WH Testing Czar Pressed on Why Trump Continues to Hold Rallies Amid Pandemic

Assistant Secretary for Health Adm. Brett Giroir suggests the coronavirus will do what it “wants to do” while President Donald Trump continues to hold campaign rallies. During Giroir’s appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union,” host Jake Tapper noted those attending Trump’s rallies are not wearing masks and his gatherings serve as “super spreader events potentially.” Giroir stressed the spread of the coronavirus does not depend on whether Trump holds rallies or not. “Biology is independent of politics. The virus will do what the virus wants to do,” Giroir said. Tapper interrupted Giroir, “Don’t tell me. Tell President Trump.” Giroir argued Trump encourages mask-wearing. “We always encourage the wearing of a mask because it is a very important, it’s a critical step to prevent the spread and we want people to understand that,” Giroir said. He added, “This needs to be echoed from the local, from the state, from the public and certainly all of us on the task force want to make sure that people understand that.” Watch his comments below: CNN’s @jaketapper: “President Trump is doing these rallies. The people are not wearing masks. I mean these are super spreader events potentially.”Adm. Brett Giroir: “… Biology is independent of politics.”Tapper: “Don’t tell me. Tell President Trump.” #CNNSOTU pic.twitter.com/QMFUFZKPiJ — State of the Union (@CNNSotu) September 20, 2020 He claimed they provide governors with recommendations every week on how to control the spread of the coronavirus. Giroir explained they are “very encouraged” by a vaccine and there are new treatments so if someone does contract the coronavirus they are “much more likely to have a great outcome.” He reiterated wearing a mask, avoiding crowds, and hygiene are critical to preventing the spread. During his press briefing on Friday, Trump told reporters there would be enough doses of a vaccine for every American by April, as IJR previously reported. According to Trump, there will be at least 100 million vaccine doses manufactured by the end of the year and “likely much more than that.” More than 6,808,400 Americans have been infected with the coronavirus, and at least 199,300 have died as of Sunday afternoon.

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