'We have a list': NYC inspectors target non-operational Orthodox Jewish schools in 'shocking and chilling' footage [video]

Operation Sniff Out the Dirty Jews is continuing apace in New York City: Inspectors writing summonses for schools that are not operational, and then are upset that they’re being recorded. Unreal. pic.twitter.com/GETyEL00SX — David Shor (@DYShor) October 26, 2020 Part 2: pic.twitter.com/7mkn5SxHd8 — David Shor (@DYShor) October 26, 2020 OUTRAGE: @nycgov targets EMPTY #Yeshivas. Inspector: Obviously there's NOBODY here… School: So why are you writing a summons? Inspector: Because we have A LIST… pic.twitter.com/ADh4IfDPBh — Rabbi Yisroel Kahan (@ykahan) October 26, 2020 In the words of the inspector: they have a list of schools to issue summonses. They made ZERO attempt to confirm if the school was closed before writing the summons. (It WAS closed) This keeps happening-it’s not an isolated incident. Orthodox Jews continue to be targeted in NY. pic.twitter.com/Mm6qgwFAhN — Councilman Deutsch (@ChaimDeutsch) October 26, 2020 Sickening. Unbelievable! NY state inspectors admit on camera that the @NYGovCuomo administration gave them a list of Jewish schools they need to give summonses to regardless of compliance with the State’s COVID-19 red zone regulations! The school is empty, they wrote a summons anyway. https://t.co/Db4Zb2eG7D — Reagan Battalion (@ReaganBattalion) October 26, 2020 “WE HAVE A LIST”A list of Jewish schools we need to go after.Shocking and chilling words. https://t.co/ivX1PR6Z0V — Reagan Battalion (@ReaganBattalion) October 26, 2020 “We have a list.” Gee that’s sounds familiar. — betty 🎃 (@livinlov) October 26, 2020 Ah. We've apparently reached the "state officials carrying around lists of Jews" part of our story. https://t.co/CktAyUXCih — Omri Ceren (@omriceren) October 26, 2020 Amazing that government officials have found the time to do this middle of a pandemic when nothing could be done mere months ago when physical attacks against Jews were daily. https://t.co/xbQEthLmiT — Bethany S. Mandel (@bethanyshondark) October 26, 2020 It really is amazing, isn’t it? It's OK only right-wing antisemitism counts. https://t.co/5lopT1tmgC — Nathan Wurtzel is a silly name, but it's mine (@NathanWurtzel) October 26, 2020 Bill de Blasio and Andrew Cuomo are just going to keep doing this and they’ll keep getting away with it because when the sh*t hits the fan, it’s always OK to blame the Jews. But like seriously…at what point do we do something about DeBlasio and Cuomo? This stuff is happening every day now. https://t.co/uXzZw8eqRY — The Partyman (@PartymanRandy) October 26, 2020 It’s happening with their blessings. Cuomo talking about Jews and COVID, quote unquote: "Maybe money works… if a yeshiva gets closed down, and they’re not going to get state funding, you will see compliance." https://t.co/bnXmghW7ze — Omri Ceren (@omriceren) October 25, 2020 The entire quote is even worse. https://t.co/xi7fGpp7Qm pic.twitter.com/nMSsLJXh6j — Stephen L. Miller (@redsteeze) October 25, 2020 A lot of Jewish groups which go out of their way to criticize what they say are implicit & subtle anti-Semitic tropes in normal statements by Republicans are oddly quiet about New York's leftwing governor ranting about Jews, disease, and money. https://t.co/wvLF4Z26zy — Omri Ceren (@omriceren) October 25, 2020 New York is headed down the most slippery of slippery slopes. WTF is @NYGovCuomo doing? I mean, if this isn't govt targeted bigotry and First Amendment violation…what is? https://t.co/WZPH4qmXKd — Pradheep J. Shanker (@Neoavatara) October 26, 2020 'why are you here at this empty Jewish school looking for hiders?' 'because we have a list,' says the badge. New York City 2020, ladies and gentlemen! — Seth Mandel (@SethAMandel) October 26, 2020 recent stories

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'Most evil politician in America'? Andrew Cuomo wants us all terrified of a COVID19 vaccine purely because Orange Man Bad [video]

For some reason, “Good Morning America” decided that we need to get Andrew Cuomo’s thoughts on a potential COVID19 vaccine: Gov. @andrewcuomo: Americans “should be” skeptical of any Covid vaccine the CDC/FDA clear for use pic.twitter.com/yBkVsXIOWn — Tom Elliott (@tomselliott) October 19, 2020 We agree with one thing Andrew Cuomo said: “My opinion doesn’t matter.” He’s right. It doesn’t. Literally no one should take his opinion into consideration when it comes to winning the war on COVID19. His opinions have been among the worst — and deadliest — out there. “We must remain locked down until there’s a vaccine!” Same people: “We cannot trust vaccines!” https://t.co/YQbH1uiqk1 — Emily Zanotti (@emzanotti) October 19, 2020 At this point Cuomo is just a cartoon villain willingly putting lives in danger. If the nursing home deaths and NY-based national spread weren’t enough, let’s see if we can drive skepticism about an eventual life-saving vaccine. https://t.co/N0NGiXMdDK — Matt Whitlock (@mattdizwhitlock) October 19, 2020 Breathtakingly irresponsible — Thomas Brown 😉 (@Tbrown291) October 19, 2020 While Cuomo recklessly undermines whether you can trust the FDA on a vaccine because of Trump, just remember that his team of “health experts” had nothing to say about him sending thousands of covid positive seniors back into nursing homes https://t.co/liGszDfDeT — Buck Sexton (@BuckSexton) October 19, 2020 Yeah, lets throw a little baseless fear out there. Way to go Gov. "Coma". — Kyle Lambert (@kylelambertkc) October 19, 2020 The country’s most dangerous politician: a high profile anti-vaxxer in the middle of a pandemic. — Brian Doherty (@BDOH) October 19, 2020 Insane. Cuomo may well be the most evil politician in America https://t.co/WATnq9qZpw — Matt Walsh (@MattWalshBlog) October 19, 2020 Beyond irresponsible & dangerous. Does Cuomo want more blood on his hands? https://t.co/cCWeSuiTpy — Abigail Marone 🇺🇸 (@abigailmarone) October 19, 2020 Playing politics with people’s life — sunshining (@gfer1899) October 19, 2020 How incredibly irresponsible of Cuomo and the Dems. People will die because of their political game. https://t.co/uUu98hclel — Fusilli Spock (@awstar11) October 19, 2020 Well, Andrew Cuomo evidently views deaths as an indicator of his success, so as he sees it, he’s winning. He's on a mission to kill as many as possible. — mallen2010 (@mallen2010) October 19, 2020 And all because Orange Man Bad. This is so profoundly irresponsible and harmful it is abundantly clear these people hate Trump more than they love this country or care about saving lives https://t.co/WQ06RsBOAy — Lyndsey Fifield (@lyndseyfifield) October 19, 2020 *** Related: MUST READ: Stu Burguiere’s ‘incredibly damning thread’ painstakingly details ‘the most important month’ of Andrew Cuomo’s deadly leadership recent stories

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Poor guy! Andrew Cuomo says he had to shut down NY's economy after being 'ambushed' by Trump calling COVID19 'China virus' [video]

Andrew Cuomo is making the media rounds, thanks to the MSM actually thinking he’s got moral and scientific legs to stand on when it comes to the COVID19 pandemic. In addition to telling George Stephanopoulos that Americans should be skeptical of any potential COVID19 vaccine developed while Donald Trump is president, he also told MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle that Donald Trump is to blame for New York’s economy tanking: Gov. @andrewcuomo blames the term "China virus" for the restrictions he's imposed on New York that have devastated the state's economy pic.twitter.com/4iR2yBpaqk — Tom Elliott (@tomselliott) October 19, 2020 The virus originated in China but ackshually it’s the “European virus” and Donald Trump calling it the “China virus” was an ambush that directly led to Andrew Cuomo having to shut down New York’s economy (and send elderly nursing home patients to their deaths from COVID19). What in the world is this guy talking about? — Chasing Steam (@ChasingSteam) October 19, 2020 Donald Trump is simultaneously the most incompetent POTUS ever and the evilest genius the world has ever seen. Whatever dirtbags like Andrew Cuomo need him to be to suit their current narrative. What an as*hole… — SisterSara (@SisterSaraAnn) October 19, 2020 recent stories

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MUST READ: Stu Burguiere's 'incredibly damning thread' painstakingly details 'the most important month' of Andrew Cuomo's deadly leadership

Andrew Cuomo has been on a nonstop victory lap since the COVID19 outbreak began. And now that he’s got a new book out, he’s only managed to become even more insufferably self-righteous. But as The Blaze’s Stu Burguiere points out, Cuomo’s got absolutely nothing to be proud of. Andrew Cuomo’s new book is out, a fictional tale in which he proclaims himself master of coronavirus and viral savior of New York. But that’s not even close to true. Let's just go through Cuomo’s actions in the most important month. March. 1/ — Stu Burguiere (@StuDoesAmerica) October 15, 2020 It’s amazing how many terrible decisions one man can make in the span of a month. Game/set/match — > https://t.co/OFPU32Eqfb — Tom Elliott (@tomselliott) October 16, 2020 This thread is incredibly damning of @andrewcuomo. https://t.co/teQZepFzYZ — Ben Domenech (@bdomenech) October 16, 2020 And how: March 1: New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announces New York City’s first confirmed case of COVID-19. https://t.co/C0IcJENJUm 2/ — Stu Burguiere (@StuDoesAmerica) October 15, 2020 March 2: Cuomo would spend this period strenuously arguing that New Yorkers were worrying too much. “In this situation, the facts defeat fear. Because the reality is reassuring. It is deep breath time.” https://t.co/rIUyIBdDpY 3/ — Stu Burguiere (@StuDoesAmerica) October 15, 2020 March 3: Cuomo finally takes immediate action on the crisis… the “vaping crisis.” Holds rally at capitol, trends #NoVapeNY on Twitter https://t.co/nX3Kanto2O 4/ — Stu Burguiere (@StuDoesAmerica) October 15, 2020 March 4: Cuomo: "We have an epidemic caused by Coronavirus but we have a pandemic that is caused by fear.” https://t.co/D0QWNtKMVz He gives a version of this line in almost every interview he does. 5/ — Stu Burguiere (@StuDoesAmerica) October 15, 2020 March 5: Think of the criticism lobbed at the Trump administration about "downplaying" the virus. Cuomo does this over and over and over… “Here, the facts do not merit the level of anxiety that we are seeing.” https://t.co/eQlLTdZPd3 6/ — Stu Burguiere (@StuDoesAmerica) October 15, 2020 Remember all of that criticism of republicans who were comparing Covid to the flu? Cuomo did that too. March 6: Cuomo: “We have more people in this country dying from the flu than we have dying from coronavirus.” https://t.co/ghjC3GR8uQ 7/ — Stu Burguiere (@StuDoesAmerica) October 15, 2020 March 7: After weeks of telling people not to worry so much, and comparing Covid to the flu, Cuomo signs E.O. declaring virus a disaster emergency in the state of New York. https://t.co/Qr2eFpHXL3 If he knew he was doing this, why would he be downplaying the situation? 8/ — Stu Burguiere (@StuDoesAmerica) October 15, 2020 March 8: As NY coronavirus cases hit triple digits, Cuomo again tries to convince New Yorkers not to worry: “This is not the Ebola virus, this is not the SARS virus, this is a virus we have a lot of information on…” https://t.co/qFjFomkGBF 9/ — Stu Burguiere (@StuDoesAmerica) October 15, 2020 This might be Cuomo's best moment as he finally says something that is objectively true. COVID-19 is not SARS. For example, more people would die in New York from COVID *just on April 4th*, than SARS killed in the entire run of the virus worldwide. 10/ — Stu Burguiere (@StuDoesAmerica) October 15, 2020 Also, more people also died in Cuomo's state from COVID than the entire SARS crisis worldwide on April 5th. And April 6th. And the 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th, and 17th. To remind you, this person wrote a book about what a good job he did. 11/ — Stu Burguiere (@StuDoesAmerica) October 15, 2020 March 8: Cuomo is still telling people to go on the subway with minor modifications: “If you can move to a train car that is not as dense. If you see a packed train car, let it go by, wait for the next train. Same if you’re taking a bus.” https://t.co/9swmsSNd9e 12/ — Stu Burguiere (@StuDoesAmerica) October 15, 2020 March 9: The Cuomo downplay in effect again: “This is not the Ebola virus. This hysteria that you see, this fear that you see, the panic that you see is unwarranted. We have dealt with worse viruses.” https://t.co/798OQrbCOU 13/ — Stu Burguiere (@StuDoesAmerica) October 15, 2020 It's true that COVID-19 is not the Ebola virus. In fact, COVID would go on to kill more people *just in NY* in *just the first two weeks of April* than Ebola has globally, in all of human history. 14/ — Stu Burguiere (@StuDoesAmerica) October 15, 2020 March 9: In an unsettling episode of cringeworthy performance theater, Cuomo unveils a plan to force prison inmates to supposedly make hand sanitizer. Capitalism, not the virus, is the thinly veiled target. https://t.co/8sYVvyiob9 15/ — Stu Burguiere (@StuDoesAmerica) October 15, 2020 Did I mention this was cringeworthy? Cuomo describes the "floral scent" of his sanitizer ("lilacs, hydrangeas, tulips") and then sniffs his hands while health officials are telling everyone not to put their hands near their faces. https://t.co/kiRvXBeA9h 16/ — Stu Burguiere (@StuDoesAmerica) October 15, 2020 He then asks the person next to him to also smell his hands. During a pandemic. Gross. https://t.co/kiRvXBeA9h 17/ — Stu Burguiere (@StuDoesAmerica) October 15, 2020 March 11: Cuomo laughs at what he sees as a reporters funny accent, and then imitates it. He cracks himself up, while earning the headline: "Check Out Andrew Cuomo’s Horrific Irish Accent" https://t.co/ojW9o3sOSC 18/ — Stu Burguiere (@StuDoesAmerica) October 15, 2020 For 6 years, CNN had banned Chris Cuomo from interviewing his brother – for reasons obvious to anyone who has ever even heard of journalism. On March 11th, when serious examination of Andrew Cuomo's record was most important, they lifted the ban. https://t.co/ksLUBJOAXs 19/ — Stu Burguiere (@StuDoesAmerica) October 15, 2020 On March 12th, the day after the NBA pulled the plug on its season, Cuomo: “There’s not going to be any quarantine” and claims "individual mobility is what we're all about" while reassuring New Yorkers there won't be any "stay in your house rules." 20/ pic.twitter.com/g8oNt1Fe6T — Stu Burguiere (@StuDoesAmerica) October 15, 2020 March 13: MSNBC: “How would you characterize where things stand right now in New York State…? Cuomo: “I don't think it's any different here than anywhere else. The anxiety and the fear is as much of a problem as the virus.” 21/ pic.twitter.com/H3Zdo3y177 — Stu Burguiere (@StuDoesAmerica) October 15, 2020 March 16: While President Trump announces “15 Days to Slow the Spread” and NY climbs to 950 cases and 7 deaths, Cuomo goes on The Today Show https://t.co/7ogQ02kZBM 22/ — Stu Burguiere (@StuDoesAmerica) October 15, 2020 And GMA: https://t.co/YWTtNDy3lJAnd New Day: https://t.co/6LEGCaUOJ0And Morning Joe: https://t.co/wPw1n7nyZa 23/ — Stu Burguiere (@StuDoesAmerica) October 15, 2020 On March 17: New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio: “Absolutely considering” a shelter-in-place order for New York City. https://t.co/5hqvwXkyOk Cuomo says there will be no shelter-in-place order https://t.co/izJceLaVdB 24/ — Stu Burguiere (@StuDoesAmerica) October 15, 2020 March 18: Cuomo: “…that is not going to happen, shelter in place, for New York City.” Says AGAIN that fear is worse than the virus, and that he "shut that down, immediately" when talking about a shelter in place. 25/ pic.twitter.com/1D4tuVmv8k — Stu Burguiere (@StuDoesAmerica) October 15, 2020 March 19: The very next day Cuomo orders businesses to reduce in-office personnel by 75%. https://t.co/BqGJm6JCzB 26/ — Stu Burguiere (@StuDoesAmerica) October 15, 2020 March 19: Cuomo: “Are we reducing density? Yes. Do we want people to stay home? Yes. Are we going to do quarantine, are people imprisoned in their homes? No.” 27/ pic.twitter.com/kVt2XvtUnC — Stu Burguiere (@StuDoesAmerica) October 15, 2020 FYI, fear was still worse than the virus on March 19: “we are fighting a war on two fronts. We are fighting the virus and we are fighting fear. And they are two totally different situations that you have to deal with. In many ways, the fear is more dangerous than the virus.” 28/ pic.twitter.com/LrYcVf4FKu — Stu Burguiere (@StuDoesAmerica) October 15, 2020 Also on March 19, a shut down was still not happening. “I said where did you hear that? "Well, that's what they say. That is what I am hearing." And I was saying I would know, right? Because I would have to authorize those actions legally. It is not going to happen.” 29/ pic.twitter.com/l0CKxQLJR5 — Stu Burguiere (@StuDoesAmerica) October 15, 2020 Literally the next day Cuomo shut down New York. One day after promising is was not going to happen. “So we're going to put out an Executive Order today. New York State on pause.” 30/ pic.twitter.com/jndeB0I0vD — Stu Burguiere (@StuDoesAmerica) October 15, 2020 The shut down came just three days after publicly slamming Deblasio for even suggesting it. It is really, really hard to come out on the wrong side of a conflict with Bill Deblasio. Everyone hates him. But, Cuomo pulled it off multiple times during the crisis. 31/ — Stu Burguiere (@StuDoesAmerica) October 15, 2020 The shutdown also came four days after @realDonaldTrump announced 15 Days to Slow the Spread. Cuomo regularly criticizes the President for acting too slow. He was slower. 32/ — Stu Burguiere (@StuDoesAmerica) October 15, 2020 March 20: Cuomo announces Matilda’s Law, named after his mother. “Who are we worried about? Seniors, compromised immune system, people with underlying illnesses. Where are the places we're really worried about? Nursing homes, senior congregate facilities.” 33/ pic.twitter.com/nGuzpQIouR — Stu Burguiere (@StuDoesAmerica) October 15, 2020 With the situation spiraling out of control and Cuomo begging the National Guard for help as cases pass 20,000 (known), U.S. News publishes article, “How Coronavirus Made Andrew Cuomo America’s Governor”. https://t.co/dmbE0SJOTE ????? 34/ — Stu Burguiere (@StuDoesAmerica) October 15, 2020 March 24: Why did Cuomo’s initial health strategy fail? Let him tell you in his own words: https://t.co/q7nqhvQkjJ 35/ — Stu Burguiere (@StuDoesAmerica) October 15, 2020 March 24: Andrew is able to find time for some soul-searching with “journalist” brother, Chris. This is really funny because two brothers are laughing about stuff on a news network during a pandemic. Hard hitting journalism. 36/ pic.twitter.com/7ZIlaRyPgR — Stu Burguiere (@StuDoesAmerica) October 15, 2020 March 25: VICE exposes that the whole hand sanitizer stunt was a lie. Prison workers were not actually making hand sanitizer at all. https://t.co/FWfhdukjoy 37/ — Stu Burguiere (@StuDoesAmerica) October 15, 2020 March 25: Perhaps the worst single decision by any government entity in the entire pandemic response. Cuomo releases the now-infamous “Advisory: Hospital Discharges and Admissions to Nursing Homes” for New York. https://t.co/W9PoJ8zCIn 38/ — Stu Burguiere (@StuDoesAmerica) October 15, 2020 The advisory required nursing homes to *import* COVID-19 positive patients. “No resident shall be denied re-admission or admission to the (Nursing Home) solely based on a confirmed or suspected diagnosis of COVID-19." 39/ pic.twitter.com/jjL7AFFBkw — Stu Burguiere (@StuDoesAmerica) October 15, 2020 It also prohibited nursing homes for even TESTING for the virus for new or returning patients. 40/ pic.twitter.com/chyFV3aaAQ — Stu Burguiere (@StuDoesAmerica) October 15, 2020 We will never know for sure how many lives this decision was ultimately responsible for ending. But, we do know that to this day, Cuomo continues to lie about how many people died in nursing homes, by not counting nursing home residents who die at the hospital. Awful. 41/ — Stu Burguiere (@StuDoesAmerica) October 15, 2020 Cuomo, on the same day as the nursing home order:“These are people we love. These are our grandparents. And we're going to do everything we can to protect every one of them. And I give the people of the state of New York my word that we're doing it." https://t.co/JOnxUhcXZe 42/ — Stu Burguiere (@StuDoesAmerica) October 15, 2020 March 26: Things are going so poorly in New York, Rhode Island closes its borders to New Yorkers, citing it as a “hotspot”. https://t.co/psy0MfMiRb Cuomo complains that this isn't "neighborly." He would later institute similar restrictions on southern states. 43/ pic.twitter.com/EpJtyMnmSD — Stu Burguiere (@StuDoesAmerica) October 15, 2020 Cuomo knew the risks of his policy with nursing home residents. How do we know this? Because the nursing homes told him. On March 29, the Society for Post-Acute & Long-Term Care Medicine released statement on Cuomo's nursing home advisory. https://t.co/AxqiVbwL0B 44/ — Stu Burguiere (@StuDoesAmerica) October 15, 2020 As they clearly and emphatically noted “…caring for COVID-19 (+) residents (is) unsafe and jeopardizes all patients in the nursing home.” 45/ pic.twitter.com/xTyYc2RgXa — Stu Burguiere (@StuDoesAmerica) October 15, 2020 “Nursing home capability to provide high-quality infection control may be limited due to situational factors…such as competencies of remaining available staff; (And) loss of physicians… due to illness, quarantine, or surge needs at other institutions.” 46/ pic.twitter.com/KiRXLp407z — Stu Burguiere (@StuDoesAmerica) October 15, 2020 “Many homes do not have private rooms.” 47/ pic.twitter.com/1DvBkf6aa8 — Stu Burguiere (@StuDoesAmerica) October 15, 2020 "…a new admission to a nursing home from a hospitalcan impact the health of all the other residents with dire, and indeed fatal, consequences." Cuomo did it anyway. 48/ pic.twitter.com/M5TG0EW0CN — Stu Burguiere (@StuDoesAmerica) October 15, 2020 While this list is incomplete, it is more than enough. Cuomo oversaw the single worst coronavirus response in the world. The worst. And today, he is celebrating himself in a book and engaging in a press tour. It is disgusting. 49/ — Stu Burguiere (@StuDoesAmerica) October 15, 2020 It's also important to remember how many real people had their lives destroyed by all of this. It's quite possible Cuomo would be getting away with this if not for the efforts of people like @JaniceDean. I hope the media will someday hold Cuomo accountable. 50/ — Stu Burguiere (@StuDoesAmerica) October 15, 2020 Here are links to some of the timeline shows if you'd rather youtube. The Cuomo Timeline Part 1https://t.co/v8KSzrmZvF The Cuomo Timeline Part 2https://t.co/KfwhKj2y0A The Cuomo Timeline Part 3https://t.co/ZMCrCH9Cvfhttps://t.co/lETZ27Eonz — Stu Burguiere (@StuDoesAmerica) October 15, 2020 TL:DR version? Andrew Cuomo is not a good person. He is, in fact, a very bad person. And he has blood on his hands. recent stories

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Paul Rudd should've filmed a PSA warning Andrew Cuomo about COVID-19 and nursing homes

Paul Rudd is trending right now over this dopey PSA he filmed for Gov. Andrew Cuomo scolding New York millennials for not wearing masks and spreading COVID-19: Certified young person Paul Rudd wants you to wear a mask. Listen up: pic.twitter.com/GTks5NUBmR — Andrew Cuomo (@NYGovCuomo) September 14, 2020 Maybe Rudd should’ve filmed a PSA back in March warning Gov. Cuomo of the dangers of putting corona-infected patients into nursing homes? That would’ve been helpful: You are responsible for the greatest death toll in the country. — Lyndsey Fifield (@lyndseyfifield) September 14, 2020 But, instead, he’s blaming millennials who aren’t dying from the disease and are being crushed by his shutdown policies in the state: What does Paul Rudd have to say about all of the senior citizens you killed? Also f*ck you https://t.co/81ndHF0Fhe — CCP IS ASSHOE (@noahsmom7) September 15, 2020 A well-deserved spot on the list: ✍?nominated✍?for✍?the✍?List✍? pic.twitter.com/daavbVb4s4 — Siraj Hashmi (@SirajAHashmi) September 15, 2020 *** recent stories

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Republican NYC councilman accuses Cuomo and de Blasio of targeting a Staten Island restaurant *DURING* a 9/11 fundraiser

Republican New York City councilman Joe Borellia is accusing Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Mayor Bill de Blasio and the State Liquor Authority of targeting Joyce’s Tavern, a Staten Island restaurant that lost its liquor license and faces a possible $25,000 fine for allegedly violating COVID-19 guidelines when it — wait for it — hosted a fundraiser for 9/11 victims. THREAD == > Want to hear how big of pieces of shit @NYGovCuomo @NYCMayor & the state liquor authority are? Listen to this one Joyce’s tavern had never been visited by the State Liquor Authority… not during Covid, not before, & had no violations They’re are getting killed financially (1) — Joe Borelli (@JoeBorelliNYC) September 13, 2020 On Thurs, They let me have a little book signing- Outdoors of course, on a small patio. I advertised the event from the same twitter acnt I use to bash Cuomo & de Blasio on a daily basis. The bar also has flags that wld make it seem like it was right-leaning (2) — Joe Borelli (@JoeBorelliNYC) September 13, 2020 What a coincidence, on Friday, the very next night, the SLA goons come in for a surprise random inspection. The first time there ever. Was there a complaint? The restaurant was very busy that night, “busier than they have been since Covid” according to the owner…why? (3) — Joe Borelli (@JoeBorelliNYC) September 13, 2020 Despite their poor financial situation. They joined a number of local NYC restaurants that would be donating a portion of their proceeds on 9/11 to the @Tunnel2Towers foundation. Coincidentally, an organization that just embarrassed the Gov into restoring the Tribute in Lights(4) — Joe Borelli (@JoeBorelliNYC) September 13, 2020 The public responded. Our community is choc full of first responders, victims families, & folks suffering from 9-11 cancer. Many were there… the place was packed, no question about that. There was an hour wait for the few outdoor tables they had. (5) — Joe Borelli (@JoeBorelliNYC) September 13, 2020 Some charitable patrons, their legs growing tired, sat in chairs in the indoor portion of the restaurant. They weren’t eating. The SLA never alleged they were eating. They were sitting and waiting. Two people had water. Again, no food, no beer, Just waiting for outdoor tables.(6) — Joe Borelli (@JoeBorelliNYC) September 13, 2020 In thunders the SLA. Perhaps they read the advertisements online about the nights charitable cause. They immediately remove and revoke their liquor license. No warnings. At hearing the next day, the owners are not allowed to defend themselves. They lose by default, Cuomo-style (7 — Joe Borelli (@JoeBorelliNYC) September 13, 2020 This is the same commission that shuttered another SI business when the SLA observed people drinking by a pool (the restaurant had no pool) Joyce’s will now likely face a $25,000 fine. This will put them out of business. The fam will go bust, the workers will be on unemployment(8 — Joe Borelli (@JoeBorelliNYC) September 13, 2020 How do we accept this as normal? How do we let a neighborhood business that was giving back to our 9/11 families and first responders just get fined out of business. How does the SLA inspector sleep at night? How do Cuomo & de Blasio ? (End) — Joe Borelli (@JoeBorelliNYC) September 13, 2020 pic.twitter.com/ZHgGDn4idd — Joe Borelli (@JoeBorelliNYC) September 13, 2020 This is out of control: Troubling thread. https://t.co/UHaenyLFXQ — Robert A George (@RobGeorge) September 13, 2020 Gov. Cuomo needs to answer for this: @NYGovCuomo was this inspection a political hit job as is being alleged? https://t.co/axmJqx50ip — Cate Long (@cate_long) September 13, 2020 New Yorkers, do your thing: I'll be at Joyce's Tavern this week and if you live anywhere near Staten Island you should too. — Karol Markowicz (@karol) September 14, 2020 *** recent stories

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