California doctors say COVID-19 IS like the Flu. Open the country already!

California doctors say COVID-19 IS like the Flu. Open the country already!

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Listen up, America: it should be great news that COVID-19 isn’t as bad as the initial models predicted. Hard stop. The data is in, the kung flu isn’t nearly as deadly as the pandemic pornographers hoped. So why are we still closed? Why is the country still shut down? These are questions you must ask yourselves regardless of your To Wear a Mask or Not attitude. Dr. Erickson and Dr. Massihi from Kern County, California, sat down with the press to discuss what he has found about COVID-19 and to go over data that is readily available to absolutely everyone: millions of infection, very low rates of death. These are real doctors seeing real patients. They are not academics sitting in ivory towers. These real doctors are calling to open up the country, and that “sheltering in place” may have made this sucker worse.

Have an open mind and watch:

Dr. Erickson COVID-19 Briefing

These doctors are seeing real people. The data they cited is, as I already said and they said, readily available to anyone curious enough to Google. Sadly, not enough people will want their world view questioned.

I love how they explained how boosting your immune system actually works: not sheltering in place, not quarantining the healthy, not wearing a mask (if you’re healthy) and not sterilizing your home. So basically, not doing everything media and the know-it-all buttmunches have suggested for the past 6 weeks.

Suck it, you pandemic pornographers.

We have given up (not all of us, but enough) our civil liberties to fight this disease. But it’s as deadly, if not less fatal than, Influenza A and B. Yet the country didn’t shutdown — ever — for the flu. Think about that before you tell me I hate old people.

So what the heck are we doing?

Here’s part two:

Dr. Erickson COVID-19 Briefing, Pt. 2

“If you listen to the word safe, that’s about controlling you.”

Damn right, sir. This whole COVID-19 pandemic reaction has always been about control. OPINION: Coronavirus Panic is a Trojan Horse for Socialism.

Spread these videos far and wide. Egos be damned. Real lives are at risk not just from COVID-19, but our reaction to it. The country needs to open. It never should’ve closed. Ever.

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