'Winning the stupid prize': Things don't go well for protester who climbed on top of moving police car

We’re told these scenes are from outside a Trump event in Sacramento Monday, so we’re not sure if these are just Trump protesters or Black Lives Matter protesters, or a combination of both. Either way, these “protesters” decided that blocking traffic was the way to change hearts and minds, but climbing onto the hood and then the roof of a police car as it’s trying to pull away is a bad idea. Cars were being attacked and blocked outside of a Trump event in Sacramento, California today pic.twitter.com/IzMnj9TTwN — Kitty Shackleford (@KittyLists) September 14, 2020 In Sacramento, CA outside a Trump event – somebody jumped on the hood of a police cruiser and they are now claiming that the police "ran him over"Video here: https://t.co/9IJ1ktqh3A pic.twitter.com/tgGRFr0IoO — Kitty Shackleford (@KittyLists) September 14, 2020 Stolen from a commie: alternate angle of incident with the car being attacked above, they are framing this as the car trying to run them over. Sacramento, CA – outside a Trump event pic.twitter.com/9S9lbynl3R — Kitty Shackleford (@KittyLists) September 14, 2020 These people are not well. Scene after the person jumped on the police vehicle a little bit ago in Sacramento, CA – BLM tries to chase down police cruiser and attacks more cars trying to drive through the area. What is wrong with these people? pic.twitter.com/JUyIb39zTv — Kitty Shackleford (@KittyLists) September 14, 2020 Another angle of the guy who jumped on the police cruiser winning the stupid prize https://t.co/6NBkfnkejY — Kitty Shackleford (@KittyLists) September 14, 2020 https://t.co/HeGiVESJvBSacramento, CA winner of the day — Kitty Shackleford (@KittyLists) September 14, 2020 That never gets old. — Man of the flag, trying keep America safe (@Deez_Nutz_Ballz) September 14, 2020 How dare they drive in the road… — BA🇺🇸 (@eod_diver) September 14, 2020 I was taught NOT to play in the street…because you know, vehicles will always win. — Davy (@Emu22Davy) September 14, 2020 Peaceful protest 🤔 — Hy Hopes (@jerrybear007) September 14, 2020 Driving in 2020 pic.twitter.com/pSJEQ2LEA6 — ME (@MyNameMe99) September 14, 2020 I love watching them pretend to be outraged when they get hit by a car. — Andrew Redacted (@Comeandtakethem) September 14, 2020 Acting outraged while standing in the street pic.twitter.com/aEZRGcKzKK — Kat (@KatGoesIndie) September 14, 2020 It’s funny, they want to hit a car and snag their windows, yet when the car runs through them they cry for help and get angry. — American Gooners (@stopcrying911) September 14, 2020 Get these idiots out of the public thoroughfare. — B (@brianspires) September 14, 2020 They're just LARPing for each other to create for each other the outrages they need. Like vampires that feed on indignation. No one cares if these idiots get pancaked for playing in traffic — Tony Kovacevich Jr (@TonyKovacJr) September 14, 2020 I've been saying it for a while now. Pretty soon people are simply going to keep driving and stop slowing down for these idiots. Just wait and see. These morons are going to become road kill really soon — Jon V (@JonV28258209) September 14, 2020 Heartwarming thread pic.twitter.com/5pYsThX6Sz — Jeremy Ivy (@thejivy) September 14, 2020 Related: Zoomed in video shows man firing a gun into a vehicle trying to get through a roadblock of protesters in Utah https://t.co/VhW0DVotvc — Twitchy Team (@TwitchyTeam) June 30, 2020 recent stories

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