New York Magazine Writer Claims Media Is Biased In Trump’s Favor

Jonathan Chait, a left-wing writer for New York Magazine, penned a column which argues that President Trump is actually the beneficiary of media biased in his favor. Chait’s premise is that the President, through his supposed unwillingness or incapability to answer simple questions, has lowered expectations by the media, and they in turn lower their bar for what is acceptable. “It’s not the media’s fault that Trump continues to incriminate himself and is unable to answer simple questions,” he writes. “The problem is not that the media holds him to a difficult standard,” claims Chait. “He is held, by necessity, to a more forgiving standard than any modern president.” The media is biased in Trump’s favor. (Because it’s literally impossible to hold him to a normal standard.) — Jonathan Chait (@jonathanchait) October 19, 2020 RELATED: Biden’s Latest Fundraising Numbers Set Another Record – Should Trump Be Worried? New York Magazine Author Uses Town Hall to Prove Media Biased in Trump’s Favor Demonstrating a complete disconnect from reality, Chait used the dueling town hall meetings last week for President Trump and Democrat nominee Joe Biden as evidence of his theory. “It is true that Trump found many of the questions posed to him difficult to answer and that Biden answered his queries more easily,” he writes, using a question about QAnon as an example. “Let me ask you about QAnon. It is this theory that Democrats are a satanic pedophile ring and that you are the savior, of that. Now can you just, once and for all, state that that is completely not true?” moedrator Savannah Guthrie asked. Support Conservative Voices! Sign up to receive the latest political news, insight, and commentary delivered directly to your inbox. “Answering this query should have been extremely simple. Trump couldn’t do it,” Chait claims. In reality, Trump had no interest in addressing the group because “I just don’t know about QAnon.” But he certainly addressed the fact that if the group promotes wild conspiracy theories that they may be a little nuts. .@SavannahGuthrie asks @realDonaldTrump to disavow QAnon. Trump: “I know nothing about QAnon. I know very little.” Guthrie: “I just told you.” Trump: “You told me, but what you tell me doesn’t necessarily make it fact. I hate to say that.” — Washington Examiner (@dcexaminer) October 16, 2020 Guthrie said, “Republican Senator Ben Sasse said, quote, ‘QAnon is nuts and real leaders call conspiracy theories, conspiracy theories.'” “He may be right,” Trump replied. Savannah Guthrie tells Donald Trump some weird stuff about QAnon and then demands he denounce what she said. He says he knows nothing about QAnon. She may be right but he doesn’t know anything about it. DONALD TRUMP SPEAKS FOR ALL OF US. — Mollie (@MZHemingway) October 16, 2020 Another moment in the town hall that Chait and New York Magazine likely sees as a missed opportunity to answer a simple question was one in which Guthrie demanded the President denounce white supremacy for the umpteenth time. “It feels sometimes you’re hesitant to do so,” Guthrie suggested AFTER Trump had denounced white supremacy three times in the preceding 30 seconds. President @realDonaldTrump: “Are you listening? I condemn white supremacy.” Savannah Guthrie: “It feels sometimes you’re hesitant to do so…” These people aren’t serious. — (@townhallcom) October 16, 2020 Journalists have resorted to asking the same question hundreds of times and if denouncement number 100 isn’t as forceful as the first, they turn and say ‘you seem hesitant to do so.’ [embedded content] RELATED: Town Hall Voter Jabs Biden: What Do You Have to Say To Black Voters Besides ‘You Ain’t Black?’ Media is Most Definitely Biased Against Him By contrast, Chait seems unable to take a simple fact, an indisputable fact, that the media is biased against President Trump, and respond with a competent column analyzing that notion. The same town halls, for example, featured a hostile Guthrie badgering the President, while on the other network, a former Clinton ally used questions from supposedly undecided voters to walk him through the event. Two of those individuals, undisclosed by ABC News and George Papadopoulos, were a former Obama speechwriter and wife of a former Pennsylvania Democrat candidate. .@JoeBiden took questions from audience members at his ABC News town hall event. Including some, it turns out, from friendly sources. — Washington Examiner (@dcexaminer) October 16, 2020 Even beyond that, the media has been viciously biased against President Trump for his entire three years in office. The Intercept’s Glenn Greenwald, for example, picked apart the entire Russia collusion story which turned out to be one of the more outright fake news stories in our lifetime. “Note that all of these ‘errors’ go only in one direction,” Greenwald opines on the media’s coverage of a scandal that never came to be, “namely, exaggerating the grave threat posed by Moscow and the Trump circle’s connection to it.” No media bias here: Networks spend 2,202 Minutes on Fake Russia Scandal, and Zero minutes for Senate Intelligence Committee No Collusion Report!!! THIS IS WHY NO ONE TRUSTS THE MEDIA. — Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) February 15, 2019 In a more recent example of flagrant bias, NBC News anchor Chuck Todd, in an interview with Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, pushed his shared pro-shutdown bias with his viewers. Todd claimed, incorrectly, that a decision by the Michigan Supreme Court which ruled that she had violated the Michigan Constitution in her extended pandemic orders, did “not cite any law” in their decision. The court, he said, failed to “cite any Michigan law, they didn’t cite any law in deciding that you didn’t have this power.” “The roughly 50-page opinion contains over 60 cases discussed in support of the decision,” legal scholar Jonathan Turley countered. “It does not seem to matter anymore at Meet The Press or NBC.” …This does not count repeated citations to regulations and sources as diverse as the writings of John Locke. For academics who have called for an end to objectivity in journalism, Meet the Press. — Jonathan Turley (@JonathanTurley) October 18, 2020 All of this still leads Chait and New York Magazine to the conclusion that the media is biased in Trump’s favor. “When conservatives complain about Trump’s coverage, they are decrying not the standards being set but the outcomes,” he alleges. “If their president is unable to clear even the lower bar set before him, it must be lowered further still, so that he can hop over it at least occasionally. In reality, the bar is set as high as it has ever been for the President. He has been impeached for common phone calls with foreign nations. He has been maligned in the media for collusion with little to no evidence. A quick second grader level Google search would have prevented you looking like a moron online here. — Jason S. (@JasonYaySon) October 19, 2020 Meanwhile, Biden has been been the subject of numerous scandals and the media has collectively worked to keep them out of the public eye. A Knight Foundation poll in 2020 shows that 86 percent of Americans see bias in the mainstream media’s news coverage. “A majority of Americans currently see ‘a great deal’ (49%) or ‘a fair amount’ (37%) of political bias in news coverage,” they write. The vast majority of that political bias goes in one direction, and one direction only.

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Republican Senator Sasse Goes After Trump

The president did not take kindly to Nebraska GOP Senator Ben Sasse vigorously criticizing him Thursday, almost two weeks before an election. The Democrats could use this to some effect. Sasse said it’s looking “likely” Trump will get beat in November. “What the heck were any of us thinking that selling a TV-obsessed narcissistic individual to the American people was

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Donald Trump Mocks ‘Little Ben Sasse’ as ‘Stupid‘ and ‘Obnoxious’

President Donald Trump on Saturday ridiculed Sen. Ben Sasse of Nebraska after a tape of the Republican criticizing the president leaked to the media. “The least effective of our 53 Republican Senators, and a person who truly doesn’t have what it takes to be great, is Little Ben Sasse of Nebraska,” Trump wrote on Twitter. In a call with Republican

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Trump and Sen. Ben Sasse Feud Following Senator’s Diatribe Against the President

President Donald Trump expressed discontentment with Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) on Saturday after leaked audio revealed the Nebraskan senator berating the president in a call to his constituents earlier this week. In a series of social media posts, Trump described Sasse as the “least effective” of all the Republican senators and suggested that he “truly doesn’t have what it takes to be great.” “Little Ben is a liability to the Republican Party, and an embarrassment to the Great State of Nebraska. Other than that, he’s just a wonderful guy!” Trump said in his post. Trump was likely reacting to leaked audio, which was first reported by the Washington Examiner, that disclosed a telephone conference call where Sasse was critical of the president. In the call, the senator expressed his dissatisfaction with the president for his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and his discontentment over the president’s foreign policy among other issues. Sasse said he has been honest about how he has felt about Trump, acknowledging that the president had “done some stuff well, and some poorly.” The senator, who is pessimistic about Trump’s chances at the polling booth, also expressed his concern that Trump and his actions could further polarize the country by driving the country further to the left, and “take the Senate down with him.” “This has been my fear,” he said, according to the over 9-minute leaked audio. “If young people become permanent Democrats because they’ve just been repulsed by the obsessive nature of our politics, or if women who were willing to still vote with the Republican Party in 2016 decide that they need to turn away from this party permanently in the future.” “I think we are staring down the barrel of a blue tsunami and we’ve got to hold the Senate and that’s what I’m focused on,” Sasse said. Following Trump’s Twitter posts about Sasse, the senator’s spokesman James Wegmann posted a statement on Saturday saying: “Ben said the same thing to Nebraskans that he has repeatedly said to the President directly in the Oval Office. Ben is focused on defending the Republican Senate majority, and he’s not going to waste a single minute on tweets.” At around midday, the president posted on Twitter again floating the idea that Sasse, who is up for re-election on Nov. 3, could face the same fate as former Republican Sens. Jeff Flake and Bob Corker who retired in 2019. Both senators had been critical of Trump. “Senator Little Ben Sasse of the Great State of Nebraska seems to be heading down the same inglorious path as former Senators Liddle’ Bob Corker, whose approval rating in Tennessee went from 55 [percent] to 4 [percent], & Jeff “the Flake” Flake, whose approval rating in Arizona went from 56 [percent] to practically nothing,” the president wrote. “Both Senators became totally unelectable, couldn’t come even close to winning their primaries, and decided to drop out of politics and gracefully ‘RETIRE.’ @SenSasse could be next, or perhaps the Republicans should find a new and more viable candidate?” he added. The president also appeared to reject Sasse’s assessment of the race, by posting, “GIANT RED WAVE COMING!” Sasse, a first-term lawmaker, had previously challenged Trump on a number of issues, including the president’s use of executive orders. He characterized Trump’s use of the orders as an “unconstitutional slop.” “President Obama did not have the power to unilaterally rewrite immigration law with DACA, and President Trump does not have the power to unilaterally rewrite the payroll tax law. Under the Constitution, that power belongs to the American people acting through their members of Congress,” Sasse said in August. The criticism came after Trump signed four executive orders bolstering unemployment payments, deferring the payroll tax for most Americans, extending student loan relief, and directing officials to study whether measures temporarily halting all residential evictions are reasonably necessary. Sasse’s statement prompted Trump to call the senator a “RINO,” or “Republican in name only,” while saying the senator had “gone rogue” after receiving an endorsement from the president. Zachary Stieber contributed to this report.

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Dems Seek to Fundamentally Remake American System with Court Packing: Hugh Hewitt with Senator Ben Sasse

Hugh Hewitt talks with Senator Ben Sasse about the hearings for Amy Coney Barrett and what steps Democrats are taking to recreate the government. See for privacy information.

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A Brilliant Nominee

Townhall Review – October 17, 2020 Hugh Hewitt and Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse talk about “court packing” and Senator Sasse educating his peers, pointing out that the Supreme Court has had 9 members since 1869. Mike Gallagher examines polling by looking at an article by Byron York in the Washington Examiner. Hugh Hewitt and Energy Secretary Dan Brouillette talk about the impact the “Green New Deal” could have on our energy independence. Hugh Hewitt talks with Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton about the Democrat’s claim that Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett would do something about Obamacare provision for “pre-existing conditions.” Hugh Hewitt talks with Rick Gates about his book,” Wicked Game – An Insider’s Story on How Trump won, Mueller Failed, and America Lost.” Dennis Prager talks with Jay Richards of the Discovery Institute about a book he collaborated on, “The Price of Panic – How the Tyranny of Experts Turned the Pandemic into a Catastrophe.” Sebastian Gorka and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich talk about his book, “Trump and the American Future.” Larry Elder opines on the recent World Health Organization urging of world leaders to stop using lockdowns as the primary method of pandemic deterrence. See for privacy information.

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Dems Need To Give Up Their Attempt To Make Amy Coney Barrett Look Bad Because It’s Backfiring

The Democrats spent the first day of Amy Coney Barrett’s Supreme Court confirmation hearings engaged in passionate demagoguery, while on the second day they sank deeper into the political abyss, thus exposing their own hypocrisy. The whole purpose of the Supreme Court and the other courts is to consider issues dispassionately, in a reasoned manner. The constituent sob stories, photo blowups, and inflated rhetoric are the province of the political branches and are exactly what the Court is NOT supposed to consider if it is to serve the American people. READ: Amy Coney Barrett Responds To Far-Left Attack On Her Family For Adopting Black Children On Tuesday, the Democrats could not have drawn a stronger contrast between what they did and what the court is supposed to do. Amy Coney Barrett moped the floor up with Feinstein and then rung her out and put her away in a broom closet 🤣😆 — W.E. Dupree (@WayneDupreeShow) October 14, 2020 I only hope that the Republicans are smart enough and brave enough to hoist them on their own petards. The Democrat’s Actions Are Disgusting When did abortion become a fundamental right when the Constitution affirms LIFE, liberty and happiness? Yes, that includes the lives of the unborn. Support Conservative Voices! Sign up to receive the latest political news, insight, and commentary delivered directly to your inbox. On Sunday, in Queens, New York City, neighbors heard a feeble voice from a garbage bin all night and thought it is the meowing of a cat. The next morning one good samaritan found a newborn barely breathing, with his umbilical cord still attached. The baby was immediately transported to a hospital, and the police arrested a woman as the mother of the baby. How does this differ much from aborting babies, sometimes brutally, in the womb? Is this newborn human being a voiceless, defenseless creation of evolution – or God? What’s All The Obamacare Talk About? Obamacare is doing exactly as was originally planned. A program with high promise to lure in the majority of the country – then FAIL! The failure was planned. After Obamacare failed- the Swamp expected the people to cry out for a fix. The next plan would be a single-payer that put the government in control of large parts of the economy. READ: CNN’s Don Lemon Accuses Chris Cuomo Of ‘Doing The Republicans’ Work’ With Court-Packing Questions You can see part of the plan with the DNC declaring ‘racism’ as a healthcare issue… one they expected to use for control of people with single-payer healthcare. Taking away women’s choice isn’t in the picture even long term. It only gets more likely every time pro-abortion advocates go for more. They have what they want and only hurt themselves, trying to expand it outside of society’s current moral limits. But Democrats need to create dark and ugly scenarios to scare people because their policies stink. Sasse Had To Give A Civics Lesson To The Dems After Klobuchar's 10 min deranged rant on ORANGE MAN BAD, Ben Sasse takes the mic: "I want to say, Senator Klobuchar said a number of things I agree with about COVID…. But I do not know what any of that has to do with why we are here today." — Caleb Hull (@CalebJHull) October 12, 2020 If SCOTUS decisions are mostly 9-0, 8-1, and 7-2, then it’s not like they are really contentious decisions made by nine people who serve for life. If there is a 5-4 decision, then guess what? You can change the law,  and re-write it with the hints and suggestions included in the 5 justices’ decision. If someone wants ACA and all its provisions to be the law of the land, call it a tax and pass it again. As Republican Sen. Ben Sasse explained, that’s the civics lesson that 8th graders should be learning. It is way beyond the understanding of virtually all the Democrat senators who think Big Shot photographs are what SCOTUS should be thinking about, not legal briefs. Sen. Ben Sasse: “Before we fight again about politics, let’s reaffirm some of our civics … first, a positive grand, unifying truth about America: and that is religious liberty … the basic idea that how you worship is none of the government’s business.” — ABC News (@ABC) October 12, 2020 Once again, the Democrats prove they’re only interested in using COVID-19 and fear-mongering about the Affordable Care Act as weapons to gain power. In particular, Harris and Klobuchar demonstrated they’re only interested in playing politics, not having a serious discussion about the candidate’s qualifications. READ: Obama Preparing To Jump On Campaign Trail ‘Soon’ To Help Biden In Final Weeks Of Race FINAL THOUGHTS If the Democrats are so afraid the Supreme Court will overturn Obamacare, perhaps they shouldn’t have passed a law of such questionable constitutionality, and one which the majority of Americans opposed. They jammed it down our throats based on lies; the better course would have been to construct a law and build a consensus behind it to minimize challenges to it. As for ACB – the majority of polls are on the side of appointing her now! Even most Democrats say that. This is just an issue with Trump haters that see the courts as their only chance at forcing things on the country voters will never agree with. The majority are clearly on the side of Amy Coney Barrett and her appointment. MORE STORIES FROM WAYNEDUPREE.COM

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Ben Sasse Rips Trump in Town Hall with Constituents, Warns of ‘Republican Bloodbath’ in November Elections

Senator Ben Sasse (R-NE) speaks during the Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearings for Amy Coney Barrett on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., October 14, 2020. (Patrick Semansky/Reuters)Senator Ben Sasse (R., Neb.) slammed President Trump in a phone town hall with constituents on Wednesday, warning that Trump’s conduct would be partially to blame for a “Republican bloodbath” in the November elections, the Washington Examiner reported. Sasse has been a frequent critic of the president, although he toned down his rhetoric during the 2020 Senate primary. Advertisement The rift resurfaced during the town hall, in which 17,000 Nebraska residents participated, according to Sasse spokesman James Wegmann. A recording of the nine-minute indictment of Trump was obtained by the Examiner. “Like a lot of Nebraskans, I am trying to understand your relationship with the president,” a woman said during the phone town hall. “Why do you have to criticize him so much?” While Sasse initially responded that he had tried to develop a “working relationship” with Trump, the Nebraska senator proceeded to rip into the president’s response to the coronavirus and other policy choices. Advertisement “I don’t think the way he’s lead through COVID has been reasonable or responsible, or right,” Sasse said. “For months, he treated it like a news-cycle-by-news-cycle P.R. crisis.” Sasse also criticized various aspects of Trump’s foreign policy. “The way he kisses dictators’ butts. I mean, the way he ignores that the Uighurs are in literal concentration camps in Xinjiang. Right now, he hasn’t lifted a finger on behalf of the Hong-Kongers,” the senator said. “The United States now regularly sells out our allies under his leadership, the way he treats women, spends like a drunken sailor.” Advertisement Sasse added, “The ways I criticize President Obama for that kind of spending; I’ve criticized President Trump for as well. He mocks evangelicals behind closed doors. His family has treated the presidency like a business opportunity. He’s flirted with white supremacists.” In terms of the election, Sasse warned that Trump’s “stupid political obsessions” could push voters further to the left. “I’m now looking at the possibility of a Republican blood bath in the Senate, and that’s why I’ve never been on the Trump train,” Sasse said. Send a tip to the news team at NR. Zachary Evans is a news writer for National Review Online. He is a veteran of the Israeli Defense Forces and a trained violist.

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ABC Hostin: 'Disgusting' Sasse Thinks Trump Unfit — 'Yet Voted Not to Impeach'

Co-host  and network legal analyst Sunny Hostin said on Friday’s broadcast of ABC’s “The View” that Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) criticisms of President Donald Trump were “disgusting” considering his earlier support for the president, including by means of impeachment. During a telephone call with constituents, Sasse explained the reason why he is not supporting

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