RUH-ROH: Sharyl Attkisson reports Senators asking questions about Secret Service and Hunter Biden that look even WORSE for Biden

Sharyl Attkisson shared this new bit of information about the Hunter Biden laptop incident: (NEW) Senators: Did Secret Service hide documents about Hunter Biden from Congress? — Sharyl Attkisson🕵️‍♂️ (@SharylAttkisson) October 22, 2020 From Sharyl Attkisson: Secret Service records appear to provide verification of documents regarding conflicts of interest regarding former Vice President Joe Biden, his son Hunter, and other member of the Biden family. That’s according to leading Senate Republicans investigating the matter. The senators, Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin) and Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), are also questioning representations made to them by the Secret Service regarding its protective detail to Hunter. In a new letter to Secret Service Director James Murray, Johnson and Grassley outline how records they previously obtained from the Secret Service line up with, and seem to provide verification of, newly-public emails about Hunter Biden’s controversial dealings with and payments from foreign businesspeople. No wonder Nan didn’t want to answer any questions about this … not lookin’ good for Sleepy Joe or his son. Why oh why would the Secret Service hide anything from Congress? Here's the short answer. Yes. — Terra Firma (@Creezy_Bear) October 22, 2020 There are more people in on this than not, it seems, which is in no way surprising to anyone who’s been watching the sh*tshow for more than a few years. — cookboy (@andrewsiff) October 22, 2020 Corruption runs deep, yo. Funny that you have to put "NEW" so we know that this is *in addition* to all the other scandals. I can barely keep up!#BidenCrimeSyndicate — TalkPolitic 🇺🇸 (@TalkPoliticUS) October 22, 2020 We can barely keep up either and this is what we do all day. Heh. *** Related: ‘I don’t have all day’: Nancy Pelosi snaps, refuses to answer question when journo asks about Biden laptop/corruption allegations (watch) ‘That’s nice, dear.’ Amanda Carpenter sneering at pro-Trump media figures claiming she feels SORRY for them goes SO very wrong Go LID yourself! Sleepy Joe Biden sends the most Obama tweet EVER trashing Americans for not living up to the American ‘idea’ recent stories

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SHOCKA! Sharyl Attkisson SLAMS the FBI for investigating 'ongoing effort to target Joe Biden's campaign' (NOT Hunter's emails?)

Sorry but the FBI just STINKS. The FBI is leading an investigation into whether unverified emails about Hunter Biden are tied to an ongoing effort targeting his father's campaign — CNN Politics (@CNNPolitics) October 18, 2020 From CNN: US authorities are investigating whether recently published emails that purport to detail the business dealings of Joe Biden’s son in Ukraine and China are connected to an ongoing Russian disinformation effort targeting the former vice president’s campaign, a US official and a congressional source briefed on the matter said. The conservative-leaning New York Post claimed in a series of articles this week that it obtained “smoking-gun” emails about Hunter Biden and his dealings in Ukraine. CNN has not determined the authenticity of the emails. But they’re not investigating his emails? Really? You know what, we’d probably be more surprised if they were investigating Hunter … Also, conservative-leaning NY York Post?! Huh? Sharyl Attkisson gets it: Well, that's just about how things have gone the past 4 years or so. — Sharyl Attkisson🕵️‍♂️ (@SharylAttkisson) October 18, 2020 Ain’t THAT the truth? "ABOUT Hunter Biden?" Don't they mean "to and from" Hunter Biden? Oh, never mind. They're worried about how they affect the campaign, not whether there was any possibility of corruption. I guess too many of the wrong people "pounced" on the news. — P. Dawg Knight 🇺🇸🇳🇬🇮🇪 (@PDawgKnight) October 18, 2020 They seem more concerned about Joe’s campaign than they do the security of this country. I have lost all confidence it our Fed law enforcement agencies. — ChipAtkinson (@ChipAtkinson1) October 18, 2020 Join the club. I’m guessing it’s very hard for all security professionals to keep their own personal politics out of their jobs, but I often wonder how could they achieve that when everything before them seems tainted by one side or another to include foreign adversaries, to muddy the waters. — mininicey (@mininicey) October 18, 2020 There does seem to be a serious lack of objectivity when it comes to some of these federal agencies. Aaaand we'll never get an answer from them. Luckily good reporters (like you) will get the confirmation. @adamhousley too! — Elizabeth Esposito (@ElizabethEspos8) October 18, 2020 Is this from The Babylon Bee? — Johnny C (@Johnnycima) October 18, 2020 It might as well be. FBI is investigating why the computer repair guy didn't use BleachBit on the hard drive, before smashing it with a hammer, and THEN call the FBI to have it picked up. — Gorn Of Plenty | Blue lives matter (@GornofPlenty) October 18, 2020 Cleaning the server? With like a rag? Heh. *** Related: REEE! Kirstie Alley unapologetically explains why she’s voting for Trump (AGAIN) and the Left melts down in LEGENDARY fashion ‘Stop attacking gay people’: Richard Grenell brilliantly beats Neera Tanden at her own ‘identity-politics’ game in HEATED back-and-forth ‘You have NO POWER here!’ Nancy Pelosi giving Trump 48 hours to agree to her pork demands in COVID relief or ELSE goes hilariously wrong recent stories

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