Is Chinese Whistleblower on Planned COVID Release Credible?

Please respect our republishing guidelines - Click Here In an astonishing sequence sure to shock those not propagandized against the possibility, a Chinese virologist and whistleblower named Li-Meng Yan responded, “Yes, it’s intentionally” when asked by Tucker Carlson on his FOX News show whether she believes the Chinese Communist Party released the Coronavirus “on purpose.” If true, the implications of this bombshell allegation are global and earthquake everything about our understanding of the pandemic. Yan says she has proof of her charge that the Wuhan Coronavirus was lab-created and promises to release evidence backing her claims. Other Chinese scientists and doctors who have spoken out about the origin of the virus have disappeared – which is why Yan fled Hong Kong earlier this year: for her own safety. The question as to whether COVID-19 was created in a lab in Wuhan or is a naturally occurring wild virus that originated at the Wuhan wet market a few short miles away was raised by Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) back in February of this year. His conjecture at the time was received with derision by much of the mainstream media, where Cotton was pilloried with disparagements labeling his pronouncement “fringe” and a “conspiracy theory.” At the time, Cotton stated: “We don’t have evidence that this disease originated there, but because of China’s duplicity and dishonesty from the beginning, we need to at least ask the question to see what the evidence says, and China right now is not giving evidence on that question at all.” This stood to reason despite the reflexive undermining by the Fourth Estate of anything advanced by Republicans. And it has now been backed by a scientist at the World Health Organization (WHO) reference laboratory at Hong Kong University – one of the top Coronavirus labs in the world. Given the CCP government’s singularly influential ability to control the global narrative on the pandemic – which has included successfully insisting countries around the globe refer to it as COVID-19 rather than the Chinese or Wuhan Coronavirus to avoid the “racist” association to its place of origin – Yan is a brave woman indeed. She is up against the government to whom the NBA, members of Congress, and corporate CEOs around the world genuflect despite its appalling human rights record. Yan calmly stated: “I get deeply into such investigating in secret from the early beginning of this outbreak. I had my intelligence because I also get my own unit network in China, involved in the hospital. Also, I work with the top corona virologist in the world. So together with my experience, I can tell you, this is created in the lab … and also, it is spread to the world to make such damage.” Yan is one of the very first virologists in the world to study the Coronavirus, but her allegations conflict with a recently lowercased member of President Trump’s Coronavirus Task Force. In May, Anthony Fauci asserted that: “If you look at the evolution of the virus in bats, and what’s out there now is very, very strongly leaning toward this [virus] could not have been artificially or deliberately manipulated — the way the mutations have naturally evolved.” Based on Li-Meng Yan’s assertions, it appears Fauci may have been running cover for the Wuhan lab – but why? The answer to that may be that Fauci funneled 3.7 million taxpayer dollars to the Wuhan lab in 2014 to help fund gain of function (super virulence) studies deemed too dangerous in the USA and banned for several years. Fauci may have a dog in the fight. It’s also worth noting that Fauci reversed his opinions on flattening the curve, quarantines, face masks, the availability of a vaccine, social contact during COVID, and antibodies, so he is no longer an unimpeachable source of information on all matters Coronavirus. And Fauci is willfully skirting the inconvenient truth that the State Department warned about the Wuhan lab in 2018, stating there was: “… a serious shortage of appropriately trained technicians and investigators needed to safely operate this high-containment laboratory.” Was there an accidental release of a highly virulent coronavirus from a lab in Wuhan – or was it intentional? Was it actually a wild virus after all? We don’t know with certainty, but Li-Meng Yan’s clarion call is deeply alarming. Yan has now risked her life to bring the truth that she alleges about Wuhan to the West. She rues the fact that she had to leave behind her life, her job, her family, her friends, and her husband from whom she became estranged over her decision to become a whistleblower. Yan is speaking out even though she believes – with good reason – that she is in danger. She states: “I know how they treat whistleblowers.” Let’s hope her brave sacrifice and her grave message to America and the world don’t go unheeded. ~ Read more from Pennel Bird.

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Paul Rudd Asks ‘Fellow Millennials’ To Wear A Mask And It’s Hilarious

Paul Rudd made a PSA asking ‘fellow millennials’ and young people to wear a mask. Many people responded to the video calling Rudd ‘hilarious’. After watching the video, I think we can all agree.  [embedded content] Actor, Paul Rudd, tried to appeal to young people by explaining to them the importance of wearing a mask in a way that they would understand. He used language that is known to be frequently used with the younger generation.  He starts by saying, “Yo what up dogs Paul Rudd here actor and certified young person. A few days ago, I was talking on the iPhone with my homie Governor Cuomo and he’s just going off about how us millennials need to wear masks because get this apparently a lot of COVID is transferred from us millennials.”  The CDC recommends that people wear masks not only to protect themselves but others as well. Specifically, it is suggested that anyone two years or older should wear a mask. Although it varies, many states have mandated the use of masks. And even a state has not mandated masks to be worn, places of business have taken it upon themselves to require masks.  Rudd continued, “Yas queens like ourselves we want to go to bars, we want to drink, hook up, do our TikToks. I get it. I’m not gonna preach at you like some celebrity, blehh. This is a convo where I talk and you shut up and wear your mask.” Celebrities quickly shared the video applauding Rudd for his message. Real talk: listen to this Regular-Sized Man. Paul Rudd is right about continuing on wearing masks. Vibe check your friends and family if they aren’t 😷 — Mark Ruffalo (@MarkRuffalo) September 15, 2020 I hope Paul Rudd never dies — Mindy Kaling (@mindykaling) September 15, 2020 It’s time to squad up with #PaulRudd…. & wear a MASK! — Reese Witherspoon (@ReeseW) September 15, 2020 Paul Rudd was right about Super Nintendo and he's never led me astray since. — Dave Itzkoff (@ditzkoff) September 15, 2020 Rudd’s PSA did receive some backlash for the way it presents the younger generation. This user particularly felt annoyed with the video. I can't find the Paul Rudd mask video charming, when it's based on the premise young people are being irresponsible, and not facing financial security that forces them into riskier environments due to work. How is every ostensibly fun thing now, in fact, profoundly irritating — reddit front page jerk (@rajandelman) September 15, 2020 But overall, most people found it to be quite entertaining. Paul Rudd saying the words “what about a save grandma challenge?” While simultaneously doing an imaginary tik tok dance is my new favorite 2020 moment. The bar is really low, but still. — Aidan Marion (@MarionAidan) September 14, 2020 Governor Cuomo stated, “This nation is still battling the Covid-19 pandemic and young people are not immune from it.” Cuomo continued by stressing the importance of the message. “We all need to do our part and wear a mask. Thanks to Paul Rudd for helping us spread this crucial message and reach young people like him.” [embedded content] Mask Up America has come out with many ads for the mask campaign. Another one featured celebrities like Robert De Niro. Rudd finishes the video telling viewers that he shouldn’t have to make it fun for people to understand. “Just wear a mask. It’s easy. It’s simple, please. It’s not hard people are dying. Hundreds of thousands of people are dying and it’s preventable. It’s preventable! Just wear a mask. I shouldn’t have to make it fun. It’s science.” The Mask Debate There are many reasons why people choose whether or not to wear a mask. People have involved things like politics and religion for reasons as to why they will not wear one. Other reasons like discomfort or the belief that it does not do anything to protect you has also been used. ‘Karens’ are often the ones posted to social media for refusing to put on a mask to do things like enter a store. A video was posted to Reddit on Tuesday showing a group of anti-maskers storming through a Target in South Florida. The group had no masks and yelled at other shoppers to take theirs off. They came in the store chanting, “Take it off, take off your mask.” WELCOME TO SOUTH FLORIDA 🥴😷 #wearyourmask from PublicFreakout Florida had a major spike in cases over the summer with over 10,000 deaths. The sunshine state does not currently have any travel restrictions in place. Although, health officials do advise people to wear masks. They shouted throughout the entire store saying, “We’re not gonna take it anymore.” Many people on Reddit were not surprised that this took place in Florida. Some comments pointing out that many of the protestors were wearing ‘Make America Great Again’ clothing. The video made some users uncomfortable. Pointing out this incident as one reasons why they don’t want to leave their house. These people are the reason I can't go anywhere. I have an autoimmune disease, so I have to be extra careful through this pandemic. Because of others' ignorance, the way I live my life has been completely altered for the foreseeable future. — Kristie B. (@GraphixChic) September 16, 2020 Another person shared a picture of the travel bans placed this summer. This is why we can't have nice things. This is why most of the world's countries have banned travel from this country. — Lisa Lee (@ldcl35) September 16, 2020 This user asked his followers which side they are on. Mask or no mask? He explained what each side meant in his eyes. Yes, America is divided…on masks of all things. Which one are you? Team NO MASK: me me me American (ie. Trump, Karens & Kens, conspiracies, super spreaders) Team MASK: we the people American (ie. law abiding, orderly, ‘for all,’ science data driven) #TrumpVirus — CK14 (@palazzo214) September 16, 2020 The Anti-Maskers Another anti-mask incident was caught on video the following day. The video showed a couple not wearing a mask in Walmart. Two people were recording the couple not wearing masks which made the couple angry. The woman called out for security, while the husband told them to go away. He said, “We’re from Washington. We don’t have COVID.” Florida: Anti-Maskers. It was Target yesterday. It’s Walmart today… — Rex Chapman🏇🏼 (@RexChapman) September 16, 2020 One user was questioning Walmart’s policy about wearing masks. I thought it was Walmart's policy that all must wear a mask in their stores. Why was the clerk letting the bullies stay and be abusive but want the woman in a mask to move somewhere else? The clerk is rewarding the bullies while punishing the person following the rules. Why? — 🌈💜Debbie / Doe💜🌈 (@SeriousMommaDoe) September 16, 2020 This woman feels ashamed to say she’s an American. I am so ashamed to say that I am an American. — Snitty Shainzona (@coyotecreek158) September 17, 2020 The video caused debate amongst users about the usage of masks when people have medical conditions that may prevent them from wearing them. Yes but there are some people who can't because of medical conditions, so that automatically opens you to a potential lawsuit over not complying with the ADA These people don't seem to have medical issues though — Faux George McCaskey (@FauxMcCaskey) September 17, 2020 If you have a med condition that you can’t wear a mask then you use curbside pickup option! When I shop at Target they announce it many times.Target reminds guests they must be wearing a face covering the whole time & if you can’t they invite you to use free curbside pickup. — YouAreTooFunny (@everbodyBlocksU) September 17, 2020 There is no medical condition that doesn’t allow you to wear a mask unless you are on oxygen…if you have a medical condition the safe place for you is NOT in Target, Walmart, Oublix, etc — Tiredofthedrama (@annedirn) September 17, 2020 ‘Karens’ not wearing masks frequently show up on social media and they all share similar points of views on the subject. Many of these videos show people getting very angry and aggressive when asked to wear a mask or to wear one properly. An essential worker in Palm Beach even went as far as to tell Palm Beach commissioners she hasn’t worn a mask since the pandemic started. What do you think? Do you think Paul Rudd’s PSA will help the younger generations wear a mask?

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Constitution Day: A Reminder of Liberty in the COVID Era

Please respect our republishing guidelines - Click Here This time each year, we honor the Constitution of the United States. This foundational document, created September 17, 1787, and the Bill of Rights that quickly amended it have safeguarded the freedom of Americans for more than two centuries. However, over the years, it has been further modified, misinterpreted, and even ignored entirely. As I wrote last year in remembrance of the Republic, “the United States they created was not quite the nation we know today.” And in this, the first year CE (COVID Era), that statement rings truer than any of us could have imagined this time last year. From the lockdowns and business closures to the mask-wearing and social distancing ordinances, leaders at all levels of government across the nation have been flexing their authoritarian muscles since the pandemic declaration. As seems to always be the case, the crisis was quickly used to justify more government authority in the lives of the people – for our own good, of course. Ostensibly this is temporary – but is it? When was the last time the government took more power for itself to see us through a crisis – whether the government solution worked or not – and then actually relinquished that power? In the COVID Era, we have thousands of private businesses closed and millions of Americans living off government benefits. Schools are finally reopening and some of the unemployed are returning to work, but at what cost? Many schools have pushed parents out of the equation as much as possible, and some colleges are holding education hostage by requiring students surrender more of their freedoms than ever before. As Liberty Nation’s Laura Valkovic explained in August, one college in Michigan requires every student to install an app that tracks their location and reports them if they leave campus. Another Michigan institution wants students to wear a device that measures vital signs and comes with a handy Bluetooth contact-tracing feature. This grasping for control should come as no surprise from the bastion of statist thought that is American academia. The real shock should be the Supreme Court – the body tasked with interpreting the Constitution and whether laws are in compliance with it – ruling against a church in what seems like a clear-cut violation of the First Amendment. Steve Sisolak, the Democrat governor of Nevada, decided that churches could only seat 50 people at most, while casinos were free to operate at 50% capacity. Calvary Chapel offered to exceed the state recommendations for social distancing, if only they were allowed the same capacity as the casinos. With a sanctuary capable of seating 200 worshipers, Calvary Chapel wants simply to allow a maximum of 90, sitting 6 feet apart from each other and wearing masks. But the governor wouldn’t allow it, and the Supreme Court refused to help. As Liberty Nation’s Scott D. Cosenza wrote at the time, “Calvary Chapel Dayton Valley thought the Constitution would give them the same rights at least that casinos had. Four justices agreed, but only four, and so the churches must turn away their flock as bets are placed across town.” As the year wears on, many wonder when – indeed, if – life will ever get back to normal. Some say that this or something like this may very well be the new normal. Those are dire warnings that must not go ignored. We know that governments have a tendency to gobble up more power and grow at every opportunity, but what can we do to stop it? Treasure Coast News, a USA Today affiliate out of Florida, has a wise suggestion for how to celebrate Constitution Day 2020: Remember and read the Constitution. Heck, don’t stop there. Read the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence as well – then read the various letters and speeches of our Founding Fathers. Don’t allow the promise of government security erase the memory of what they fought for. Last year, I concluded that “In spite of those who would gladly trade individual liberty (and responsibility) for the security and care of the government, we haven’t entirely fallen back to being serfs to the crown … yet.” This year, I am beginning to wonder. ~ Read more from James Fite.

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Coronavirus Debt to Swallow Entire U.S. Economy – Swamponomics TV

Andrew Moran Economics Correspondent at Andrew has written extensively on economics, business, and political subjects for the last decade. He also writes about economics at Economic Collapse News and commodities at He is the author of “The War on Cash.” You can learn more at

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Fauci Spills The Beans: A Vaccine Won’t End COVID-19 Restrictions

Dr. Anthony Fauci just spilled the beans: contrary to the implicit promise numerous politicians made that COVID-19 restrictions would only last “until there’s an effective vaccine,” Fauci says the arrival of a vaccine won’t mean life will return to normal, perhaps for more than a year. “If you’re talking about getting back to a degree of normality which resembles where we were prior to COVID, it’s going to be well into 2021, maybe even towards the end of 2021,” said the director of National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases on Friday. A safe and effective vaccine produced this quickly would be a stunning scientific accomplishment that could save thousands of lives. But Fauci warned that widespread distribution and getting “the majority, or more, of the population vaccinated and protected” won’t happen until perhaps the end 2021, and therefore means we cannot be free from oppressive lockdown measures until at least that point. Aside from Fauci being a reliable harbinger for politicians moving the COVID-19 goal posts, we have three very good reasons to doubt the understanding promoted by politicians so far about returning to normal when a vaccine is deployed: 1) politicians already moved the goalposts far away from “flatten the curve” and “15 days to slow the spread” and thus can’t be trusted 2) they’ve ignored their promise of reopening if effective treatments were found, and 3) the newly discovered phenomenon of COVID-19 reinfection gives panic-pushers an excuse to keep lockdown measures until some new target of vaccine efficacy or compliance is met. In short, we have every reason to believe Fauci might even be understating the persistence of lockdown measures and almost no reason to believe previous political promises. As I’ve written before, the slide from “flattening the curve” to make sure hospitals weren’t overwhelmed to goals as ambitious as “stopping the spread” happened about as fast as the decline in bad news about COVID-19 this spring. With nary an explanation as to why meeting the first goal wasn’t good enough to reopen American life as they had promised, politicians and journalists gaslit the public into accepting months of lockdowns. No one this disingenuous can be trusted, which brings us to point number two: some governors have implied relief from lockdowns upon getting “effective treatment” as recently as this month. According to the Desert Sun, California Gov. Gavin Newsom said in late August that the coronavirus “isn’t going away any time soon,” and that Californians need to “‘live with this fundamental truth until there is a vaccine’ or therapeutics help manage the spread of the virus” (emphasis added). Similarly, the August 20 version of Washington’s Safe Start Reopening plan says, “Until there is an effective vaccine, effective treatment or herd immunity, it is crucial to maintain some level of community interventions to suppress the spread of COVID-19” (emphasis added). Oregon Gov. Kate Brown said on September 1 that Oregon can’t return to normal “until we reach the day that there is an effective vaccine or treatment for this disease” (emphasis added). Except we already have cheap, safe, effective therapeutics to help manage the spread of the virus that have been shown to clear the viral load in mild to moderate COVID-19 cases in about a week. Both ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine have been in use for more than half a century and have favorable safety profiles (extremely high dosages notwithstanding). Numerous studies of hydroxychloroquine, sometimes in combination with azithromycin, show significant reduction in mortality. Ivermectin is newer to the COVID-19 treatment scene, but research so far indicates an impressive level of efficacy in eliminating the virus. If we’re “at war” with COVID-19 and if shortening the contagious period is so important, as Newsom claims, then there’s no reason not to encourage widespread use of these treatments by doctors. Yet the West Coast governors haven’t even tied a promise of reopening to confirmation of efficacy with these or any other drug currently being evaluated for COVID-19, something it makes perfect sense to do if they were serious about reopening with an effective treatment. So should residents of these states trust their governors’ implicit promise they can return to normal when there’s an “effective” vaccine? And just how effective must it be to trigger a return to normal? Government officials have conveniently refused to determine metrics for that, leaving open the opportunity to move the goalposts yet again. More importantly, now that we know reinfection with other strains of SARS-CoV-2 may be possible (albeit mild in effect, so far as we know), politicians can now say the rules of the game have changed, if and when it suits their agenda. While governors who imposed harsh pandemic restrictions, like Inslee, Cuomo, and Murphy, have been quiet so far on what reinfection means for policy, it will be easy for them to spin mild and asymptomatic reinfection as a cause for alarm, particularly if their case counts begin trending upwards again. Rather than pushing politicians to lift social distancing and mask restrictions, as Forbes Policy Editor Avik Roy hopes the nature of the reinfections will do (since a COVID-19 vaccine will likely have very limited efficacy, as with the flu), governors and public health officials could argue the asymptomatic and mild cases of reinfection are all the more reason to “lock down again,” since we may experience a wave of reinfections before a vaccine has been widely administered. Given that asymptomatic individuals have been made into the “superspreader” bogeymen of the pandemic, they can be touted as an additional reason to make everyone who appears healthy, including people who’ve already had the disease, continue distancing and wearing masks in perpetuity. Furthermore, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has said it would only greenlight vaccines for deployment that have more than a 50 percent efficacy rate. If none of the vaccine candidates meet that standard, governors could inflict a range of social distancing policies until there is one, perhaps years down the road. The goalposts are moving yet again. Contrary to Roy’s conclusion that ineffective vaccines will rob non-pharmaceutical interventions of their political and public health experience, it’s likely vaccination rates will become the new target for governors. Even if the FDA lowers the bar and accepts 30 percent efficacy as good enough for deployment (a rate we sometimes see with the seasonal flu vaccine), governors who think we can’t go back to normal until the virus is “stopped” will put even more pressure on getting as much of their state vaccinated as possible. Even before Fauci’s pronouncement that we needed to get at least a majority of Americans vaccinated, signs were emerging that the goalposts would move to vaccination rates. Before the first confirmed reinfection case even came to light, Virginia Health Commissioner Dr. Norman Oliver said he plans to mandate the yet-to-be-released COVID-19 vaccine for all Virginians, with no exceptions except for medical reasons. Experience thus far tells us we should expect that if significant portions of the public are reticent to take the COVID-19 vaccine, many governors will attempt to institute a universal mandate, and keep lockdown measures until everyone is vaccinated. It isn’t hard to envision at least several states enacting travel restrictions and bans on school entry for those who refuse the coronavirus vaccine, even though the disease is almost never deadly to those under the age of 45. If Joe Biden wins the presidency, we could see a federal attempt to mandate the vaccine. The Democratic nominee has already voiced his support for “nationwide mask mandates” and willingness to “do whatever it takes” and “shut [the country] down” if some experts tell him he should. A vaccine mandate would solidify mass compliance as the condition for returning to normal. Keeping COVID-19 restrictions “until there’s a vaccine” was always an empty promise, meant to keep the public submissive for a few more months. If the deployment of an effective vaccine doesn’t end COVID-19 restrictions, you know there is no lie pro-lockdown government officials won’t sell us to hold onto their power. Voters would do well to take this into account when casting ballots this November.

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Judge Grants Injunction Barring Grace Community Church From Constitutional Right To Worship

Judge Mitchell L. Beckloff of the Los Angeles Superior Court issued a preliminary injunction Thursday that prohibits Pastor John MacArthur and Grace Community Church from “conducting, participating in, or attending any indoor worship services.” The ban also extends to services held outside “unless onerous restrictions are followed.” Since the church first began meeting in-person and defying local lockdown orders in July, Los Angeles County officials have threatened fines, arrest, and even terminated the lease held between the church and the county for parking lot space claiming health and safety concerns. A $1000 fine issued by Los Angeles County was also imposed on the church this week for signs asking congregants to refrain from entering if they were experiencing “an elevated temperature, a cough, or any flu-like symptoms.” According to the county, the signs were not placed at the proper entrances and exits and did not contain instructions asking people to “wash hands or use sanitizer, to wear face coverings and to maintain social distancing.” Apparently signs asking people not to enter if they have an elevated temperature or symptoms of Covid (located at every entrance & exit) aren’t good enough for LA County. The bullying and harassment continues. This is NOT about health. LA County just wants to shut down church. — Jenna Ellis (@JennaEllisEsq) September 9, 2020 Special counsel Jenna Ellis and Charles LiMandri expressed their disappointment in Thursday ruling, claiming that the court “ducked the issue” and failed “to apply the appropriate constitutional standard of review.” They also explained their belief that the church was held to a different standard than other activities during COVID-19 lockdowns. “The court also did not properly consider the medical and scientific evidence that the current number of people with serious COVID-19 symptoms no longer justifies a shuttering of the churches. Nor do we believe that the court gave adequate consideration to the fact that churches have been treated as second-class citizens compared to the tens of thousands of protestors,” LiMandri said. This opinion by the court, according to Ellis and LiMandri, shows that the church was unfairly targeted. “Church is essential, and no government agent has the runaway, unlimited power to force churches to close indefinitely. The County’s argument was basically ‘because we can,’ which is the very definition of tyranny,” Ellis said. “Without limiting government’s power in favor of freedom and protected rights, we have no liberty. We will fight for religious freedom, as our founders did when they wrote the First Amendment.” “More than ever, California’s churches are essential,” LiMandri agreed. Despite the court’s ruling, Pastor John MacArthur told Fox News’s Shannon Bream on Thursday night that the church would still be meeting. “1/100th of 1 percent of Californians with a virus apparently wins over the U.S. Constitution and religious freedom for all? That is not what our founders said,” said MacArthur. “Nor is that what God says, who gave us our rights that our government—including the judicial branch—is supposed to protect. The scale should always tip in favor of liberty, especially for churches.” The Thomas More Society also said that they will appeal it to “ultimately vindicate our clients’ constitutionally protected right to free exercise of religion.” “Although this is a temporary setback, we will continue to fight for Pastor MacArthur and Grace Community Church’s constitutionally protected right to hold church,” Ellis promised.

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Backlash Against Peloton Billionaire During Pandemic

This pandemic is really only making the poor poorer and the rich richer. But does it really matter which side you’re on when you’re getting fitter? Today Business Insider announced Peloton’s founder, John Foley, is the latest to become a billionaire during the pandemic.  John Foley joins Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates and other notable names in the billionaire club as the rise in Peloton stock has brought his wealth to $1.3 billion.  Peloton crushed earnings estimates for its fiscal Q4 and raised its guidance. “We think that post-COVID, this is still an incredible growth story,” CEO John Foley says. — CNBC (@CNBC) September 11, 2020 The Bike Peloton is self described as an “American exercise equipment and media company,” with a mission to bring boutique fitness to your home. To the untrained eye, the Peloton bike looks like a stationary bike with a tablet connected to the handlebars. But in fact, the Peloton team has found a way to bring all the joys of group fitness classes to the convenience of working out at home with innovative technology and talented fitness instructors.  [embedded content] The whole ensemble creates quite the package. Let’s take a look at the price of everything, shall we? The Peloton bike can be purchased for $1,895, and the Peloton Bike+ (shown in the above video), their newest model, can be purchased for $2,495.  Despite the high price tag, the clips can still be tricky!  If anyone wanted to rob my house just wait until I click in my cycling shoes on the @onepeloton it takes me 30 minutes to figure out how to un-clip, you could steal everything in that time. — Tim Lockwood (@timlock21) September 9, 2020 At first glance that number does seem horrendous. But in comparison to paying for work out classes, it is actually not terrible. One person can easily spend over $1,656 purchasing classes at other indoor cycling classes such as SoulCycle, rental shoes not included. If you are a novice stationary bike rider, you might be wondering What’s so great about a Peloton? Genuinely curious — Ryan Henderson (@CCM_Ryan) September 10, 2020 Let’s dive in! There is an additional $39 per month fee attached to buying a bike that covers the tech side of Peloton. With this, a rider has access to the entire Peloton library, live classes, and other types of workouts available on the app. Not to mention cool features such as individual user profiles, streaming abilities from different devices, real time data from your workout, programs and challenges.   The Community  BUT WAIT! There’s MORE! Like many cult-like boutique workout classes, the community aspect is strongly emphasized as being part of the Peloton experience. With the Peloton app riders are able to ride along with other members live. Riders have the ability to filter by age range and gender… talk about community. But they do host fun special event classes open to all and attended by many. It’s a “movement” that’s “a million members strong.” But the community seems to extend outside the bike app.  Peloton has a REAL community of riders behind it. Just saw a woman say her husband lost his job and she has 4 kids and can’t afford to keep the bike and asking for a resell group and members venmo’d her enough money in two hours to keep her bike for life. ❤️ — Allison Esposito Medina (@techladyallison) September 10, 2020 So after all that, you can tell why so many people have been excited to be Peloton owners! The much anticipated wait is finally over. My peloton is here! @onepeloton #pelotonnewbie #peloton — Jennifer Salas (@jennsalas143) September 11, 2020 Peloton’s fiscal fourth quarter sales have risen to over 172% according to CNBC. The company’s share prices were also up almost 8% in after-hours trading. This is all thanks to the high demand of working out from home due to the pandemic. Without access to gyms or in-person work out classes, Peloton saw numbers soar. Even as more and more gyms begin to re-open, people are still opting for their personal stationary bikes. Foley told investors, “Organic demand for our bike remains strong and member engagement remains elevated, despite improving weather and the gradual opening of brick-and-mortar fitness locations.” I’m still scared to go to gym 😬 I will workout from home until I feel comfortable with the idea of going to gym — YouTube: Shadi L (@ShadiL_) September 8, 2020 Product Demand In fact, so many people seem to want a Peloton bike, that the company seems to be struggling to meet the demand. Bike shipments are being delayed up to two months, and customer service is being swarmed. Peloton executives say that they expect delays through June 2021.  Had a friend order one recently and took about a month. The tread is also incredible but pretty sure those aren’t even shipping at all 😭 — iJustine (@ijustine) July 30, 2020 anyone have a spin bike they LOVE, from a company that’s still shipping, that isn’t a peloton*!? *because everyone else panic bought one & I don’t want to wait 7 weeks to get it… — Dorothy Beal • I Run This Body® (@MilePosts) April 13, 2020 @onepeloton I’ve been on hold since your call center opened. Customer service? Questionable. (And yes this is concerning a refund) #peloton — Kylee Alexander (@KyleeAlexander_) September 10, 2020 But Peloton seems to be giving all their attention to their bikes, even delaying the release of their new treadmill. Foley even seems to want to make an effort to keep his product affordable. He slashed prices of the original bike when the company came out with Bike+ model. The original model of the Peloton was $2,245, which is $350 more than today’s market price. Customers who just got their bike were about to throw a fit when they found out they paid a higher price for their original bike, but Peloton bit the PR crisis in the butt. They offered a credit to all customers who bought an original bike before the prices were marked down.  Lolol I was JUST telling @jenfrytalks and @drashleybaker that I was about to call Peloton as soon as the announcement dropped and get my coins back, but look at this great customer service. I appreciate them running me my coins. 😹😹 — Jenn Hunter, JD (@_JennHunter) September 8, 2020 Ok, I know we felt a way about @onepeloton a while back. But I’m completely in. I bought a bike last month, still waiting on it. They lowered the price and refunded me the $350 difference. THAT is customer service. — Jasmine Styles (@JasmineStylesTV) September 11, 2020 Foley has also discussed other ways to make Peloton more accessible to others, throwing out the possibility of a rental program for the future.  Billionaire Bad Guy Dilemma While all this excitement with Peloton sounds great, becoming a billionaire comes with lots of resentment and backlash. Especially when you happen to be directly profiting off the COVID-19 pandemic that has led to the unemployment of 13.6 million people in the U.S.  This is disgusting – purely profiting off a pandemic. If Apple did this they would be DESTROYED. @onepeloton should not be able to do this and get away with it. — Vanessa Gilmore (@VCGilmore) September 9, 2020 Profiting off a pandemic brings up a whole new ethical debate. Chema Vera, executive director of nonprofit group Oxfam International, said, “The economic crisis we are suffering because of the pandemic has been fueled by a rigged economic model. The world’s largest corporations are making billions at the expense of low wage workers and funneling profits to shareholders and billionaires — a small group of largely white men in rich nations.” While Foley definitely seems to fit the “white rich men” billionaire mold, he is not the only one who’s wealth has grown during the pandemic, nor is he getting much heat surrounding his profit. Founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos seems to be the brunt of many people’s frustrations about billionaires profiting at the expense of others, especially during the pandemic.  Well Jeff bezos has acquired his wealth through the cruel exploitation of his workers while Beyoncé and jay z mostly profit off of art?? No one should be this rich tho and they should both be taxed. So. — bitch (@dragonnqueen) September 11, 2020 It's really sad to see small businesses knowing they can't compete with Jeff Bezos and Amazon so then they feel compelled to join him by putting their company in his hands so he can profit off of them, taking nearly 20% of all profits + a $35 monthly fee to keep their shop there — HAPPY BIRTHDAY NAMJOON⁷⟭⟬💜⟬⟭²⁰¹³ (@joonstardust) September 9, 2020 A single person making the federal minimum wage can not afford a one bedroom apartment in any of the 50 states of america but jeff bezos just bought a house in washing dc with 25 bathrooms 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 america where working doesnt matter and profit over everything — Jay Freeze (@MrJFreeze45) September 4, 2020 If Bezos wasn’t taking the heat though, would Foley be met with more resistance? Maybe not since his product does give people endorphins after all!  Whether or not you think profiting off of a pandemic is moral or not, you must admit that John Foley is definitely doing something right with Peloton. Would you ever buy a stationary bike? Is working out from home just asking for too much?

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