TikTok Star Bryce Hall Caught On Video In Another Fight In LA

TikTok star Bryce Hall was caught on video fighting with restaurant staff at a restaurant in Los Angeles.  This isn’t the first time the influencer has been seen in a fight. Just last month, he was involved in a fight outside of Mel’s Diner. Fight Caught On Video [embedded content] The fight went down on Monday at a restaurant called Cinco Mexican near LAX. In the video of the fight, Bryce Hall and his friends were fighting on the outdoor patio area. Apparently, the problem started because a  server told Bryce Hall and his friends that they couldn’t vape. In Los Angeles, it is actually illegal to vape at restaurants but Bryce did not want to stop vaping.When the waiter asked him to stop vaping Bryce supposedly blew smoke in his face. The server gave them the check and they were asked to leave the restaurant.According to a TMZ report, Bryce and his friends jumped the employee. Bryce was reported to be the first one to throw a punch and other employees had to break up the fight.Bryce Hall told TMZ that he was vaping and recalled himself as being polite when the manager asked him to leave. He claimed that the manager wasn’t nice and refused to give him back his credit card.He alleged that the manager tried to drag him out of the restaurant which is what he said started the fight in the first place. In the video, you can see Bryce put the manager in a headlock but he said he was only defending one of his friends. He also claimed the manager kick him in the groin.During the fight, one employee said that the fight caused him to possibly break his hand and has bruising on his face. He claimed that Bryce is to blame and intends to press charges. The employee named Bryce Hall on the police report but Bryce and his friends has already left before the cops arrived. Bryce Hall’s Response Bryce Hall told TMZ that he has many witnesses and other videos that show proof of his side of the story. He has not commented on the fight on any of his social media accounts. Rory Fitzpatrick, a friend of Hall’s, commented on Instagram about the situation saying, “Restaurant won’t pull the security footage because they know it will show their employee assaulting Bryce first. Bryce was physically assaulted twice by an employee before anything started.” Although Bryce hasn’t commented on this situation, he has addressed his previous fight on his YouTube channel. But people want to know his side of the story so maybe he’ll make another video telling his side like last time. [embedded content] Twitter’s Reaction After TMZ posted the video, Bryce got a lot of backlash from people. Many wanted to know why an innocent server had to be attacked over a vape pen. Others questioned him because of his history of fights. Elijah Daniel called Bryce the ‘TikTok version of a Karen’ in response to the video. is bryce hall beating and putting a waiter in a chokehold because he can’t vape the tiktok version of a Karen ? https://t.co/qjrtHBxPs3 — elijah daniel (@elijahdaniel) October 21, 2020 Why is this Bryce Hall person trending for fighting a waiter that’s risking his life in the middle of a pandemic just to keep his job? pic.twitter.com/735YGnPGbd — María Britto Farías (@MariaBrittoF) October 21, 2020 Not Bryce Hall getting into a fight again 💀💀 y'all man has so anger issues pic.twitter.com/FKBWnDzozV — vee (@charsbathwater) October 21, 2020 ?????? And the 10 year olds will defend him too cause he's Bryce Hall. Stop giving these people a platform pic.twitter.com/6CH8GRpTUD — nutella (@pxasq) October 21, 2020 why do tiktok boys get so agressive over 5% nic like??? they act like it’s keeping them alive FICJDHDJ i promise you’ll be ok @BryceHall 🥺 https://t.co/lNa2p7k4dj — kait (@kaitlowkey) October 21, 2020 Ah yes I too beat people up when they slightly inconvenience me…sis what — Secily Towers (@SecilyTowers) October 21, 2020 Mel’s Diner Fight [embedded content] Bryce Hall and some members of The Sway Boys were caught on video in late September ganging up on a man. The fight was so bad the cops were called.The fight happened outside of Mel’s Diner in Los Angeles that included Bryce Hall, Jordan Rodriguez, Jaden Hossler, and a couple of other Sway members.Two of the boys claimed it was self-defense after one of the members got punched in the face. It was the punch in the face that apparently started the whole fight.Allegedly one of the boys put a cone under the man’s car who then confronted them for it. Bryce commented on the situation saying, “We don’t condone violence, but if you punch someone in front of us, we’ll have no choice but to defend ourselves.”Witnesses stated that the one who supposedly put the cone under the man’s car seemed drunk. The police came to the scene but no one pressed charges.LAPD Investigation Bryce Hall is now being investigated by the Los Angeles Police Department because of the incident. The employee filed a felony battery report and named Bryce as the attacker according to an Insider report. An LAPD representative told Insider, “Hall was asked to leave the restaurant, after which Hall “struck” the victim and pushed him to the ground. Hall is “Suspect 1” in the ongoing investigation, and another unnamed “Suspect 2″ in his party was also placed the victim in a chokehold.” Another employee at the restaurant stated they saw the fight and claimed that Bryce was the one that started the fight. The employee said he saw Bryce hit both the manager and restaurant owner after being asked to leave. The employee also stated that it was the owner who’s hand is broken because of the fight. Do you think the staff started the fight? Does Bryce Hall’s previous record of violence make him look guilty?

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Hype House Member Larray Disses Popular Controversial Influencers in His Song ‘Canceled’

Because many popular social media stars are victims of ‘Cancel Culture,’ Hype House member Larray decided to release a track called ‘Canceled’ where he disses the biggest TikTok and YouTube creators for their controversies and scandals, and no one is off limits. @larrayeeee DISS TRACK. OUT NOW 😎 ♬ original sound – LARRAY Who’s Getting Dissed? The music video starts with many prominent TikTokers including Noah Beck, Jack Wright, and Vinnie sitting in a classroom as they get ready for their lesson on Cancel Culture, and their first chapter is on the problematic king – Bryce Hall. When the teacher asks if anyone knows Bryce Hall, one student insults him, but Bryce Hall and his best friend Josh Richards are present in the classroom and make confused faces into the camera. This is a segway to Larray’s big entrance as he is the “expert” on Cancel Culture. Larray jumps right into his lesson plan and starts off with Bryce Hall. However, instead of mentioning Hall’s big birthday bash, he sticks the knife a bit deeper as he says he “only knows his name because Addison gave him fame,” referring to his relationship with the highest-earning TikToker Addison Rae. @tiktok.speakers #larrayeeee #brycehall #joshrichards #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #xyzbca #tiktokcelebsnews #viral #fypplz #4u #funny #disstrack ♬ original sound – Best Content On Tiktok Here However, Larray is not done with Bryce Hall as later in the song he raps, “Bryce and Josh tried to bully little Chase, y’all makin diss tracks, let me put you in your place,” referring to their diss track ‘Still Softish’ which is about Lilhuddy (Chase Hudson). To get back at the Sway boys for dissing his friend and fellow Hype House member, Larray taunts Richards for “selling his life to Triller” and Hall for losing Addison Rae – leading to her appearance in the video.  ADDI IS AND ALWAYS WAS A BADDIE YESS SHE LOOKS SO GOOD!!!! Larray – Canceled (Official Music Video) https://t.co/LZ7JhmAbI7 via @YouTube pic.twitter.com/63xZd8dQem — Yasmin😆 (@Anthony42920088) October 19, 2020 After taking some jabs at Bryce Hall and Josh Richards, Larray moves on to James Charles. He compliments Charles’ butt, but insults his large forehead. Larray then turns to Charles’ side by dissing Charles’s rival Tati Westbrook as he refers to their drama with “Tati forty and complaining about some vitamins (Grow up), you don’t like James, so why did you invite him in?” OMG I CANT I’m crying this is so good I’m not even kidding first of all the Tati part was fire like it’s so true next James walked in at the perfect time and lastly the Dolan twins are in the same room as James THEY MIGHT BE BACK AHH @larrayxo @jamescharles pic.twitter.com/NgWmvephrH — 💖 sister Izzy 💖 (@sister_izzy06) October 19, 2020 On the topic of makeup moguls, Larray takes a second to acknowledge Jeffree Star as he was cancelled for saying the n-word. However, Larray is not so sure how Star will respond to his roast, so he tweeted “Jeffree…don’t sue me…” Jeffree.. don’t sue me… ❤️https://t.co/1bvBFMNMOf pic.twitter.com/LQyURRoKl8 — larri (@larrayxo) October 19, 2020 After having his fun with the internet’s most hated, Larray goes on to TikTok’s heartthrob – Noah Beck. Even though many think Beck is attractive, Larray made fun of Beck’s thick neck, but Beck even makes fun of it himself. @jeffxtingz Ok last one cause this was funny! @noahbeck ♬ WHAT YOU KNOW BOUT LOVE – ✨picsart✨ Larray then shifts the tone as he compliments Beck as he says he knows why Dixie D’amelio chose him over Griffin Johnson as “he hits different.” Johnson previously made a diss track called ‘Convenient’ where he threw shade at his ex, Dixie D’amelio, and his friend Noah Beck, but took it off streaming platforms after D’amelio made a TikTok showing evidence of Johnson cheating on her. not dixie exposing griffin😭 pic.twitter.com/4tAp13C5eG — laur ♡’s katie (@91LFTV) September 24, 2020 Larray also mentions how his friend Nikita Dragun was cancelled for blackfishing as many people noticed that her skin tone looked darker in some pictures of her than in others. its time to cancel #nikitadragun like sis just is a wholeeee messs 🧏🏽‍♀️ pic.twitter.com/Ks0kJJx6Ow — thatprettymf🥰 (@Dutchhesss_) October 18, 2020 But Larray quickly moves on to the most hated man on TikTok – Tony Lopez. Lopez has been receiving mass amounts of hate after multiple underaged girls exposed him for sending them inappropriate messages and Larray alludes to this drama with “Tony locked up for tryna bag a señorita” as well as in the chorus with “This ain’t a race Tony Lopez caught a case.” Taking a break from TikTokers, Larray jumps to YouTubers by bringing up how fans were upset with Shane Dawson after he was accused of sexually assaulting his cat. Larray throws some shade at Dawson with “Shane Dawson got a cat, hold on, someone call PETA.” In the track, Larray has already thrown several punches at many in the social media world and he felt that it was time to roast himself by TikTokers in the classroom asking “This you?” as they show edits of Larray’s face. When the break is over, Larray goes back to roasting other social media influencers as he claims that Tana Mongeau “gets cancelled every 5-7 business days” and “she finds a way to [mess up] every different way.” Larray also mentions her relationship and fake marriage with troublesome YouTuber Jake Paul. @tanamongeaulol we know we’re late but i couldn’t not post this hahahahahahah @jakepaul ♬ original sound – Tana Mongeau Larray then brings up the beat and the roasts when he mentions the time the internet was hysterical over a sharting noise from Josh Richards ‘Live’ that people assumed was his ex-girlfriend Nessa Barrett. Nessa Barrett shart video as requested pic.twitter.com/0CDNo1kj73 — Nessa Barrshart (@nannalovexd) August 2, 2020 Because no one is off limits, Larray shades his friend and TikTok’s most followed and beloved creator – Charli D’amelio. After a video was leaked of 16 year-old Charli D’amelio vaping, the internet freaked out as they could not believe their perfect sweetheart would vape, and Larray refers to this with, “don’t want the smoke, but Charli had that vape.” “Don’t want the smoke but charli had that vape” IMM DEADDD pic.twitter.com/5GjEZH5MY1 — alisha🖇 (@CH3APVODKA) October 19, 2020 Speaking of Charli D’amelio, Larray takes a swing at Hype House founder Thomas Petrou as he raps, “don’t got the hype because when Charli left y’all tank,” referring to the Hype House losing some hype after Charli D’amelio left the Hype House.  Larray then comes after the Dolan Twins who previously unfollowed him, so he blocked them, and Larray raps “after Sister Sqaud your channel went and flopped.” And the Dolan Twins even made an appearance in the video. OMG @larrayxo DID NOT JUST BRING UP THE SISTER SQUAD AND THE DOLAN TWINS I SCREAMED pic.twitter.com/dQlU98dYxI — Christina ‎⍟‎⎊ (@christina_b56) October 19, 2020 As his mic drop, Larray says he is going to take David Dobrik’s Tesla and floor it, and then goes on to repeat the chorus. Fans’ Response Larray may be shading many some of the most successful influencers, but everyone seems to be here for it. Fans are taking to Twitter to share their reactions to their favorite lines and jabs at these creators. I’m not going to lie but Larray – Canceled song is actually good I’m obsessed with the song and the part when he said “don’t want this smoke but Charli had a vape” was GOOD pic.twitter.com/mWbBtklI5q — babyduck ➐ (@babyducxk) October 19, 2020 Larray – Canceled "Tati, 40, and complaining about some vitamins. You don't like James so why did you invite him in." I SCREAMED — jordan andrews (@brchienbrinas) October 19, 2020 Me after hearing about tony Lopez on LARRAY – canceled : pic.twitter.com/kOWy7j456E — 𝖑𝖔𝖚 🃏 (@LouKxng) October 19, 2020 Although hate and Cancel Culture creates a toxic environment on social media, Larray decided to add a bit of humor in order to slightly make social media a little less toxic. What was your favorite roast? Do you think this diss track was a hit?

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Bryce Hall Shocks Fans With Gruesome Video of Sway Members in a Fist Fight

The Sway House is one of the most popular TikTok content houses as it features the video-sharing app’s favorite male heartthrobs. However, the members are known for their rambunctious habits as they continually get into trouble.  After Sway hosted a huge party for Bryce Hall’s 21st birthday in the middle of a pandemic – causing the city to shut off their water and power – it seemed that the Sway boys were laying low and trying to not interfere with the law, but they just can’t stay out of trouble. From large parties to drug charges, Sway member Bryce Hall is known for his partying and reckless behaviors – he profits off this reputation by selling “Party Animal University” merchandise. @brycehall im jus vibin dude ♬ New Thang – Redfoo What Happened? Adding to his reputation, Hall tweeted out a video where he and other Sway members are involved in a fist fight with a man outside of a Mel’s Diner. we don’t condone violence, but if you punch someone in front of us, we’ll have no choice but to defend ourselves. pic.twitter.com/2SC2MHLqhB — Bryce Hall (@BryceHall) October 5, 2020 According to TMZ, the fight took place on September 23 after a drunk Sway member – Nick Bean – placed a cone under a man’s car. This act provoked the man to punch Bean in the face leading other Sway members to immediately attack the man to protect their friend. Eventually, law enforcement got involved and the two parties worked it out and agreed not to press any charges. Last night, Hall decided to post the violent video causing people to swarm to social media as they tried to identify the people involved. After analyzing the video, most determined that Josh Richards and Jaden Hossler were throwing the punches while Bryce Hall and Jordan Rodriguez (Jrod) are seen pulling their friends off of the man in attempts to diffuse the situation.  Response Hall has been caught in fights before, but many were shocked by Richards’s involvement as he is seen being very aggressive and throwing most of the punches. Richards’s behavior in the video contradicts his professional career as he has taken on many business ventures including co-founding Talent X and becoming the chief strategy officer for Triller.  @joshrichards Morning buds ♬ Tap In x Rags2Riches x Wet – carneyval The Sway boys may have been defending their friend, but their actions have a great impact on their fans. TikTok attracts a younger crowd as tweens and teens look up to the personalities they watch daily on their screens. However, this puts pressure on popular creators like the Sway boys to serve as role models for their younger audience. But this video exhibits a different side of these influencers, and people are worried that their fanbase may imitate their bad behaviors. embarassing, arent you suppose to be a role model — z (@ovxrit) October 5, 2020 Bryce not much anymore !? This is really embarrassing, stop getting into so much drama, you fight with some policemen, this is already too much, can you one day stop entering bard? I think that with you it will not be possible. — Dayana//moses and Pablo❤️ (@justttdayana) October 5, 2020 that you bring your fans the images and you explain the situation it's ok and shows your honesty , but that's not the Bryce that I love. — Tita Carlu 🦁 (@carla_flores_61) October 5, 2020 Even though some are appalled by what they have seen, there are many who are coming to the Sway boys’ defense. Ikr he’s protecting himself and if he got hurt people would be like why didn’t you fight back and I would just like to say they are saying if someone did it to them they would just let it happen — random (@Grace01618709) October 5, 2020 Why do people think just because you are “famous” your automatically a role model people are dum- — people annoy me🥱 (@cchina20) October 5, 2020 y’all who are saying this is embarrassing and that he shouldn’t be doing this are really stupid, They are trying to defend themselves and that’s what yu have to do in these kinds of situations — Tori (@itstorirepp) October 5, 2020 Recently, Bryce Hall has collaborated with Capital University in a new podcast about business and money management. Because Hall is starting to dip his toes into more mature and professional projects like the podcast, some are advising Hall to stop getting into trouble as this can negatively affect him in the future. Is that what happens when on Ani Energy? But real talk, we gotta discuss this. Can’t be going around doing this nonsense while trying to build generational wealth. — Pomp 🌪 (@APompliano) October 5, 2020 You should tell him to delete the fighting video now. It’s not good to keep this his page. — Numan Khan (@Nomikhan022) October 5, 2020 Instead of further addressing the situation, Hall took the opportunity to advertise his energy drink business with Richards in response to a comment suggesting their energy drink Ani Energy escalated the fight. okay, second dad. we’ll talk tomorrow about it. but hey, at least people are starting to learn the power of https://t.co/uyluQbTQMB https://t.co/pPSgQUzetd — Bryce Hall (@BryceHall) October 5, 2020 Others are showing their respect for Hall as they praise him for being honest with his followers and avoiding any misinterpretations from secondary sources. No. he knew it was gonna get leaked one way or another. if he didnt and someone else did, the boys would be portrayed as "starting fight and are problematic" and the tea pages would twist evrything n make it seem they jumped someone. Bryce posting that, he cleared what happened — Marwah (@Marwah_potter) October 5, 2020 Impact The Sway boys have been caught in many contentious circumstances in the past, but their controversies have allowed them to prosper in the social media world as people are addicted to drama – people are not entertained by normalcy. However, is there limit? The Sway boys are very young, and because TikTok is so new it is hard to tell if their actions will follow them into their adult lives. Also, we have to keep in mind the majority of TikTok users are very young, and they are being exposed to a lot of mature content that may influence them to act in coherence with these influencers as recklessness is being glorified. Is there a way for influencers to make mistakes without jeopardizing the future for many young kids? Do you think this situation was avoidable and could the Sway boys have handled it differently?

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