FBI: Lincoln Project Never Trumpers Peddled Iranian Disinformation Meant To Help Biden

Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe and FBI Director Christopher Wray announced Wednesday that Iran and Russia are working to undermine the integrity of the 2020 election. “We would like to alert the public that we have identified that two foreign actors, Iran and Russia, have taken specific actions to influence public opinion relating to our elections,” Ratcliffe said during

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Fire Chris Wray If He Doesn’t Turn Over Biden Laptop Info Immediately

Commentary If Christopher Wray does not turn over all information about the laptop alleged to belong to Hunter Biden requested by Senate Homeland Security chair Ron Johnson within twenty-four hours, Wray should be summarily fired by the president and be replaced by an Acting FBI Director who will do the job like Richard Grenell. That Wray and company have been sitting on this evidence since 2019 is beyond unconscionable. That they were doing it during an impeachment trial relevant to the details that are on that laptop’s hard drive borders on the criminal, indeed crosses that border morally, if not legally. The FBI has been living under a cloud for years now because of the demonstrably politically tainted Mueller investigation into Trump-Russia collusion that never existed as well as the related attempt to frame General Michael Flynn. (The 302s that made this clear had to be forced out of the FBI with a metaphorical bunker buster.) Literally millions of Americans are now regarding—with justification— our premier law enforcement agency as corrupt and politically biased, possibly personally dangerous to them. This is an untenable situation for a democratic republic going forward—if it wishes to remain either democratic or a republic. Wray has done nothing to alleviate this. To the contrary, he has continually stonewalled congressional requests as if he were a Soviet apparatchik, not the servant of the American people that he supposedly is. He seems to want us to believe he is working to preserve his institution, but is actually the doing the reverse—making us all the more suspicious. Hunkered down and undoubtedly praying for the election of Joe Biden to save his own career, Wray has acted out of extreme selfishness or ideological bias or both. The Biden Laptop Affair should be the proverbial straw that breaks the camel’s back. Only it’s not a straw, far from it. Contained in this email exchange and on the hard drive from whence it comes are potential links to corruption the likes of which we have not seen in our country, a degree of cooperation with Communist China that could lead, if unchecked, to massive changes in our lives. We also may learn if the Biden family really is a crime family akin to the Corleones or just the normal political hustlers that have been profiteering off public office as long as any of us have been alive—the kind that make $8 million book deals and pretend to be “just plain folks.” Even if the Bidens are only consuming narcotics, not selling them, because of the China and Russia connections—evidently more real than any of those repeatedly ascribed to Trump—La Famiglia Biden may be ultimately more dangerous than the Corleones who, although fictional, had their real-life equivalents. It is imperative we know more about this before electing Joe Biden. Is it the usual cheesy corruption or is it something more? The Chinese undoubtedly know a lot about the former Vice-President’s activities that we don’t, but what? If the “big guy” of the emails is Joe—and for the moment that seems more than likely—just how far would this “big guy” go for his own ends? And does he have the mental capacity at this point even to understand the implications of his actions? The hard drive may have some, though unfortunately not all, the answers. Even if Wray coughs up some or all the information, there is scant time before the election to follow it up. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t. And if Biden wins in November, this should still be investigated until he takes office. You can bet Christopher Wray, the stonewaller, wouldn’t do to that. That is why, above all, he must go. Roger L. Simon is an award-winning novelist, Oscar-nominated screenwriter, cofounder of PJMedia and now columnist for The Epoch Times. His most recent books are “The GOAT” (fiction) and “I Know Best: How Moral Narcissism Is Destroying Our Republic, If It Hasn’t Already”. Find him on Parler and Twitter @rogerlsimon. The views expressed herein are solely those of the author. As a nonpartisan public charity, The Epoch Times does not endorse these statements and takes no position on political candidates.  

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FBI Director Dismisses Claims of Widespread Mail-in Voting Fraud

While FBI Director Christopher Wray is acknowledging there have been instances of voter fraud, he is suggesting it does not happen at the national level as often as some Republicans believe it does. During a hearing before the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, Wray was asked if voting by mail is secure. “We take all election related threats seriously, whether it’s voter fraud, voter suppression, whether it’s in person, whether it’s by mail, and our role is to investigate the threat actors,” Wray said. He continued, “We have not seen, historically, any kind of coordinated national voter fraud effort in a major election whether it’s by mail or otherwise. We have seen voter fraud at the local level from time to time. So my comments should in no way be construed as minimizing how seriously we take our responsibility to investigate such incidents.” Check out his comments below: FBI Director Christopher Wray on voting by mail: "We have not seen historically any kind of coordinated national voter fraud effort in a major election, whether it's by mail or otherwise. We have seen voter fraud at the local level from time to time." https://t.co/T8eHUNRjEl pic.twitter.com/g5hgwMi7y5 — ABC News (@ABC) September 24, 2020 Wray reiterated voter fraud is an issue the FBI monitors closely. He explained voter fraud “is on our radar, certainly to change a federal election outcome by mounting that kind of fraud at scale would be a major challenge for an adversary, but people should make no mistake, we’re vigilant as to the threat and watching it carefully because we are in uncharted new territory.” He stressed incidences of voter fraud would be investigated seriously and aggressively by the FBI. Wray warned Americans one of the biggest threats to the upcoming election is Russia, as IJR previously reported. He told the House Homeland Security Committee, “I think the intelligence community’s consensus is that Russia continues to try to influence our elections primarily through what we could call malign foreign influence.” President Donald Trump has previously criticized Wray for focusing on Russia, as IJR previously reported. “I said, ‘What about China? What about North Korea? What about Iran’ They don’t mention anybody else. The narrative seems to be Russia,” Trump said.

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Breonna Taylor riots were anticipated. Why were cities, states, and DC not prepared?

The shooting of two police officers in Louisville yesterday highlighted a night of violence that spread through many Democrat-led cities across the nation. Riots were rampant in Louisville, Austin, Portland, Seattle, and the other usual suspects following an announcement of “light” charges against one of the officers who shot and killed Breonna Taylor. According to The Blaze, a suspect is in custody: The interim chief of the Louisville Metro Police Department said that a suspect was in custody after the shooting of two officers during the violent protests over the death of Breonna Taylor. Interim Police Chief Robert Schroeder said in a short media briefing on Wednesday evening that the two officers were in stable condition, and that one was undergoing surgery. Schroeder said that police were responding at about 8:30 p.m. to a call of shots being fired at the corner of First and Broadway streets when more shots rang out and two police were struck. Those police were taken to University Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Many took to social media with concerns about why the riots were allowed to get so out of hand. Law enforcement at every level has known there would be protests and likely riots for over two days when Louisville announced they would be releasing the results of the grand jury investigation of the officers involved in the shooting. As our EIC noted yesterday, the riots were definitely going to happen and had very little to do with Breonna Taylor herself. There were attacks on law enforcement reported in multiple cities, including Seattle and Portland. According to Tayler Hansen and Andy Ngo: Police Officers are now getting hit with Molotov Cocktails pic.twitter.com/wNfNf4X1UE — Tayler Hansen (@TaylerUSA) September 24, 2020 Seattle: Antifa rioters beat a cop on the head who is knocked to the ground. #SeattleRiots #antifa #BLM https://t.co/OVyqe4LsRf — Andy Ngô (@MrAndyNgo) September 24, 2020 But the violence was not just isolated to attacks on law enforcement. Many independent journalists reported attacks, including Savanah Hernandez, a journalist based out of Austin who has gone to several hotspots since the Black Lives Matter and Antifa riots began in the spring. She was hit in the head and had her phone stolen. Prior to the video starting someone had just walked up behind me and punched me in the head — Savanah Hernandez (@sav_says_) September 24, 2020 With all of this unrest, one has to ask why more wasn’t done to prevent it. Again, they had over 48 hours to prepare. The National Guard was called into Louisville, but clearly it was not enough to prevent this level of violence. As journalist Jack Posobiec said in a video he posted last night, fingers shouldn’t just be pointed at local and state leaders. FBI Director Christopher Wray did not do enough to prepare for or prevent the domestic terrorism that everyone knew was coming. Fire Chris Wray https://t.co/WePIdyPhh9 — Jack Posobiec ?? (@JackPosobiec) September 24, 2020 Anyone who has been paying attention could see this brewing from a mile away. We had 48+ hours to prepare. It’s inexcusable for this level of chaos and violence to be happening in America. COVID-19 may take down an independent news outlet Nobody said running a media site would be easy. We could use some help keeping this site afloat. Colleagues have called me the worst fundraiser ever. My skills are squarely rooted on the journalistic side of running a news outlet. Paying the bills has never been my forte, but we’ve survived. We have ads on the site that help, but since the site’s inception this has been a labor of love that otherwise doesn’t bring in the level of revenue necessary to justify it. When I left a nice, corporate career in 2017, I did so knowing I wouldn’t make nearly as much money. But what we do at NOQ Report to deliver the truth and fight the progressive mainstream media narrative that has plagued this nation is too important for me to sacrifice it for the sake of wealth. We know we’ll never make a ton of money this way, and we’re okay with that. Things have become harder with the coronavirus lockdowns. Both ad money and donations that have kept us afloat for a while have dropped dramatically. We thought we could weather the storm, but the so-called “surge” or “2nd-wave” that mainstream media and Democrats are pushing has put our prospects in jeopardy. In short, we are now in desperate need of financial assistance. The best way NOQ Report readers can help is to donate. 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