Karen Attacks Peaceful Indigenous American Protesters At Border Wall Construction

Whether it’s in Costco, a local soccer game or in this case the United States and Mexico border, one thing is for sure: Karens are everywhere. This weekend, a hysterical woman attacked a group of peaceful, Indigenous American protesters as they challenged the continuing construction of Trump’s border wall on their people’s land. Crazy Karen  Over the weekend, a group from Defend Kumeyaay Land gathered outside the border between the US and Mexico in Southern California. They stood in the path of construction crews and peacefully protested the development of Trump’s border wall. It was there that they were greeted by a hostile woman who repeatedly assaulted them, physically and verbally. She attempted to rip masks off, slap people in the face and knock over tents where the protesters were sleeping. Happening on multiple occasions throughout the weekend, all of the interactions were captured on video by the group. In response to the hitting and screaming of the righteous Karen, the group of Peaceful Protesters took the high road and remained non-violent and de-escalated the situation with their words, songs and prayers. Peaceful Response On Instagram, the group followed up their post of the videos and explained, “Tonight we experienced a violent woman who tried to tear our tents down. We de escalated and stayed non violent. We used songs and prayers again just like how we non violently stop desecration to the land.” The protesters exhibited great restraint in the face of such an angry and malicious person. It could not have been easy (I mean, you saw the videos!) Their resiliency and bravery impressed thousands of different people online. Many took to their social media platforms to praise the protesters for their handling of the intense altercation. @cultofdusty1racist Karen attacking native American protestors. Props for their restraint – I don't think I would have been as kind:https://t.co/GW61gN843X — Unintelligible Light Web (@ULW_dork) September 19, 2020 'Border Wall Karen' Attacks Indigenous​ Americans, Who Remain Peaceful.Someone had to set the example.A'ho https://t.co/5DZpGA8y3J — Glen Bateman (@FitzcairnHugh61) September 20, 2020 It’s clear that the group showed undeniable strength and restraint dealing with this woman. And while it would be nice to think this immediately worked on the Karen and she apologized and went on her way, we all know that Karens don’t go down so easily. Just when we thought it couldn’t get much worse, the woman was shown in the video (second page of the Instagram post) outwardly mocking the rituals and prayers of the Kumeyaay people. The Karen danced around, attempting to mimic them, which was incredibly offensive and disrespectful to say the least.  Can you say you’re really surprised by her actions? We’re not! She clearly shows she is ignorant within the first few seconds of the video (did you also catch she never wore a mask throughout any of the videos?) But, the point isn’t about the Karen, although that is what made this video viral. No, the discussion should really be around about why the protests were happening in the first place. So, while we will never know why that Karen was there, instead of making wild speculations (my guess is that she’s a confused time traveler), let’s focus our attention now on the peaceful protesters, since we know more about them and their mission.  Kumeyaay People The peaceful protesters, members of the Kumeyaay people, were there because the Trump administration is continuing the construction of the infamous border wall. However, as the group explains on their Instagram page, the land does not belong to the United States government. It’s their people’s land. The Kumeyaay people are a tribe of Indigenous Americans, living at the northern border of Baja California in Mexico and the southern border of California, precisely where parts of Donald Trump’s wall is being built. They wrote on their “defense against the wall” Instagram, “Tonight we ask people to seriously consider to helping us. We seriously are asking for prayers. We are here for the land and indigenous sovereignty. For the further generations, we need better laws for immigrants so xenophobia won’t be an issue.” A user on Twitter chimed in and agreed with the group, noting the following: Karen strikes and mocks Kumeyaay for protesting border wall, which is being constructed in direct violation of several federal laws and statutes. https://t.co/TYc2qmwmpe — The Talking Tumbleweed (@calamitycowboy) September 21, 2020 It’s clear that this violent Karen isn’t the only one who is ignorant in this video. Our government continues to destroy land that does not belong to them. Hopefully this video will be used as a tool to educate people all over the United States and bring awareness to the works of Indigenous peoples and the terrible history of their land being taken from them.  Overall though, the group of peaceful protesters proved to be a great example for all of us when handling a rogue Karen. What do you think? Should the group have handled the situation differently? Should that Karen be arrested? And how should our government reform to better respect land that is not ours? Video Producer: Henry Kueppers

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Trump Administration Will Shut Down TikTok Downloads and Updates to App

Good thing Addison Rae got that movie deal because it looks like TikTok is finally dying. Early on Friday September 18th, the Trump administration announced that popular Chinese-owned apps WeChat and TikTok are being removed from the App Store. This ban goes into effect on Sunday, September 20th. Within hours after this announcement, “tiktokban” started trending on Twitter.  Tiktok being removed from the App Store. This generation can’t have nothing good💀🤦🏾‍♂️ #tiktokban pic.twitter.com/YYZM1Ko0RH — Trevo 🌟 (@FuegoTrevo) September 18, 2020 TikTok has been a subject of distaste for the administration for months now, citing concerns about data stealing. The administration is planning on making TikTok basically unusable in the United States by mid-November. Only strong proof that TikTok is not a threat to American society and government will save it now.  As expected, Twitter immediately took to joking about the whole situation. This isn’t the first time people have seen this happen. Vine only died a few years ago. Much like when Musical.ly or Vine died, many users joked about future struggles of popular TikTok users. One user impersonated a generic TikTok star, writing, “’Hey mom, it’s me, TikTok got banned so we can’t afford to live in the Hype House anymore. I’m sorry for saying that I didn’t need you and that I was on my grind, anyway, can I come back home? Love you.” #tiktokban” ''Hey mom, it's me, TikTok got banned so we can't afford to live in the Hype House anymore. I'm sorry for saying that I didn't need you and that I was on my grind, anyway, can I come back home? Love you.'' #tiktokban pic.twitter.com/Ysj1uggOUO — Jamius (@freelanceburner) September 18, 2020 Other users focused on a different approach, making fun of TikTokers that would have to get a real job once the app is removed. “TikTokers working from 8-5 making the travis scott meal #tiktokban” tiktokers working from 8-5 making the travis scott meal #tiktokban pic.twitter.com/frbSERXUee — Jamius (@freelanceburner) September 18, 2020 How McDonald’s will look one TikTok get ban #tiktokban pic.twitter.com/ZUKaaf59ZW — J 🕊 (@_J_ERA) September 18, 2020 Also trending with “#tiktokban” was “Flappy Bird.” Flappy Bird was an insanely popular game that only lived for about a year, from early 2013 to early 2014. It blew up rapidly, but elicited a strong reaction from players. Phones were broken and thrown at walls, eventually making the creator so guilty that he removed it from the app store. People are comparing Flappy Bird’s short life to TikTok’s. PCMag tweeted, “Someone’s going to try and sell an iPhone with Flappy Bird, Fortnite and TikTok on eBay for $10,000 next week.” Someone's going to try and sell an iPhone with Flappy Bird, Fortnite and TikTok on eBay for $10,000 next week. — PCMag (@PCMag) September 18, 2020 Twitter actually attempted to explain why Flappy Bird was seemingly trending for no reason. They wrote, “When Flappy Bird suddenly stopped appearing in app stores, fans of the game made a point not to delete the app or replace their phone for fear they would never get the game back. That same strategy is being applied to TikTok and WeChat after the US Commerce Department decided to ban the Chinese-owned apps in the interest of ‘national security.’” tik tok is the new flappy bird. — sincerely, ivy marie. (@sincerelyivy_) September 18, 2020 Some Twitter users did take a more serious approach. They complained that the Trump administration was focusing on the completely wrong issue giving the state of present American society. One user wrote, “So let me get this straight. We are in the middle of a pandemic that has killed 200k americans,the economy is trash,and there are mass protests against police brutality but Trump wants to focus on banning tik tok? #tiktokban” so let me get this straight. we are in the middle of a pandemic that has killed 200k americans,the economy is trash,and there are mass protests against police brutality but trump wants to focus on banning tik tok? #tiktokban pic.twitter.com/7423eG1Ol1 — abbi (@fallawaybandito) September 18, 2020 Entrepreneur Carol Roth said, “The #tiktokban is something that China would do. We are turning into China on many levels. Tell people the security concerns and let them make their own decisions. It’s not like US-based apps don’t spy on us all day long.” The #tiktokban is something that China would do. We are turning into China on many levels. Tell people the security concerns and let them make their own decisions. It’s not like US-based apps don’t spy on us all day long. — Carol Roth (@caroljsroth) September 18, 2020 The final reaction seemed to be an early funeral for TikTok. Instead of bringing in fan cams, users actually seemed to mourn the loss of an app that brought joy to so many.  “TikTok has literally helped a generation of depressed teens feel like they belong.Tiktok is more then dancing and funny videos. There are so many different things on tiktok from relatable memes,school help, and feeling more confident in yourself. That’s all I gotta say #tiktokban” TikTok has literally helped a generation of depressed teens feel like they belong.Tiktok is more then dancing and funny videos. There are so many different things on tiktok from relatable memes,school help, and feeling more confident in yourself. That’s all I gotta say #tiktokban pic.twitter.com/LYn9hvvTuP — sara berete (@SaraBerete) September 18, 2020 A different sad user tweeted, “#tiktokban Idk about y’all but this seems like a violation of our rights. Tiktok literally United A whole generation, it helped us understand that there are people just like us everywhere. Okay, Take away our safe place and we will take away yours.” The future of TikTok is very unclear. The Trump administration has been threatening to take away the app for a while now, but this is the first time there is a clear end date. Microsoft recently tried to acquire the app, but the deal fell through. Instead TikTok went to Oracle. It is unclear what Oracle is planning to do with TikTok, but updated security is a possibility, meaning that TikTok might be able to exist. Will TikTok be able to survive the wrath of the Trump administration? Or will it move to the graveyard of apps gone too soon? Only time will tell the fate of this app. 

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Houston ‘Karen’ Fakes Calling the Police on Black Census Worker

A ‘Karen’ in Houston, Texas faked calling the police on a black census worker for simply doing his job. No…seriously…he was just doing his job.  It seems as if there is a new Karen video on the internet every day. This latest one in Houston, like many others, is just plain frustrating.  Houston Karen calls the police because there’s a black census worker in her neighborhood from PublicFreakout The Karen Incident A video was posted on Reddit showing the interaction between ‘Karen’ and the black census worker. The video shows the woman not happy about the man being in her neighborhood. She picks up her phone warning him that she was calling the police. While on phone, she was saying he was approaching her and threatening her but in the video, he clearly wasn’t.  She complains that he was standing in front of her neighbor’s house and told him he didn’t need to be there. Although, I think his job would disagree with that.  Houston Karen calls the police because there’s a black census worker in her neighborhood 🐶 Tuckbot ….Karen gonna catch these hands if she impedes my life Liberty or pursuit of happiness ever ! https://t.co/DiTBPKqyAx — FreedomRocks (@freedom2debate) September 13, 2020 This video got a lot of attention. Many people commented about the Karen’s behavior and how it was unacceptable.  One user on Reddit thought they were both in the wrong. He commented, “My takeaway from that was he wasn’t properly dressed for the job. Specifically a cencus worker should wear clothing that fits in (the neighborhood he’s working) yet still looks professional. He failed on both parts.”  But others were quick to come to the census worker’s defense.  “Totally agree. He should’ve dressed like a racist old white woman.” “The young man in this video can’t change his complexion for white neighborhoods” Another commented their own experience working for the Census Bureau.  “I did census work in 2010 and I had a handful of issues of people freaking out. I can just imagine how bad it’s been this year. Funny thing, when I went for training for the census, the people from DC reminsced on how back in 2000 and before, census workers could actually call the cops on people refusing to answer their questions. That obviously was suggested in 2010.” The Twist [embedded content] In the first part of the video, it is thought that the Karen had called the cops on the census worker. But the second part of the video shows that apparently, that wasn’t the case. In the second video, the cops arrive at the scene. The census worker explains to one of the officers why he was standing in front of the neighbor’s house, stating, “I am a government employee. I was conducting census business right now. If this neighbor here they wasn’t home, that I met in front of 28-23, they wasn’t home. They ain’t been home. And this neighbor right here didn’t want to give any information but since they haven’t been home, they haven’t did they they need to do. So I had to come out here physically and find out what was going on.”  He continued explaining, “So she came all the way down from here and she walked all the way down to here to ask me what am I doing. And I didn’t know who she was and so since she approached me I felt threatened.” The man was still inside his truck when the woman approached him. “I figured it had to be because I am black.” Several people were sad to see how this was handled. One of the officers goes to the neighbor’s house to get some information. After waiting for some time, the census worker called the cops himself to file a complaint against the Karen that approached him. Towards the end of the video, the officer and the census worker starts arguing about police brutality. The officer asked him if he gets all of the facts before making statements about situations. The census worker eventually says he does not want to get into anything about the past but wanted to clarify that if the roles were reversed the situation would have gone a lot differently. The Result The Karen that approached the black census worker did not come out of her house to speak to the police. The cops did not have access to her door because her gate was locked. The officer informed the man that in fact, his call was the only call that the cops received. He told the officer that he waited for two hours for them to show up. Sarcastically thanking them for getting to the scene so promptly. This comment agreeing that the situation would be different if he was white. A neighbor told the officer that the Karen has had problems with people in the past. He explained that she has ‘psychiatric problems’ and is very ‘paranoid’ that someone is after her. A viewer on YouTube commented that the ‘psychiatric’ issues should not be an excuse. Another disagreed with the way the census worker carried on. The officer told the man that he couldn’t file anything because nothing the woman did is considered illegal. There you have it, folks. Another day another Karen.

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Chris Evans Nude Pic Sparks Internet Debate On Sexism

Marvel actor Chris Evans gave his fans an unexpected look into his personal life during an Instagram live session on Saturday night when he unintentionally shared a nude picture of himself. Fans of Evans were quick to defend him and they demanded we respect the actor and his privacy. These reactions have sparked a conversation about sexism on the internet, specifically questioning why female celebrities face much different treatment upon accidental releases of their nudes. In a since deleted post, the scandalous picture of Evans left the internet in a pandemonium. People all over the world were in shock and awe as the picture was quickly circulated on Twitter. (If you find yourself curious and want to do some digging, make sure you’re not using a work computer when searching). But, rather than make fun of Evans or hyper sexualize the image, fans are calling for censorship and to respect the privacy of Evans. Thousands of people are trying to acknowledge that Chris Evans has brought a lot of good into the world. Even outside his hit films, he is known for charity work and sincere generosity. Therefore, fans argue we shouldn’t judge him on this one mistake. In an attempt to change the narrative, the internet exploded with fans praising the actor for his other assets. Wanna know why Chris Evans is trending? Cuz he's the sweetest, kindest person and is a brilliant actor. pic.twitter.com/5q5Xwbvsxl — cosmicstark (@cosmicstark1) September 13, 2020 i don’t know i’m just really in love with chris evans’ smile pic.twitter.com/X0dr9XdK3x — nicole (@moonIightevans) September 13, 2020 Guys remember. He is a genuinely kind and sweet guy with anxiety we should respect his privacy, he deserves it🥺🥺 — ᴍᴀʀɪᴀᴍ ᴋʜᴀɴ♡ (@immariamkha_n) September 13, 2020 Clearly, privacy and sensitivity are important values to users of the internet, but it seems a bit ironic. (The internet, of all places, is saying we should work together to keep things more private.) While others agree we should treat Chris Evans with kindness, they can’t help but wonder why women don’t get the same treatment when they have nude photos released on the web. Chris Evans accidentally leaked a nude photo. For the most part, social media has rallied around him. Nobody called him a slut. Nobody insisted he was an attention whore. Nobody thinks his career is ruined. We need to give women this same love & respect. 💯💯💯#ChrisEvans — Anne Boleyn (Sussex Supporter) (@TudorChick1501) September 13, 2020 I loved the way how people are supporting #ChrisEvans with so much positivity and love to keep his mental health in sound state. I really wish and hope that if a girl's nudes are leaked unintentionally, we people will help her in the same way instead of just slut shaming her!🤞❤️ pic.twitter.com/Z8h6inenun — Priya (@priyarameshhh) September 13, 2020 It’s clear that regardless of his beloved acting and generosity, Chris Evans is getting much different treatment on the web because he is a man.This accidentally leaked explicit image is creating meaningful conversations on the patriarchy, sexism and the treatment of women in Hollywood. Actress Kat Dennings took to Twitter to comment the following: The public respect for Chris Evans’ privacy/feelings is wonderful. Wouldn’t it be nice if it extended to women when this kind of thing happens? — Kat Dennings (@OfficialKat) September 13, 2020 Unfortunately, throughout the history of the internet, women have been far less lucky and privileged to their privacy when incidents like this occur.  For example, back in 2014, Jennifer Lawrence was a victim of the ‘Celebgate’ hacking ring and had her explicit photos published online anonymously.  News sites and social media users were quick to blame Lawrence, saying female celebrities should always be prepared for a hacking and need to avoid taking sexual photos if they don’t want them out for public consumption someday. @EmWatson @megturney Simply ask yourself, why in the hell you're putting your nude pics on a device that is 24/7 connected to internet — Fabio Bertozzi (@fabiobrtz) September 2, 2014 Lawrence spoke with Vanity Fair about the incident and said that, “just because I’m a public figure…does not mean I asked for this. It does not mean that it comes with the territory. It’s my body, and it should be my choice, and the fact that it is not my choice is absolutely disgusting.”  Talk show host, Wendy Williams, responded to Lawrence’s statement by saying, “Um, it’s not your choice, it’s in the Cloud and I’ve looked several times. So I guess I’m disgusting for looking?”  She proceeded to tell her audience that essentially Lawrence is to blame for the photos leaking because she took them in the first place. [embedded content] As you can see, it’s not just fans who have a vastly different perspective, but also the media outlets. They report on these incidents differently based on if it is a man or a woman. We have yet to find an article or publication that is condemning Evans or saying he shouldn’t have taken a photo like he did in the first place. It is fair to note too that more often than not, women are hacked and the photos are stolen from them, whereas in the case of Chris Evans, he essentially hacked himself. It’s safe to say privacy was the last thing Lawrence got from the public or the media. We have to wonder what needs to happen in order for women to get the same respect and treatment as their male counterparts. It’s great that six years later, Chris Evans is treated with more respect, but we hope this respect will also be given to the next female actress with leaked photos.  Evans has not made a public statement on the photos as of Monday morning. While he should not be condemned for his accidental nude leak, the same should go for his female peers, without question. In the end, this accident has resulted in meaningful discussion which will hopefully bring serious reform when it comes to the privacy and respect of others on the internet. What do y’all think? Would every celebrity be met with this much respect and love? Is the respect only given to the one and only Captain America? Is he really getting special treatment because he is a man? Or, will we ever respect the privacy of female celebrities on the internet? We want to know your thoughts! 

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TikTok Chooses Oracle Over Microsoft to Become Their New Tech Partner

Over the last few months, everyone was glued to their phones as they waited for updates regarding the ban of TikTok – an app that has dramatically changed digital culture. After President Trump’s executive order in August forcing ByteDance to sell TikTok, the fate of our favorite creators and videos seemed uncertain. However, they will not be going anywhere because TikTok has agreed to partner with Oracle. But will the US government approve this deal? Background When India banned the video-sharing app in June, American TikTok users worried that the app would be banned in the US after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced in early July that they are looking into banning TikTok due to national security concerns.  BIG: After India, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says that the United States is “certainly looking at” banning Chinese social media apps, including #TikTok. ‘Download the App only if you want your private information in the hands of the Chinese’, Pompeo warns. pic.twitter.com/gtbQ9tjlCd — Aditya Raj Kaul (@AdityaRajKaul) July 7, 2020 Because TikTok is owned by the Chinese company ByteDance, it is under the control of the Chinese Communist government. This raises concerns all over the world because there were allegations that TikTok is sharing private information with the Chinese government – although TikTok denied these accusations.  TikTok felt that the Trump Administration was ignoring their explanations and denials of their connections to China leading to TikTok’s lawsuit against the administration.  Due to President Trump’s distrust of China as he believes they are a huge economic competitor and responsible for the current world pandemic, President Trump did not want to take any national security risks when it comes to China. Despite Gen Z’s retaliation, President Trump set a hard deadline on ByteDance to sell TikTok to a US owned company by September 20 or it will be banned in the US by September 29.  Over the last month, TikTok has been presented with many potential buyers including Microsoft and Walmart, but people thought Microsoft would be TikTok’s new owner.  @charlesthegr8 #sponsored I might have to cop that new #xbox now #microsoft #fyp #foryou #funny ♬ Cousin Stizz – Perfect Ft. City Girls – jgonz860 Oracle Outbids Microsoft However, yesterday, Microsoft announced that ByteDance rejected their offer to buy TikTok. Today, Oracle officially confirmed that it has been chosen to become TikTok’s “trusted technology provider.” However, it is hard to tell exactly what this means. Oracle is a software company that sells software and cloud services to companies to help them manage and improve their businesses. As a “technology partner,” Oracle may be allowing TikTok to utilize its cloud infrastructure, which would attract more businesses to become Oracle clients and improve TikTok’s data security. Since the announcement of Oracle’s deal with TikTok, Oracle’s stock has increased almost 6% as TikTok is a huge platform with over 2 billion downloads worldwide. With TikTok, Oracle’s revenue is sure to increase exponentially as they will be in control of one of the world’s most popular social media networks.  “Are you buying Oracle stock today?” pic.twitter.com/lL7JTuuIl0 — Douglas A. Boneparth (@dougboneparth) September 14, 2020 Is This a Good Deal? However, some are skeptical of this deal as many are bothered by President Trump’s connection to the company. Larry Ellison is a former CEO of Oracle and currently serves as executive chairman of the board and chief technology officer. In February, Ellison hosted a fundraiser at his Coachella Valley home for Donald Trump, but was not physically present. Also, the current CEO Safra Catz was a part of President Trump’s transition team.  Oracle won the bid for TikTok. I wonder why… 🤔https://t.co/Ehd0u25QvB — Katie Hill (@KatieHill4CA) September 14, 2020 Oracle appears to get TikTok. Its chairman, Larry Ellison, is a big Trump donor. Competitor Microsoft is not. Crony capitalism is the norm. Hope it becomes the next MySpace pronto. — Michael Glassman (@MHGtweet) September 14, 2020 Maybe it’s just a coincidence that Oracle, which has zero expertise in consumer technology (as opposed to Microsoft), and is headed by Larry Ellison and Safra Catz, two of Trump’s biggest (and only) supporters in Silicon Valley, gets to buy TiKTok. https://t.co/chvNLfcQ7v — andy serwer (@serwer) September 14, 2020 Despite this, most people are ecstatic about TikTok being saved, but the deal still needs to be approved by the White House. Within the last few weeks, there have been rumors that China will prohibit ByteDance from selling its algorithm to the US; however, to prevent a ban, ByteDance must sell 100% of the company – including its algorithm. The algorithm is TikTok’s most valuable feature as its ‘For You’ page gives each user an individualized experience based on their engagement as well as allowing anyone to go viral, no matter their following.  my “for you page” is too accurate on tiktok wtf — yanisbeth🐙 (@yanisbishh) September 12, 2020 From Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin’s statement, it is unclear if TikTok agreed to sell its algorithm to Oracle. According to Secretary Mnuchin’s statement to CNBC, they received ByteDance’s proposal over the weekend and will review the deal this week. Mnuchin said he will be talking with Oracle over the next few days to ensure American data and phones are secure with this deal. Even though the details of Oracle’s deal with TikTok have not been released, TikTok fans are jumping with joy as they will not have to say goodbye to their favorite videos and creators. @elianaghen BREAKING NEWS!!! Thank you Tiktok! I am so grateful! #greenscreen #tiktoksold #oracle #BoostYourMood #fyp ♬ Whole Lotta Choppas – Sada Baby Do you think the White House will approve this deal? Will TikTok sell its algorithm? Why do you think TikTok picked Oracle over Microsoft?

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“#AllBuildingsMatter” Sparks A Twitter War on 9/11

September 11th is usually a solemn day in America, but this year Twitter is shaking things up. Early this morning, the hashtag “#AllBuildingsMatter” started trending, a mocking of the All Lives Matter movement that was created in response to the Black Lives Matter movement. Things quickly heated up on Twitter as users were quick to defend and attack this new hashtag.  Why is #AllBuildingsMatter controversial? When we say it we're including 9/11 and the Twin Towers. Everyone matters. pic.twitter.com/SKSJ8PTRLB — Justin AKA Wade Krueger (@WadeKrueger1) September 11, 2020 Usually, Americans come together to mourn the lives lost during the 2001 attack on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, an event that has come to be considered a great American tragedy. Images of the World Trade Center on fire, videos of the ultimate collapse, and the words “never forget” circulated social media for the past 18 years. Stories of lives lost and of the heroic first responders are always told, memorializing all those impacted. This was one of the few days a year that Americans seemed to come together, to put differences aside and stand a community. Not this year, though.  “#AllBuildingsMatter” has been one of the top five trends on Twitter all day. Twitter has a statement at the top of the tag that reads, “As people commemorate the anniversary of of the September 11 attacks, some are linking the tragedy to the numerous deaths of Black men and women at the hands of police, suggesting that the outrage or heartbreak felt in regard to the 9/11 terrorist attacks should, in some way, carry over to tragedies of police brutality. To drive the point home, saying ‘all lives matter’ when another Black person is killed by police feels akin to saying ‘all building matter’ in response to the destruction of the World Trade Center.”  People from all sides of the political spectrum are weighing in on the issue. A few House Candidates spoke up against the trend. Douglas Tuman, a Republican candidate from New York, wrote, “I wake up on the 19th anniversary of 9/11 and Twitter’s number two trending hashtag is #AllBuildingsMatter. I have never been more disgusted in my life.”  I wake up on the 19th anniversary of 9/11 and Twitter’s number two trending hashtag is #AllBuildingsMatter. I have never been more disgusted in my life. — Douglas Tuman (@ElectTuman) September 11, 2020 Errol Webber, a Republican from California, wrote, “The number two trend in the country is #AllBuildingsMatter. Twitter is allowing this to trend with only 4,400 tweets but suppressed the #CancelNetflix hashtag. We are dealing with evil.”  The number two trend in the country is #AllBuildingsMatter. Twitter is allowing this to trend with only 4,400 tweets but suppressed the #CancelNetflix hashtag. We are dealing with evil. pic.twitter.com/l909FYayWd — Errol Webber For Congress (CA-37) (@ErrolWebber) September 11, 2020 Other users tweeted in favor of the hashtag. Talbert Swan, a bishop from Canada, said, “To the entire miracle whip posse being all solemn and somber today and tweeting #NeverForget… remember that the next time you feel like telling Black people to “FORGET ABOUT” or “GET OVER” slavery, lynching, brutalization, dehumanization, and oppression. #AllBuildingsMatter”  To the entire miracle whip posse being all solemn and somber today and tweeting #NeverForget… remember that the next time you feel like telling Black people to “FORGET ABOUT” or “GET OVER” slavery, lynching, brutalization, dehumanization, and oppression. #AllBuildingsMatter — Bishop Talbert Swan (@TalbertSwan) September 11, 2020 Some questioned how this hashtag was more offensive than the All Lives Matter trend. Both the terrorist attack and police brutality are tragedies, so some felt that it was a valid response.  Someone please explain to me how #AllBuildingsMatter is more offensive than:– All Lives Matter– "Suckers and Losers"– 190,000 lives lost because "I like to play it down." Focus the selective outrage on your OWN silence and hypocrisy. — BrooklynDad_Defiant! (@mmpadellan) September 11, 2020 The people are fuming about #AllBuildingsMatter 19 years after 9/11?….. Now imagine how we feel with our brothers and sisters blood fresh and bodies cold on the streets and yall screaming #Alllivesmatter ???? So, yeah. — jiggaman (@jiggyjayy2) September 11, 2020 A few supporters of “All Buildings Matter” threw frequent reactions to Black Lives Matter back in the face of those distressed about today’s trend. They took a more comedic approach, really making light of the situation.  Maybe if the Twin Towers just followed the Planes orders, it wouldn’t be a problem 🤷#AllBuildingsMatter pic.twitter.com/GhY3wS0Ort — Flight’s Burner (@FlightReacts__) September 11, 2020 Not every supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement was in favor of the “All Buildings Matter” joke. Some felt that the September 11 attacks were too important to regard in this manner.  Although I don’t agree with the #AllBuildingsMatter hashtag because 9/11 was terrible but also a moment where America came together, I’ll leave this here. pic.twitter.com/INigXLp3iu — ™️Marcus (@TheMisterMarcus) September 11, 2020 TV personality Swaggy C tweeted a few times about this trend. He said that he supported the Black Lives Matter, but also recognizes September 11 for the tragedy that it was. His biggest issue was the differences in reactions to “#AllLivesMatter” and “#AllBuildingsMatter.”  I’m a believer in BLM AND Never Forgot 9/11…. I just hate the hypocrisy in people who say All Lives Matter yet wanna remember 9/11… it makes no sense. BLM & 9/11 🤞🏾 RIP to your cousin and I hope you have a good day today remembering him!! — SWAGGY C (@SwaggyCTV) September 11, 2020 For reference, this is a standard “#AllLivesMatter” tweet. Pretty similar points to what people are saying in the “AllBuildingsMatter” tag.  Facts are not racist. This is from the super liberal https://t.co/TAZ5qOMMjW. Sadly blacks are far more likely to commit violent crime, which means more interactions with police and more potential to be killed by them. #WhiteLivesMatter #BlackLivesMatter #AllLivesMatter. pic.twitter.com/5dVDSiv4fg — Carmine Sabia (@CarmineSabia) June 3, 2020 As always in America, everything politicized has some strong supporters, protestors, and people who are floating around the middle. The Twitter war rages on, massing over 142,000 tweets so far. Each side is completely convinced they’re right, but are either of them? I guess not every question can have a clear answer, as today’s Twitter debate has shown.

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How The Fake News Media Affects Our Lives

Along with the rest of the country, I’ve been watching what’s been happening with the BLM protests and accompanying riots. I am sickened by the mayhem and destruction, with people’s businesses and their lives being destroyed. Sadly, many of the people who have lost their businesses come from the very community that BLM claims they want to help. It is clear that BLM is not what they claim to be, or perhaps I should say that the BLM that we see in the news is not the BLM that started the demonstrations after George Floyd’s death. In fact, we can say that there are three different BLMs out there today: The BLM sentiment, which is a concern about black men being killed in confrontations with police (regardless of whether it is justified or not) The BLM organization, which was started by a couple of women who are avowed Marxists and whose statement of beliefs on their website includes strong support for the LGBT+ community and a desire to destroy the nuclear family The BLM protests that have been taken over by anarchist organizations, which are trying to foment a revolution, destroying the United States we once knew The true villain in this story isn’t actually the anarchists; they’re merely a minor villain. No, the real villain is the news media, which has been working hard to create a dangerous narrative; one that is fueling division in this country. I want to talk about this because I see it as a very real existential threat to our nation. While we are always faced with dangers from natural disasters and renegade nations, we also face internal dangers from our own fragmented society. The Roman Empire, one of the largest and longest-lasting empires in the history of the world, wasn’t conquered by any enemy; they were destroyed from within. How does such a thing happen? Author G. Michael Hopf postulated in one of his books, “Hard times create strong men; strong men create good times; good times create weak men, and weak men create hard times. While there are plenty of examples to poke holes in that philosophical statement, there is also some truth to it. Hard times will not make all men strong; some will be destroyed by it. Nor will all strong men create good times. The idea of “might for right” is a great concept, but way too many strong men see their strength as a way of getting more for themselves, not for bringing about right for society in general. While it takes strong men to create good times, perhaps it is the latter half of that quote that contains the most truth. Of course, there are many kinds of strength. Moral strength and physical strength have nothing to do with each other. Likewise, intellectual strength is a whole different category. So when we talk about strong men or strong women, it helps to define what sort of strength we’re referring to. Even so, there’s no question that this country has been through some of the greatest “good times” that the world has ever seen in the last century. Not everyone has participated in that prosperity; but even those who didn’t have it much better than a huge percentage of the people living in the rest of the world. Our poverty can be looked at as great wealth by the people of some countries. Media Created Anger Few of us would even know about George Floyd’s unfortunate death if it were not for the media. Today’s media is able to gather and disseminate information faster than any nation’s intelligence service. Unfortunately, what passes for “news” today is more likely to be commentary than actual reporting; and like any commentary, it is more about the commentator’s personal views, than it is about the facts of the matter being spoken about. One of the bandwagons that the mainstream news media has been on for the last few years is that of reporting when the police kill a black man. I’m not sure if they have reported every such incident, but they’ve reported enough for it to be a problem. What makes the problem isn’t so much that the media is reporting it, but how they are reporting it. Regardless of what’s happening, who the black man the police show was, whether or not he was involved in a crime or whether he tussled with the police, he’s the victim. In this narrative, the police have been made to look like they are Jackbooted Gestapo, on the hunt for every black man they can kill. It’s not a true narrative, but it is being presented to the masses as if it was. How do you think this is making young black men feel? I’ll tell you. They’re frightened. While many of us can feel butterflies in our tummies when we’re pulled over by the police, the young black men I know are terrified of such an encounter. They’ve been told enough times that the police are out to get them, that they believe it. As with any lie, this one has just enough truth in it to make it believable. There are two truths here. One is that the police do sometimes shoot a black man. Since it isn’t reported when the police shoot a white man and it pretty much dominates the news for days when the police shoot a black man, there is a very real perception that black men are disproportionally targeted. The other truth is that police are more likely to pull over a black man for “driving while black” than a white one. Between the two, there’s enough truth to support the lie that is giving blacks the wrong perception. Would you be angry if you had been sold that lie? I know I would. And don’t try and say that you wouldn’t buy the lie; there’s no way that any of us know whether we would buy it or not until it was aimed at us. We all tend to believe what we are told, especially if it comes from a source we know and trust. The Other Side of the Media While much smaller than the mainstream media, there is a conservative media voice out there, mostly on the internet. We have our own commentators who look at the various things happening in our country and give us a conservative viewpoint on them. Those of us who are conservatives tend to believe those commentators while calling the mainstream media “fake news” just like progressives believe their media and call conservative news “fake news.” But just like the left stream media gives their people a particular narrative, ours gives us a particular narrative as well. Since it is commentary, rather than “news” it isn’t so much about what happened, as it is about driving a particular narrative. About the best thing we can say of that is that at least they are honest enough to say they are conservative commentators, rather than the other side trying to convince us that they are “neutral” news reporters. Here’s the problem though. When we allow our world view to be defined by those conservative commentators, we can become just as blind to reality as our cousins on the other side of the aisle. We can forget that there are people who have very real concerns, that are being buried under all the noise. When George Floyd was killed, just about the entire nation was on the side of the black lives matter movement. It was seen as a tragedy that shouldn’t have happened. Even conservative commentators were saying that. But something happened. People started looking into Floyd’s past and finding out that he had a criminal record. Even so, those conservative commentators were still saying that the way that police officers treated Floyd was wrong. That’s all changed now, as more information has come to light. It’s not that anyone thinks that Floyd’s death was warranted, but that people are getting sick and tired of how Georg Floyd and other black men who are killed by the police are being glorified as martyrs, while others are ignored and those who defend themselves are vilified. Again, it is the media that is making us aware of this; only this time it is the conservative media who are bringing the disparity to our attention. It’s another sort of false impression, affecting another portion of the population. The other thing that the right-leaning media is focusing on is rioting. Granted, rioting is a big deal and the destruction of property is something that should be covered in the news. The left’s narrative of “mostly peaceful protests” while businesses are burning in the background, is clearly false. But not all demonstrations turn violent and they’re ignoring that part of the story. Researchers with the Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project have put out a report stating that over 90% of the Black Lives Matter protests have been peaceful, with only 220 escalating to violent clashes between the police and protesters or destruction of property. While I don’t agree with many of the conclusions in this report, there’s no question that the majority of those protests were peaceful, even if we expand the definition of “violent” that they are using. Yet what we are being told about is the violence. We’re being fed a perception that blacks in our country are a bunch of violent, hate-filled people who are bent on destroying our country. In reality, the majority of the rioters and looters aren’t black at all but are white. Most of them are from ANTIFA, not BLM. Yet the cameramen who are taking the video are managing to get their camera angles just right so that the clips we are shown are of blacks rioting, vandalizing, and looting. Then There’s Social Media If all this misinformation wasn’t bad enough, there are social media to add to the confusion. If you want to find the wrong perception of anything, just look at what’s posted on your Facebook feed or what people are tweeting about on Twitter. Even this is being manipulated, as the major social media companies are all run by left-wing technocrats who see it as their “duty” to be arbitrators of information. They are consistently suppressing conservative organizations and posts, even to the point of blocking or calling out as “false” some things the president has said. Sadly, social media has become a platform of disinformation and commerce, rather than being a place for friends to talk to each other online. It has moved so far from its roots as to be indistinguishable. We would all be better off without it. But if you can’t get off it, at least be wise enough to not believe anything you see there, other than the jokes. Don’t be Manipulated It seems clear to me that there are people behind the scenes who are manipulating the narrative for the sake of getting a certain result. That’s not a conspiracy theory. All of the major media outlets are owned by a very small number of corporations and they are apparently following the same playbook. So what’s that playbook? Since we can’t see it, all we can do is look at what they are doing. And what they are doing is sewing social discord, specifically racial and economic discord, creating division in our country by pitting one group against another. It seems more and more clear that these people are bent on starting a revolution, probably disguised as a racial civil war. The lies run deep. Talk to any homosexual or transgender person today and they’ll tell you that Christians hate them. Talk to most blacks and they’ll tell you that whites hate them. Little of this is based on truth, it’s the only perception. Where do those perceptions come from? Some come from the media, but in reality, the media is doing the same thing that everyone else does, they’re just doing it with greater authority. That is, they are assuming they know the thoughts and hearts of others. Those perceptions are reported as “fact,” allowing many others to believe the same thing. We must all be on guard for this. If there is one thing that we can do to bring peace and sanity back to our country, it’s to stop presuming what others think and believe about things. Rather, we should hear what they have to say so that we can learn how to understand them. Maybe it wasn’t you, but someone who just read that said to themselves, “I don’t need to ask them what they think, I already know.” That’s what I’m talking about. That person is the one who needs to ask the questions and hear what the other side has to say, more than anyone. But they’re also the one who is least likely to do it. If this country goes down; that will be a major part of it. We will fight a second civil war based upon false perceptions, rather than on the truth. And while we are doing that, we’ll all say, “If only the other side had listened” as we shake our heads in sadness and our country goes up in flames.

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Backlash Against Peloton Billionaire During Pandemic

This pandemic is really only making the poor poorer and the rich richer. But does it really matter which side you’re on when you’re getting fitter? Today Business Insider announced Peloton’s founder, John Foley, is the latest to become a billionaire during the pandemic.  John Foley joins Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates and other notable names in the billionaire club as the rise in Peloton stock has brought his wealth to $1.3 billion.  Peloton crushed earnings estimates for its fiscal Q4 and raised its guidance. “We think that post-COVID, this is still an incredible growth story,” CEO John Foley says. https://t.co/YSBlKKXU7U pic.twitter.com/PtnJh52kdg — CNBC (@CNBC) September 11, 2020 The Bike Peloton is self described as an “American exercise equipment and media company,” with a mission to bring boutique fitness to your home. To the untrained eye, the Peloton bike looks like a stationary bike with a tablet connected to the handlebars. But in fact, the Peloton team has found a way to bring all the joys of group fitness classes to the convenience of working out at home with innovative technology and talented fitness instructors.  [embedded content] The whole ensemble creates quite the package. Let’s take a look at the price of everything, shall we? The Peloton bike can be purchased for $1,895, and the Peloton Bike+ (shown in the above video), their newest model, can be purchased for $2,495.  Despite the high price tag, the clips can still be tricky!  If anyone wanted to rob my house just wait until I click in my cycling shoes on the @onepeloton it takes me 30 minutes to figure out how to un-clip, you could steal everything in that time. — Tim Lockwood (@timlock21) September 9, 2020 At first glance that number does seem horrendous. But in comparison to paying for work out classes, it is actually not terrible. One person can easily spend over $1,656 purchasing classes at other indoor cycling classes such as SoulCycle, rental shoes not included. If you are a novice stationary bike rider, you might be wondering What’s so great about a Peloton? Genuinely curious — Ryan Henderson (@CCM_Ryan) September 10, 2020 Let’s dive in! There is an additional $39 per month fee attached to buying a bike that covers the tech side of Peloton. With this, a rider has access to the entire Peloton library, live classes, and other types of workouts available on the app. Not to mention cool features such as individual user profiles, streaming abilities from different devices, real time data from your workout, programs and challenges.   The Community  BUT WAIT! There’s MORE! Like many cult-like boutique workout classes, the community aspect is strongly emphasized as being part of the Peloton experience. With the Peloton app riders are able to ride along with other members live. Riders have the ability to filter by age range and gender… talk about community. But they do host fun special event classes open to all and attended by many. It’s a “movement” that’s “a million members strong.” But the community seems to extend outside the bike app.  Peloton has a REAL community of riders behind it. Just saw a woman say her husband lost his job and she has 4 kids and can’t afford to keep the bike and asking for a resell group and members venmo’d her enough money in two hours to keep her bike for life. ❤️ — Allison Esposito Medina (@techladyallison) September 10, 2020 So after all that, you can tell why so many people have been excited to be Peloton owners! The much anticipated wait is finally over. My peloton is here! @onepeloton #pelotonnewbie #peloton pic.twitter.com/TlkkYO8wvA — Jennifer Salas (@jennsalas143) September 11, 2020 Peloton’s fiscal fourth quarter sales have risen to over 172% according to CNBC. The company’s share prices were also up almost 8% in after-hours trading. This is all thanks to the high demand of working out from home due to the pandemic. Without access to gyms or in-person work out classes, Peloton saw numbers soar. Even as more and more gyms begin to re-open, people are still opting for their personal stationary bikes. Foley told investors, “Organic demand for our bike remains strong and member engagement remains elevated, despite improving weather and the gradual opening of brick-and-mortar fitness locations.” I’m still scared to go to gym 😬 I will workout from home until I feel comfortable with the idea of going to gym — YouTube: Shadi L (@ShadiL_) September 8, 2020 Product Demand In fact, so many people seem to want a Peloton bike, that the company seems to be struggling to meet the demand. Bike shipments are being delayed up to two months, and customer service is being swarmed. Peloton executives say that they expect delays through June 2021.  Had a friend order one recently and took about a month. The tread is also incredible but pretty sure those aren’t even shipping at all 😭 — iJustine (@ijustine) July 30, 2020 anyone have a spin bike they LOVE, from a company that’s still shipping, that isn’t a peloton*!? *because everyone else panic bought one & I don’t want to wait 7 weeks to get it… — Dorothy Beal • I Run This Body® (@MilePosts) April 13, 2020 @onepeloton I’ve been on hold since your call center opened. Customer service? Questionable. (And yes this is concerning a refund) #peloton pic.twitter.com/xd5GjOG8JV — Kylee Alexander (@KyleeAlexander_) September 10, 2020 But Peloton seems to be giving all their attention to their bikes, even delaying the release of their new treadmill. Foley even seems to want to make an effort to keep his product affordable. He slashed prices of the original bike when the company came out with Bike+ model. The original model of the Peloton was $2,245, which is $350 more than today’s market price. Customers who just got their bike were about to throw a fit when they found out they paid a higher price for their original bike, but Peloton bit the PR crisis in the butt. They offered a credit to all customers who bought an original bike before the prices were marked down.  Lolol I was JUST telling @jenfrytalks and @drashleybaker that I was about to call Peloton as soon as the announcement dropped and get my coins back, but look at this great customer service. I appreciate them running me my coins. 😹😹 pic.twitter.com/UI4DyxUH9q — Jenn Hunter, JD (@_JennHunter) September 8, 2020 Ok, I know we felt a way about @onepeloton a while back. But I’m completely in. I bought a bike last month, still waiting on it. They lowered the price and refunded me the $350 difference. THAT is customer service. — Jasmine Styles (@JasmineStylesTV) September 11, 2020 Foley has also discussed other ways to make Peloton more accessible to others, throwing out the possibility of a rental program for the future.  Billionaire Bad Guy Dilemma While all this excitement with Peloton sounds great, becoming a billionaire comes with lots of resentment and backlash. Especially when you happen to be directly profiting off the COVID-19 pandemic that has led to the unemployment of 13.6 million people in the U.S.  This is disgusting – purely profiting off a pandemic. If Apple did this they would be DESTROYED. @onepeloton should not be able to do this and get away with it. — Vanessa Gilmore (@VCGilmore) September 9, 2020 Profiting off a pandemic brings up a whole new ethical debate. Chema Vera, executive director of nonprofit group Oxfam International, said, “The economic crisis we are suffering because of the pandemic has been fueled by a rigged economic model. The world’s largest corporations are making billions at the expense of low wage workers and funneling profits to shareholders and billionaires — a small group of largely white men in rich nations.” While Foley definitely seems to fit the “white rich men” billionaire mold, he is not the only one who’s wealth has grown during the pandemic, nor is he getting much heat surrounding his profit. Founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos seems to be the brunt of many people’s frustrations about billionaires profiting at the expense of others, especially during the pandemic.  Well Jeff bezos has acquired his wealth through the cruel exploitation of his workers while Beyoncé and jay z mostly profit off of art?? No one should be this rich tho and they should both be taxed. So. https://t.co/5JxWenFdOd — bitch (@dragonnqueen) September 11, 2020 It's really sad to see small businesses knowing they can't compete with Jeff Bezos and Amazon so then they feel compelled to join him by putting their company in his hands so he can profit off of them, taking nearly 20% of all profits + a $35 monthly fee to keep their shop there — HAPPY BIRTHDAY NAMJOON⁷⟭⟬💜⟬⟭²⁰¹³ (@joonstardust) September 9, 2020 A single person making the federal minimum wage can not afford a one bedroom apartment in any of the 50 states of america but jeff bezos just bought a house in washing dc with 25 bathrooms 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 america where working doesnt matter and profit over everything — Jay Freeze (@MrJFreeze45) September 4, 2020 If Bezos wasn’t taking the heat though, would Foley be met with more resistance? Maybe not since his product does give people endorphins after all!  Whether or not you think profiting off of a pandemic is moral or not, you must admit that John Foley is definitely doing something right with Peloton. Would you ever buy a stationary bike? Is working out from home just asking for too much?

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