Deleted: Axios backtracks on linking Republicans' pouncing on 'Cuties' to QAnon conspiracy theories

Here we were all set to do a post on Axios and how it has linked concerns over the Netflix movie “Cuties” to the QAnon movement, but then they went ahead and deleted their tweet and changed their story. Here’s the deleted tweet: As Twitchy reported over the weekend, Sen. Ted Cruz sent a letter to the Justice Department asking it to look into “whether Netflix, its executives, or the filmmakers violated any federal laws against the production and distribution of child pornography.” This follows long-time concerns about the film, ever since the promotional image (which even Netflix said was inappropriate) showed 11-year-olds in sexually suggestive poses. Axios picked up on that news and ran with it, drawing QAnon conspiracy theories into a legitimate discussion of whether the filmmakers had exploited minors to make a movie sure to be a hit with pedophiles. Broke: Republicans pounce. Woke: Republicans jumpstart. — JERRY DUNLEAVY (@JerryDunleavy) September 14, 2020 Axios officially comes out as pro-child sex trafficking. — The Partyman (@PartymanRandy) September 14, 2020 So if you care about the sexualization of young children you’re now a Q Anon believer? — Saagar Enjeti (@esaagar) September 14, 2020 — Bartleby (@ElderBartleby) September 14, 2020 According to Axios, Nancy Pelosi’s daughter (@sfpelosi) is now a notable GOP politician and QAnon conspiracist for speaking out against Netflix’s “Cuties” You can’t make this shit up — Kyle Kashuv (@KyleKashuv) September 14, 2020 Why did Axios delete this? Were they hacked? Has the notorious 4chan struck again? Only @oneunderscore__ can get to the truth. — The Partyman (@PartymanRandy) September 14, 2020 It's so well framed, Axios deleted the tweet. — Cʜɪᴢᴀᴅ ⚜️? (@AUChizad) September 14, 2020 it’s almost impossible to have a tweet that’s this bad. #cuties @axios — Max Nordau (@MaxNordau) September 14, 2020 Axios just deleted their tweet linking criticism of Cuties to being part of QAnon. It can’t be this difficult to just say that 11 year olds twerking in a movie is in fact bad. — Greg Price (@greg_price11) September 14, 2020 Axios deleted their "well-framed" tweet. Thought and prayers to the 4Chan Chatter reporter. — Stephen L. Miller (@redsteeze) September 14, 2020 QAnon? How is QAnon relevant to finding “cuties” abhorrent? — Josh Holmes (@HolmesJosh) September 14, 2020 Opposing child sexual abuse is a stance related to conspiracy theories apparently. — Ian Miles Cheong (@stillgray) September 14, 2020 Axios: "Actually, sexually abusing children is good because it owns the cons" — Comfortably Smug (@ComfortablySmug) September 14, 2020 As if it needs to be said, GOP politicians are denouncing CUTIES because, politically, it is a good thing to publicly oppose quasi-child pornography (and do not gaslight me, I my way through the film to make sure my opinion on this was informed and not just speculation). — Jeff B., who on earth is this guy?? (@EsotericCD) September 14, 2020 So their best argument for allowing Netflix to produce a movie littered with child pornography of 11-year-old girls is that all conservatives are QAnon supporters, therefore simply disregard all outraged remarks as a “conspiracy theory”? Got it. — Rachel (@RachelValdez) September 14, 2020 "Their stance is linked to a child sex trafficking conspiracy" What's the proof of this supposed "link"? It's perfectly valid to object to the film without being a Qanon believer. — Mark Hemingway (@Heminator) September 14, 2020 "Denounces?" Or attempts to denounce? Guessing Axios probably wouldn't want to defend little girls sucking on their fingers, brushing their crotches, dancing stripper routines, watching porn, or the many many other instances of sexualization of little girls in "Cuties." — Mary Margaret Olohan (@MaryMargOlohan) September 14, 2020 The Axios article defending Cuties against accusations of promoting child sexualization is still up. They’re calling all outrage against it a part of the QAnon conspiracy theory. — Ian Miles Cheong (@stillgray) September 14, 2020 It’s still up, but as The Daily Caller reports, it’s been re-written to excise all the bits about QAnon. NEW: @axios updated their article about Cuties to remove any mention of QAnon — Daily Caller (@DailyCaller) September 14, 2020 “Editor’s note: This story was updated after publishing to remove references to the QAnon conspiracy theory.” Yes, because Nancy Pelosi’s daughter is the epitome of a right wing extremist lol — Mark (@MarkfromAZ) September 14, 2020 Christine Pelosi, a filmmaker herself, said “Cuties” “hypersexualizes girls my daughter’s age no doubt to the delight of pedophiles like the ones I prosecuted,” and Tulsi Gabbard called it “Netflix child porn.” "Republicans" — Joseph Toomey (@JosephEToomey) September 14, 2020 It’s been quite the ride seeing left-leaning outlets try to defend “Cuties” from criticism (“It’s a foreign film that won an award at Sundance!”) and also paint critics of the film as conspiracy nuts. 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Tulsi Gabbard slams Netflix for 'child porn Cuties' film, NBC News reporter says she's joined 'conspiracy-addled feeding frenzy'

Netflix has been hit with an avalanche of criticism and cancellations over the movie “Cuties,” and Democrat Sen. Tulsi Gabbard — a former presidential candidate — is among those slamming the streaming service: .@netflix child porn "Cuties" will certainly whet the appetite of pedophiles & help fuel the child sex trafficking trade. 1 in 4 victims of trafficking are children. It happened to my friend's 13 year old daughter. Netflix, you are now complicit. #CancelNetflix — Tulsi Gabbard ? (@TulsiGabbard) September 12, 2020 For the most part, Gabbard received bipartisan applause for her tweet: Good for @TulsiGabbard. Hello @MichelleObama @BarackObama @AmbassadorRice @SpeakerPelosi – what say you? — Michelle Malkin (@michellemalkin) September 12, 2020 Tulsi, are you sure you should be associated with the Dems? You seem to have more common sense and morality than the entire party combined. — Beth Baumann (@eb454) September 12, 2020 Ending child sex trafficking isn't a partisan issue. Thank you, @TulsiGabbard — Tim Young (@TimRunsHisMouth) September 12, 2020 This tweet may spark action… — Christian Toto (@HollywoodInToto) September 12, 2020 But an NBC News reporter was among those who also had criticism… for Gabbard: It's a special kind of hypocrisy to join in on a conspiracy-addled feeding frenzy about allegedly exploitative images by personally posting the allegedly exploitative images just to tell everyone how disgusted you are by them. — Ben Collins (@oneunderscore__) September 12, 2020 We can’t help but wonder if any reporters have asked Netflix board member Susan Rice to comment on the blowback rather than focusing on those critical of the movie and those promoting it. Child trafficking is wrong. Cuties clearly exploits 11 year olds NBC Expert 4Chan reporter – “Why are you drawing awareness to how wrong this is?” — Stephen L. Miller (@redsteeze) September 12, 2020 The fact that even some people are defending it is horrifying. — A. Log (@ALog1776) September 12, 2020 “allegedly” — JERRY DUNLEAVY (@JerryDunleavy) September 12, 2020 It’s a special kind of strange to see a clip of 11 years old twerking and performing sexually suggestive moves…and then tweeting in response to Tulsi’s concerns. — kaitlin (@thefactualprep) September 12, 2020 *** Related: Vox critic blames ‘QAnon types and anti-Semites’ for stirring up controversy over the ‘nuanced coming-of-age film’ that is Cuties ‘Want to see a bad take?’ WaPo opinion columnist argues that criticizing blatant child sexual exploitation in Cuties is ‘a really horrible thing to do’ Netflix’s jaw-droppingly tone-deaf defense for Cuties’ sexual exploitation of young girls is straight-up ‘Orwellian’ word salad recent stories

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