‘Cancelled’ demonstrates how cancel culture has gotten out of hand

‘Cancelled’ demonstrates how cancel culture has gotten out of hand

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Cancel Culture has gotten out of hand, and we are seeing the results of it out in the streets now in 2020. The Black Lives Matter riots, the Antifa criminal activity and the overall focus on cancelling anyone we disagree with has become standard procedure in today’s day of extreme polarization. We need to put an end to this attack strategy, and the lineup for Cancelled: Enough is Enough! is doing everything they can to make sure that we Cancel Cancel Culture! I had the honor of getting to interview each of these defenders of Free Speech, most of whom have been on the receiving end of getting cancelled.

Nick Searcy is a Hollywood actor featured in a long list of feature films and hit television shows, including The Shape of Water, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, Justified and Fried Green Tomatoes. One of his big concerns with Cancel Culture is that Hollywood is controlling storytelling, taking away the voice of writers, directors and actors. Storytelling is getting ruined by the authoritarian control, only allowing particular narratives to be included in any of the content being put out by the major studios. He is currently working with Creado Studios to create a platform to give the power of storytelling back to creators, all without the censorship off Hollywood.

Michelle Shocked is a Grammy Award Nominated musician who has been on the receiving end of multiple attempts to cancel her. Although she is quite progressive, loves Black Lives Matter and strong support of AOC, she also sees the danger of Cancel Culture and is doing what she can to end it. In 2013, she was launching a three month tour that got cancelled after the first night due to the outrage mob who took something that she said out of context, took to social media and then pressured the concert promoters to cancel her entire tour. During this conversation, we discuss the difference between boycotting and cancelling, and that’s an important distinction. Michelle also points out the role that Social Media and Big Tech have played in the development of Cancel Culture.

Dr Robert Oscar Lopez, aka Bobby Lopez, was fired from his position at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary simply for discussing how sex abuse plays into LGBTQ issues, sharing his experience of coming out of the homosexual lifestyle. There’s also a larger problem within academia in general that has led to the complete rooting out of conservative voices, even among Evangelical colleges and seminaries. Bobby exposed the problem of money and influence within the education system, and then dove into what we can do to fix these problems, which included eliminating tenure and governmental oversight to protect conservatives being persecuted within the academic world.

Denise McAllister brings the event to a close, refocusing all of our attention onto the root problem: a lack of objective truth. Truth has now become something subjective in today’s post-modern world. This has caused an extreme polarization, as the rioters in the street believe in a completely different reality than those of us that are conservative. We have to bring it back to objective truth, which is also rooted in the Bible. If we are going to turn things around in our country, it’s going to have to start within bringing things back to Scripture, which is what the Founding Fathers pointed to in our founding documents.

I hope that this is an eye-opening, as well as encouraging, event. This should help you to understand the problem of Cancel Culture, as well as what we can do about it.

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