Two-month update: NBC News reports there's still no convincing evidence of Russian bounties

If you spend any time on Twitter, and we know you do, you’ll note there’s always someone who responds to any pro-Trump post by bringing up those alleged bounties on U.S. troops in Afghanistan paid for by Russia. Why isn’t the mainstream media leading every night with this story? The usual suspects — Democrats and the mainstream media — ate it up, with Speaker Nancy Pelosi calling the report “shocking” and Sen. Tammy Duckworth calling the intel “very credible.” The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway reminded us that Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff apparently had that “very credible” evidence back in February and “told no one, did nothing.” It’s been two months since the New York Times’ bombshell report, and NBC News is here to report that the top general in Afghanistan is still looking for evidence that the story’s true — he just hasn’t found any yet. 2 months after top Pentagon officials vowed to get to the bottom of whether the Russian gov't bribed Taliban to kill US service members, the commander in the region says a review of the intel has not been able to corroborate the existence of such a program — NBC News (@NBCNews) September 14, 2020 NBC News reports: “It just has not been proved to a level of certainty that satisfies me,” Gen. Frank McKenzie, commander of the U.S. Central Command, told NBC News. McKenzie oversees U.S. troops in Afghanistan. The U.S. continues to hunt for new information on the matter, he said. “We continue to look for that evidence,” the general said. “I just haven’t seen it yet. But … it’s not a closed issue.” McKenzie’s comments, reflecting a consensus view among military leaders, underscores the lack of certainty around a narrative that has been accepted as fact by Democrats and other Trump critics, including presidential nominee Joe Biden, who has cited Russian bounties in attacks on President Donald Trump. Very telling that an outlet like NBC News would call the story a “narrative.” Dems & media don't care because they got 8 weeks of BS narrative out of it. — Doug Powers (@ThePowersThatBe) September 15, 2020 So are you going to issue as many retractions as the breathless stories you had covering this fraud? Your credibility is at zero. — Fonzi (@DrunkJedi1) September 15, 2020 Even the CIA refused to confirm it when the story first came out. Everyone in intelligence knew it was bullshit. — Nasubi Brain (@PromThesis) September 14, 2020 I'm sure @SenDuckworth will have something to say about this. — God is not for profit (@fedup551) September 14, 2020 No shit… You guys latched onto this narrative in the most desperate of ways. — Patriot Covfefe (@zoochum) September 14, 2020 it's cool, nobody bought it in the first place. thanks for the stenography in the first place though – I didn't find a single spelling error! — Juan Nada (@ChefGuevara_) September 14, 2020 Ah I see, so the media lied. — Biden supporters peacefully fired at cops (@TonesHyus) September 14, 2020 Like clockwork. — Ranjit Singh (@AuthorSingh) September 15, 2020 Maybe the New York Times’ sources will come forward at last with this latest challenge to their integrity. I’ve always wondered why anyone would believe the Talaban would need money as an incentive to kill our troops. Never made sense. — doeh (@daryst1) September 15, 2020 Maybe because it's a waste of money to pay people for something they do for free. ? — Patrick (@xPMLx) September 14, 2020 Funny how that wasn’t the lead for the @NBCNightlyNews broadcast… — SaltyOldGoat (@SaltyOldGoat1) September 15, 2020 ?? We knew it was #FakeNews from the word go. How come you clowns can never figure it out until after the damage is already done? Every time. — Patrick Henningsen (@21WIRE) September 15, 2020 The damage is the point. This is my surprised face. — MiddleSide (@LTsideVsDKside) September 14, 2020 When I was in Afghanistan it was common for bounties to be placed on specific soldiers or units who pissed off the Taliban. The claim that these bounties were somehow backed by the Russian government was silly. But it gave the Dems an excuse to be pro-war to oppose Trump. — Douglas MechArthur ??TRUMP²⁰²⁰ (@Kicksbuttson) September 14, 2020 @JoeBiden is still spewing this BS lie! — Gigi (@gigi_texan) September 14, 2020 CIA has refused to confirm it. When the Intelligence Agency that actually would know what’s going on in a particular region refuses to confirm, you should take the hint. Same thing with Russiagate & NSA. When our digital spies refuse to confirm a foreign digital crime, listen. — Nasubi Brain (@PromThesis) September 14, 2020 Another #NothingBurger sham. — Rachel AP ?? (@Aprapl) September 14, 2020 Meaning….. another "collusion" story hyped up by a bias media as a hit piece to get their candidate voted into office but fails again. No follow up coverage though on the stories they have told that turned out "their" party was doing the "wrong doings". — walrusvision0001 (@walrusvsion0001) September 14, 2020 So, you will lead the nightly news with this, yes? NBC, MSNBC? Both? — Jim (@Ifitsthisname) September 14, 2020 Maddow will be all over this. Related: Sen. Tammy Duckworth calls intel on Russian bounties ‘very credible’; Richard Grenell calls her out — Twitchy Team (@TwitchyTeam) July 30, 2020 recent stories

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ABC News calls out Donald Trump for blaming forest mismanagement for wildfires, 'contrary to evidence' that it's ackshually climate change

If Joe Biden’s going to make the case that he — and he alone — can save our planet from imminent climate catastrophe, he’s gonna need some help. Good thing the media are on his side. Take it away, ABC News: Pres. Trump has a history of expressing skepticism on the science of climate change and has sought to blame forest mismanagement for catastrophic fires, contrary to evidence. — ABC News (@ABC) September 14, 2020 Jordyn Phelps writes: While the Democratic governors of the impacted states say the fires represent the latest piece of hard evidence that global warming is a scientific reality impacting their communities, Trump has a history of expressing skepticism on the science of climate change and has argued that forest mismanagement is the primary culprit for catastrophic fires in recent years, contrary to evidence. “Contrary to evidence.” — Dr. Sexy, M.D. (@monkeyboy100001) September 14, 2020 "Contrary to evidence"! Being intentionally obtuse seems to be a trend in news reporting! — Dick Wrench (@dick_wrench) September 14, 2020 More: Standing amid ash and ruin on Friday, California Gov. Gavin Newsom said the historically devastating fires that have ravaged his state in recent years stand as a case study for the reality of the scientific warnings around climate change and blasted the “ideological BS” of those who would deny it. “The debate is over around climate change. Just come to the state of California. Observe it with your own eyes,” Newsom said while standing amid an ashen haze. Yes, observe the state of the State of California, which has been run by the Democratic Party for quite some time now and has ash and ruin to show for it. ABC News, show us the evidence that Donald Trump’s views on climate change are responsible for California’s wildfires (and the arsonists who keep starting them). On this, he's not wrong… — Dᴀᴠᴇ Lᴇᴍᴏx (@DaveLemox) September 14, 2020 US forest fires are started by arsonists but made worse by bad forest management leaving dead plant debris around which are a big fire risk in dry conditions. Such bad forest management is due to politicians taking advice from Green activists. — Jack Eddyfier (@swcrisis) September 14, 2020 Perhaps because it is true. How about that. — Corchem (@corchem) September 14, 2020 recent stories

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