Joe Biden sides with man who charged at police with knife in the hopes of raking in some last-minute campaign funds

We’ve already been warned that the violence won’t stop unless Joe Biden is elected president. But if the violence stops, how’s Joe gonna raise money? We ask because Biden (or, more likely, his handlers) has decided to go all-in in solidarity with those mourning the shooting death of Walter Wallace Jr. Wallace was killed by police after coming at officers with a knife, and Philadelphia is burning because that’s just what people do these days when they feel an injustice has been done. Our hearts are broken for the family of Walter Wallace Jr., and for all those suffering the emotional weight of learning about another Black life in America lost. Walter’s life mattered. — Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) October 27, 2020 It mattered enough to fundraise off of, anyway. "The horror of it all! Now, give me money" — TheRealMirCat (@TRMirCat) October 28, 2020 Bonus points for having the donation window pop up before you can read Biden's bullshit statement. — BT (@back_ttys) October 28, 2020 Here’s what you get if you click on the link in Biden’s tweet: You can read Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ statement on this tragedy, but won’t you please consider sending them money first? How can they put an end to the violence if they don’t have your financial support? Joe Biden’s people are siding with the guy with a knife. — Stephen L. Miller (@redsteeze) October 28, 2020 Joe Biden stands in support of people who attack police with knives. — RBe (@RBPundit) October 28, 2020 Last night more than 30 police officers were injured in Philly in after a black man was shot dead confronting police with a knife. Joe Biden didn't bother to support the officers who were attacked or those who were injured. Instead Biden honored the assailant Walter Wallace. — @amuse (@amuse) October 27, 2020 Whatever the narrative requires, Joe Biden will do it. You can count on it. Pandering at best — Erik Brown (@Erik_Brown13) October 28, 2020 At best. Meanwhile: Tell me more about how the problem is conservatives amplifying riots. — BT (@back_ttys) October 28, 2020 Absolutely insane. — Stephen L. Miller (@redsteeze) October 28, 2020 And par for the course on the Left. Democrats like Biden are the reason we can expect to see violent eruptions every time there's a justified shooting of a criminal. — Eric H. (@ericinva) October 28, 2020 Biden scratches their backs, they’ll scratch his. recent stories

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'Talk about a LITERAL ball-breaker'! We know we should feel bad for LAUGHING at this Lancaster riot footage buuut LOL (watch)

Riot, they said. It’ll be FUN, they said. "Medic… Medic… Medic… " ??????Rioter gets shot in his balls by a rubber bullet in Lancaster, PA.#LancasterPA #Lancaster — Charles Hamilton (@SpiceEssential) September 14, 2020 MEDIC! MEDIC! MEDIC! Now, we know we shouldn’t laugh at this. And we know it shouldn’t be funny. But damn, that’s funny. Perhaps it’s even somewhat karmic. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Kinda unfair to assign gender, this antifa man could have just as likely been shot in his vagina — Bonum Mori (@BonumMori) September 14, 2020 Fair. We shouldn’t assume gender. To paraphrase the carpenter’s adage: aim twice, shoot once. — Dale Poynter ?? (@DalePoynter) September 14, 2020 Oof. — Odel Roo (@Odel_Roo) September 14, 2020 Looks like that hurt a bit. ? — 2020sucks (@gramaof41962) September 14, 2020 Just a bit. Ya know, I really can't generate much sympathy for the guy at all. ??Frankly, I hope this means he won't be able to reproduce – – EVER!??? — Sir Loin of Beoff (@nrkimages) September 14, 2020 We’re still waiting for the Steve Inman play-by-play because you KNOW if he does one for ‘Andy Tifa’ it will be brilliant. We’ll keep you posted. *** Related: ‘Who wants to tell him?’ Clueless dolt Rob Delaney gets hilariously SAVAGE civics lesson on the Senate (puppets and crayons!) ‘Facts be DAMNED’: Drew Holden torches Dems, media, and blue-checks over Lancaster narrative in EPIC receipt-filled thread ‘Stop weaponizing your office!’ Richard Grenell puts MEGA-Karen aka Gov. Sisolak in his PLACE for whining about Trump’s Nevada rally recent stories

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'THIS is why the Left HATES us and our honest reporting': Forbes admits Elijah Schaffer's coverage of Lancaster riots might sway PA to Trump

Honest reporting?! There will BE no honest reporting here! Heh. Forbes says our coverage of the riots last night might sway the Pennsylvania election in favor of Trump If Biden doesn’t respond properly. That’s why they hate us: our honest reporting is actually swaying public opinion and influencing the election — ELIJAH RIOT (@ElijahSchaffer) September 14, 2020 From Forbes: With the hot summer of protests turning into an equally angry election autumn, issues of police violence, and the breakouts of violent anti-police protests are sure to dominate the nation’s attention. As a result, the leaders of the Black Lives Matter movement and others who have called for an end of unjust police violence have an important task ahead of them. Thy must help the protesters that have swelled the streets better understand when anti-police anger is righteous, and when it is unjustified. Failing to do so harms their cause, and their chances of success of creating real and lasting reform. And for Joe Biden, he must navigate another explosive issue in an essential battleground state that voted for Trump in 2016. All eyes will be focused on how Biden addresses the incident, and how he explains to the American people where the line between proper protests and the need for law and order should be drawn. As the campaign hits its stretch run, Biden must address this issue, and the protests in Lancaster, like his election depends on it … Because it likely does. Ya’ think? Gosh, and here we thought Democrats threatening Americans to vote for them OR ELSE would somehow sway public opinion. Heh. Guess Americans like to be showed the truth, who would have guessed? — ELIJAH RIOT (@ElijahSchaffer) September 14, 2020 Right? We’re super shocked. Totally. Oh my gosh, Forbes changed the word riot to protest within an hour — ELIJAH RIOT (@ElijahSchaffer) September 14, 2020 HA HA HA HA HA HA HA Sorry, if we don’t laugh we’ll never stop throwing up. You don't get enough credit for putting yourself in harm's way almost every night. There are those of us that wholeheartedly appreciate it and thank you for the job that you're doing, actual journalism. — Blue Flu (@shnikies78) September 14, 2020 These guys are nuts! Thank goodness. Thank you for actually reporting what's going on. Please stay safe. — CΛLΞB PΞTΞRSON ?? (@cubicle6) September 14, 2020 You and your fellow on the ground supporters are the media now. Gone are the days of the network ivory tower types. They worked overtime to lose their credibility. Glad you all are here to fill this void. Thanks you for your work and please stay safe. — Viktoriia ???? (@ViktoriiaUAH) September 14, 2020 Thank you for your tireless work. — #SayIt EllieB ? (@SayItEllieB) September 14, 2020 Reporting the truth means you have to get your hands dirty. Who knew? *** Related: ‘Vote Dem or we’ll kill the country.’ The Atlantic’s Shadi Hamid deletes tweet and runs after being REKT for saying the quiet part out loud (we got it!) Sit your a*s DOWN! Richard Grenell uses Jeremy Diamond’s own tweet calling Trump a liar to annihilate both him and CNN YAAAS! Drew Holden proves Dems and their INSANITY more effective at re-electing Trump than anything the GOP could do in EPIC thread recent stories

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