Brazil: Nation Lives in Fear Due To COVID, Survey Reveals

Brazil: Nation Lives in Fear Due To COVID, Survey Reveals

Originally published on teleSUR English on 2020 06 30 by teleSUR/ l.a-MS

Datafolha Institute revealed on Tuesday that the majority of Brazilians live in fear of getting infected with COVID-19.


Brazil: Over 1,000 COVID-19 Deaths Reported in 24 Hours

As shown by a survey published on the Folha de Sao Paulo newspaper, 74 percent of Brazilians are afraid of getting sick, which means about three-quarters of the total dwelling in fear.

Also, 51 percent of those who took the survey admitted that they avoid leaving home unless it is strictly necessary, while another 12 percent confessed that they don’t go outside their homes at all.

Some measures taken by the government to fight the pandemic are accepted; for example, 92% agree with the suspension of classes, 94% approve the ban on international travel, and 91% support the decision to stop the Brazilian football league.


Also, 82% of surveyed endorses the suspension of religious celebrations while trade closing is more divisive, 46% accept it, and 33% are against.

"Virtually all respondents (99%) say they know about the virus and the disease, with 72% considering themselves well informed," Datafolha unveiled.

Brazil is living a challenging situation as only U.S numbers show a worse caseload. Currently, the nation has the world’s second-highest contagion toll, with 1,408,485 positives cases and 59,656 deaths. On Tuesday, it was the only country surpassing 1,000 newly deceased (1,271).


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