all the social media rumors. But, nothing viable at this point.” The Background The Breonna Taylor case has forcefully gripped the attention of the American public and lawmakers alike. On March 13, police arrived at Taylor’s apartment to serve a “no-knock” search warrant related to a drug investigation. The officers say they knocked first, announcing who they were before breaking down the door. Taylor’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, states that he did not know who was coming into the apartment and opened fire, hitting one officer in the thigh; three officers responded with fire, killing Taylor in the process. Just one week ago, Louisville’s Metro Government settled with Taylor’s family to the sum of $12 million in a wrongful death lawsuit. However, the family’s lawyer, Benjamin Crump, has been very plain that he sees this as just a first step in full restitution: “Regardless of this landmark step on the journey to justice, we still are demanding that Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron bring charges immediately against the police officers that murdered Breonna Taylor. Immediately. This week. Justice delayed is justice denied. “The city leadership has done a significant step today, but now it is on Daniel Cameron and the attorney general of Kentucky’s office to bring charges, and at the very minimum … second-degree manslaughter charges, because we want full justice for Breonna Taylor, not just partial justice.” And while Crump is seeking a legal resolution, law enforcement and city officials are well aware that if protesters are not satisfied with the grand jury decision, things could turn nasty very quickly. Should the officers be charged with second-degree manslaughter, under Kentucky law, this is a Class C Felony and comes with a sentence of between five and ten years. A Powderkeg In Waiting The nation is watching very carefully. It would not be hyperbolic to suggest we would see a fresh outbreak of rioting if a criminal indictment against the officers is not delivered. AG Cameron is aware of this, LMPD is mindful of this, and surely those who sit on the grand jury know this. Liberty Nation’s Legal Affairs Editor Scott D. Cosenza weighed in on what is likely going on behind the scenes: “Sol Wachtler, who was the chief judge of the state of New York, famously said, ‘District attorneys now have so much influence on grand juries that, by and large, they could get them to indict a ham sandwich.’ The reason is that the DAs control the process in its entirety, and defendants have few rights. Grand juries operate in secret, and defendants have no right to examine witnesses or evidence or present a defense. The result is, as Wachtler says – any decent lawyer could get a mother to indict her children if they could present a case without a word said in defense. “This reality has led to increased distrust between the police and public, with a perception, at least, that pro-law and order district attorneys direct grand juries to ‘no-bill’ or refuse to issue charges against police suspected of misconduct, while directing indictments against those accused of crimes against police. The mob knows the grand jury is the DA’s tool, however, and is convinced that DA will use it for the benefit of the cops. For those who enjoy a bit of irony with the news, the purpose of grand juries is to ensure defendants are not harassed by unsupported charges.” Will AG Cameron and the grand jury make their decision based upon the probable fallout, or will they be as blind as Lady Justice and move forward based on the facts presented? ~ Read more from Mark Angelides.

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The Purge, Pandemonium, and Riots

Please respect our republishing guidelines - Click Here If you want to enact structural change within a society, short of an armed coup, what is the best method? It seems there is a group that, on the surface, believes that riots, looting, violence, and intimidation are the most practical tools available. But is this the reality of what we are seeing in the recent riots by Black Lives Matter and Antifa? Do they genuinely believe that the change they ostensibly want can be ushered in through demands of submission and conformity, or is there another aspect that a media afraid to face the facts is deliberately ignoring? From the dawn of history, the human race has known how to mete out violence. Sometimes justified, sometimes for petty gain, but it is a trait that has arguably shaped the historical record far more than any other. The capacity for violence is in our blood. Yet there is also an element of voyeurism for violent spectacle. Violence as Entertainment and Release The gladiatorial events of past ages indicate that watching violence enacted in front of us is a crowd-pleaser. One could argue that we lived in more brutal times, or that the societies that paid cold cash to watch the fighters in the Colosseum were not as civilized as today. But then remember the newsroom adage: If it bleeds, it leads. We have to ask a very simple question: Do the rioters believe their political demands will be met by burning down their own neighborhoods? It would take a pretty poor intellect to accept this as likely, so there must be something else. Is it possible that like the Romans of old, they want to engage in direct destruction for the sheer sake of it? Or perhaps they enjoy the spectacle element of such chaos? It’s worth looking at the attitude that we have as a modern society towards violence. Ask any civilized person, and they will likely trot out a pat answer that violence is the last resort – that violence is wrong – almost as though it had been drummed into them since kindergarten. But then look to our cultural tastes to spot the lie in denial. Millions of people pay good money to watch boxing matches. Even more fork over cash to watch exciting action movies that nowadays seem to be a series of set pieces – explosions, fistfights, gunfights – strung together with a thin veneer of story and flimsy characters. But perhaps most telling is a franchise that is as popular as it is captivating: The Purge. This 2013 movie, created by James DeMonaco, began life as a low budget horror tale of an American dystopia. It has spawned sequels galore and even a successful TV series. The plot describes a fictional future where in order to deal with crime, violence, and the like, the government allows one night a year where all crime is permitted. From murder to torture to theft and sex crimes, the citizens are encouraged to exercise their right to purge. But what precisely is this “purging”? The premise is that we each have an inbuilt mass of violence that needs to be expiated through a releasing surge of aggression, and it makes some sense, especially when we consider the world being created around us. Consider this: would this kind of movie have been so stupendously successful if it were made in the 1940s or ’50s? That generation had lived through a war, it had seen violence and bloodshed, and no one was left unaffected. It seems that they didn’t need the added thrill of simulated violence. But now we have safe spaces and an easily-assembled social media mob to join. If we don’t like someone’s opinion, we can have them canceled, punished, and in fear for their lives without ever having to leave the comfort of a parent’s basement. Yet these keyboard warriors are missing something. And perhaps that is that they don’t have a real challenge to face. Of course, some would argue that there is systemic racism, discrimination, or any other ism that happens to be the cause du jour, but a stark and frank look shows us that while discrimination exists in some areas, there is nothing systemic about it. Point to a law that discriminates against people for the color of their skin. Point to a politician who suggests that, because of a person’s sex, they are inferior or less deserving of equal rights. They just aren’t there. Truculent and angry souls are left itching, then, for a generational battle against an enemy that does not exist – and so they base their demands on false outrage and indignation. It is no wonder that we see so many examples of the mob attempting to force private citizens to murmur “black lives matter” or to raise their fists in solidarity. The Cowardice of the Mob It appears this is naught but a case of cowardice. Show me an individual, one man, or one woman standing against the crowd for what they believe, and you see courage and bravery. But when five, twenty or a hundred shout at and abuse an individual, all I see are cowards. These mobs are bullies that use the power of mobs to demand obedience and obsequiousness. Perhaps the protestors do not really seek to rebalance social justice, but rather to expiate their own feelings of inadequacy. Maybe they are just bullies seeking power over others while lacking the courage to go it alone. They seek to make victims of the individual through the tyranny of the mob. But there are brave people out there who will stand up to them. There are people of moral character and conviction who will not kneel, will not mumble sycophantic phrases under duress. And it is in these brave warriors that our future will be assured. ~ Read more from Mark Angelides.

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Is It 1968 All Over Again? – The Uprising Videocast

In some ways, at least, history appears to be repeating itself. Tim Donner Washington Political Columnist at Tim is a radio talk show host, former candidate for the U.S. Senate, and longtime entrepreneur, Conservatarian policy advocate, and broadcast journalist. He is Founder and President of One Generation Away, LN’s parent organization.

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Ruth Bader Ginsburg – Sex Crusader

Please respect our republishing guidelines - Click Here Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has died, at 87 years old, of complications from pancreatic cancer. Chief Justice of the United States John Roberts said: “Our Nation has lost a jurist of historic stature. We at the Supreme Court have lost a cherished colleague.” The societal and political implications of Ginsburg’s death less than two months before election day, and amid the global health pandemic will be of immense magnitude. Ginsburg’s death puts incendiary issues like abortion, gun control, and affirmative action onto the front burner of the election now. She was the most reliable liberal vote on the court since her appointment in 1993 after being nominated by Bill Clinton. Notorious RBG Justice Ginsberg enjoys a near rock-star status on the left and stands as a feminist icon. While she is the author of hundreds of judicial opinions, she made her most significant impact on the law at the Supreme Court before she ever wore a robe there as a Justice. Ginsburg helped start and then helmed the Women’s Rights Project at the ACLU, where she argued six sex discrimination lawsuits before the Supreme Court. She won five of those cases – a remarkable achievement, and one that changed forever how men and women were regarded under the law. Ruth Bader Ginsburg gave her husband Martin credit for an idea she thought helped her win. She chose male plaintiffs, hoping they would be more sympathetic. Her success in the litigation came both from plaintiff selection and an excellent presentation of the arguments themselves, in written and oral advocacy. In Craig v. Boren, for example, she successfully argued that an Oklahoma law allowing women to purchase beer at 18, but forbidding men from doing so until 21, was impermissible gender-based discrimination, in violation of the Equal Protection Clause. Speaking last year, Justice Ginsburg said: “If I am notorious, it is because I had the good fortune to be alive and a lawyer in the late 1960s [and into the 1970s, when it] became possible to urge before courts, successfully, that equal justice under law required all arms of government to regard women as persons equal in stature to men.” She went on to say that, although we “have not reached Nirvana” in terms of equality, “the progress I have seen in my lifetime makes me optimistic for the future.” Point Guard On The Court As a Supreme Court Justice, she was a reliable vote for the left-wing – writing blistering dissents or powerful majority opinions. A few short years after she joined the high court, she would author the 7-1 opinion on government facilities or programs that discriminate on the basis of sex. Justice Ginsburg’s majority opinion struck down the sex-based exclusion of women from the Virginia Military Institute, a public school. She wrote: “Neither federal nor state government acts compatibly with equal protection when a law or official policy denies to women, simply because they are women, full citizenship stature – equal opportunity to aspire, achieve, participate in and contribute to society based on their individual talents and capacities.” Ruth Bader Ginsburg Political Animal Ginsburg’s career on the court is marked by little deviation from fidelity to left-wing jurisprudence and political ideology. She was so committed to advancing it on the court that she refused to step down during the Obama administration for fear that any replacement he could get through the Senate would be insufficiently leftist. The Justice told an interviewer: “Who do you think President Obama could appoint at this very day, given the boundaries that we have? If I resign any time this year, he could not successfully appoint anyone I would like to see in the court.” NPR reports: “Just days before her death, as her strength waned, Ginsburg dictated this statement to her granddaughter Clara Spera: “My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed.” In hindsight, the Justice might have wished she allowed President Obama to advance her replacement rather than Donald J. Trump. Anyone nominated by President Trump is likely to rule the opposite of how Justice Ginsberg would have on most wedge issues dividing left and right. As the Supreme Court often decided rules on major society-changing issues with 5-4 rulings, the consequences of replacing her with a Trump appointee cannot be understated. The right to gay marriage, gun ownership, and independent campaign speech were all recent issues decided by 5-4 rulings, for instance. The Ballad of Merrick Garland – The Sequel Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell wasted no time declaring his support for a Trump nominee to fill the late Justice’s seat this fall. McConnell successfully delayed President Obama’s nomination of Merrick Garland to replace Justice Antonin Scalia in 2016, citing the presidential election. Garland was nominated in March of that year. Republicans successfully blocked a vote on the nomination citing what they called the “Biden Rule,” recalling a quote from Joe Biden, who was, at the time, the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee: “It would be our pragmatic conclusion,” Biden said, “that once the political season is underway, and it is, action on a Supreme Court nomination must be put off until after the election campaign is over.” The first female Justice on the Supreme Court was Sandra Day O’Connor. She was nominated to replace the retiring Potter Stewart on August 19, 1981, and was confirmed by the Senate just 33 days later. Ruth Bader Ginsburg was famously friends with Antonin Scalia, a Supreme Court Justice she seldom agreed with on law or politics. She was by all accounts, a devoted wife and mother. She met her husband as an undergrad at Cornell. As Ginsberg herself put it: “He was the first boy I ever knew who cared that I had a brain.” ~ Read more from Scott D. Cosenza. 

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Could Florida Felon Ruling Change Election? – LNTV – WATCH NOW!

With an election right around the corner, Florida looks to felons. Liberty Nation Staff We consider ourselves genuine patriots — the kind of people who get chills when fireworks go off on the Fourth of July, who reflexively stand up when the National Anthem is played and believe America is still the greatest nation on earth. And we believe this nation is filled with others like us who have not been afforded the opportunity to be heard.

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The Anarchist Daily Report

Liberty Nation Staff We consider ourselves genuine patriots — the kind of people who get chills when fireworks go off on the Fourth of July, who reflexively stand up when the National Anthem is played and believe America is still the greatest nation on earth. And we believe this nation is filled with others like us who have not been afforded the opportunity to be heard.

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Illegals Crime Report: Sexual Assaults in North Carolina

Please respect our republishing guidelines - Click Here Editor’s Note – The Illegals Crime Report looks at crimes reported in the United States at the hands of those listed as illegal or undocumented. Man Sexually Assaults Toddler, Takes Pictures Ivan Velez Harnett County, NC A 23-year-old illegal immigrant was arrested after authorities discovered pictures of him sexually assaulting a one-year-old baby. The Department of Homeland Security alerted the Harnett County’s Sherrif’s Office that the pornographic images were being electronically distributed from Cameron, North Carolina. After conducting an investigation, they were able to trace the images back to Ivan Velez. Deputies have indicated that the victim is known to Velez but have not released the nature of the connection. The suspect has been charged with three counts of statutory rape and three counts of sexual exploitation of a one-year-old. He is currently being held on a $3 million bond at the Harnett County Detention Center. Couple Tortured 9-Year-Old Son to Death Meridian, ID When paramedics responded to a call at a home in Meridian, ID, they found 9-year-old Emrik Osuna unresponsive. They immediately started performing CPR and transported him to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Emergency room doctors noticed apparent signs of long-term abuse and notified authorities who arrested Emirk’s father, Erik Emmanuel Osuna, 29, and stepmother Monique Osuna, 27. Erik Emmanuel Osuna During the couple’s arraignment, they were accused of using various items to punish the child, including a belt, dog leash, wooden spoon, and frying pan. The stepmother said she used the dog leash “because it was heavier than the belt.” The boy had bruises covering his body, especially on his legs, back, buttocks, and groin. The child was forced to do physical punishments as well, such as jumping jacks and wall sits. Monique said she put her stepson in a closet to sleep at night and frequently withheld food from him. Erick claimed his son had recently been getting only rice and water for nourishment. Both parents were charged with felony injury to a child and are being held at the Ada County Jail; Monique on a $2 million bail and Eric on an ICE detainer. North Carolinians for Immigration Reform and Enforcement (NCFIRE) August 2020 Each month, the North Carolina organization NCFIRE posts a list of sexual crimes committed against children by illegal immigrants. The numbers are staggering – especially considering that they’re just for one state. Take a look at the last four months’ statistics. May 2020 23 illegal immigrants were arrested. 70 charges of child rape and sexual abuse. June 2020 22 illegal immigrants were arrested. 238 charges of child rape and sexual abuse. July 2020 17 illegal immigrants were arrested. 63 charges of child rape and sexual abuse. August 2020 22 illegal immigrants were arrested. 107 charges of child rape and sexual abuse. This barely represents a drop in the bucket of just how many children are being sexually abused nationwide by people who are in the United States illegally. Sanctuary cities and states are only making it easier for predators to remain in the country as they prey on children. Tune in next week for more on the illegals crime report. ~ Read more from Kelli Ballard.

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